通过 GCR 恢复共和国|截至2022年5月9日星期一的更新

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通过 GCR 恢复共和国|截至2022年5月9日星期一的更新

美国东部时间202259日星期一12:01作者: Judy ByingtonMSWLCSW,治疗师,记者,作者: "22张面孔: 珍妮 · 希尔非凡的生活和她的22个多重人格。"

Iraqi Dinar Believed to Have Revalued on Sat. 7 May 2022


All Nations Were Believed De-pegging From the US Dollar and Going Gold-Backed


Trump was Believed to Have Won the 2020 Election


"2000 Mules"



2000头骡子 DINESH d'souza 纪录片-最好的消息

Full Documentary: https://dinesh.locals.com/upost/2083099/2000-mules

完整纪录片: https://dinesh.locals. com/upost/2083099/2000-mule

Movie Trailer:

Movie Trailer: https://rumble.com/v13aa33-2000-mule-Trailer. html

Gratitude is a Timeless Virtue


November 21, 2021 - #4810 Music & the Spoken Word (thetabernaclechoir.org)

20211121-# 4810音乐与语言(thetabernaclechoir. org)

Gratitude – for life, for blessings, for the Giver of this beautiful world and everything in it – is a timeless and timely virtue. So many other virtues we seek flow from gratitude. Without gratitude, we become self focused and insecure, wondering if someone somewhere has more or is better. Gratitude, on the other hand, opens our hearts to God and to others. It blesses us in seasons of scarcity and seasons of plenty. Indeed, gratitude is a virtue for every season of life.


Judy Note: Please keep in mind that in the Global Currency Reset absolutely no one knows the exact time and date of Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) notification. It would be decided by the Military Quantum Computer after an analysis of world events and how such impacted security of The People.

朱迪注: 请记住,在全球货币重置绝对没有人知道准确的时间和日期的第4b (我们,互联网集团)通知。这将由军用量子计算机在分析了世界事件以及这些事件如何影响人们的安全后决定。

A. The Global Currency Reset:


  • All nations that are gold/asset-backed will be revaluing their currencies at a 1:1 with each other.


  • The Global Currency Reset officially rolled out on Sun. 1 May.


  • On Wed. 4 May 2022 and in a Shotgun Start, the new Quantum Financial System began syncing every bank and country's currency in the World to revalue into a Gold/Asset-backed System.


  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 were paid out early this last week.


  • On Fri. 6 May Zimbabwe said they would de-peg from the US Dollar and go gold/asset-backed according to Fleming.


  • Fri. 6 May Holly: They are doing the Prosperity Packages and will start with other Fines and Penalties. I'm told that is to complete by Sun. 8 May. So we still need the rest of Fines and Penalties adjudicated and Dubi 1 and Dubi 2 to go. Everyone is saying Iraq will post rate on Sat. 7 May.

    56日霍莉: 他们正在实施繁荣一揽子计划,并将开始实施其他罚款和处罚。我被告知这将在太阳公司完成。58日。因此,我们仍然需要其余的罚款和处罚判决和 Dubi 1 Dubi 2去。每个人都说伊拉克会在星期六公布税率。57日。

  • A source in Iraq reported that they had massive celebrations throughout the country on Sat. 7 May because their Dinar had been revalued. Revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar was considered the Kingpin of the Global Currency Reset.


  • On Sun. night 8 May the rates will be locked in, according to Fleming.


  • Tier 4B was expected to be notified to set redemption/exchange appointments by the middle of next week, somewhere around Tues. 10 May, Wed. 11 May, or Thurs. 12 May, according to Bruce.

    预计4b 层将在下周中旬之前接到通知,确定赎回/交换预约,时间大约在510日,511日,星期三或512日。

  • MarkZ: Iraqi contacts still expected Tier 4B notification sometime between Sat. 7 to Tues. 10, while the Military said it would happen mid-month.

    MarkZ: 伊拉克联系人仍然期待4b 层通知在星期六之间的某个时间。同时军方表示这将在月中发生。

  • Fri. 6 May Nick Fleming: 05/06/20022 Update from the last few days - YouTube
    On Tues. the IMF and other agencies got together on Iraq and told them they had permission to revalue the Iraqi Dinar.


  • Other countries' currencies were de-pegging from the US Dollar. 209 Countries were paying out in their own currency. Contractors in Iraq were being paid at 1:1 in gold-backed Iraqi Dinar to the gold-backed US Dollar.


B. Sat. 7 May Fleming:


  • On Fri. 6 May Zimbabwe said they would de-peg from the US Dollar and go gold/asset-backed.


  • Last Tues. the IMF, DIS, World Bank, World Trade Organization and others gave Iraq the go signal.


  • Russia, China, Iraq and others will no longer take the US Dollar.


  • 209 Banks were being gold-backed this weekend.


  • The rates will be locked in Sun. night 8 May.


  • Possible Rates: Dinar Rate $3.22, Dong $3.00

    可能的汇率: 第纳尔汇率3.22美元,越南盾3.00美元

  • When the code is released, Mass Arrests begin.


  • You do not need a Lobster Wallet to exchange.

    你不需要一个 Lobster钱包来交换。

  • Bitcoin and some lobster wallets that are not gold backed are worth nothing.

    比特币和一些没有黄金支持的 Lobster钱包一文不值。

  • After the code is released they will close a lot of the Telegram websites that are ripping people off.

    代码发布后,他们将关闭大量的 Telegram 网站,这些网站正在敲诈人们。

C. Restored Republic – What Should be in the Headlines:


  • BQMBSHELL!! Time to shQck the world!!! Are you ready for the biggest Q drops yet? Code Red BIG Announcement 10.5 2022 (Tues. 10 May?). This Is It. The Hour Is Upon Us. The Storm Is Coming. They Are Not Prepared. I Am Back.

    贝壳! !是时候震惊世界了! ! !你准备好迎接最大的 q 值下降了吗?Code Red BIG Announcement 10.52022(tuesday. 10 May.就是这个。时间到了。暴风雨要来了。他们还没有准备好。我回来了。

  • BREAKING: The Supreme Court Justices of the United States have been assigned 24-hour Military protection. The guise is that the Justices need protection due to the Roe vs. Wade decision that is impending. That is false. The "leak" which occurred this past week, regarding the SCOTUS opinion to overturn Roe vs. Wade, was fake. This was designed to distract the Left from the REAL decision that has been in front of the court: The 2020 General Election. Within the next several weeks, the SCOTUS will be overturning the 2020 General Election, due to massive fraud in every single state. "You have been watching a movie. I hope you enjoyed the most important time of human history. It's coming to an end." Janine Channel

    爆料: 美国最高法院的法官们已经被指派了24小时的军事保护。由于即将到来的 Roe Wade 案的裁决,大法官们需要保护。这是错误的。上周发生的关于 SCOTUS 推翻罗伊诉韦德案意见的"泄密"是假的。这是为了转移左翼人士对真正摆在法庭面前的裁决: 2020年大选的注意力。在接下来的几周内,由于每个州都存在大规模的舞弊行为,SCOTUS 将推翻2020年的大选。你一直在看一部电影。我希望你能享受到人类历史上最重要的时刻。就要结束了。"珍妮频道

  • On 6 May 2022 a bus load of 30 Ukrainian refugee children disappeared in Spain thought to be the work of the international Child Trafficking Ring.


  • The BBC has video evidence to suggest that new-born babies in Ukraine may have been killed to feed the stem cell trade. Ukraine was considered the leader in stem cell production.


  • Hunter Biden's Laptop implicates Joe Biden, Obama, Clintons and other Elites in Treasonous acts.

    亨特 · 拜登的笔记本电脑牵涉到乔 · 拜登、奥巴马、克林顿和其他精英的叛国行为。

  • The just out movie, "2000 Mules" shows conclusively that the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged and Stolen.


  • A George Soros team has been charged and pled guilty of perjury and evidence tampering.

    乔治 · 索罗斯的一个团队被指控犯有伪证罪和篡改证据罪。

  • Over 1,200 People Died During Pfizer Vaccine Trials: "Following the release of the Pfizer documents, it's now confirmed that 1,223 people died within the first 28 days after being inoculated with the BioNTech Pfizer vaccine during trials — and it was still approved for use.

    在辉瑞公司的疫苗试验中,超过1200人死亡: "在辉瑞公司的文件发布之后,现在已经证实,在试验期间接种了 BioNTech 辉瑞公司的疫苗后,有1223人在28天内死亡,而且这种疫苗仍然被批准使用。

  • PCR tests are DNA sampling to collect your DNA. COVID Vaccines contains Graphenes that make you a super powerful antenna so that they can connect with you, track you and send you any information/data. They can brainwash, control you, send you subliminal messages

    PCR测试是用来收集你的 DNA DNA 样本。冠状病毒疾病疫苗含有石墨烯,使你成为一个超级强大的天线,使他们可以连接你,跟踪你和发送你的任何信息/数据。它们可以给你洗脑,控制你,给你发送潜意识的信息

D. Last Week's Disclosures: These aren't distractions. The silent war is breaking out on to the surface in a full out WH offensive - learn to multitask

上周的披露: 这些都不是干扰。无声的战争正在一场全面的白宫攻势中浮出水面——学会多任务处理

-Vaccine death evidence coming out


-US Department of Defense Bio-weapon Labs and genocide discovered in Ukraine -Putin is wiping out the Nazis and Deep State

- 美国国防部生化武器实验室和种族灭绝在乌克兰被发现-普京正在消灭纳粹和深层国家

-Israel supports these Nazis


-China is going after Taiwan

- 中国正在攻击台湾

-2000Mules shows irrefutable evidence of 2020 Election Fraud

- 2000名骡子显示2020年选举舞弊的无可辩驳的证据

-Sussman/Elias Perkins Coie are fooked

萨斯曼/伊莱亚斯 · 珀金斯 · 科尔被骗了

-Hillary, Obama, and the FBI are implicated


-Julian Assange wa set to be extradited to US

朱利安 · 阿桑奇将被引渡到美国

-Queen was on her death bed essentially

Queen 基本上已经奄奄一息了

-Child groomers are being exposed at Disney/Hollywood and in the left


-Epstein/Ghislaine clients are being exposed and panicking

Epstein/Ghislaine 公司的客户正在被曝光,并陷入恐慌

-Big Tech was being taken over by the White Hats


-Roe v Wade overturn was imminent


-Elites were having their assets seized globally left and right -Durham has the goods on everyone and keeps dropping MOABs as proof.

- 精英们的资产在全球范围内被没收-达勒姆掌握了所有人的证据并且不断投放摩押人作为证据。

-World Wars were based on Lies.


-Israel was supporting the Nazi - Zionist collaboration that features UK Royals.


-The Royals hired the Hessians [Nazi's] in 1700's to fight Americans -The Royals sent Australian's ashore in Gallipoli to be slaughtered.

- 皇室在17世纪雇佣了黑森人[纳粹分子]来对抗美国人-皇室派遣澳大利亚人在加利波利上岸被屠杀。

-The Royals stole all of India's Gold then treated Indians & Gurkhas like 2nd Class Citizens after they fought for them.

- 皇室偷走了印度所有的黄金然后把印第安人和廓尔喀人当二等公民对待在他们为他们战斗之后。

And we're just getting started.


E. Mon. 9 May 2022: A Special Global Communique from The Republic Alliance: An International Federation of Free, Sovereign Nations. https://youtu.be/65k_KoYtmvE

202259日星期一: 来自共和国联盟的特别全球公报: 一个自由主权国家的国际联盟。Https://youtu.be/65k _ koytmve

  • Unite now to overthrow the Covid Corporatocracy! For the past two years, a worldwide corporate tyranny has descended on humanity under the guise of a staged public health crisis. Everywhere, the rule of law and democracy lie in ruins. A new global fascism has deposed accountable governments and is enslaving the free people of the Earth. The time has come to end that tyranny and establish self-governing societies according to the free will of the people!


  • Millions of people have been waging individual, heroic battles in their own countries to defend their liberties and resist and overturn the covid tyranny. In eleven of those countries, and in eight allied indigenous nations, patriots have now separated themselves into new, sovereign Republics with their own legislative Assemblies, Courts, and Citizen Militias. They have passed and are enforcing their own laws that prohibit covid measures and arrest criminally convicted corporate, church, and government officials.


  • Those patriots are now going beyond defensive responses. They are joining hands across borders to establish an international federation of free, sovereign people to overthrow and replace the global Corporatocracy. That federation is the Republic Alliance.


  • From July 1-4, 2022, the Alliance is convening an international conference to issue an Emancipation Proclamation and Charter, and to plan joint actions to disestablish tyranny and reclaim their countries and their wealth for all the people. The Alliance member Republics will establish mutual trade and defense treaties to defend each other against the violence and criminality of the Corporatocracy and its puppet governments.


  • Alliance delegates will be attending or participating from Canada, America, England, Ireland, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Russia, China, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa, and from the indigenous nations of the Chilcotin, Squamish, Anishinaabe, Mayan, Celtic, Basque, Tibetan, and Ainu people.

    来自加拿大、美国、英国、爱尔兰、法国、意大利、德国、瑞典、俄罗斯、中国、新西兰、澳大利亚和南非的联盟代表,以及来自土著民族 Chilcotin Squamish Anishinaabe、玛雅人、凯尔特人、巴斯克人、西藏人和阿伊努人的代表将出席或参加会议。

  • In the same way that survivors of genocide have united internationally to prosecute the Vatican, Big Pharma, and other child killing powers in an international common law court of justice, so too do the sovereign people of the earth now join hands to stop an even greater crime against all of humanity.


  • We will no longer tolerate the destructive rule of a few corporate technocrats and billionaire oligarchs! We are reclaiming the world for its people so that all can live in equality, liberty, and harmony with creation and one another! It is now only liberty or death!


  • We call upon all people to rally to the Republic Alliance and join or form sovereign Republics wherever they live, beginning with local sovereign Assemblies. As free men and women, we all have an inherent sovereignty and the unalienable right to govern ourselves.


  • To participate in the July conference, and to join or form a sovereign Republic in your country, contact republicnationalcouncil@protonmail.com and follow updates at
    and every Sunday at 6 pm eastern and 10 pm GMT at www.bbsradio.com/herewestand .

    如果你想参加7月份的会议,或者想加入或者在你的国家建立一个主权共和国,请联系 republicnationalcouncil@protonmail. com,并在 www.republicofkanata. org 和每周日东部时间下午6点和格林尼治时间下午10点在 www.bbsradio. com/herewestand 上关注最新消息。

  • For the worldwide liberation of humanity! We will live free or die! https://youtu.be/65k_KoYtmvE


F. The Real News for Sun. 8 May 2022:


  • Election Night 2020: Donald Trump is crushing Joe Biden. Vote counting inexplicably stops. Everyone goes to sleep. Everyone wakes up. Joe Biden has won the election. Stolen Election? It Appears So. Trump Wins Just By Removing the Worst Offenders. Final Electoral Vote Count: Trump – 279, Biden – 259 https://rumble.com/v13aa33-2000-mules-trailer.html

    2020年大选之夜: 唐纳德 · 特朗普击败了乔 · 拜登。投票计数莫名其妙地停止了。每个人都睡着了。每个人都会醒来。乔 · 拜登赢得了选举。选举舞弊?看起来是的。特朗普仅仅通过移除最恶劣的罪犯而获胜。最终选举人票数: 特朗普 -279,拜登 -259 https://rumble.com/v13aa33-2000-mule-trailer. html

  • Michigan - 125,000 illegal votes, 29,000 short of 154,000. Biden holds these 16 electoral votes. Wisconsin - 14,000 illegal votes, 6,000 short of 20,000. Biden retains these 10 electoral votes. Georgia - 30,000 illegal votes exceeds the 12,000 vote difference. Trump gains 16 electoral votes. Arizona - 20,000 illegal votes surpasses the 10,000 vote margin. Trump acquires 11 more electoral votes. Pennsylvania - 275,000 illegal votes shatters the 80,000 vote margin. Trump attains yet another 20 electoral votes.


  • Mon. 9 May 12:00 Noon Eastern US Time is Victory Day for the Russians: https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/12-00-noon-eastern-us-time-it-is-now-may-9-in-some-russia-time-zones-victory-day


  • Hunter Biden Laptop From Hell Story Heats Up, CNN, Adam Schiff, Politico & More Now Facing Lawsuits: http://thetruereporter.com/hunter-biden-laptop-from-hell-story-heats-up-cnn-adam-schiff-politico-more-now-facing-lawsuits-video/

    亨特 · 拜登笔记本电脑来自《地狱故事》:

  • Ep. 2769b - We Are Currently In The Destabilization Phase, Playbook Known, Objective [End] Checkmate:

    我们目前正处于不稳定阶段 Playbook KnownObjective [ End ] Checkmate: https://rumble. com/v13szt6-Ep-2769b-We-Currently-In-The-instability-Phase-Playbook-Known-obje. html

  • Twitter Update:
    Elon Musk plans to sack 1,000 Twitter staff, quintuple revenue, get 69 million users paying $3 a month and cut reliance on advertising income, presentation to investors shows, Daily Mail reported. Deep State rogue employees in Twitter were being hunted down and major house cleaning happening. The Deep State Soros connections were being cut.

    据英国《每日邮报》报道,埃隆 · 马斯克计划解雇1000 Twitter 员工,实现收入的五倍,让6900万用户每月支付3美元,并减少对广告收入的依赖。深州公司在推特上的流氓雇员正在被追捕,大规模的清洁工作正在进行。深州索罗斯的联系被切断。

  • Musk Slams 'False' Stories About Trump; Reveals Focus for Work at Twitter: https://resistthemainstream.org/musk-slams-false-stories-about-trump-reveals-focus-for-work-at-twitter/?utm_source=telegram $50 Million Of Cocaine Found At Nespresso Factory. Cocaine in Nespresso Coffee?: https://www.zerohedge.com/commodities/50-million-cocaine-found-nespresso-factory

    马斯克抨击关于特朗普的"虚假"故事; 揭露工作焦点在 Twitter: https://resistthemainstream. org/Musk-slam-False-Stories-About-Trump-Reveals-Focus-for-Work-At-Twitter/? utm _ source = telegram Nespresso Factory 发现5千万美元的可卡因。Nespresso 咖啡中的可卡因?

  • President Donald Trump: "Mark Esper was weak and totally ineffective, and because of it, I had to run the military. I took out ISIS, Qasem Soleimani, al-Baghdadi, rebuilt the military with $2.5 trillion, created Space Force, and so much more. Mark Esper was a stiff who was desperate not to lose his job. He would do anything I wanted, that's why I called him "Yesper." He was a lightweight and figurehead, and I realized it very early on. He was recommended to me by some very weak RINOs and that is what he turned out to be."

    唐纳德 · 特朗普总统: "马克 · 埃斯珀软弱无能,因此我不得不管理军队。我消灭了 ISIS Qasem Soleimani al-Baghdadi 2.5万亿美元重建了军队创建了太空部队,等等。马克 · 埃斯珀是个不顾一切不想丢掉工作的呆子。他会为我做任何事,这就是为什么我叫他" Yesper"他是个无足轻重的傀儡,我很早就意识到了。他是被一些非常弱小的里诺斯推荐给我的,他就是这样的人。"

  • Resolution Condemning Chinese Regime's Forced Organ Harvesting: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/criminal-inhumane-and-unethical-eu-passes-resolution-condemning-chinese-regimes-forced


  • Upcoming Military Tribunals
    https://realrawnews.com/2022/05/upcoming-military-tribunals-2/, Michael Baxter Sources at the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General's Corps and the office of Marine Corps General David H. Berger have confirmed the following upcoming military tribunals. Real Raw News has no additional information on their arrests at this time. Sec. of Agriculture Thomas Vilsack — May 9, William Charles Ayers — May 12, Actor Alec Baldwin — May 16, Former Hussein Obama Advisor Valerie June Jarrett — May 18

    即将到来的军事法庭美国海军军法署和海军陆战队将军办公室的迈克尔 · 巴克斯特消息来源证实了即将到来的军事法庭。Real Raw News 目前没有关于他们被捕的更多信息。证交会。托马斯 · 维尔萨克ー59日,威廉 · 查尔斯 · 艾尔斯ー512日,演员亚历克 · 鲍德温ー516日,前侯赛因 · 奥巴马顾问瓦莱丽 · · 贾勒特ー518

  • Obama is Hitler's grandson on his mother's side: https://t.me/JulianAssangeWiki/745

奥巴马是希特勒母亲那边的孙子: https://t.me/JulianAssangeWiki/745

G. The Real Old News That Should Have Been In, But Never Made the Headlines:


Clinton-Rothschild Child Sex Trafficking Camp Refused Investigation, Destroyed | Politics | Before It's News (beforeitsnews.com)

克林顿-罗斯柴尔德儿童性交易营拒绝调查,被摧毁 | 政治 | 新闻之前(beforeitsnews. com)

Thousands of Tortured Children Rescued and Found Dead by US Military | Politics | Before It's News (beforeitsnews.com)

成千上万饱受折磨的儿童被美国军方救出并发现死亡 | 政治 | 新闻之前(beforeitsnews. com)

Over 50,000 Traumatized Children Rescued by Military Out of Tunnels Beneath US Cities | Politics | Before It's News (beforeitsnews.com)

超过50000名受到创伤的儿童被军队从美国城市下面的隧道中救出 | 政治 | 新闻之前(beforeitsnews. com)

Over 35,000 Malnourished, Caged Children Rescued Out of US Tunnels by Military | Crime All-Stars | Before It's News (beforeitsnews.com)

超过35000名营养不良,被关在笼子里的儿童被军队从美国隧道中救出 | 犯罪全明星 | 新闻之前

H. 2020 Election Fraud:


  • General Flynn: After watching 2000 Mules, I am asking every constitutional sheriff across the country to investigate the data pertaining to your county. If Mules operated in your county, you need to bring to Justice everyone that violated the sanctity of our 2020 presidential elections. No more excuses.

    弗林将军: 在看了《2000头骡子》之后,我要求全国所有的宪法治安官调查与你们县有关的数据。如果骡子在你的县里活动,你需要将所有侵犯我们2020年总统选举神圣性的人绳之以法。别再找借口了。

  • President Trump: The just out movie, "2000 Mules" shows conclusively that the 2020 Presidential Election was Rigged and Stolen. It is a brilliant movie that will go down as one of the most consequential of all time. SEE IT NOW!: Watch 2000 Mules - By Dinesh D'Souza - FULL Documentary MOVIE (2022) ENGLISH - Bing video 2000 Mules: You can stay home, pour a drink, bring out the popcorn, and join the Virtual Premiere of "2000 Mules." You get Debbie singing, the full screening of the movie, and a live Q and A afterward with Dinesh and others in the documentary—and all for the price of a movie ticket. https://dinesh.locals.com/ "2000 Mules" will be available for digital download on the Rumble-owned platform Locals starting on Saturday May 7. You can subscribe to his Locals channel and watch the movie for free, or simply buy a ticket and then watch. Check out dinesh Locals channel athttps://dinesh.locals.com/ Watch 2000 Mules (2022) - Full Movie Streaming (site4streaming.com) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YghuaU7kgGI&feature=youtu.be

    特朗普总统: 刚刚上映的电影《2000头骡子》决定性地表明,2020年的总统大选是被操纵和偷窃的。这是一部精彩绝伦的电影,将被视为有史以来最具影响力的电影之一。现在就去看!当前位置: 观看《2000头骡子》迪尼希 · d · 苏扎(Dinesh d'souza)2000头骡子: 你可以呆在家里,倒一杯饮料,拿出爆米花,参加《2000头骡子》的虚拟首映式你可以让黛比唱歌,电影全程放映,然后和迪尼希以及其他人在纪录片中现场问答——这一切都是为了一张电影票的价格。Https://dinesh.Locals. com/2000骡子》将从57日星期六开始在 rumble 旗下的 Locals 平台上提供数字下载。你可以订阅他的 Locals 频道,免费观看这部电影,或者只要买张票就可以观看。

I. Mass Arrests:


  • Rady Johnson, Executive VP of Pfizer, has been arrested by federal agents and charged with multiple cases of fraud after over 1,000 classified Pfizer documents were released showing the true risks of the experimental vaccine.

    辉瑞公司执行副总裁雷迪 · 约翰逊已被联邦特工逮捕,并被指控多起欺诈案件。此前,辉瑞公司公布了1000多份机密文件,显示了这种实验性疫苗的真实风险。

  • George Soros team that went after Greitens charged with perjury and evidence tampering. FBI agent plead guilty. Soros funded prosecutor, Kim Gardner, admitted to wrongdoing and this was after she was found guilty of over 70 instances of perjury. Missouri SC ruled that Kim Gardner has to turn over all communications which includes those with RINOS and SOROS himself.

    乔治 · 索罗斯的团队追踪格雷滕斯被指控伪证和篡改证据。联邦调查局探员认罪。索罗斯资助的检察官金 · 加德纳(Kim Gardner)承认了自己的不当行为,这是在她被判犯有70多起伪证罪之后。密苏里州法院裁定金 · 加德纳必须上交包括与里诺斯和索罗斯本人在内的所有通讯。

  • PUTIN not only arrested his own FSB Intelligence Head, but also several other Generals, Bankers, Corporation Executives and Government Officials in a large two week operation. Current arrests in the US and sanctions on the Deep State are connected.

    在为期两周的行动中,普京不仅逮捕了自己的 FSB 情报主管,还逮捕了其他几名将军、银行家、公司高管和政府官员。目前在美国的逮捕行动和对深州的制裁是相互关联的。

J. International Child Sex, Adrenochrome and Organ Harvesting:


  • President Q: 50,000+ children rescued by the Military out of tunnels beneath US cities.

    美国总统 q: 5万多名儿童被军方从美国城市地下隧道中救出。

  • Arizona Wilder on Illuminati ceremonies:


  • Mother Theresa was canonized for her work with the poor, but a compelling new series claims there was a MUCH darker side to the nun... and asks: Was she a saint or sinner? A new three-part Sky documentary series claims Mother Teresa covered up the worst excesses of the Catholic Church Child Sex Trafficking: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-10778723/A-compelling-new-series-claims-darker-Mother-Teresa.html

    特蕾莎修女因为她帮助穷人而被封为圣人,但是一个引人注目的新系列声称修女有更加黑暗的一面... 并问道: 她是圣人还是罪人?天空电视台的一个新的三部纪录片系列声称特蕾莎修女掩盖了天主教会最恶劣的儿童性交易

  • Madeleine McCann prosecutors probe whether missing girl was killed after being abducted and sold to child trafficking gang: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10792017/Madeleine-McCann-prosecutors-probe-killed-sold-traffickers.html

    Madeleine McCann 检察官调查失踪女孩是否在被拐卖给贩卖儿童团伙后被杀害

  • On 6 May 2022
    a bus of Ukrainian refugee children disappeared in Spain. This has always been in the Deep State Plan. They created a war that caused refugees and then stole the kids. A bus with 30 kids from Ukraine has disappeared on its way to Gran Canaria. They disappeared in the transition between leaving the bus and entering the ferry. We're filming this video to inform people that it's impossible to make 30 children disappear without help from the authorities and politicians. We know that whoever has done this were people with control of security cameras, control of the frontiers and selected routes.

    202256日,一辆满载乌克兰难民儿童的巴士在西班牙失踪。这一直在"深层国家计划"中。他们制造了一场战争,造成难民,然后偷走了孩子。一辆载有30名乌克兰儿童的巴士在前往大加那利群岛(Gran Canaria)的途中失踪。他们在下车和进入渡轮之间的过渡中消失了。我们拍摄这段视频是为了告诉人们没有当局和政客的帮助是不可能让30名儿童失踪的。我们知道不管是谁干的,他们都控制着监控摄像头,控制着边境和选定的路线。

K.Johnny Deep, the real inside story:

.Johnny Deep 真正的内幕:

  • Adrenochrome: In the film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Depp plays Hunter S . Thompson. In a drug fueled binge taking many drugs (on the real life story of S. Thompson in Vegas Depp-Thompson consumes Adrenochrome made from human adrenaline gland.

    肾上腺素: 在电影《赌城风情画》中,Depp 扮演猎人 s。汤普森。在一个由毒品引发的狂欢中,服用了许多毒品(关于 s Thompson 在拉斯维加斯的真实生活故事 depp-Thompson 消耗了由人类肾上腺制成的肾上腺素。

  • Hunter S. Thompson Satanic parties and killings / human trafficking ring. Several eye witnesses & victims have identified Hunter S. Thompson in creating Snuff films ( where killings are filmed and sold). The victims identify S. THOMPSON as the man who made them Kill other children in Elite SATANIC parties and made them consume the dead bodies and have sex with them, while going filming the satanic ritual.


  • Victims in The Franklin Scandal (human trafficking ring) confirm S. Thompson made them kill kids.

    富兰克林丑闻(人口贩卖团伙)的受害者证实,s Thompson 让他们杀害孩子。

  • Human trafficking victims in the south west have identified S. Thompson as being on a ranch in Colorado that housed trafficking ring network/ that included killings on the ranch with U.S. Elites in attendance.

    西南部的人口贩卖受害者已经确认 s. Thompson 在科罗拉多州的一个农场里,那里是人口贩卖网络的所在地,其中包括有美国精英在场的农场杀人事件。

  • Hunter S. Thompson admitted on live broadcast tv of killing humans ( Dave Letterman show).


  • Thompson often bragged to many friends of killing people.


  • Thompson bragged he would kill himself by shooting himself in the head. (Many kids and victims have stated this is how Thompson killed kids or forced other children to kill kids – a gun to the head, or strangulation.


  • February 20, 2005 Hunter S. Thompson blows his own brains out.


  • Memphis Three Satanic killings and rape of children: Three Memphis men were convicted of killing three kids in satanic rituals (vast number of other satanic killings in the area were not solved and police deliberately closed the connected cases) the men were found guilty and sentenced to death. But Johnny Depp stepped in with Millions of dollars and high Elite powerful lawyers and got the men off and freed them. CIA Mockingbird MSM media took control of narration in the story and planted stories in the backing of Hollywood, singers gathering behind Depp to free the killers.

    孟菲斯三起撒旦式杀戮和强奸儿童事件: 三名孟菲斯男子因在撒旦式仪式中杀害三名儿童而被定罪(该地区大量其他撒旦式杀戮事件未得到解决,警方故意结案)。但是约翰尼 · 德普(Johnny Depp)带着数百万美元和高级精英律师介入,帮助这些人脱罪并释放了他们。CIA Mockingbird MSM 媒体控制了故事的叙述,并在好莱坞的支持下编造故事,歌手们聚集在德普身后解救凶手。

  • CIA controlled human trafficking ring through Memphis Tennessee, Omaha Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas up to Chicago Illinois connected the Vatican Cover up in pedophilia rings and removal of clergy and Bishops.


  • The Franklin Coverup Scandal has now been closed and police and investigations into the case are forbidden. The Franklin human trafficking networks continue into this day which is connected to DC – Podesta, PizzaGate.


  • Johnny Depp and Hunter S. Thompson were best friends. Depp even did the funeral arrangements for Thompson and granted his last wishes. Depp was often on Thompson's farm and Estates he owned under different names.


  • The Viper Room was a Los Angeles Night Club owned in partnership with Johnny Depp. On Halloween night October 31, 1993 the Satanic killing of River Phoenix was planned and staged underground the Viper Room in the venomous snake room. The Adrenochrome party raged.

    蝰蛇屋是洛杉矶一家夜总会,与约翰尼 · 德普合伙经营。19931031日的万圣节之夜,在毒蛇室的蝰蛇室地下策划并实施了对 River Phoenix 的撒旦式杀戮。肾上腺素色素派对一片混乱。

  • River Phoenix in the weeks adding up to his death had become aware of Satanic rituals and was distancing himself from Hollywood and wanted out.

    里弗 · 菲尼克斯在死前的几周里开始意识到撒旦的宗教仪式并与好莱坞保持距离,想要退出。

  • CIA/ handlers gave Depp the opportunity that night of Halloween to join the 33 Degree Masons highest level of membership (to join you must kill a close friend or family member).


  • Everything you know of Hollywood is fake. Everything you think you know Johnny Depp is fake. It's an Adrenochrome world hidden in plain sight.

    你对好莱坞的了解都是假的。你认为你所知道的一切 Johnny Depp 都是假的。这是一个隐藏在众目睽睽之下的肾上腺素的世界。

  • Why do you think Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial are airing non-stop and you only get colored sketches of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial and few excerpts from the trial and everything is redacted in the released files?

    你觉得为什么 Johnny Depp Amber Heard 的审判会不间断地播放而你只能看到 Ghislaine Maxwell 的审判的彩色素描以及审判的一些摘录而且所有的内容都被编辑在公开的文件里?

L. Global Food, Fuel and Goods Shortages:


  • Fox News Tucker Carlson on the staged food crisis: Sudden unfortunate "coincidences" (fires at food factories, private planes crashing into factories for the production of semi-finished products, beef recall, bird flu outbreaks) continue to affect old food supplies and this alarming trend is only gaining momentum.

    福克斯新闻塔克卡尔森关于上演的食品危机: 突如其来的不幸"巧合"(食品工厂发生火灾,私人飞机撞向生产半成品的工厂,牛肉召回,禽流感爆发)继续影响老的食品供应,这一令人担忧的趋势只是增加了势头。

  • Another food distribution center "mysteriously" falls victim to a powerful flame. Major fire at Walmart Distribution Logistics Center in Indianapolis. https://t.me/worldawakeningtruenews


M. Globalists have been planning to starve the world to death since at least 2015.


  • Globalists began planning a global famine that would bring down American society seven years ago. So says Edward Szall, a journalist who conducted an investigation and talked with Stu Peters in his show about modeling the crisis, which was held in November 2015. This simulation was called "Food Chain Reaction: A Global Food Security Game", it was held in Washington, DC, for two days.

    七年前,全球主义者开始策划一场全球饥荒,这场饥荒将摧毁美国社会。在201511月举行的关于危机建模的节目中,记者 Edward Szall 进行了一次调查,并与 Stu Peters 进行了交谈。这个模拟被称为"食品链反应: 全球食品安全游戏",在华盛顿特区举行了两天。

  • An international group of politicians, scientists and business leaders participated in the simulation. The group included representatives of the countries producing the largest amount of food, including Brazil, China and Ukraine.


  • Also present were representatives of the World Wildlife Fund, the Center for American Progress and the Center for Naval Analysis, a federally funded research and development center for the Navy and Marine Corps.


  • The simulation takes place between 2020 and 2030. According to the simulation forecasts, two major food crises occurred during this decade, as a result of which prices jumped by almost 400 percent.


  • The crisis simulation also predicted extreme weather events allegedly caused by climate change, several famines and large-scale displacement of refugees in Bangladesh, Chad, Myanmar and Sudan, as well as the fall of governments in Pakistan and Ukraine.


  • Some of these predictions have come true, especially with regard to Ukraine and Pakistan. In Pakistan, former Prime Minister Imran Khan was recently overthrown, and a new, more Westernized government came to power. About Ukraine, words are superfluous - everyone knows about it.

    其中一些预测已经成真,尤其是关于乌克兰和巴基斯坦的预测。在巴基斯坦,前总理伊姆兰 · 汗最近被推翻,一个更加西化的新政府上台执政。关于乌克兰,言语是多余的——每个人都知道。

  • Khan claimed that his removal from power was organized by "foreign elements" who used many members of the Pakistani parliament for their own purposes.


  • Globalists are also preparing to introduce a global carbon tax on food. Szall finds it very strange that the only answer to hunger in crisis modeling can be a global carbon tax."The global response should be to grow more food, return to hyperlocalization of agriculture and preparation," Szall said. https://uncanceled.news/globalists-have-been-planning-to-starve-the-world-with-food-scarcity-since-at-least-2015/

    全球主义者还准备对食品征收全球碳税。Szall 觉得很奇怪,在危机模型中,解决饥饿问题的唯一办法就是征收全球碳税。Szall : "全球的反应应该是种植更多的粮食,回到农业和准备的超本地化。"

N. Covid/Vax Hoax:


  • Banned on YouTube! Made for the children of the world. This video features Dr Zelenko, vaccine adverse effects, Omicron, Myocarditis, blood clotting, forced child vaccinations: https://rumble.com/vv3l0g-my-choice.html?mref=qm3n9&mc=a7pvi

    YouTube 禁播!为全世界的孩子们制作。这个视频包括 Zelenko 博士,疫苗副作用,Omicron,心肌炎,凝血,强迫儿童接种疫苗: https://rumble. com/vv3l0g-my-choice. html

  • Rady Johnson, Executive VP of Pfizer, has been arrested by federal agents and charged with multiple cases of fraud after over 1,000 classified Pfizer documents were released showing the true risks of the experimental vaccine.

    辉瑞公司执行副总裁雷迪 · 约翰逊已被联邦特工逮捕,并被指控多起欺诈案件。此前,辉瑞公司公布了1000多份机密文件,显示了这种实验性疫苗的真实风险。

  • DEMONIC HORROR: 32 Year Old Bioweapon Jab Victim Coughs up Horror (video): https://thetruedefender.com/demonic-horror-32-year-old-bioweapon-jab-victim-coughs-up-horror/
    "We've been digging into a story coming out of Utah, where an anonymous nurse reported long, white, calcified strings have been found in the lungs of a 32-year-old Bio-weapon victim. Dr. Ruby posted graphic images, allegedly taken by nursing staff at the unknown Utah hospital and we've been looking into this trying to get more details. To that end, Dr. Jane Ruby joins us now – First, catch everyone up to speed who may have missed the Saturday Premium broadcast."

    恶魔般的恐怖: 32岁的生化武器打击受害者咳嗽恐怖(视频) : https://thetruedefender. com/demon-HORROR-32-Year-Old-Bioweapon-Jab-Victim-coughup-up-HORROR/"我们一直在深入调查一个来自犹他州的故事,一位匿名护士报告说,在一名32岁的生化武器受害者的肺部发现了长长的、白色的钙化的细线。鲁比博士上传了一些图片,据称是由犹他州一家不知名医院的护理人员拍摄的。我们一直在调查此事,试图获得更多细节。为此,Jane Ruby 博士现在加入我们——首先,让我们来了解一下那些可能错过了周六优质节目的人们。"

  • Pfizer CEO Commits Federal Crimes Peddling Paxlovid Off-Label. The Dr. Jane Ruby Show:

    辉瑞公司首席执行官犯下联邦罪行非法贩卖帕罗维德简 · 鲁比博士脱口秀

  • Pfizer has started blocking access to its account to those who reasonably respond to their false tweets about the benefits of "science" and vaccination against Covid-19 with the truth about what consequences the vaccine actually carries.


  • Denmark has suspended the vaccination program until further notice amid the results of a newly published study. In short, a Danish study shows that mRNA-based vaccines can cause higher mortality from all diseases. https://www.trialsitenews.com/p/trialsitenews/danish-study-suggests-mrna-based-vaccines-associated-with-greater-overall-mortality

    丹麦已经暂停了疫苗接种计划,直到新发布的研究结果得到进一步通知。简而言之,丹麦的一项研究表明,基于 mrna 的疫苗可以导致所有疾病的更高死亡率。

  • Biden Handing Over U.S. Sovereignty to WHO. "On May 22-28, 2022, ultimate control over America's healthcare system, and hence its national sovereignty, will be delivered for a vote to the World Health Organization's governing legislative body, the World Health Assembly (WHA). This threat is contained in new amendments to WHO's International Health Regulations, proposed by the Biden administration, that are scheduled as 'Provisional agenda item 16.2 at the upcoming conference. These amendments will empower WHO's Director-General to declare health emergencies or crises in any nation and to do so unilaterally and against the opposition of the target nation. If passed, the Biden Administration's proposed amendments will, by their very existence and their intention, drastically compromise the independence and the sovereignty of the United States. The same threat looms over all the U.N.'s 193 member nations all of whom belong to WHO and represent 99.44% of the world population. https://www.worlddata.info/alliances/un-united-nations.php
  • 拜登将美国主权移交给世卫组织。"2022522日至28日,对美国医疗保健系统的最终控制权,以及美国的国家主权,将交由世界卫生组织的管理立法机构——世界卫生大会(WHA)进行表决。这一威胁包含在拜登政府提出的对世卫组织《国际卫生条例》的新修正案中,该修正案被列为即将召开的会议的"临时议程项目16.2"。这些修正案将授权世卫组织总干事宣布任何国家的卫生紧急情况或危机,并单方面这样做,不受目标国的反对。如果获得通过,拜登政府提出的修正案就其存在和意图而言,将彻底损害美国的独立和主权。同样的威胁也笼罩着联合国的193个成员国,它们都属于世界卫生组织,占世界人口的99.44%
  • There are far more people dying from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) "vaccines" than the authorities are admitting. A new scientific report explains that there are now millions of people all around the world who have either died or become seriously and permanently injured or disabled from the jabs – with no end in sight. As of Aug. 28, 2021, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) had logged more than 16,000 deaths and more than 450,000 adverse events caused by Fauci Flu shots. A U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) fraud expert says the true figures for each of these categories is at least five times higher.This means that well over 80,000 people may have died and more than 2,250,000 people have suffered an injury due to getting jabbed for Chinese Germs – but wait, there is more!


  • It is said that about 150,000 reports of injuries and deaths have been scrubbed from the VAERS system in recent days. Add that to the tally and we quickly approach 2.5 million adverse events, including death, caused by Wuhan Flu injections. Another factor to consider is that if a vaccinated person dies within two weeks of injection, that death is not logged into the system as a vaccine-related death. Only those deaths that occur after 14 days are categorized as vaccine deaths. We also know that the true number of incidents involving anaphylaxis (allergic reaction) from the shots is up to 120 times higher than the CDC claims. This adds even more numbers to the tally.

    据说最近几天,大约有150,000起伤亡报告已经从 VAERS 系统中删除。再加上这个数字,我们很快就接近了250万例由武汉流感注射引起的不良事件,包括死亡。另一个需要考虑的因素是,如果接种疫苗的人在注射后两周内死亡,该死亡不会作为与疫苗有关的死亡登录到系统中。只有那些发生在14天后的死亡才被归类为疫苗死亡。我们还知道,疫苗注射引起的过敏反应(过敏反应)事件的真实数量是疾病控制中心声称的120倍。这就增加了更多的数字。

  • The status quo disincentivizes honest reporting of vaccine injuries to VAERS. In just three months' time, drug giant Moderna reportedly received some 300,000 reports of adverse events. Only about one percent of these — and all others from the vaccine industry — are ever reported to the public. Part of the reason for this is that very few people even know that VAERS exists, let alone how to use it. Many physicians also fail to report their cases to VAERS, meaning the database only provides a small sliver of the true figures.

    现状不利于向 VAERS 诚实报告疫苗受伤情况。据报道,在短短三个月的时间里,制药巨头 Moderna 收到了大约30万份不良事件的报告。只有大约百分之一的这些事件——以及疫苗工业的所有其他事件——曾经向公众报告过。部分原因是很少有人知道 VAERS 的存在,更不用说如何使用它了。许多医生也没有向 VAERS 报告他们的病例,这意味着数据库只提供了真实数据的一小部分。

  • "Aggressive censorship and propaganda told the public that adverse events are rare, causing people to not understand how their health problems stem from past injections," reports GNews about the vaccine sham. "The shaming and blaming of medical professionals who say anything against the vaccines causes many in the medical community to avoid reporting adverse events. The fear of being held accountable after administering an injection that killed or disabled patients further prevents medical personnel from reporting it."

    "激进的审查和宣传告诉公众,不良事件是罕见的,导致人们不明白他们的健康问题是如何从过去的注射引起的,"GNews 关于假疫苗的报道。医学专业人士的羞辱和指责使得许多医学界人士避免报告不良事件。害怕在注射致死或致残的疫苗后被追究责任,进一步阻碍了医务人员报告疫情。"

  • Many medical professionals accept bribes in exchange for not reporting vaccine injuries and deaths. The more inconvenient data that is kept out of the system, the better Big Pharma looks to the public eye. It is all about profit, in other words. People's lives mean nothing to the pharmaceutical cartels, which have so infected policymaking that it is a rarity to ever find any truth from government sources. "Profit-driven vaccine manufacturers have every reason not to report the destruction their untested experimental products are causing," GNews further warns.

    许多医疗专业人员接受贿赂,以换取不报告疫苗的伤亡情况。越是不方便的数据被排除在系统之外,大型制药公司就越容易受到公众的关注。换句话说,一切都是为了利润。人民的生命对于制药卡特尔来说毫无意义,这些卡特尔已经如此影响政策制定,以至于很少能从政府的消息来源中找到真相。GNews 进一步警告说: "利润驱动的疫苗制造商完全有理由不报告他们未经测试的实验产品所造成的破坏。"

  • "250,000-plus Facebook users comment about vaccine deaths and serious injuries. Nurses and doctors testify how their hospitals are hiding vaccine injuries." One solution is to remain vigilant, pay attention to the system's sleight-of-hand, listen to the whistleblowers, and tell others about what you are seeing. The truth will not be spoon-fed and must be dug up and compiled by people who care and are willing to find and share it with the world.

    超过25 Facebook 用户对疫苗致死和严重受伤发表评论。护士和医生证实了他们的医院是如何隐瞒疫苗伤害的。"一个解决方案是保持警惕,注意系统的花招,听取告密者的意见,并告诉其他人你所看到的。真相不是用勺子喂养的,而是必须由关心并愿意发现真相并与世界分享真相的人们挖掘和汇编的。

  • PCR tests are DNA sampling to collect your DNA. COVID Vaccines contains Graphenes that make you a super powerful antenna so that they can connect with you, track you and send you any information/data. They can brainwash, control you, send you subliminal messages or repeated messages like "You love Ukraine, Russia and Putin is bad, Vaccines are safe, you love sugar, smoking is good, abortion is good, etc." They can control human psychology completely. Everything is energy and frequency so already they are sending subliminal propaganda programming by WIFI and 4G, LTE, 5G.

    聚合酶链反应测试是用来收集你的 DNA DNA 样本。冠状病毒疾病疫苗含有石墨烯,使你成为一个超级强大的天线,使他们可以连接你,跟踪你和发送你的任何信息/数据。他们可以给你洗脑,控制你,给你发潜意识的信息或重复的信息,比如"你爱乌克兰,俄罗斯和普京是坏的,疫苗是安全的,你爱糖,吸烟是好的,堕胎是好的,等等。"他们可以完全控制人类的心理。一切都是能量和频率,所以他们已经通过 WIFI 4gLTE5G 发送了潜意识的宣传程序。

O. Global Financial Crisis:


  • On Fri. 6 May 2022 the New York Stock Market lost over 1,000 points as the Market tanked with no signs of relief.


  • Europe's biggest bank Deutsche Bank predicts a major recession. "We will get a major recession," Deutsche Bank economists wrote in a report to clients on Tuesday. (Not reported in the Mainstream Media).

    欧洲最大的银行德意志银行预测经济将出现严重衰退。周二,德意志银行的经济学家在一份给客户的报告中写道: "我们将会经历一场严重的衰退。"(未见主流媒体报道)

  • US's biggest bank Bank of America, collapses and was bought out by a smaller bank while warning that a recession shock was coming. (Not reported in the Mainstream Media).


  • Tens of thousands of small banks
    have closed across the world.


  • The big banks that would not sign onto the new Quantum System were collapsing, or being bought out.


  • Wells Fargo Bank has come into full control of the White Hats for revaluing of 209 nation's currencies into gold/asset-backed.


  • In the USA, under the Biden puppet administration, record dollar inflation has been the worst in 20 years. External debt is growing, and debt limits are rising. Almost all independent political scientists and economists are shouting about the imminent collapse of the dollar. And this, unfortunately, is the case. …Whiplash347

    在美国,在拜登傀儡政府的领导下,创纪录的美元通货膨胀是20年来最严重的。外债正在增长,债务限额也在上升。几乎所有的独立政治学家和经济学家都在大声疾呼美元即将崩溃。不幸的是,事实就是如此。... Whiplash347

P. Wars and Rumors of Wars:


  • North Korea fired a submarine-launched ballistic missile, after US warned Pyongyang could be preparing for a nuclear test: https://insiderpaper.com/north-korea-fires-submarine-launched-ballistic-missile-after-us-nuclear-warning/


  • China Has 'Financial Nuclear Bombs' If West Levies Russia-Style Sanctions, Beijing Warns:


Q. Russia/Ukraine War:


  • Selenskyj brazenly admits on Fox News that various Nazi groups are incorporated into the Ukrainian army. Ukraine is full of proud Nazis. They are killing Ukrainian and Russian people every day. Ukraine was installed by Nazis to fight against Russia. He also says that the Nazi group "Azov is no longer self-established and a part of the Ukrainian military", the US and NATO support the Nazis. In the mainstream it is confirmed that the CIA supported Paramilitary troops and their program since 2015: "How to kill Russians in Ukraine": https://news.yahoo.com/cia-trained-ukrainian-paramilitaries-may-take-central-role-if-russia-invades-185258008.html

    Selenskyj 在福克斯新闻上厚颜无耻地承认,许多纳粹组织被并入了乌克兰军队。乌克兰充满了骄傲的纳粹分子。他们每天都在屠杀乌克兰和俄罗斯人民。乌克兰是纳粹为了对抗俄罗斯而设立的。他还表示,纳粹组织"亚速不再是自己建立的,而是乌克兰军队的一部分",美国和北约支持纳粹。主流观点认为,自2015年以来,美国中央情报局(CIA)一直支持准军事部队及其"如何在乌克兰杀死俄罗斯人"计划

  • Situation Update, May 6, 2022 - Biden using Ukraine Theater of War to DISPOSE of America's munitions. De-Nazification is the only way. Special Forces:


R. Protests:


  • Sun. 8 May 2022 Verona Italy: Residents demonstrate against NATO and US policies. The crowd sings "BORN-BORN-MURDER!" and carries placards against Biden.

    202258日意大利维罗纳: 居民抗议北约和美国的政策。人群高唱" BORN-BORN-MURDER!"举着反对拜登的标语牌。

S. Durham Report:


  • Kash Patel's explanation of why Durham is taking so long! https://thetruedefender.com/hear-kash-patels-glorious-explanation-of-why-durham-is-taking-so-long/

    Kash Patel 的解释为什么达勒姆花了这么长的时间

T. White Hat Intelligence Inside the Storm:


  • Why did Joe Biden Block the classified documents of the JFK Assassination coming out?
    Answer: Inside the files not released in 2017 is the Truth: Who created the CIA and why then the Director of CIA Allen Dulles and CIA operative George Bush took orders from UK Majesty, Israel, Chinese Communist Party (Rothschilds-Rockefeller's Banks).

    为什么拜登要封锁肯尼迪刺杀案的机密文件?答: 2017年没有公布的文件里面是真相: 谁创建了中情局? 为什么当时的中情局局长艾伦杜勒斯和中情局特工乔治布什接受英国国王、以色列、中国共产党(罗斯柴尔德-洛克菲勒银行)的命令。

  • Inside the classified files connects CIA Operations and the full extent of how to use Mockingbird Operations to control the news.


  • The use of psychological trauma was intentional to kill JFK, see the response of the Nation, test Mockingbird Operations, to test the military response, weed out the White Hat operates that were part of the Q Clearance Operations and SLEEPERS that were connected to the highest Intel classified documents/ Operations and Military Special Forces.

    使用心理创伤是故意杀死肯尼迪,看看国家的反应,测试嘲鸫行动,测试军事反应,清除白帽行动的一部分,q 清除行动和卧底与最高情报机密文件/行动和军事特种部队有关。

  • There were several reasons for the JFK Assassination and the ongoing wars created by the CIA and implementation of Central World Banks in every country around the world.


  • The most disturbing of the classified JFK Documents (updated in 1999) are the relationships of the CIA, Central Banks, Federal Reserve-controlled Mockingbird Media, Medical Health Industries and Education System.


  • All these branches of CIA controlled system created DARPA (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) who went on to create Microsoft, Google, Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, World Health Organization, NIH, WEF, GPMB, Big Pharma, Big Tech and Vaccine Industry.

    美国国防部高级研究计划局(DARPA)是由中央情报局(CIA)控制的所有这些分支机构创建的,它们后来创建了微软(Microsoft)、谷歌(Google)、谷歌地图(Google Maps) Facebook Twitter YouTube、世界卫生组织(who)、国家卫生研究院(NIH)、世界经济论坛(WEF) GPMB、大型制药公司(Big Pharma)、大型科技公司(Big Tech)和疫苗产业。

  • The long classified report comes from Q clearance officials who have been documenting the Intelligence reports since the days of Lincoln and his creation of the Secret Service.

    这份长长的机密报告来自 q 级官员,他们自从林肯创立特勤局以来就一直在记录情报报告。

U. Must Watch Videos:


  • Situation Update Sat. 7 May: https://rumble.com/v13vp4b-situation-update-5722.html?mref=qm3n9&mrefc=4

    57日星期六: https://rumble. com/v13vp4b-Situation-Update-5722.html

  • Devolution Theatre with Patrick Gunnels – MSOM Ep. 493: https://rumble.com/v13scct-devolution-theatre-with-patrick-gunnels-msomep.-493.html

    权力下放剧场-帕特里克冈内尔斯-MSOM Ep. 493: 

  • BREAKING! John Durham Grand Jury Indictments Hillary, Obama, FBI! Trump's RICO Lawsuit! China Invades Taiwan! 2000 Mules: Irrefutable Proof! Hunter's Laptop From Hell! Biblical Times! | Alternative | Before It's News (beforeitsnews.com)

    坏了!大陪审团起诉希拉里,奥巴马,联邦调查局!特朗普的 RICO 诉讼!中国入侵台湾!2000骡子: 铁证如山!来自地狱的猎人笔记本电脑!圣经时代!新闻之前(beforeitsnews)

V. "Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities," by Judy Byington, Foreword by Dr. Colin A. Ross, M.D. RAW: Dr. Colin Ross – Robert David Steele

五、"二十二张面孔: 珍妮 · 希尔的非凡生活和她的二十二种多重人格的内幕",朱迪 · 拜因顿,前言,科林 · a · 罗斯博士

Jenny Hill's witness to a Satanic Child Sacrifice Rite: Woman Sees Human Sacrifice - YouTube

珍妮 · 希尔见证撒旦儿童祭祀仪式:

WARNING: Jenny gave a graphic description about how she at the tender age of five, was raped, tortured, forced to view a Child Sacrifice and save for Divine intervention, was almost killed herself – not unlike the sordid experiences of thousands of other child victims of Satanic Worshippers. Perpetrators giving homage to Satan appeared to be organized from the US Inc's CIA, Queen Elizabeth's, Illuminati Banking families' and Vatican's Ninth Circle Child Sacrifice Cult on down to the Clintons, Hollywood, Pizzagate and local teenage covens. They were funded by this same Cabal that ran our global monetary system – the very organization that was in the process of being brought down by activation of the Global Currency Reset and Restored Republics of the world. It's no wonder that President Trump has stated, "These people are sick."

警告: 珍妮给出了一个生动的描述,关于她如何在5岁的幼小年龄,被强奸,折磨,被迫观看一个儿童牺牲和被神圣介入拯救,几乎自杀-不像其他数以千计的儿童受害者的肮脏经历撒旦崇拜者。向撒旦致敬的犯罪者似乎是由美国中央情报局、伊丽莎白女王、光照派银行家族和梵蒂冈的第九圈儿童祭祀邪教组织起来的,一直到克林顿、好莱坞、 Pizzagate 和当地的青少年聚会。它们的资金来自同一个掌管我们全球货币体系的阴谋集团——正是这个组织正在被全球货币重置和恢复世界各共和国的活动所瓦解。难怪特朗普总统说"这些人病了"

W. Judy Note on the Satanic Ritual Abuse of Children in Your Neighborhood:

朱迪(w. Judy)关于你所在社区虐待儿童的撒旦式仪式的笔记:

Since 1990 I have been doing investigations on the Satanic Ritual Abuse of children at the request of brave SRA Survivor-victims, who were witnesses and victims of pedophile, torture and murder crimes of Satanic leaders and their covens. During this time I have found Satanists implanted in law offices, local police, county sheriff's offices and all the way up to the Attorney General Offices in my state and others and then the carnage went on to the internationally organized Ninth Circle Satanic Cult that runs out of the Vatican.

1990年以来,我一直在应勇敢的 SRA 幸存者受害者的要求,调查撒旦宗教仪式虐待儿童的事件,他们是撒旦领导人及其女巫团的恋童癖、酷刑和谋杀罪行的目击者和受害者。在这段时间里,我发现撒旦教徒被植入了律师事务所,当地警察局,县治安官办公室,一直到我所在州的总检察长办公室和其他地方,然后屠杀进入了国际组织的第九圈撒旦邪教,它逃出了梵蒂冈。

There's certainly no help from US or other nation's government agencies, including the FBI or CIA perpetrators. These legal entities successfully negate even the opening of cases of the ritual abuse and murder of children, let alone do valid investigations.


To be honest and to my knowledge there was no safe place on either a local, national or international level that has been set up to report Satanic Crime – likely the main reason why local, national and international Satanic Covens so easily get away with the torture and murder of thousands of children on a regular basis.


X. The following have been set up to report Crimes Against Children and incidents of human trafficking, although I cannot verify as to the influence of Satanists within the organizations: https://wsbt.com/news/nation-world/crime-that-hides-in-plain-sight-fbi-releases-warning-signs-of-human-trafficking


FBI Memphis (available 24 hours a day) (901) 747-4300

联邦调查局孟菲斯分局(24小时开放)(901 -)747-4300

Submit an anonymous tip


National Human Trafficking Resources Center Hotline 1-(888)-373-7888.


U.S. Immigration/ Customs Enforcement (ICE): https://www.ice.gov/webform/hsi-tip-form

美国移民/海关执法(ICE) : https://www.ICE. gov/webform/hsi-tip-form

Federal Human Trafficking Website:

联邦人口贩卖网站: https://www.state. gov/humantrafficking/

Called to Rescue 855-646-5484 http://www.calledtorescue.org/

拨打855-646-5484 http://www.calledtorescue. org/

Tim Ballard at Operation Underground Railroad:

Tim Ballard 地下铁路行动: https://ourrescue. org/

Saving Innocence:
https://savinginnocence.org https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FT4tmI8YxCU&feature=emb_rel_end

拯救无辜: https://savinginnocence. org https://www.youtube. com/watch

US: Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-422-4453

美国: 儿童帮助国家虐待儿童热线1-800-422-4453

USNCMEC Urgent victim help 24-Hour Hotline: 1-800-843-5678

USNCMEC 紧急受害者帮助24小时热线: 1-800-843-5678

Contact Interpol:

联系国际刑警组织: http://www.Interpol.int/contacts/Contact-Interpol http://www.Interpol.int/what-you-can-do/if-you-need-help

Europol Tipline Tel.: +31 70 302 5000 https://www.europol.europa.eu/report-a-crime

欧洲刑警组织热线电话: + 31703025000 https://www.Europol.europa.eu/report-a-crime

EU Hotlines:

欧盟热线: https://ec.europa.EU/anti-trafficking/citizens-corner-national-hotline/national-hotline _ en

Global: Human Trafficking Hotline Numbers:

Global: human trafficking Hotline Numbers: https://www.abolishion.org/human _ trafficking _ Hotline _ Numbers: 全球: 人口贩卖热线号码: https://www.abolishion.org/human _ trafficking _ Hotline _ Numbers: https://www.abolishion

Human Trafficking Help and Resources: https://trafficking.help/us/

人口贩卖帮助和资源: https://trafficking.Help/us/

UK: Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline
BBC Action Line

UK: Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline 英国广播公司行动热线

Y. The Global Currency Reset, Restored Republic and NESARA/GESARA were all about the Children

全球货币重置,恢复共和国和 NESARA/GESARA 都是为了孩子们

It's not about the money. It's about the children – the thousands of malnourished and traumatized children who in honor of Satan, were being raped and murdered so their Elite Perpetrators could supposedly gain power and rule the world.


The first official act President Trump made the morning before he was sworn into office was to pay a visit to CIA Headquarters and declare a war on an international Child Sex Trafficking Ring run by these global elites.


Let us fast and pray for these millions of little ones who right now, were being rescued from Cabal underground tunnels across the globe, and tortured and killed by Satanic Covens right next door. Let us also pray for those Military Troops worldwide who were risking their own lives to save them. The ancient doctrine of Fasting and Prayer was explained here at the 10:30:32 mark: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Mb9gU6DmKs

让我们斋戒,为这数以百万计的小人们祈祷,他们现在正从世界各地的阴谋集团地下隧道中被拯救出来,被隔壁的撒旦巫师团所折磨和杀害。让我们也为那些在世界各地冒着生命危险拯救他们的军队祈祷。古老的禁食和祈祷的教义在这里解释了10:30:32马克: https://www.youtube. com/watch? v = 4mb9gu6dmks

Z. Judy Note:
I do not now, nor have I ever, received monies for writing my Updates and articles. The compensation has been in having outlets to help Save the Children by exposing truths about the very secretive Satanic Ritual Abuse, Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice that was rampant in our international society.

朱迪: 我现在没有,以前也没有收到过写更新和文章的钱。补偿是通过揭露在我们的国际社会中猖獗的非常隐秘的撒旦仪式虐待、恋童癖和儿童献祭的真相来帮助拯救儿童。

The above was a summary of information from the Internet. It would be up to the reader to do their own research and decide whether or not it was valid.


I will send the Safe Link Website out when I find out what it is, plus it will be posted on several Dinar Websites. It is my understanding that by linking into the Safe Link Website it will generate a Non Disclosure Agreement to sign in order to obtain redemption/ exchange appointments.


After signing that Non Disclosure I will be unable to email, post or talk to anyone about the exchange process for at least 90 days, so I will be going silent and taking that time to get my humanitarian project organized and going.


This is not a goodbye. I expect to be working with many of you in the near future. I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed getting to know you. You will remain in my heart forever.


A huge Thank You to those dedicated and brave Intel providers who wished to remain unknown; to our Angel Martha who worked 24/7 to expose what's really going on; to humble Wildfire Lady who is adept at exposing the truth; to Brad who does great research; to Bonni B who exposes the underlying causes of what is really happening and to Ken who uncovers almost unlimited Intel on pedophilia to help us Save the Children.


Let us Thank Q that the reset has finally come to be. I wish you well in your humanitarian efforts and look forward to seeing you on the other side where together, we will make life better for all.

让我们感谢 q,重置终于来了。我祝愿你们在人道主义工作中一切顺利,并期待着在另一个世界看到你们,在那里,我们将一起让所有人的生活变得更好。

Patience is a Virtue. Having Virtue is a sign of a good moral being. Good moral beings have the power to overcome evil and change the world. And, we will!!! . . . Judy



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