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Operation Disclosure|By Mark Baughman,Contributing Writer


The Greatest Technology Shift on Planet Earth of All Time;is Now on the Way!


What if I told you that many technologies on the so-called Science Fiction movies and on television were real and just kept away from the main population for profit and control?Now,most of you would believe easily that many technologies were held back for profit by some rich dude to keep his money machine going.Also,one would believe that this was done by governments for control of the population.At least,one would believe that good governments do this for so-called"national security"reasons.This latter one,people would easily believe in the current paradigm that a new weapon to have a tactical advantage on the battlefield or new like the"Stealth Aircraft''were kept secret for"national security"reasons.This would make sense if you look at the number of conflicts and wars that America has been involved in,by many of these lame excuses to send our young men and women into battle.The"War against Fascism like Nazi Germany in World War I&II.The"War against Communism"like in Vietnam and other military actions.And the greatest coerced and endless war lie of the last century;The"War on Terrorism".America has spent six trillion dollars on the never-ending war of the"Phantom Terrorist"behind the next bush or corner!This all started by the Bush's,CIA and the Moussed planned and executed a massive false-flag event of 9/11 Twin-Towers being exploded,and not being hit by airplanes.That was just a CGI(Computer Generated Image).This was to stoke the very old fires of the"The Great Crusade Wars"that put the Catholic Church as the instigator to have an unbelievable four wars lasting 175 years between the Christians and Muslims between 1096 to 1271.No wonder they called it the"Dark Ages".The general public bought the 9/11 lie;hook,line and sinker.I did too for a while.Please,do your research on this,if you need to see:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9/11:_The_Big_Lie#

如果我告诉你,所谓的科幻电影和电视上的许多技术都是真实存在的,只是为了获利和控制而远离了主要人群,你会怎么想?现在,你们大多数人很容易相信,许多技术被一些有钱人为了利润而抑制,以维持他的金钱机器运转。而且,有人会认为这是政府为了控制人口而做的。至少,人们会相信好的政府这样做是出于所谓的"国家安全"的原因。在后一种情况下,人们很容易相信目前的模式,即一种在战场上具有战术优势的新型武器,或者像"隐形战机"这样的新型武器,出于"国家安全"的原因而被保密。如果你看看美国卷入的冲突和战争的数量,这是有道理的,许多这些蹩脚的借口把我们的年轻人送上战场。第一次世界大战和第二次世界大战中对抗纳粹德国那样的法西斯主义。"反共战争",如越南战争和其他军事行动。以及上个世纪最大的被迫和无休止的战争谎言;"反恐战争"。美国在"幽灵恐怖分子"这场永无止境的战争上已经花费了6万亿美元!这一切都是由布什政府、中央情报局和摩丝政府策划并执行了一次大规模的假国旗事件——911双子塔爆炸,而没有被飞机击中。那只是一个 CGI(计算机生成图像)。这是为了点燃"伟大的十字军战争"的古老火焰,这场战争把天主教堂作为煽动者,在1096年到1271年之间发生了一场令人难以置信的长达175年的基督徒和穆斯林之间的四次战争。难怪他们称之为"黑暗时代"。普通民众相信了911事件的谎言;彻头彻尾的谎言。有一段时间我也这么认为。如果您需要查看:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9/11:_the_big_lie#,请对此进行调查

There have been only eleven wars officially declared by Congress,but with newer laws the President can involve troops,at almost his/her discretion,any of our American Presidents could have ordered our military into conflicts,in September of 2014,our U.S.Special Operation Command was involved in no less than 134 conflicts in the world at one time,under Obama administration.From"The World"news article"These were conflicts that launched extensive military incursions,including drone attacks,but that are not officially declared."One can easily see that the"Military Industrial Complex"and back-room deals and paid off politicians get money to keep the"war machine"and money-flow going.Of course,this is with the objectives of the super-rich illuminati and their bankers to keep printing money in"their name".


With that background work,the U.S.Government has over 6,000 thousand classified patents in the name of"national security".These are all going to be released,worldwide.Hell,some of those patents I have been involved in are for clean energy devices called"zero-point energy"and can supply clean and portable energy to one's home with a device no bigger than a big dehumidifier.I am an engineer and have built a prototype.Most of the technologies should have NEVER been classified and kept away from the general public.This was about control and greed;very simple.We are going to massively change the way we do things.My job is getting this technology to the open market in the up and coming"New Paradigm"of open-sourced technology to advance humanity.This is not just for a few people's pocketbooks.My humanitarian group is going to share this with everyone,at a low cost.We are not allowed to make a profit.These project groups will touch everyone on the planet in a positive way and will be shared with all people,all countries.We are going to advance"Mankind to the Star Trek Civilization".Does that sound too ambitious or a little crazy?Let me go put my little crazy tin hat on and explain what we are doing in the next twenty years.


Let me take you to the path of the 145-year-old automobile industry with the internal-combustion engine started in 1885.The first engine of the type was commercially successful in 1860.Most engines are just 20%thermal efficient,but can be as high 50%,but that is rare.This means this engine is NOT a very good efficient or clean technology.This produces many pollutants from unburned fuel such as carbon monoxide,hydrocarbons,and nitrogen oxides.How in the hell are we still on this technology for this long?


Well,just like how this started,the bankers and the elite people wanted something to create businesses for profit.They wanted a recurring bill for the customer,hint:gasoline.This is no different than your cable bill or electric bill.Let's use these gas guzzling cars and trucks permanently to create profit.Henry Ford created the most popular Model"T"and cost effective to buy but got 21 miles per gallon.Today,the average car gets 24.9 miles per gallon.What is wrong with this 145-year-old industry?Real innovation,but the industry is really just a"controlled money-making machine"for the elites and oil cartels.Now,from history,many of the early models were electric,but the big-money people did not want that to be mass-produced.Currently,Volkswagen has produced a car that gets close to 280MPG that is"banned"in the United States.This is the"Volkswagen XL1 is a 1-liter engine diesel with 240 to 280 MPG."Only 250 were in production in 2014 and sold only in Europe.This is real,and not sold in the U.S.I have sources that state in the early 1970's,engineers did achieve close to 90MPG but were not released to the public.

好吧,就像这一切开始的时候,银行家和精英们想要创造一些东西来创造利润。他们想要给顾客一个循环账单,提示:汽油。这和你的有线电视账单或者电费账单没什么区别。让我们永久性地使用这些耗油的汽车和卡车来创造利润。亨利·福特创造了最受欢迎的 t 型车,价格低廉,但每加仑汽油跑了21英里。今天,平均每加仑汽油行驶24.9英里。这个有着145年历史的行业到底出了什么问题?真正的创新,但这个行业实际上只是精英和石油卡特尔的"受控制的赚钱机器"。从历史上看,许多早期的模型都是电动的,但是那些有钱人不希望它被大规模生产。目前,大众已经生产了一款接近280MPG 的汽车,这在美国是被"禁止"的。这就是"大众 XL11升柴油发动机,240280英里每加仑。"2014年只生产了250辆,仅在欧洲销售。这是真的,并没有在美国出售。我有消息来源说,在20世纪70年代早期,工程师们确实达到了接近90英里每加仑的速度,但是没有向公众公布。

Now,one of the most important hidden developments in the car industry.Hydrogen was pursued by many companies.GM(General Motors)in America was really hot on the trail to find that solution,and they put their money where their mouth was,with 1 billion dollars in the 1980's.Then it just stopped,after so many years,and NEVER produced a finished product to market.Why would GM do this?They have been suppressed and were NOT allowed to come to market.Many critics of this technology say that it would be difficult to have hydrogen fuel stations.But what they are not telling you is that is not expensive to"split"water molecules to make hydrogen fuel.You can split water on-board your car.


You see,someone in their backyard garage figured on how to adapt all internal combustion engines to hydrogen fuel and produce it on-board.This was Stanley Meyer;he looks like he invented a way to adapt this to your garage car!This is what Stanley Meyer accomplished so many years ago with his own garage-build dune buggy that would go coast-to-coast on 21 gallons of water.Put simply;hydrogen is not as expensive or as difficult to make.This is not what the"big oil companies"would let us believe.The current manipulation from the establishment stated hydrogen would cost more to split water and storage stations all over the country,the cost would be more than having the current cash-cow gasoline they have now!From my insider intelligence,even General Motors figured out how to"split water"on-board the vehicle too.But our backyard mechanic,Stanley Meyer applied and received a patent on his invention He wanted to cut the dependency on oil and fossil fuels.Meyer said:"It became imperative that we must try to bring in an alternative fuel source and do it very quickly."He was murdered on March 21,1998.From my sources,he was offered one billion dollars for the technology and refused it,shortly after,he was dead.His story:https://mysteriousfacts.com/mysterious-death-of-stanley-meyer/.Just to explain the technology workings a little more,if water is split,then we still need to produce an H2 molecule at a certain micron size to work.Just splitting H2O is not difficult,but just doing that will not overcome the 20 to 25%very poor efficiency of an internal combustion motor.We have to produce the special H2 molecule.Then we need up the voltage of special spark plugs to about 150 kilovolts.Then what we do is create a"thunderclap"inside the combustion chamber to create an over-unity explosion to overcome this poorly designed power source.Really,with a thunder-bolt,we can get up to 500%more than what we put in.Unity is defined as getting more out than you put into a system.This is an engineer's holy-grail!With this design,all components are burned up in the combustion chamber and just water comes out the exhaust.Yes,Stanley Meyer figured this out in his back-yard garage.Do not despair with Stanley Meyer sacrifice,this technology has other patents and with companies have created very similar technology.It does work very well!We can adapt current cars for about$3,000.00 dollars.

你看,有人在他们后院的车库里想出了如何使所有的内燃机适应氢燃料,并在车上生产它。这是 Stanley Meyer;他看起来像是他发明了一种方法来适应你的车库汽车!这就是多年前斯坦利·迈耶用他自己的车库建造的沙丘越野车所完成的,这辆越野车可以用21加仑的水从一个海岸到另一个海岸。简而言之,氢气并不昂贵,也不难制造。这不是"大石油公司"会让我们相信的。当前的操纵声称氢气将花费更多的分裂水和全国各地的储存站,成本将超过现有的摇钱树汽油他们现在有!根据我的内部情报,即使是通用汽车也知道如何在车上"分水"。但是我们后院的机械师 Stanley Meyer 申请并获得了他发明的专利。他想减少对石油和化石燃料的依赖。Meyer :"当务之急是我们必须尝试引进一种替代燃料来源,并且尽快实现。"他于1998321日被谋杀。据我的消息来源,有人出价10亿美元购买这项技术,但他拒绝了,不久后,他就死了。他的故事:https://mysteriousfacts.com/mysterious-death-of-stanley-meyer/。为了更好地解释这项技术的工作原理,如果水被分解,那么我们仍然需要生产一个特定微米大小的 H2分子来工作。仅仅分解 H2O 并不困难,但是仅仅这样做并不能克服内燃机20%25%的低效率。我们必须生产特殊的 H2分子。然后我们需要把特殊火花塞的电压提高到150千伏。然后我们要做的就是在燃烧室内制造一个"霹雳"来制造一个过度统一的爆炸来克服这个设计拙劣的电源。真的,有了雷电,我们可以得到高达500%以上的比我们投入。Unity 被定义为比你在系统中投入的更多。这是工程师的圣杯!有了这个设计,所有的部件都会在燃烧室里燃烧殆尽,只有水会从排气口排出。是的,Stanley Meyer 在他的后院车库里发现了这个。不要对斯坦利·迈耶的牺牲感到绝望,这项技术还有其他专利,公司也创造了非常相似的技术。它确实非常好用!我们可以花3000美元改装现有的汽车。

I have also learned that Hummer is going to release a H4 version in 2022 with 11,500 pounds of foot-torque going to the wheels,whereas a GMC diesel engine for 2020 produces 910 pounds of foot torque.GM owns Hummer Motors.The new designed H4 is electric and will go 0 to 60 MPH in three seconds!Wow,we know that diesel motors in trains are working to produce electricity and then the very powerful electric motors supply the train's power and improved torque to the wheels.We are going to electric motors that have twenty-two moving parts whereas the internal-combustion motor has over 22,000 moving parts.Which do you think would be more reliable over the long-term?Electric motors have a lot more torque too.You see,I found out that the industry has had the new H4 technology for many years,if not decades,those illuminati bastards!

我还了解到,悍马将在2022年发布 H4版本,车轮的脚力矩为11,500磅,而2020 GMC 柴油发动机的脚力矩为910磅。通用汽车拥有悍马汽车。新设计的 H4是电动的,时速从060英里只需3秒!我们知道火车上的柴油发动机是用来发电的,然后非常强大的电动发动机为火车提供动力,并改善车轮的扭矩。电动马达有22个运动部件,而内燃机有22000多个运动部件。从长远来看,你认为哪种方式更可靠?电动机也有更多的扭矩。你看,我发现这个行业已经拥有新的 H4技术很多年了,如果不是几十年,那些光明会的混蛋!

From my sources,what came down in the newly proposed clean tech paradigm,gasoline will be"outlawed"and electric and hydrogen cars will rule.But wait a minute,what about flying cars or anti-gravity crafts?


Good question,my high-tech hungry friends,we are going to produce the greatest technology and unbelievable technology.We are not going to be suppressed by bankers and the controlling elite.The mighty Alliance is going to take them away in a nice little jail cell or worse.


The bulk of the new technologies come from a relative newer idea called Quantum Physics.This is the study of what is going on between the molecules.To clarify this,Quantum Physics is the natural secrets of the space between atoms,and explains the nature and behavior of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level.Even with the electron microscope,we cannot see these small happenings or so-called particles.But with experiments,we have learned that they exist and this is the path to humanities great technology advancements to produce the next level of great products.See,below even Albert Einstein could not believe there was anything"between the molecules".This idea and that humanity could not go faster than the"speed of light"that Einstein thought too,and is just NOT true.Please look up U.S.Patent,a craft using microwave emitters on the skin of the ship to accomplish an inertial mass reduction to allow it to slip through at extreme speeds in the quantum realm,instead of normal space.US10144532B2 Navy patent by Dr.Pais.

大部分新技术来自一个相对较新的概念,叫做量子物理学。这是对分子之间发生了什么的研究。为了澄清这一点,量子物理学是原子之间空间的自然秘密,并解释了物质和能量在原子和亚原子水平上的性质和行为。即使使用电子显微镜,我们也无法看到这些微小的事件或所谓的粒子。但是通过实验,我们已经知道了它们的存在,这是通向人类伟大技术进步的道路,可以生产出更高水平的伟大产品。看,即使是阿尔伯特·爱因斯坦也不相信"分子之间"有什么。这个想法和人类不可能比爱因斯坦认为的"光速"更快的想法是不正确的。请查一下美国专利,一种在飞船外壳上使用微波发射器的飞船能够实现惯性质量减少,从而使飞船能够以极高的速度在量子领域而不是普通空间滑行。美国海军专利 US10144532B2 Pais 博士发明。

These ideas limited humanity and researcher's minds.He created a ceiling or box of thought that stymied creation of new products.But the famous formula of E=MC Squared of Einstein's is clearly correct and from now knowing that there is no real matter,almost all energy at 99.999%that vibrates at a certain frequency and is intelligent.You see this has been proved by many Physicists,inside the newer Quantum Realm studies.

这些观念限制了人类和研究者的思想。他创造了一个天花板或思想的盒子,阻碍了新产品的创造。但是爱因斯坦著名的 e=MC 平方公式显然是正确的,从现在开始我们知道没有真正的物质,几乎所有的能量都在99.999%以一定的频率振动,而且是智能的。在新的量子领域研究中,许多物理学家已经证明了这一点。


One product that will mass-produce is a clean power supply for everyone's home;small and compact.One will not have to pay a monthly fee for energy.This zero-point energy device gets the necessary elements out of the air,from the Quantum Realm.You see,Zero-Point Energy is the lowest possible energy that a Quantum Mechanical physical system may have and is the energy of the ground-state!!Zero-Point Energy is the energy that remains when all other energy is removed from a system!!


Back to the flying cars or anti-gravity craft as mentioned above.Yes,the Navy and Air Force had competing programs for space travel and faster-than-light speeds.Yes,there were SSP(Secret Space Programs)that were highly compartmentalized,to keep it secret.We now finally have the"Space Force''produced by President Trump to really bring-out in the open this old technology that really started for America in the late 1940's.The crown jewel TR3A was first flown in 1981,with now the Space Force is using the TR3C,a highly electrolyzed craft with a Zero-Point energy device suppling electrical power.See picture TR3C picture.

回到上面提到的飞行汽车或者反重力飞行器。是的,海军和空军在太空旅行和超光速速度方面有竞争项目。是的,有一些 SSP(秘密太空计划)是高度划分的,以保密。我们现在终于拥有了特朗普总统制造的"太空力量",真正公开展示了这项在20世纪40年代末开始为美国服务的老技术。皇冠上的宝石 TR3A 首次飞行于1981年,现在空间部队正在使用 TR3C,这是一种高度电解的飞行器,有一个零点能量装置提供电力。参见图片 TR3C 图片。


The MFD(Magnetic Field Disruptor)generates a magnetic vortex field,which neutralizes the effects of gravity by 89 Percent!!This is not Anti-Gravity,because Anti-Gravity provides a repulsive force that can be used for propulsion.This reduced the"G"forces or Gravity forces of the occupants by 89%too.The Variable-Vectored Rocket Engines provides Thrust from Hydrogen,Oxygen,or Methane fuel whose Intake/Exhaust is"Vectored for Direction"with Static Charge too.In the picture's center,the orange glow is the MFD.Speeds of 4,000 to 5,000 MPH in atmosphere,to above 28,000 MPH out of atmosphere.Wonder why the Space Shuttle was stopped,well,the military had TR3C to maintain/launch satellites,and go to any place in the solar systems,but these were just"scout ships"in reality.All this was kept above Top Secret,and anti-gravity technology was even above the secret level of the Manhattan project or the atomic bomb project in the 1940's.As the Father of Stealth Aircraft,Ben Rich,was the director and engineer at the famous Lockheed Martin Skunk Works in California from 1975 to 1991.He made many quotes in public,and wanted the truth to get out and one was"We have the means to travel among the stars,but these technologies are locked up in black projects,and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity.Anything,you can imagine,we already know how to do",1991.

MFD(磁场干扰器)产生一个磁涡流场,可以中和89%的重力影响!这不是反重力,因为反重力提供了一种可用于推进的排斥力。这也减少了89%的重力。可变矢量火箭发动机提供来自氢气、氧气或甲烷燃料的推力,这些燃料的进气/排气也是带有静电荷的"矢量方向"。在图片的中心,橙色的光芒是 MFD。在大气层中的时速为40005000英里,在大气层外的时速超过28000英里。不知道为什么航天飞机被停下来了,军方有 TR3C 来维护/发射卫星,去太阳系的任何地方,但这些只是现实中的"侦察船"。所有这一切都被置于绝密之上,反重力技术甚至高于曼哈顿计划或20世纪40年代的原子弹计划的秘密级别。作为隐形战机之父,本·里奇于1975年至1991年在加利福尼亚著名的洛克希德·马丁臭鼬工厂担任主管和工程师。他在公开场合引用了很多话,希望真相大白于天下,其中一句是"我们有办法在星际间旅行,但这些技术被锁定在黑色项目中,只有上帝才能让它们出来造福人类。"。任何事情,你可以想象,我们已经知道如何去做"1991

Most need to really understand,the real truth of the origin of"conspiracy theory"was really invented by the CIA or U.S.Army counter-intelligence group.The reason was that there were many UFO sightings in America in the 1950's and for good reason.As one of the great researchers and gatherers of direct knowledge from experienced and credible military sources that now amounts to over 1200 whistleblowers inside government black projects;Dr.Steven Greer M.D.wrote books,had seminars,organized meetings,and even produced a book and movie called"Unacknowledged"about UFO and real alien contact cover-up.Yes,he is the one with over 30 years involvement and coined it"The World's Greatest Secret".The secret is"alien contact"that the American Government has known about since 1941.There is overwhelming evidence to this unequivocal truth.I think there are two best examples;We go back to the famous Roswell crash in 1947.What is the real issue is the truth told the first day the base Commander of a Military-Base close to the crash site issued a"press release"to the effect that it was probably alien and of"unknown origin"!But once the top-brass got ahold of the information later that day,it all changed,orders came down to change the press release to a crash,as just a"weather balloon".This is why so many people do NOT believe anything the military says on Roswell,and for good reason.There have been many people military and non-military that have stated on-record,it was true.The other crash incident happened on April 17,1897 near Aurora,Texas on local Judge Proctor's farm an alien craft that collided with his windmill and water tank.This was covered by many Texas newspapers,with NO military or Deep State covering-up the real story.Quote from the newspapers,"The pilot,who was not an inhabitant of this world,was given a Christian burial in the Aurora Cemetery"They also buried the remains of the space-craft that was radioactive.See story:https://www.historyandheadlines.com/april-17-1897-ufo-crashes-aurora-texas-alien-buried-christian-rites/

最需要真正理解的是,"阴谋论"真正起源的真相是由中情局或美国陆军反间谍组织发明的。原因是在20世纪50年代美国有很多 UFO 目击事件,而且是有充分理由的。史蒂文·格里尔博士是一位伟大的研究人员,他从经验丰富、可靠的军事来源直接获取知识,这些来源现在已经有超过1200名政府黑色项目内部的告密者;他撰写书籍,举办研讨会,组织会议,甚至出版了一本名为《未被承认》的书和电影,讲述 UFO 和真正的外星人接触掩盖真相的故事。是的,他是一个参与了超过30年的人,并创造了"世界上最大的秘密"。这个秘密是美国政府从1941年就知道的"外星人接触"。有压倒性的证据支持这一明确的事实。我认为有两个最好的例子;我们回到1947年著名的罗斯韦尔事故。真正的问题是事实告诉我们的第一天,靠近坠机地点的一个军事基地的基地指挥官发布了一份"新闻稿",大意是说这可能是外星人,来历不明!但是当天晚些时候高层得到消息后,一切都变了,命令下来把新闻发布会改成坠机,就像一个"气象气球"。这就是为什么这么多人不相信军方在罗斯韦尔上说的任何话,而且是有充分理由的。已经有很多军人和非军人公开表示,这是真的。另一起事故发生在1897417日,德克萨斯州奥罗拉附近,当地法官普罗科特的农场上一艘外星飞船与他的风车和水箱相撞。许多德克萨斯州的报纸都对此事进行了报道,没有任何军方或深层政府掩盖事实真相。引用报纸上的话,"飞行员,不是这个世界的居民,在奥罗拉公墓接受了基督教葬礼。"他们还埋葬了放射性太空飞船的遗骸。详见 http://www.historyandheadlines.com/april-17-1897-ufo-crashes-aurora-texas-alien-buried-christian-rites/

Why am I telling you this?Well,the big secret was there was a monster"Race for Alien Technology"worldwide since the 1940's by governments that knew about this.Many leaders were in fear,and to keep secret.But the real reason this was kept secret was;power,money,control and greed.The elites wanted to dole out technology and keep the best for themselves.Many people in-the-know,think we are 80 to 100 years behind and I do agree.You see the computer age and all technological advancements in the past 70 years,was because of reverse-engineering of the alien craft technology crashes that happened.Please research yourself,I would start with the book called"The Day After Roswell"By Col.Philip J.Corso,my books;"Greatest Transition in Human History"and soon to be released"Civilization of the Universe".I recommend Dr.Steven Greer M.D.books too.

我为什么要告诉你这些?好吧,最大的秘密是,自从20世纪40年代以来,世界各地的政府都知道这件事,因此发生了一场"外星科技竞赛"。许多领导人都感到恐惧,并保守秘密。但真正的原因是:权力、金钱、控制和贪婪。精英们想要发放技术,把最好的留给自己。许多知情人士认为我们落后了80100年,我也同意这种看法。你们可以看到,计算机时代和过去70年里所有的技术进步,都是因为发生了外星飞船技术崩溃的逆向工程。请研究一下你自己,我会从菲利普·j·科尔索上校的《罗斯威尔之后的一天》这本书开始,我的书《人类历史上最伟大的转变》即将出版,名为《宇宙文明》。我也推荐 Steven Greer 博士的书。

The basic transistor and integrated circuit were both reverse-engineered to advance the human race.You see,humans developed the vacuum tube to amplify/or to use an electronic switch.The transistor concept was an extremely different design;that transition to solid-state circuits in the short time was impossible in the time-frame of development.Also,many confessed to the truth,too.The next technology that I will talk about is the Food-Replicator,that one can make food from"Plasma Energy"just like in"Star Trek"shows.This is real as it gets and is done in outer space now.It is not easy to grow food on an Interstellar Starship,from the SSP(Secret Space Program).See Picture;



Now,the"crown jewel"of the new technology is so-called Med-Bed,and also called Celestial Chambers or Cocoons.There are really three levels.The top level,Celestial Chambers can cure or fix anything,even organ replacement of an arm or leg replacement,with original DNA/RNA form from plasma energy encased in a tachyon field.The advanced medical pods have micro laser technology and multiple refractory lenses that can manipulate the body's natural chronometer and perform age regression procedures through DNA modification.Yes,very advanced technology,and alien reversed-engineered too.This is called re-atomization.

现在,这项新技术的"皇冠上的宝石"被称为"医疗床",也被称为"天宫"""。真的有三个层次。最高层的天体室可以治愈或修复任何东西,甚至可以用包裹在超光速粒子场中的等离子体能量的原始 DNA/RNA 形式替换手臂或腿的器官。先进的医疗舱拥有微型激光技术和多个耐火透镜,可以操纵人体的自然时钟,并通过 DNA 修改执行年龄回归程序。是的,非常先进的技术,还有外星人逆向工程。这就是所谓的再原子化。

The Holographic Med-Beds,are 3D anatomical scanning lens and laser technology allows for complete diagnoses of all body systems including neurological factors,treatment of infections through concentrated antibiotic injections,detoxification of the body in order to cure diseases like cancer,basic or advanced wound repair,limb regeneration through cellular DNA reconstruction,and scar removal.As well as other procedures can be done such as appendectomy,laparoscopic ablation,and Cesarean section.

全息医疗床是一种三维解剖扫描透镜和激光技术,可以完全诊断所有身体系统,包括神经系统因素,通过集中注射抗生素治疗感染,通过身体解毒治疗癌症等疾病,基本或进一步的伤口修复,通过细胞 DNA 重建肢体再生,以及去除疤痕。还可以进行其他手术,如阑尾切除术,腹腔镜消融术和剖宫产。

The third type is advanced holographic super computer software that can create various types of memory engrams that can be imprinted on people's brains through light spectrum visual imagery in order to create false or altered screen memories or to learn new things.


Before we get too excited,there are none for humans on the planet right now.Yes,the SSP programs use them in outer-space and on Mars or the Moon,but we will need to get a perfect reverse-engineer models and test them.Then,finally mass-produce them.This will take some time,maybe one year and half,to get many out there to start to help all people.We plan not to charge people with this amazing technology.But there will be screening and learning new habits before you can use one,not part of real control.We do not want to give a new body to a drug addict or alcoholic if they do the same thing again.This is for everyone on the planet,no matter rich or poor and for the ones in great need first.This is what we are going to do;this is NOT about money,power or greed.That is what is really needed on this planet,to really change things.We will be happy to make major changes in people's lives,that is our only great reward.

在我们兴奋之前,地球上现在没有适合人类的。是的,SSP 程序在外太空、火星或月球上使用它们,但我们需要得到一个完美的逆向工程模型,并对它们进行测试。然后,最终大规模生产。这将需要一些时间,也许一年半,让更多的人开始帮助所有的人。我们不打算用这种神奇的技术来收费。但是在你能够使用一个新习惯之前,我们需要筛选和学习新习惯,而不是真正的控制。如果一个瘾君子或酒鬼再做同样的事情,我们不想给他们一个新的身体。这是为了这个星球上的每个人,不管是富人还是穷人,也是为了那些最需要帮助的人。这就是我们要做的,这不是关于金钱,权力或者贪婪。这才是这个星球上真正需要的,去真正改变事物。我们很乐意在人们的生活中做出重大改变,这是我们唯一的回报。


With one of the latest alleged secret space insiders,no names,but in conversation,from"Stillness in the Storm";"he talks about the highly advanced off-world technologies such as tachyon healing chambers,portal technology,resurrection beds,replicators and rejuvenation pills,he is not the first nor the last person to discuss these covert patented technologies.These life altering inventions are literally from out of this world and involve the ability not only to grow back missing limbs,and cure diseases,yet rejuvenate the atoms and cells in the body as well as reverse the aging process."




We have to be a Sherlock Holmes!Therefore,we have to look deep into the evidence,over time.We have to say;what great mysteries are afoot?We have to discern what information that is the truth and what is propaganda.We know that mainstream media has been controlled in an extreme way by the elite people to fill their pocketbooks.This is to have power over all of us.For humanity has been sequestered even in this Galaxy.For right now,many do not know the truth,but it is coming.We were controlled and lied to by the illuminati.The many that are awake or partly awake,for now,we still need to do our research.For the path to enlightenment is critical thinking.The path of truth is sharing information around the world,and doing our research.The internet has been the tool to overthrow the old powers to be,to give the power back to the people and to really know the truth.Look at the C19 information on the restrictions in our personal lives.This has allowed many people to become awake to almost all government's corruption and totalitarian controls.Look at what President Trump has really done;allow the Deep State to dig a hole so large with the election fraud,they will all go to jail and be removed.This is the greatest sting in American history.This will allow many to see that great change that will come from both of these scams and crimes.This will end the mainstream media,as we know it.Why would you waste your time on lies?For the people will realize"their power"and NOT allow these crooked governments and people to have any power in the future.For the people did their research and woke up!For critical thinking is the mantra of consciousness!Thinking for oneself,and leading oneself is true consciousness.We will NOT be led by corrupt leaders and liar's ever again.We will have true"Freedom of the People"and"By the People".Let freedom reign for all people on planet Earth!The truth will set you free!

我们必须成为福尔摩斯!因此,随着时间的推移,我们必须深入研究证据。我们不得不说,到底有什么大秘密在酝酿?我们必须弄清楚哪些信息是真实的,哪些是宣传。我们知道,主流媒体已经被精英阶层以极端的方式控制,以充实他们的钱包。这将对我们所有人产生影响。因为即使在这个银河系,人类也被隔离了。现在,许多人还不知道真相,但它就要来了。我们被光照派控制和欺骗。许多人是清醒的或者部分清醒的,现在,我们仍然需要做我们的研究。因为通往启蒙的道路是批判性思维。真理之路是分享世界各地的信息,做我们的研究。互联网一直是推翻旧势力的工具,把权力还给人民,真正了解真相。看看 C19上关于我们个人生活限制的信息。这使得许多人意识到几乎所有的政府腐败和极权主义控制。看看特朗普总统真正做了什么,让深州在选举舞弊上挖了个大坑,他们都会进监狱,被赶走。这是美国历史上最大的骗局。这会让很多人看到这些诈骗和犯罪所带来的巨大变化。正如我们所知,这将终结主流媒体。你为什么要在谎言上浪费时间?因为人民会意识到"他们的权力",不会允许这些歪曲的政府和人民在未来拥有任何权力。因为人民做了他们的研究并且醒悟了!因为批判性思维是意识的咒语!为自己思考,引导自己才是真正的意识。我们再也不会被腐败的领导者和说谎者领导了。我们将拥有真正的"人民的自由""人民的自由"。让自由统治地球上的所有人!真理会让你们自由!


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