2019披露维度|20190825 大卫•威尔科克(八)(大卫带领集体冥想等)

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2019披露维度|20190825 大卫•威尔科克(八)(大卫带领集体冥想等)

Once again,thanks to Joan Wheaton,for for compiling these notes.


HIGHLIGHTS from my handwritten NOTES 🐦🐉 PART FIVE(the finale)...links to Parts One,Two,Three,and Four are shown below...


DAVID WILCOCK at'Dimensions of Disclosure'-August 25,2019 ⭐️


"...and they're hungry and it's a big problem when these guys show up.Here's the Ropen illustration(shows slide).Here are the actual fossil records of a Pterosaur.

"...他们很饿,这些家伙出现的时候,问题就大了。这是 Ropen 插图(显示幻灯片)。这是翼龙的真实化石记录。

Jonathan Whitcomb went around New Guinea and described what they saw.They saw one of these flying lizards;this gigantic lizard.This professional psychologist in 1971,Brian Hennesey,was there;he saw it.He said it flickered with light when it first materialized.A very famous sighting from 1944 in WW2;Wayne Hopkinson was stationed out there,and he saw this gigantic set of wings come up out of the reeds where his soldiers were,and when they came down,the flap of wind was so intense some of these guys were blown over,and then it takes off in the sky.It scared the bejesus out of them!

乔纳森·惠特科姆走遍了新几内亚,描述了他们所看到的一切。他们看到一只飞蜥蜴,一只巨大的蜥蜴。这位1971年的专业心理学家,Brian Hennesey,就在那里;他看到了。他说,当它第一次出现的时候,它闪烁着光芒。1944年二战期间一个非常著名的景象;韦恩·霍普金森驻扎在那里,他看到一对巨大的翅膀从他的士兵所在的芦苇丛中伸出来,当他们降落时,风的振动非常强烈,有些士兵被吹翻了,然后它在天空中起飞了。把他们吓得魂飞魄散!

Scholars have a perfect explanation,they say it's a fruit bat.Wait a minute,the biggest fruit bat ever seen is a flying box bat that has a wingspan of 7 feet(shows slide):This is the composite sketch of Wayne Hopkinson's in 1944 and all the modern witnesses in New Guinea today say it has a 29.3 foot wingspan!


Back in the old English times,there was a portal that was open over England,and they'd have to fight these'quote-un-quote'"dragons".That's where the whole myth comes from.Then,we have this guy,David Wutzel(sp?)in 2004,who saw the bioluminescent glow coming off of these bodies as they would materialize.In the 1930's we start hearing a lot about the Loch Ness monster,and this,again,appears to be a dinosaur that portalled through time(the first sighting in 595 AD was where St.Columbias said he saw the burial of a man that was bitten by a large monster at Loch Ness.


By some accounting,there have been 7,000 sightings of the Loch Ness monster in the 20th century.This cute little film called"Water Legend"captured that legend;go rent it;it's just a really fun film.


(changes slide):This appears to be one of the real photographs(of the Loch Ness monster).They do occasionally show up in other lakes;there is one in Lake Champlain called"Champ".

(更改幻灯片):这似乎是一个真正的照片(尼斯湖水怪)。它们偶尔也会出现在其他湖泊中,比如 Lake Champlain 有一个叫做"冠军"的湖泊。

Every single forensic description of the Loch Ness monster is literally identical to this old dinosaur called the Plesiosaurus.It's got the neck,it's got the flippers,it's got a tail;it's the same thing.So,there's an example of a portalled-in dinosaur.


Then we have the Mokèlé-mbèmbé(a little Brontosaurus)showing up in Africa.In 1776,French missionaries found huge footprints with claws in central Africa;each foot was three feet in circumference.It's gigantic;it's as big as an elephants foot.One priest actually saw these creatures munching on vegetation.They are still to this day being seen in the People's Republic of Congo,around Alikawa(sp?)swamp;this is a 55,000 square mile area larger than the state of Florida,and the government has declared that,even to this day,it's 80%unexplored.

然后我们看到了莫克 l-mb(一种小雷龙)出现在非洲。1776年,法国传教士在非洲中部发现了带爪的巨大脚印,每只脚的周长为3英尺。它是巨大的,有大象的脚那么大。一个牧师看到这些生物在吃植物。直到今天,它们仍然出现在 Alikawa 附近的刚果人民共和国

Now,why would people not want to explore this land?Because this is Pygmie country,folks!You don't want to be dinner,okay?But,if the Pygmies can't get a human being,they'll settle for Mokèlé-mbèmbé.They will kill one of these things and have'bronto burgers'!

那么,为什么人们不想探索这片土地呢?因为这是俾格米的国家,伙计们!你不想成为晚餐,好吗?但是,如果俾格米人不能得到一个人,他们将满足于莫 l-mb。他们会杀死这些东西中的一个,然后吃"雷龙汉堡"

In 1913 a German explorer made peace with the Pygmies(at least he got out,thank God)and he heard stories of Mokèlé-mbèmbé.The scientists at the time noticed that what they were describing had never been heard of in Western science,and was exactly the same as Sauropod dinosaurs,which are 70 feet long,and they get 12 to 15 feet tall.They look like a brontosaurus.The natives revealed that they would catch,kill and eat these creatures.

1913年,一位德国探险家与俾格米人和平共处(感谢上帝,至少他逃出来了),他听说了 mok l-mb 的故事。当时的科学家们注意到,他们所描述的东西在西方科学界从未听说过,而且和蜥脚类恐龙完全一样,它们有70英尺长,1215英尺高。它们看起来像雷龙。当地人透露,他们会捕捉、杀死和吃掉这些生物。

(changes slide):So here's an actual illustration of the pygmies throwing their spears at Mokèlé-mbèmbé.It's party time when this thing shows up!You've got burgers for months!But one of the most amazing ones of all is at Angkor Wat.Angkor Wat,we think,was dedicated in 1186 AD.I talked the other night about how the architecture of Angkor Wat and the architecture of temples in India are identical,and I talked about how the monuments at Angkor Wat are laid out in the position of the constellation Draco(for only as it would have appeared12,500 years ago).

(改变幻灯片):这里是一个实际的例子,俾格米人投掷他们的矛在莫克 l-mb。这东西出现的时候就是派对的时候了!你已经吃了几个月的汉堡了!但其中最令人惊讶的是在吴哥寺。我们认为,吴哥窟始建于公元1186年。几天前的一个晚上,我谈到了吴哥窟的建筑和印度寺庙的建筑是如何一模一样的,我还谈到了吴哥窟的古迹是如何摆放在天龙座的位置上的(因为它在12500年前看起来是这样的)

So,very likely,the monuments were made with time portal technology that they were using to levitate the stones,and get everything built properly.I have no doubt about this.So,with this technology;with the understanding of portals,it's quite amazing,because in this very ancient temple they have these various circles with animals inside of them,but one of the animals really doesn't seem to fit(looks at slide).


This is probably a 12,000-year-old structure,and it looks exactly like a Stegosaurus,except that,if you look at the old picture of the Stegosaurus,they have these big,long spikes that are on its tail.They don't really know if that's where the spikes belong,but just made an assumption based on the fossil.You don't usually see the Stegosaurus drawn with spikes on the back of its head but that's apparently where the spikes actually fit on the real thing.So this(pointing to slide)is not some fake;we know how old this building is,and these little guys are nestled in with all this other stuff on the side of the temple.


Then,in the same area,we have pyramids like Prasat Thom(this is in Cambodia)that very precisely duplicate pyramids that we see in Mesoamerica.(referring to photo):On the left we have a structure in Cambodia,and on the right we have what we see in Mesoamerica;this is Tikal of Guatemala.They look very similar.

然后,在同一地区,我们看到了像巴萨通金字塔(这是在柬埔寨)非常精确地复制了我们在 Mesoamerica 看到的金字塔。(指照片):左边是柬埔寨的建筑,右边是 Mesoamerica 的建筑,这是蒂卡尔。它们看起来非常相似。

I talked last night about the solar flash that took place at our closest neighbor.This giant flare around Proxima Centauri,again,may kill hope for a planetary system,and this is where they describe what happened(shows a link,and reads from some text from the article)."Scientists have discovered a flare off of the Sun's closest stellar neighbor,Proxima Centauri.Many are reporting that it could spell trouble for any hope of life on this planet,but it might also kill off other planets around the star."


Study author Alicia Weinberger from the Carnegie Institute used a large radio dish in Chile,and the new analysis implied that the star actually released a flare that lasted about one minute,a thousand times brighter than the stars usual shine of light,perhaps ten times brighter than the most powerful solar flare we've ever seen from our own Sun.


Now,I talk a lot about the salamander-frog experiment;it's one of my favorite ones,where you take eggs from a frog,and then you have eggs from a salamander,and you zap laser light through the salamander eggs into the frog eggs;even though they are hermetically sealed you get this complete metamorphosis of frog eggs into salamander eggs.They grow into adult salamanders.


We also see that our own DNA is already changing(changes slide):This is a study that said that DNA is the universal constant,making humans and ET close to'cousins'.

我们也看到我们自己的 DNA 已经在改变(改变幻灯片):这是一项研究说,DNA 是一个普遍常数,使人类和外星人接近"堂兄弟"

This is from a British study;"American's heads are getting bigger!In just 150 years the volume of the average skull had grown by the size of a tennis ball".Just since the mid-1800's our brains have gotten bigger;that's why we're headed toward this elongated skull look.One of the finest anthropologists,Dr.Richard Jantz,studies ancient human remains and he has discovered this increase in skull size.This is really fascinating,and it goes on and on from there.

这是来自英国的一项研究:"美国人的脑袋越来越大了!在仅仅150年的时间里,颅骨的平均体积增长到了网球的大小。"。只是从19世纪中期开始,我们的大脑变得更大了,这就是为什么我们朝着这个细长的头盖骨的方向前进。最优秀的人类学家之一,Richard Jantz 博士,研究古代人类遗骸,他发现了头骨大小的增加。这真的很吸引人,并且从那里一直持续下去。

My point I want to share the most with you,to summarize:Look at the geometry.Look at the fact that the whole Universe is made from a geometric pattern.We saw this with the amplituhedron.Biological life is implicit in the Universe.If there is one geometric pattern,and we are alive,then the geometry makes life.So if the whole Universe is made from this geometry,there is going to be intelligent life like us everywhere.We are holograms of the infinite creation.All of matter is made from this vibration.All of space and time is an emanation from this form.


What we see in the portal science is the same geometry.When looking at it on Earth,it appears to be,in certain cases,responsible for portalling dinosaurs into our present.You see this with things like the pterodactyl or pteranodon,which is the Dragon,it's the Ropen,it's the Kongamato.They're seeing them in modern times in Papua,New Guinea.They flicker orange and yellow as they come in,which is why they're'on fire'(the Phoenix).

我们在入口科学中看到的是相同的几何形状。当我们在地球上观察它的时候,在某些情况下,它似乎负责将恐龙运送到我们现在的地方。你可以看到翼手龙或者翼手龙,它们是龙,它们是 Ropen,它们是 Kongamato。他们在巴布亚新几内亚的现代社会中看到了这种现象。它们进来时闪烁着橙色和黄色,这就是为什么它们"着火了"(凤凰)

So,that's millions of years,65+millions of years time travel all at once.We see the Stegasaurus is in the Cambodian temple,literally carved into this temple that might be 12,000 years old,and it IS actually a Stegasaurus.We see the little brontosaurus in Africa.We see the Loch Ness monster which is a Plesiosaurus.

所以,那是数百万年,65百万年以上的时间旅行。我们看到 Stegasaurus 在柬埔寨的寺庙里,雕刻在这个寺庙里,可能有12000年的历史了,它实际上是 Stegasaurus。我们在非洲看到了小雷龙。我们看到的尼斯湖水怪是蛇颈龙。

So,what I'm saying to you guys is,if our closest stellar neighbor,Proxima Centauri,has had a solar flash,that the timing of when they dated this thing to occur is the end of 2012,because it took 4.3 light-years to get to us.That's when they first saw it.


So,when the Law of One and the Mayan Calendar expected a solar flash we had one on Proxima Centauri;we're talking the exact timing of when our Sun was expected to have a solar flash.


The solar flash is multi-dimensional.It will cause Ascension if you are ready.How does it do that?It changes the frequency of the atoms in your body.It restructures your geometry.Remember,one geometric pattern can change into another geometric pattern.


How do you get ready for that?By meditating and getting yourself crystallized;and with love.Loving energy causes the geometry in your body and the geometry in your soul to become more crystallized,and if you have enough crystallization,then,you can handle the intensity of the vibrations coming in.You can handle the intensity of the Ascension and your entire body will shift from one geometry to another.That is so amazing.


David leads a guided meditation:
"I'd like everybody to close your eyes now and put your feet flat on the floor.Take a nice deep breath and let it go.As you tune in deeper and deeper,breathe slowly.Imagine now,this geometric dance in your mind of the thoughts that you think,becoming more relaxed,as clusters of neurons are interconnected with geometry that twists and glides and tumbles around.Have you noticed all the twisting,the tumbling;millions and millions of these in a small part of the brain?Slowing it down,slowing down geometric movements,slowing down the complexity.


As you relax more and more,notice the geometry is slowing down;is staying still,and as it does,it gets larger and larger.The crystal is growing.The Merkaba is forming.You may also notice that your heart is open,allowing in more love,more acceptance for the beautiful being that you are.Seeing yourself with love,when looking in the mirror,as a being of infinite worth,truly knowing that all is well;that you are okay.


It is a perfect plan.It is a perfect Universe,and when someone judges you,they only do this from a place of ignorance.


Turn your gaze now to the faces of those around you,knowing that they all emanate from one photon,one pure light/love vibration.Allow yourself to have patience,to forgive,to love,to see the inherent purity and goodness that they represent.In this is your freedom,as this crystal in your mind is growing more and more perfect,more and more pure,as the love keeps enhancing love for yourself,love for others,love for the animals that have been so exploited,love for the plants and the trees,love for the oceans and the atmosphere.Love for this Earth.


Imagine the Earth itself,bathed in love,bathed in light,and then imagine enough people on Earth reaching quantum mass.A social memory.Enough people understanding that with love comes the safety to take those forgotten parts of yourself out of the realm of the hidden,no longer needing to lie to yourself,to hide from yourself the ways in which you might be killing yourself or hurting yourself,or killing others or hurting others.


Did you have this habit-pattern because it was a crutch to help you feel you could survive in this mean and vicious world?Might there be a way in which patience,sweetness and relaxation can make you better suited to accept the bumps on the road of life;that you do not need to hide from yourself or your pain;that you do not need to hide the truth from others;you can be open and honest about who you are and what you're struggling with.


As you relax more deeply,understand that it is required to see yourself as confused;embrace your confusion,embrace your ignorance,embrace your lack of perfection because only through this portal are you perfected.Your heart is open.You understand yourself.You understand the great mystery and the role that you play within it,to love yourself first and foremost,even those parts that don't seem acceptable,that don't seem possible to the love;they're too ugly,too dirty,too shameful.


Letting go of the shame,letting go of the hurt,forgiving yourself.This is the core.I invite you to give yourself that gift.To let go of shame,to let go of feeling that you need to judge yourself;that you are a bad person.You are good,you are perfect.You are pure.You are whole.You are a being of infinite worth.


As you learn this you no longer have any deficiencies;anything that's coming your way is just some old karma that you're burning off,and the same is true for all others;see that in the perfection that they are.


Don't keep your love for others hidden,as you don't keep it hidden for yourself.Embrace that they might have jealousy,they might have depression,they might have sadness,they might have ignorance;it's all OK.It's part of the design.By embracing all of this in love,all of these bumps and bings and wobbly bits and old crease-y lines;let's say your face looks like an old worn-out leather shoe,it's totally OK.I love you,we love you,God loves you;everything is fine.You are beautiful and perfect.


In the greatest sense,you always know that you ARE the light,you ARE the love,you ARE the one infinite creator.This is as it was,as it is now and as it always shall be and nothing and no-one can ever take that from you.


As you stretch forth your hand toward the Ascension light you understand that you are a being of perfection by embracing your imperfection.By embracing the imperfection of the Universe and the social interactions and all the crazy things that you see;this is the perfection within the shattered hologram of life,the hall of mirrors,the one photon infinitely reflected back to itself in an apparent duality.The holographic projection of the apparent Universe that is an emanation of one life,one love,one truth,that IS you.


Your awareness IS the Universe.Embrace that and see how it is perfect that you are confused.It is perfect that you are here now,and it is perfect that we are heading toward this greatest moment in human history as we all come together in one mind,one heart,one soul and one love,embodying the perfection that we already are,by simply declaring it to ourselves.


Let yourself be OK.Let the Universe be OK,let the world be OK,and once you embrace the perfection of that which is apparently imperfect never forget that you also can see that it is perfect for you to help change the illusion,and make it more comfortable for yourself and for others.Never accept this karma(that which you can change).We take this energy we've raised and we send it to ourself,we bathe ourselves in light.We send it to those we care the most about.See their faces,both incarnate and discarnate.Bathe them with light.


See the faces of others,see the faces of creation;the animals,the birds,the fish,the trees,the water and the atmosphere.See them as perfect;bathe them with light.Embrace the Sun.Allow the Sun to have its solar flash.Allow this to happen.It's not going to happen right now,but when it does happen it will be right NOW.The Ascension will happen to you right NOW.You will experience it consciously in real-time;the most blissful,euphoric,psychedelic,spontaneous transmission of your consciousness that you could ever have imagined.


Hold that space.Allow it to exist.Allow your Ascension to occur;know in your heart that you have embraced yourself and your imperfections enough that it WILL be done.You are ready to graduate.You will authorize it from your own higher level.Claim your inheritance and LIVE in that path,walk in the truth that nothing needs stay hidden.Anything within you that you felt was too ugly,too shameful,too dark,let it come forth to be healed.


SEE the perfection in all of your wounds,in all of your misery,in all of your frustration,in all of your anger.Let it be so.Let it be healed.Declare it.Claim the healing in the melting influence of love.And so it is.


Now,I'd like you to take a nice deep breath.Breathe yourself back into the room;wiggle your fingers,wiggle your toes,and when you are ready I'd like you to stand up.We have one last exercise;this is audience participation.Give your neighbor a handshake or a hug!(as you feel that it is appropriate for you).


Share the light!!"⭐️


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