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A recent pulse survey from the Fisher Phillips law firm has found that at least 83 percent of employers are not even considering trying to implement an employee mandate for W×an coronavirus(Covid-19)vaccines.


As corporations like Delta Airlines and Houston Methodist Hospital proudly flaunt their foolishness in attempting to outlaw bodily autonomy,most other corporations are wisely taking a step back,if not for any other reason than to avoid the inevitable lawsuits.


That 83 percent figure is up from 64 percent back in January,showing that many more employers are wising up to the fact that it is a really bad idea to try to force Ch×e Virus injections on their employees.


While most employers,around 75 percent,say they are encouraging workers to get vaccinated,only a very small percentage are even attempting to try to force it as a condition of employment.


Thirty-two percent of respondents say they would prefer to avoid running afoul of anti-discrimination laws,while 54 percent said they believe that all employees willing to get injected without a mandate have already done so.


Fisher Phillips found that most employers are keener on encouraging vaccination rather than trying to require it.This is a wise approach as any company that attempts to force vaccination is likely to go under in the end from all the resultant litigation.


Companies that attempt to force W×an Flu shots on employees are just asking to go out of business


At the time when the survey was conducted,the U.S.Equal Employment Opportunity Commission(EEOC)had already released its own guidance claiming that employers can require their employees to get jabbed with Wuhan Flu shots.


This is,of course,a poor guidance because it will only lead employers that attempt to do so right into the trap of endless litigation.For this reason,the smarter ones have already decided not to even attempt to go there.


The dumb ones,like Delta and Houston Methodist,have made themselves targets for potentially multi-million-dollar payouts once the inevitable lawsuits run their course.

达美航空(Delta)和休斯顿卫理公会(Houston Methodist)等愚蠢的公司,一旦不可避免的诉讼结束,就会成为潜在数百万美元赔偿的目标。

It is almost as if some companies want to be driven out of business due to their insistence on being medical fascists.Delta and Houston Methodist clearly need a reminder that they are not their employees'doctors,and thus have no right to impose a medical intervention that could end up killing them.


It is important to note that the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA)has already made it clear that employees who become injured or die from mandatory Wuhan Flu shots at their places of employment are free to sue their employers for maximum damages.


This could spell serious financial drain on any company that is dumb enough to attempt such a thing,which a few are.Most,thankfully,are staying in their lane and letting their employees make their own health decisions through informed consent.


While OSHA dropped the requirement that employers report covid vaccine injures,employers can still be held liable for any vaccine injuries that arise due to company mandates.


"Windex in your office requires,by OSHA,to have a Material Data Sheet,but reactions to experimental'vaccinations'i.e.deaths as a result in the workplace,are no longer reportable.Wow!"noted one Natural News commenter.

"职业安全与健康管理局要求你办公室里的 Windex 必须有一份材料数据表,但是对实验性'疫苗'的反应,比如在工作场所导致的死亡,不再需要报告。哇!"一位自然新闻的评论者写道。

"In my opinion,any person injecting another person with an experimental drug without full informed consent,which leads to death,is an accessory to murder.But,I'm sure that's been waived,too."


"It is amazing the'protections'required by osha,and yet,experimental,emergency use drugs just skipped a page or 2 of the rules,"responded another.

另一位网友回应道:"osha 要求的'保护措施'令人惊讶,然而,实验性的紧急使用药物只是跳过了规则的一两页。"

**By Ethan Huff

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