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Two months ago,in this article,I told you that Mueller appearing before Congress was going to be a carnage.


Prophecy fulfilled.


Let's enjoy how the Left's own media describes the situation:tweet..


Now let's watch Tucker Carlson's excellent summary of this memorable butchery:video..


Did you catch the tipping point?You know that a witness is decimated when,as a result of his answers,his supporters sitting behind him show signs of frustration.That happened exactly at 4:47 during Congressman Collin's merciless demonstration.Let's watch again and follow the guy sitting on Mueller's left:until 4:52..


This is typical of the Swamp.Mueller's supporters were satisfied every time the Cabal designated puppet they had as a boss said:"I'll leave it with the report".Why?Because they wrote the report under the Cabal's orders,knew Mueller had no clue about it and were hoping it would defend itself in front of Republican Congressmen who,unfortunately for them,happened to be smarter than they anticipated.


This is how DC has been operating for decades.All the debates you've been watching before Trump's arrival were shows whose scripts were written by the Cabal and given to both sides of the aisles for them to recite and for us to cheer,naively thinking we were part of something.No wonder when these swamp creatures are asked to genuinely think and speak their mind,the varnish of their overrated careers or their manufactured heroism disappears and their mediocrity appears in all its glory.This is the true meaning of the following tweet and its deleted version:link..

这就是 DC 几十年来的运作方式。在特朗普到来之前,你一直在观看的所有辩论都是由阴谋集团编写的剧本,分发给走道两边的观众,让他们背诵,让我们欢呼,天真地认为我们是某种东西的一部分。难怪当这些沼泽生物被要求真诚地思考和表达他们的想法时,他们被高估的事业或他们制造出来的英雄主义的光环就消失了,他们的平庸显得光彩照人。这就是下面这条推文及其删除版本的真正含义:链接。

Do you see it?The Maestro was saying neither the one they presented as the winner of the Kentucky Derby,nor the one they presented as the cheated deserved to win.The trick was to get you to pick a side and fall into their divide and conquer trap.When you accept to play the game and fail to detect you did not make a conscious choice to play,you are owned by the owner of the game.You become a pawn on his game board.When this reality is translated in the language of politics,the Maestro calls it"political correctness".


Satan used this same trick to deceive Adam.He presented him the possibility of eating the forbidden fruit AFTER God presented it in the form of a self-reacting prohibition.Adam did not detect that by giving him a second instance of this choice to make,Satan usurped God's prerogative of being the only one who can and should present a choice…


You now understand what the Maestro really means when he repeatedly asks:"how many bites of the apple do you get?"


Back to Mueller's testimony.


You'll find many other examples of Mueller's debacle online.Since our great Gutfeld never disappoints,let's also watch his summary:video..

你可以在网上找到很多其他穆勒崩溃的例子。既然我们伟大的 Gutfeld 从未让人失望,我们也来看看他的总结:视频。

Well done Gutfeld.He ends his deadly boxing combination with the uppercut about the democrats hoping to get Mueller to give his report new life in order to surf on the momentum and launch an impeachment process.Democrats are so bad at hiding their intent that you don't even need to be a political genius to know where they are going.Jerry gave it up right here:until 5:14.Did you catch it?At 5:03,he says:"we have to present…"and immediately corrects it with:"let Mueller present those facts to the American People".I told you in the same article I mentioned above that Nadler and Mueller started conspiring to get the impeachment ball rolling when the comms made it apparent that the Comey domino was about to fall.Mueller made his May 29 2019 statement to give a good impeachment surfing wave to Nadler who blew it and ended up drowning and losing his surfing board under the weight of the Maestro's policy successes and devastating tweets.


Unfortunately for them,they did not admit defeat and decided to commit the irreparable error of going further and drag Mueller to a Congress hearing for which he had already expressed his lack of interest.


With this bold move,Dems lost everything and the Maestro made an epic tweet about it,let's watch:tweet..


Did you catch the pronunciation"error"at 0:13 when talking about his longtime critic Laurence Tribe?He called him"SCRIBE".How about at 0:9:"they are a MESS!"?Puzzle coming together?I'll give you a last clue:at 0:23,he says:"you know it JOHN,and everybody else knows it".


Let's recap.


We have:SCRIBE,MESS,JOHN.When you make the connection SCRIBE=>SCRIPTURE,everything becomes crystal clear and you know you have to open the Bible to decode this tweet:Img1


The duration of the video is 0:29 and we notice A LAMB=29.Since the Maestro mentioned JOHN,we go to the 29th verse of John:

视频的持续时间是0:29,我们注意到了 a LAMB 29。既然大师提到约翰,我们就来看约翰的第29:

The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said,"Look,the LAMB of God,who takes away the sin of the world!John 1:29




With this LAMB in JOHN 1:29,you now understand why he said:"Their party is in SHAMBLES right now".According to the Merriam-Webster,the original meaning for shambles is meat market and slaughterhouse link and here is an articleabout the words'history.

约翰福音1:29中的羔羊,你现在明白他为什么说:"他们的聚会现在在混乱之中。"。根据韦氏词典,shambles 的原意是肉市场和屠宰场的联系,这里有一篇关于这个词的历史的文章。

Do you see it?The Maestro is saying they plotted and tried to slaughter the LAMB but God returned their plot against them.Instead,He saved the Lamb and through the Lamb,took away the sin of the world!



Q3472 2019-回旋镖年。Q

I told you in this article about"Moses Trump"and how History cyclically presents the same realities with different colors for the reason that it nourishes itself with the archetypes revealed in Holy Books.I also told you that had Pharaoh sincerely let the Israelites go,he would have kept his kingdom but God hardened his heart to make him pursue Moses and lose everything.That's the secret behind FISAGATE and the Mueller Report:had the Cabal and HRC sincerely let Trump govern as agreed the night of his election,they could have kept the little they still had and wait for another election cycle.Instead,God hardened their hearts and made them launch the Mueller probe so that they may lose what little they had left.Watch Nadler's dismay and how the Maestro summarizes this reality after Mueller's debacle in Congress:tweet

我在这篇关于"摩西·特朗普"(Moses Trump)的文章中告诉过你,历史是如何周期性地以不同的颜色呈现相同的现实,原因是它通过《圣经》中揭示的原型滋养自己。我又告诉你们,法老若真的容以色列人去,他必保守他的国,但神硬着心,使他追赶摩西,失去一切。这就是 FISAGATE 和穆勒报告背后的秘密:如果阴谋集团和HRC真诚地让特朗普当选当晚达成的协议执政,他们本可以保留他们所拥有的少量资产,等待下一轮选举。相反,上帝硬化了他们的心,让他们发射穆勒探测器,以便他们可能失去他们所剩无几。看看纳德勒的沮丧和这位大师如何总结穆勒在国会惨败后的现实:tweet

Do you now see the secret of the Lamb here?With Mueller's appearance before Congress and Trump's second exoneration forced on the Cabal,we went up on the Helicoid discussed in my previous article and reached the apprehension described in Matthew 17:22 before Mueller's testimony:




Everything I said in the last decodes regarding the FLOOD OF NOAH and the END OF DAYS is confirmed here. POTUS says IT IS REAL.
The tweet timestamp elliptically pulls 2 verses from Revelation. The first verse about the 4 angels, the 4
corners and the 4 winds is confirmed by END OF DAYS=93, leading to 9+3=4+4+4=12
The other verse about the 144,000 from all tribes of Israel is confirmed by THE FLOOD OF NOAH=
Neo, do you now believe?
Only those who know how to read the Bible, know the cyclical nature of History, have more than one eye and understand the wisdom hidden in the helicoid below will join us in this Supper. For the others, your stones are welcomed..











When they came together in Galilee,he said to them,"The Son of Man is going to be delivered into the hands of men.


Then,we experienced the relief described in John 1:29 after Mueller's appearance:


The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said,"Look,the Lamb of God,who takes away the sin of the world!


Your understanding of all this will be complete when you see that John 1:29 is the higher"Helicoidal"repetition of the 19 verses of Genesis 22 where God tests Abraham and gives him a ram to sacrifice in place of his beloved son.


How do I know these 19 verses from Genesis 22 are the right verses sealing this whole Story?The Maestro told us right here,in Greenville,the Resurrection City,when addressing what he calls the"Issue of Everything":until 44:28


You caught that random"19 of 22"?Now you know the explanation.By now,after all you've read from me,you know who he's talking about when he says:"they are not human"and that these DOJ"charges"are about expelling them from our dimension through The Flood that was announced by The Storm.

你抓到那个随机的"19 of 22"?现在你知道原因了吧。现在,在你们读完我的文章之后,你们知道他说的是谁:"他们不是人类",司法部的这些"指控"是关于通过《暴风雨》宣布的《洪水》将他们从我们的维度驱逐出去。

You now understand that Trump is the Divinely Protected Sacrificed Lamb inserted into the Cabal's Demonic Fake News and Judiciary Machine to ultimately destroy it and protect the People from being targeted,oppressed and crushed by their physical and metaphysical attacks.Jim Jordan summarized this perfectly when he tweeted this..


What if I told you all these secrets were coded in the tweet timestamp?


Img2 The timestamp 5:22 PM pulls Q1722 where MATTHEW appears on the bottom of the Lisa Page picture and confirms Matthew 17:22 studied earlier.The capital letters add up to 78 which pulls Genesis 7:8,which references the pairs entering Noah's ark and is confirmed by the blurry image of the couple in Q1722.

Img2时间戳5:22 PM 拉动了 Q1722,马太出现在 Lisa Page 图片的底部,证实了早先研究的马太福音17:22。这些大写字母加起来是78,这就是创世纪7:8,它提到了进入诺亚方舟的两对人,并且在 Q1722中这对夫妇的模糊图像证实了这一点。

Big load of Peruvian Coffee for those who noticed that Q1722 elliptically pulls the 4 number sequence{18,19,20,21}and that when adding them together we hit 78,the capital letter count!Coincidence?No.If you notice that the Hebrew alphabet is made of 22 letters,1722 represents Q22 or the truth revealed through the composition,the pairing,of the alphabet letters.Then,you have to notice that 78 is the value for RENEWAL.Do you see it?We are told that the 22 Letters that are the Building Blocks of the Word and the 4 elements that are the Building Blocks of Matter are now RENEWED and compositions can start again as initially intended by God,the Creator of All Things.

对于那些注意到 Q1722省略了4个数字序列{18,19,20,21}的人来说,大量的秘鲁咖啡加在一起就是78,大写字母数量!巧合?没有。如果你注意到希伯来字母表是由22个字母组成的,1722代表 Q22,或者说是通过字母表中字母的组合和配对揭示的真相。然后,您必须注意78 RENEWAL 的值。你看到了吗?我们被告知,22个字母是构成圣经的基石,4个元素是构成物质的基石,现在是更新的,组合可以重新开始,正如最初的意图上帝,万物的创造者。

I have just shared with you the Secret of the Flood and how Resurrection Day is reached on the Helicoid.





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