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I am sitting on information which I cannot share at the moment,but I will save it for you.I already drew too much attention from the opposing side and the situation is too sensitive now.Note that my site is the only one on the whole worldwide internet that shared a status of the fight against the Chimera;Cobra only gave some info on the Chimera in general,FM144 doesn't even mention them and neither do most other sites.Things are fricking crazy right now,even software and equipment are acting up and not doing what you need them to do at times,and that comes on top of attacks and black magic crap that the Cabal as well as the Chimera themselves are pulling.They are on high alert and dangerous,because we have arrived at the height of the war for liberation of planet Earth.Battles are won and some battles are lost,that is all I can say now.


We desperately need the help of the light forces,but they also need us.We MUST,I repeat MUST,finish the job by the end of 2020,because more and more people are being drilled into the ground financially,mentally,emotionally and spiritually by the lockdown bullshit.Failure is not an option.Knock out punch number one of three is on November 30,be there!


A HUGE Week-Energies since Friday 20th explained.Build-up to WHITE Friday&November 30


附:也可以参考:https://www.pfcchina.org/xinrenyuedu/46572.html 参与此日冥想

(By the way,where Jim says the Chimera are 100%cleared he is wrong;they are still putting up a big fight when viewed in our linear time.)



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