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迈克 · 昆西的高我|注定和平The turmoil continues upon Mother Earth with no immediate signs as to where it is going, yet the very nature of the changes are destined to lead you onto a path that will bring you the final peace upon Earth that you desire so intensely. There are factors of which you are unaware at present that will pave the way for major changes that will speed up your transition to a New Age. We have often mentioned them because they are a major part of every ones future. There has always been a plan that is controlled by the higher Forces of Light, and it will ensure that progress is made accordingly.


Keep in mind that your future is to achieve your path to Ascension, and providing you keep your focus upon it there is no reason why you should not be successful. It has always been part of the plan to advance your spiritual growth as part of your preparations. It is a normal stage in your advancement that has been used many times over and over. Successfully following the Path of Light will assure your Ascension, and leave the lower vibrations behind that have served their purpose.


It is your destiny to return to the Light from whence you came, yet that is not the end of your journey but only the beginning. It is the commencement of freedom of choice and spiritual advancement. It is a big responsibility but destined to give you the experiences you need to be successful, never to have to return to the lower vibrations again unless by choice. These advancements result from your successful effort to overcome the influences of the lower dimensions, that have done their best or should we say their nastiest to hold up your evolution. They have depended upon humanity providing them with the lower energies that are their life force. But that is no longer the case as many souls have now advanced through self-control and are leaving the old vibrations behind.


We hear you ask how can you uplift your vibrations when the lower ones are all around you, and we advise you to follow a positive path. It means keeping focussed upon your goal and not be distracted by what is going on around you. If you get involved and you are experiencing negative events, simply leave the situation as soon as possible. If for reasons beyond your control that is impossible so you cannot do so, remain calm and do not become involved. Place a golden band around yourself for protection and leave the situation as soon as possible.


Of course your Guides will in any event oversee your experience and within the guide lines that apply, will do all possible to help you to take the right action. Such experiences will begin to become less as time passes providing you continue to uplift your vibrations. Old habits die hard and it may take time to reach the necessary point of self-control. It is like all things in life, if you don’t at first succeed try and try again. You have a saying that practice makes perfect as you are undoubtedly aware and never a truer word has been spoken. You have a golden opportunity to leave the lower vibrations behind for once and for all time, so take it.

当然,你们的向导将在任何情况下监督你们的经历,并且在向导的适用范围内,将尽一切可能帮助你们采取正确的行动。随着时间的推移,如果你继续提升你的振动,这样的体验将开始变得越来越少。旧习难改,要达到必要的自我控制需要时间。就像生活中所有的事情一样,如果你一开始没有成功,就要不断地尝试。你有这样一句话: 熟能生巧,因为你无疑是知道的,从来没有说过比这更真实的话。你有一个黄金机会,可以一劳永逸地摆脱较低的振动,所以抓住它。

In reality you are all very experienced souls and you have much to look back upon that will strengthen your resolve to overcome whatever problems cross your path. You have had so much experience that subconsciously you know you have the strength and ability to overcome whatever confronts you. You have come a very long way over many, many lives and you should be well equipped to handle whatever problems you face. Be positive and assured of your own ability to handle whatever stands in your way to create a clear pathway to Ascension.


I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.


In Love and Light.


Mike Quinsey.

迈克 · 昆西。


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