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普京的版本|KejrajGreetings friends! From heart to heart in this moment we speak, I am Kejraj. I am sharing this one more time, offering readers a different perspective, and perhaps a deeper understanding of the situation in Ukraine.

朋友们,你们好!此时此刻,我们心心相印地说,我是 Kejraj。我再次与大家分享这个故事,为读者提供一个不同的视角,也许还能让大家更深入地了解乌克兰的局势。

At this time in the somewhat informed community many remain uncertain about Vladimir Putin’s intentions. Whether he is on the side of light, or perhaps just another puppet of the dark.

目前,在消息灵通的社区里,许多人对弗拉基米尔•普京(Vladimir Putin)的意图仍不确定。无论他是站在光明的一边,还是只是另一个黑暗的傀儡。

You also have those who are convinced that he is fighting against the dark by destroying their labs in Ukraine. While at the same time he has fallen for the dark’s trap, and started a war. Which until now has lead to many casualties, including the deaths of hundreds of civilians.


So who is Vladimir Putin? A former KGB agent, and who is now working for the light? Is he another puppet of the dark? Or has he gone rogue, belonging to no party but himself.

那么谁是弗拉基米尔 · 普京呢?一个前克格勃特工,现在为光明党工作?他是另一个黑暗的傀儡吗?还是他变成了一个流氓,只属于他自己,不属于任何党派。

We will refer to one version of Putin as the original one. The former ruthless KGB agent, with the mentality of a mobster, who was feared by his surroundings, and left many dead.


The original one departed his physical vessel around the year of 2014.


In that time, you had what is referred to in esoterics as a Walk-in. This is when one soul leaves the body, and another enters, and takes over the same body. In the vast majority of cases like this, all is done with prior agreement in the higher dimensions.

在那段时间里,你有了神秘学中所说的 "走进来"。这是指一个灵魂离开身体,而另一个进入,并接管同一个身体。在绝大多数这样的情况下,所有的事情都是在更高维度的事先同意下完成的。

This is what occurred in 2014. A soul from the Pleiadian Star System came in and settled in the physical vessel which was known as Vladimir Putin.

这就是2014年发生的情况。一个来自昴宿星系统的灵魂进入并安置在一个物质的容器中,这个容器被称为弗拉基米尔 · 普京。

This is the one who kicked the cabal out of Russia. And made it clear that their games would not be tolerated there. He took many of the actions behind the scenes, which aligned with Trump’s actions. From the corruption, cartels, child trafficking, and more.


In the year of 2019, this soul departed the body after being executed by agents of the dark, who received millions for accomplishing the task.


The cabal had already planned a replacement for “Vladimir Putin.” A body double, who you’d think is unrecognizable, to those who do not pay attention that is. This one, the cabal uses however they see fit, in order to continue their agenda towards world depopulation. Wrecking havoc in hopes of bringing a stop to Earth’s shift into the 5th dimension.

阴谋集团已经计划好了 "弗拉基米尔-普京 "的替代者。一个替身,你会认为他是无法辨认的,对那些不注意的人来说就是如此。这个人,阴谋集团以他们认为合适的方式使用,以继续他们的议程,实现世界人口的减少。肆意破坏,希望能阻止地球向第五维度的转变。

Of course, as it has been said many times, “Nothing can stop what’s coming.” Planet Earth’s shift into a higher frequency reality cannot be stopped.


The war in Ukraine will not escalate beyond that country. And it will come to a close sooner than many think. The new light entering our planet simply does not support the old energy patterns. Whatever chaos exists in 3D now is only fueled by the thoughts of the Collective of humanity. This too is becoming minimal, as the Human Collective is tired of the same episodes on replay.

乌克兰的战争不会在那个国家之外升级。它将比许多人想象的更早结束。进入我们星球的新光线根本不支持旧的能量模式。无论现在3D 中存在什么样的混乱,都只是被人类集体的思想所推动。这也变得微不足道,因为人类集体厌倦了同样的事件重播。

The shift continues. Trust that change on a grand scale is occurring. What you see as chaos, is simply the old dense energy pockets being transmuted. We are in the last chapter of this old 3D story.



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