2019年8月17日15:11:17美国联邦调查局潜水员在爱泼斯坦“狂欢岛”附近海域发现人类骨骼,“深州”加速融化已关闭评论 6409593字阅读31分58秒

A beyond shocking highly classified"Of Special Importance"new Foreign Intelligence Service(SVR)report circulating in the Kremlin today noting that the American prison system has sunk to third world statusas even Mexico provided video of drug lord El Chapo's prison escape—states the fury and humiliation over the death of child sex slaver Jeffrey Epstein seething through a US Department of Justice(DoJ)responsible for his staying alive to stand trial,has now been met by an"appalled and angry"US Attorney General William Barr—who yesterday vowed"no one complicit in Epstein's crimes will escape punishment"—crimes which now may include murder after an elite team of FBI investigators and divers invaded Epstein's"Orgy Island"fortress in the Caribbean yesterday—whose most stunning discovery are believed to be human bones of young children found in the waters below Epstein's satanic temple.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

克里姆林宫今天流传着一份高度机密的"特别重要"的新外国情报局(SVR)报告,指出美国监狱系统已经沦为第三世界国家,甚至连墨西哥都提供了大毒枭 El Chapo 越狱的视频。报告称,美国司法部(DoJ)对儿童性奴隶贩子杰弗里·爱泼斯坦(Jeffrey Epstein)的死亡感到愤怒和羞辱,如今,美国司法部长威廉巴尔(William barr)遇到了"震惊和愤怒"的情况。巴尔昨日发誓,"任何与爱泼斯坦同谋的罪行都不会逃脱惩罚"。昨日,一支由联邦调查局(FBI)调查人员和潜水员组成的精英小组入侵了爱泼斯坦位于加勒比海的"狂欢岛"要塞,其中最令人震惊的发现据信是在爱泼斯坦撒旦庙宇下面的水域发现的幼童尸骨。注:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词




Elite team of FBI investigators and divers invade Jeffrey Epstein's"Orgy Island"fortress(pictured above when landing)to probe waters below this child sex slaver's satanic temple(top photo)on 12 August 2019.


According to the portions of this highly classified report we're permitted to reveal,in mid-July the FBI requested a temporary export permit from the Foreign Ministry for an advanced underground radar system—a request granted under standard permit protocols stating that such goods and technology exported must always be controlled by a Russian entity—and in this case was a SVR expert technologist able to operate the world's most advanced underground radar system used exclusively by the Russian military which can recognize ferrous metal and non-ferrous metals at depths up to 5 meters called the Deep-Earth Metal Detector MG-1—who after being directed by the FBI to probe the exterior grounds of Epstein's satanic temple,saw this advanced underground radar system detecting an approximate 1 meter(about 3 feet)tubular metal pipe extending from the base of this satanic temple and disappearing into the waters below it—after which FBI divers began bringing up from these waters what appeared to be small human bones and skulls this SVR expert technologist likened to those one would see coming from the graves of young children.

根据这份高度机密的报告我们可以透露 7月中旬,联邦调查局为先进的地下雷达系统向外交部申请了临时出口许可证——根据标准许可协议批准了这一申请,规定出口的此类物品和技术必须始终由俄罗斯实体控制——在这种情况下,一名俄罗斯对外情报局专家技术人员能够操作世界上最先进的地下雷达系统,该系统专门由俄罗斯军方使用,能够识别5米深处的黑色金属和非黑色金属,称为深地金属探测器 mg-1 我看到这个先进的地下雷达系统探测到一个大约1(3英尺)长的管状金属管道,从这座撒旦神庙的底部延伸出来,消失在下面的水中ーー此后,联邦调查局的潜水员开始从这些水中捞起一些看起来像是小人骨和头骨的东西。


American people fail at their peril to comprehend that their godless socialist political and media leaders are nearly all demonic satanists


As Attorney General Barr pushes forward to keep his vow that no one complicit in Epstein's satanic crimes"will escape punishment",this report continues,he is,likewise,being pushed back against by those seeking to keep the true facts of Epstein's death from being known—best exampled by what occurred yesterday after it was revealed that the Hillary Clinton loyal union bosses of the guards charged with protecting Epstein's life had mysteriously acquired$26 million worth of luxury properties in communist China,a nation they couldn't be extradited from—that was then quickly countered by an"anonymous source"claiming that Epstein wasn't being watched over by a union prison guard at all,but by an unnamed someone"who wasn't a correctional officer".

在美国司法部长巴尔(Barr)努力履行自己的誓言,保证任何与爱泼斯坦犯下撒旦罪行的人"都不会逃脱惩罚"之际,这份报告继续写道,同样,他也遭到了那些试图隐瞒爱泼斯坦死亡真相的人的反对——最好的例子是昨天发生的事情。此前有消息披露,希拉里克林顿(Hillary Clinton)忠诚的保安工会老板神秘地在XXX统治的XX购买了价值2600万美元的豪宅,这些保安人员负责保护爱泼斯坦的生命,一个他们不能被引渡的国家——然后很快遭到一个"匿名消息来源"的反驳,声称爱泼斯坦根本没有受到工会监狱看守的监视,而是受到一个不具名的"非狱警"的监视。

Even more outrageous,this report notes,was another"anonymous source"yesterday claiming that Epstein"was found hanging in his lower Manhattan jail cell with a bed sheet wrapped around his neck and secured to the top of a bunk bed"—a jail cell located in the prison facility named Metropolitan Correctional Center(MCC)located in New York City—most specifically in its Special Housing Unit(SHU)where Epstein was exactly jailed—a critical fact to note as this was the exact same MCC prison facility and SHU unit Mexican drug lord Joaquin"El Chapo"Guzman was held in—and whose lawyers filed for El Chapo a 24-page US Federal Court complaint against—wherein they exactly described the prison cell Epstein was kept in as being a"12-by-20-foot cell with a toilet and a slab to sleep on"—thus proving as a blatant lie that Epstein killed him self by hanging from a bunk bed,because no such thing existed in the SHU unit he was being held in.

这份报告指出,更令人无法容忍的是,昨天另一个"匿名消息来源"声称,爱泼斯坦"被发现在曼哈顿下城的监狱牢房里吊死,他的脖子上缠着一张床单,被固定在双层床的上面"——这个牢房位于纽约市名为大都会矫正中心(MCC)的监狱设施内,最具体地说,是在爱泼斯坦被关押的特别住房单元(SHU)内,值得注意的重要事实是,被关押的就是 MCC 监狱和拘留所的墨西哥毒枭 Joaquin"El Chapo"Guzman,他的律师向美国联邦法院提交了一份长达24页的控诉书ーー他们确切地描述了关押 Epstein 的监狱牢房是一个"12*20英尺的牢房,有一个厕所和一块可以睡觉的板子"ーー从而证明 Epstein 吊死在床铺上是一个赤裸裸的谎言,因为在他被关押的拘留所里根本不存在这样的东西。


Metropolitan Correctional Center prison cells in its Special Housing Unit(pictured above)contain concrete slabs that thin mattresses,without any sheets,are placed on for prisoners to sleep—as no high security prison in the world allows in these types of cells any type of bed(especially metal bunk beds)that can be taken apart and used as weapons against guards—or sheets prisoners can tear into strips to strangle their guards with.


Being most ignored by the leftist mainstream propaganda media about Epstein's death,however,this report details,is how it relates to President Trump's ongoing war against rogue elements within the US Navy—most particularly its involving former US Naval intelligence officer Jack Posobiec—who,in March-2017,just weeks after President Trump took power,resigned from his Office of Naval Intelligence position saying that his support for Trump led to a"toxic work environment"—and after leaving,became a top correspondent for One America News Network(OAN)—a little known news network to most Americans—but has become Trump's favorite one over Fox News—a more than critical fact to know as,just two days after Epstein was arrested,Trump's new favorite OAN correspondent Posobiec,on 8 July,stunningly revealed that his top intelligence"sources"told him:"Epstein will agree to cooperate with the investigation,including giving up the names of individuals that paid for activities with underage girls in exchange for a maximum sentence not to exceed 5 years".

然而,左翼主流宣传媒体对爱泼斯坦之死最为忽视的是,这份报告详细说明了它与特朗普总统正在进行的打击美国海军内部流氓分子的战争之间的关系,特别是涉及前美国海军情报官员杰克·波索比克的战争 20173月,也就是特朗普总统上台仅仅几周后,他从海军情报办公室辞职,称他对特朗普的支持导致了"有毒的工作环境"。离职后,他成为了美国新闻网络 One America News Network(OAN)的首席记者,但却成为了特朗普在福克斯新闻频道(Fox News)上的最爱,就在爱泼斯坦被捕两天后,特朗普最受欢迎的 OAN 通讯记者波索比克于78日令人震惊地透露,他的高级情报"消息来源"告诉他:"爱泼斯坦将同意配合调查,包括供出与未成年少女进行活动的个人姓名,以换取最高不超过5年的刑期"


By OAN's top correspondent Jack Posobiec revealing that Epstein had proffered a deal to the US Department of Justice in order to reduce his prison sentence in exchange for his naming names,this report points out,this now most dangerous man in the world had to be eliminated—most particularly by the British intelligence services tasked with protecting the reputations and freedom from scandal of the 301 of their royals,celebrities,buisiness people and most powerful politicians associated with Epstein—a number that includes the children of the late Princess Diana—better known as heirs to the British throne Prince William and Prince Harry.

Oan 的首席通讯员杰克·波索比克透露,爱泼斯坦已经向美国司法部提供了一项协议,以减轻他的刑期,换取他的姓名,这份报告指出,这个现在世界上最危险的人不得不被消灭ーー尤其是被英国情报部门消灭,这个部门的任务是保护他们的名誉和自由,使其不受与爱泼斯坦有关的301名王室成员、名人、富商和最有权势的政治家的丑闻的影响ーー这个数字包括已故戴安娜王妃的孩子ーー戴安娜王妃更广为人知的继承人是英国王子和哈里王子。

Equally needing Epstein to die before he could begin naming names,this report notes,was former President Bill Clinton—who took 26 documented trips aboard Epstein's plane called the"Lolita Express"filled with minor sex slave girls—many of which he ditched his Secret Service protectors to fly on.

报告指出,前总统比尔·克林顿(Bill clinton)也同样需要爱普斯坦先死,然后才能开始指名道姓。克林顿乘坐爱普斯坦的"洛丽塔快车"(Lolita Express)飞机飞行了26次,这架飞机上满是未成年的性奴女孩——其中许多女孩都是他抛弃的特勤局保护人,继续飞行。


President Donald Trump is one of only a few people in world who didn't want or need Jeffrey Epstein dead—as alive this sex slaver would have destroyed the satanic"Deep State"forever.


Unlike the Russiagate coup plot hoax against President Trump that saw top American business tycoon CEO-Owner of the mega online retail chain Overstock.com Patrick Byrne fleeing to Attorney General Barr for protection and admitting he was a secret FBI Director James Comey informant used to overthrow Trump,who approached Barr and met with DoJ lawyers on 5 April and 30 April to turn over evidnece when he knew this vile coup plot was finished,this report concludes,no such evidence exists showing that those associated with Epstein's sex slave crimes will be treated so kindly—a fact known to"an astonishing number of rich,famous and powerful people"—most particularly the"Deep State"mouthpiece Chris Cuomo who masquerades as a top CNN news anchor—who yesterday melted down in rage against a young Trump supporter demonically screaming"I'll fucking ruin your shit…I'll fucking throw you down these stairs like a fucking punk"—a demonic rage,without any doubt,induced by Cuomo knowing full well that his Epstein-linked brother Governor Andrew Cuomo of the socialist bastion New York State is about to feel Trump and Barr's full and righteous wrath much sooner than later.

与俄罗斯政变阴谋骗局不同的是,美国商业大亨 ceo、大型在线零售连锁 overstock 网站的所有者帕特里克·伯恩逃到司法部长巴尔那里寻求保护,并承认他是联邦调查局局长詹姆斯·科米用来推翻特朗普的秘密线人,没有这样的证据表明,那些与爱泼斯坦的性奴犯罪有关的人会受到如此仁慈的对待ーー"数量惊人的富有、名人和有权势的人"都知道这一事实ーー尤其是冒充 CNN 顶级新闻主播的"深州"喉舌克里斯·库默(Chris Cuomo)ーー他昨天在对一名年轻的特朗普支持者的狂怒中熔化了,该支持者恶魔般地尖叫着"我要毁了你的大便......我要把你像他妈的朋克一样扔下这些楼梯"毫无疑问,这是因为科莫清楚地知道,他与爱泼斯坦有联系的兄弟、纽约州社会主义堡垒州长安德鲁·科莫(Andrew Cuomo)很快就会感受到特朗普和巴尔充满正义感的愤怒。


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