X22报道|第2720集: 中央银行被困在绿色新政、深州无权、爱国者转移的叙事中

2022年3月9日16:32:26最新动态X22报道|第2720集: 中央银行被困在绿色新政、深州无权、爱国者转移的叙事中已关闭评论4121字数 1394阅读4分38秒阅读模式


X22报道|第2720集: 中央银行被困在绿色新政、深州无权、爱国者转移的叙事中

Ep. 2720a – The [DS]/[CB] Are Trapped In The Green New Deal, Watch Europe

Ep. 2720a-[ DS ]/[ CB ]被困在绿色新政中,观察欧洲

Ep. 2720b – The World Is Watching, [DS] Powerless, Patriots Shifting Narrative, No Deals

Ep. 2720b-世界在注视 ,[ DS ]无能为力 ,爱国者改变叙事 ,不做交易1



The Biden admin and the puppet masters are pushing their agenda. The patriots were counting on this, everything has been accelerated, which means they never expected to move into the green new deal this quickly. The fiat system began in with the fuel crisis and will end with a fuel crisis, watch Europe.



The [DS] is powerless, they do not have the leverage and they are struggling. Blinken put pressure on Poland but Poland is not doing what the [DS] wants. The [DS] wants WWIII, they will not get it. The narrative is about to shift, the world is watching. The bio labs are coming into focus, Nuland is worried that Russia might have the data. The election fraud is being produced and it is getting worse and worse of the [DS] players, no deals, they chose the path. 



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