X22报告|第2701集: 人们看到通货膨胀,供应链,衰退的经济,在未来10天保持警惕,我们抓住了他们

2022年2月14日16:48:40最新动态X22报告|第2701集: 人们看到通货膨胀,供应链,衰退的经济,在未来10天保持警惕,我们抓住了他们已关闭评论337字数 1295阅读4分19秒阅读模式


X22报告|第2701集: 人们看到通货膨胀,供应链,衰退的经济,在未来10天保持警惕,我们抓住了他们

Ep. 2701a – The People See Inflation, Supply Chain, Failing Economy, And Now..

Ep. 2701a-人们看到通货膨胀,供应链,衰退的经济,现在..。

Ep. 2701b – Be Alert Next 10 Days, [FF], We Caught Them All, Treason, A Traitor’s Justice, Durham

Ep. 2701b – 警惕未来10天,[ FF ] ,我们抓住了他们所有人,叛国,叛徒的正义,达勒姆

X22 报告发表于2022年2月13日


The [CB] & the Biden administration are destroying the economy, the people are watching just like they watch everything else that is going on. Now those same people who shut down the economy during the pandemic are at it again.



The [DS] is panicking, Durham released more information, it all points to [HRC], Obama and all the way up the chain. Trump caught them all, they committed treason and Durham is getting to the bottom of it. The panic is real the war they are starting is fake. The plan is working and the information is dripping out, be alert [FF] incoming. More pain is on the way. 

[DS]很恐慌,达勒姆公布了更多的信息,所有的信息都指向了奥巴马,以及整个事件链。特朗普抓住了他们所有人,他们犯了叛国罪,达勒姆正在追查真相。恐慌是真实的,他们发动的战争是假的。计划正在进行中,信息正在泄漏,请提高警惕,[ FF ]来袭。更多的痛苦即将来临。


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