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As hinted at in the previous update, we are at the turning point of several cosmic cycles.


First, there is the completion of the great cosmic cycle which lasted over 13 billion years. This universe is right now at the turning point from expansion into contraction. That is a unique moment, when the Source (the Absolute) can intervene directly into the Creation and dissolve the primary anomaly and all evil related to it, and this is the real reason why all darkness will soon disappear.That moment of direct intervention is called the Apocalypse (the Revelation in English) and is quite accurately described in a famous, almost 2000 year old vision:

首先,持续了超过130亿年的大宇宙周期已经完成。这个宇宙现在正处于从膨胀到收缩的转折点。这是一个独特的时刻,当源头(绝对)可以直接介入创造并且溶解主要的异常和所有与之相关的邪恶,这就是为什么所有的黑暗将很快消失的真正原因。这个直接干预的时刻被称为启示录(英语中的启示录) ,在一个著名的,几乎有2000年历史的远景中得到了相当准确的描述:

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

This moment can also be called the Cosmic Reversal, and scientists are beginning to understand that it will not happen billions of years from now, but much sooner:


After nearly 13.8 billion years of nonstop expansion, the universe could soon grind to a standstill, then slowly start to contract, new research published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests.


Second, there is the completion of the galactic magnetic pulse cycle which lasts somewhere between 12,000 and 13,000 years. Every 12,000 years or so, the Galactic Central Sun reverses its magnetic polarity, and in two such cycles it reverses its magnetic polarity back to the original one. Earth axis is entrained with the galactic magnetic field reversals, and this is the true origin of the 25,772 year precessional cycle, and the 12,000 year Heinrich event cycle:

第二,银河系磁脉冲周期的完成持续时间在12,000年到13,000年之间。每12000年左右,银河系的中央太阳就会反转它的磁极,并且在两个这样的周期中,它会反转它的磁极回到原来的磁极。地轴被星系磁场逆转所牵引,这是25,772年岁差周期和12,000年 Heinrich 事件周期的真正起源:

A Heinrich event is a natural phenomenon in which large groups of icebergs break off from glaciers and traverse the North Atlantic. First described by marine geologist Hartmut Heinrich (Heinrich, H., 1988), they occurred during five of the last seven glacial periods over the past 640,000 years (Hodell, et al., 2008).

Recent scientific paper shows that galactic magnetic field reversals are sudden events that only take a few years:


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Galactic magnetic field reversal triggers a Solar mininova event, which in turn triggers Earth magnetic field reversal. Earths' magnetic field is already decreasing fast in preparation for the reversal, and one possible curve of its strength may look like this (violet part of the curve is a prediction):

银河系磁场逆转触发了太阳小型新星事件,这反过来又触发了地球磁场逆转。地球的磁场已经在为逆转做准备而迅速减弱,其强度的一个可能曲线可能是这样的(曲线的紫色部分是一个预测) :

柯博拉讯息|2022/05/26  启示录

When Earth's magnetic field strength falls below a certain threshold, the elasticity and viscosity of Earths' mantle abruptly changes to allow crustal displacements and a physical polar shift:


THEORY OF CRUSTAL DISPLACEMENT By studying the carcasses of the woolly mammoth and rhino found in the northern regions of Siberia and Canada one can see the land these animals gazed on was suddenly shoved into a much colder climate. Their stomachs reveal food found in warm climates where they grazed just prior to their deaths.

The polar shift triggers a global tsunami wave which washes over the planetary surface and purifies it. This tsnamii wave is a necessary part of the primary anomaly purification process, and only individuals strongly connected with inner Light within Islands of Light, except for an occasional prepper, will be able to survive it on the surface of the planet. The rest of the human population will be evacuated from the surface and will then be able to start a new cycle afresh, in full alignment with the Light.


Top members of the Cabal are aware of the coming polar shift, and are planning to survive it in their underground bunkers and Pits:


In this article there will be several necessarily negative unveilings which will accompany some humans on their ascension path. Many of the following points clearify general problems on the ascension path or lay open cabal-caused problems on Earth, which will help as well.


They will be cleared by the Resistance before the polar shift happens.


Third, there is the completion of the solar magnetic cycle which lasts around 11 years. The next solar magnetic reversal is expected around 2025. The Sun is becoming active much faster than expected, and the sunspot number now (May 2022) is already exceeding the NOAA prediction for the peak of the cycle in 2025:




In a few months, mainstream scientists will begin to realize that there is something unusual going on with the current solar cycle, and some of them will be able to connect the dots, triggering utter panic in some circles.


One small hint, a Carrington type event is quite possible in the next two years:


On Sept. 1 and 2, 1859, telegraph systems around the world failed catastrophically. The operators of the telegraphs reported receiving electrical shocks, telegraph paper catching fire, and being able to operate equipment with batteries disconnected. During the evenings, the aurora borealis, more commonly known as the northern lights, could be seen as far south as Colombia.

All three cycles, cosmic, galactic and solar, converge into the opening of the Ascension portal of 2025, which is an orientational milestone for us to estimate when the big changes are expected to occur.


Until then, there is soft disclosure happening with interesting photos of “natural” formations on Mars:


Gigapan - http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/229311 GIGAmacro - https://viewer.gigamacro.com/view/GIvcoFX3fWdxwa3V?x1=33436.50&y1=-13865.50&res1=34.83&rot1=0.00 Flickr Download - ...

You can also align yourself with the Pleiadian energy with this music:



Or support the Light Forces with the following meditation:


Over the past two weeks, an outbreak of Monkeypox has occurred in many countries. On May 7th, the very first case in the western world in 2022 was confirmed in the United Kingdom. Since then, 87 cases have been confirmed worldwide and 57 are under investigation.


You can dive deeper in the vast amounts of intel published on this blog:


He is a semi public insider ( Pleiadian Starseed of Semjase Soul Family Mandala & only Resistance Movement Spokesperson) having long deep ties with The Plan from highest levels of the world Alliance groups to Galactic Confederation Keep this in mind when reviewing Cobra Intel : This post is to accelerate the learning process for those soon to awaken to the original Redpill & will require a fast easy way to navigate the Intel This Map will be available for those dedicated individuals, Liberation Is Near !

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