X22报道|第3201集: 加拿大进入技术性衰退,人们即将面临最后的战斗

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随着德国移除能源,他们意识到这将摧毁他们的国家。绿色新政已经失败,[DS] 现在正沿着爱国者希望他们走的道路前进

X22报道|第3201集: 加拿大进入技术性衰退,人们即将面临最后的战斗

Ep 3201a – Canada Enters A Technical Recession, Great Reset, Think Mirror


Ep 3201b – The People Are About To Face The Final Battle, Strategic, Much Will Be Revealed


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Streamed on: Nov 1, 4:15 pm EDT

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As Germany removes the energy sources they are realizing this will destroy their country. The Green New Deal has failed, GM has now backed out of the EV market. The people see and know the truth. The banking system is having trouble. The great reset is happening, but it’s happening to the [CB]. The people will have the control.

随着德国移除能源,他们意识到这将摧毁他们的国家。绿色新政已经失败,通用汽车现在已经退出电动汽车市场。人们看到并知道真相。银行体系出现了问题。大重置正在发生,但它发生在[ CB ]身上。人民将拥有控制权。

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Streamed on: Nov 1, 4:45 pm EDT

X22 ReportStreaming on: Nov 1,4:45 pm EDT X22报道: 美国东部时间11月1日下午4:45


The [DS] is now moving down the path the patriots want them to follow, this is not about a 4 year election, from the beginning the mission was to take back they country, all of this pre planned, the people needed to see the [DS] system, the people will need to reach the precipice of destruction so they find the will to change. The weapons are real, the terrorist, war are controlled. Patriots have it all, much will be revealed in the end.

[DS] 现在正沿着爱国者希望他们走的道路前进,这不是四年选举,从一开始任务就是夺回他们的国家,所有这一切都是预先计划好的,人民需要看到 [DS] 的制度,人民需要到达毁灭的边缘,所以他们找到了改变的意愿。武器是真的,恐怖分子,战争是可控的。爱国者拥有一切,最终会揭示出很多东西。


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