Corey Goode|地球解放战争与太阳微新星

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Corey Goode|地球解放战争与太阳微新星

Source: Ascension Works | By Corey Goode

来源: 扬升作品 | 作者: Corey Goode

October 23, 2022


Unprecedented Breaking Update – Timelines: Earth Liberation Battles and the Solar Micro-Nova

史无前例的突破性更新-时间轴: 地球解放战争和太阳微新星

The SSP Alliance and the Global Galactic League of Nations (GGLN) received a pretty major briefing from Emmi (Eyosian/Zulu ET Race) several months ago about the upcoming timeline of the liberation of our Solar System. This briefing was delivered on the behalf of the New Guardians who until now had been the most mysterious of the Guardians.

几个月前,SSP 联盟和全球银河联盟(GGLN)收到了埃米(Eyosian/Zulu ET Race)关于即将到来的太阳系解放时间线的重要简报。这份简报是代表新守护者发布的,他们一直是守护者中最神秘的一个。

The information was full of details that we were told to keep confidential until the right time. I was shocked to receive a message this morning that I was authorized to release a brief summary of the timeline briefing with more to come in the following months and years as clearance is granted. Never before had we been given the details of future events in our briefings let alone been authorized to share them with the masses.


The GGLN, the SSP Alliance, and our ET Allies are currently clearing the damage done by the Orion Group and its allies, including the Dark Fleet – who has given humanity a very bad name in much of our Galaxy. The GGLN-led armada is working its way from the outer rim of our Galaxy to Earth, undoing as much of the damage the Orion Group and the Dark Fleet have caused. In some cases, Dark Fleet personnel have been delivered to star systems to be tried for crimes against that civilization. It apparently takes the GGLN-led armada until the year 2025 – in our timeframe – to work their way back to begin liberating their own Solar System.

GGLN,SSP 联盟,以及我们的 ET 盟友正在清理猎户座集团及其盟友造成的伤害,其中包括黑暗舰队——在我们银河系的大部分地区,黑暗舰队给人类带来了非常糟糕的名声。GGLN 领导的舰队正在从我们银河系的外缘前往地球,消除了猎户星系和黑暗舰队造成的大部分破坏。在某些情况下,黑暗舰队的人员已经被送往星际系统,接受反对该文明的罪行的审判。显然,GGLN 领导的舰队要到2025年——在我们的时间框架内——才能回到过去,开始解放他们自己的太阳系。

Meanwhile, during this entire timeline, the surface population of Earth deals with more and more end times madness behavior due to the increased solar activity which also creates earthquakes and storms that seem to become more frequent and powerful. We see humanity dealing more and more with totalitarian governments who use disease and potential wars to strip away their rights as a transhumanist agenda is forced upon a population that is not in its right mind.


The battle on the surface of the Earth and a positive timeline is still ours to win or lose, it is a battle that will be fought all the way until the solar micro-nova occurs in 2033/34. The micro-nova is not an Extinction Level Event as some are reporting, though there will be significant upheavals and natural disasters that occur. Strange Mandela effects pick up as we get closer to the solar event causing further confusion in an already chaotic environment. When the actual micro-nova occurs it is so powerful that the exact time and date cannot be pinpointed even with all of these other details being given to me with complete confidence by the Eyosians while in the presence of the New Guardians.


Emmi had called a meeting with the leaders of the GGLN and SSP Alliance where – for the first time – the Guardians shared future events. The New Guardians shared that the Galactic Timeline had shifted in our favor and that there was nothing the Orion Group, their Allies, or their AI God could do to prevent their defeat. While the Galaxy seems to have entered its own most positive timeline, each solar system still has its own choice to make.

Emmi 召集了 GGLN 和 SSP 联盟的领导人开会,在那里,守护者们第一次分享了未来的事件。新守护者们认为银河系的时间线已经向有利于我们的方向转移了,猎户集团,他们的盟友,或者他们的 AI 之神都无法阻止他们的失败。虽然银河系似乎已经进入了自己最正面的时间线,但每个太阳系仍然有自己的选择。

From the years 2028 – 2033, the surface population is slowly introduced to the concept of a new ET group – The Galactic Federation of Worlds. Eventually, towards 2032 this ET group reveals itself to the population of Earth while defending the Earth against holographically generated enemies and warning us of a mass invasion of our solar system. They use deception to gather the military forces of the Earth to fight against the incoming GGLN-led forces and their ET Allies.

从2028年到2033年,地表人口逐渐被引入到一个新的外星人群体的概念中——世界的银河联邦。最终,到了2032年,这个外星人小组向地球人展示了自己,同时保护地球免受全息生成的敌人的攻击,并警告我们太阳系将遭到大规模入侵。他们使用欺骗来集合地球的军事力量来对抗即将到来的 GGLN 领导的部队和他们的 ET 盟友。

When the micro-nova occurs it locks in the timeline that Humanity has chosen. Even though all of the transhumanist technologies will be destroyed in the solar event, the intent of the mass consciousness will have chosen a positive or not-so-positive timeline as we move into the next solar cycle – one that is now of a 4th density vibration. We were told that even if Humanity chose a negative timeline once again, it would be the last one possible due to the energetic changes of our Sun and this region of the Galaxy. At worst we are looking at one more cycle that will last tens of thousands of years and at best, we are about to choose the path to a spiritual rather than technological evolution that will lead our civilization into a golden age with a unified 4th density mass consciousness.

当微新星发生时,它锁定在人类选择的时间线上。尽管所有的超人类主义技术都将在太阳事件中被摧毁,大众意识的意图将选择一个积极或不那么积极的时间线,因为我们进入下一个太阳周期——一个现在是第四密度振动的时间线。我们被告知,即使人类再次选择一个负时间线,那也将是最后一个可能的时间线,因为我们的太阳和银河系的这个区域的能量变化。在最坏的情况下,我们看到的还是一个持续数万年的循环; 在最好的情况下,我们将选择一条通往精神进化的道路,而不是通往技术进化的道路,这将导致我们的文明进入一个具有统一的第四密度大众意识的黄金时代。

The Operation to Liberate the Solar System 2025-2033/34:


Sentinel LOS (Lunar Operation Station) to be liberated in 2025 – Way station that monitors traffic and activity from a super gate (Galactic Portal) outside of our Solar System

哨兵LOS(月球操作站)将于2025年解放 - 从太阳系外的超级门(银河系门户)监测交通和活动的途径站

The battle to liberate Mars occurs at the end of the year 2025. The ZULU/Eyosians transport the Wandering Star and a small fleet of GGLN and SSP Alliance Ground Forces to Mars as the larger GGLN-led fleet enters the solar system to confront the armada of Orion Group and Galactic Federation of Worlds vessels who have gathered around Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. A fierce battle ensues between these space armadas from 2025-2032 as the allies root out every vessel and breach every base that the Orion Group and their allies have inhabited for tens of thousands of years. Most of the ET bases exist within dimensional pockets that have to be invaded and ‘collapsed’ one by one.

解放火星的战役发生在2025年年底。当更大的由 GGLN 领导的舰队进入太阳系,与猎户座舰队以及聚集在木星、土星和海王星周围的世界舰队银河联邦(消歧义)对抗时,祖鲁人/埃约西亚人将“流浪星”号以及一支由 GGLN 和 SSP 联盟地面部队组成的小型舰队送往火星。从2025年到2032年,这些太空舰队之间展开了一场激烈的战斗,盟军摧毁了猎户座集团及其盟军数万年来居住的每一艘飞船,攻破了每一个基地。大多数 ET 碱基存在于维度口袋中,必须被侵入并一个接一个“崩溃”。

Ceres Station, the ICC mining operation, and their automated defense system in the ‘Asteroid Belt’ are liberated in 2026 allowing the GGLN and SSP Alliance fleet to push further into the solar system and face Orion Group and Galactic Federation of Words fleets that are left in the inner solar system.

2026年,国际商会的谷神星空间站和它们在“小行星带”的自动防御系统被解放出来,使得 GGLN 和 SSP 联盟的舰队能够进一步深入太阳系,面对猎户座集团和留在太阳系内部的 Words 舰队银河联邦。

The GGLN-led forces invade the Moon to liberate the LOC base complex and to remove all negative alien bases in the year 2027. Liberating the Moon finally ends the increasing Alien Abductions of millions of people on the surface of the planet carried out by the Orion Group – Grey Alien Biodroids.

GGLN 领导的部队入侵月球,以解放 LOC 基地复杂和消除所有负面的外星人基地在2027年。解放月球终于结束了猎户座集团-灰色外星生物机器人在地球表面不断增加的外星人绑架事件。

In 2028, after the battle to liberate the Moon and the LOC, the GGLN had the intel they needed to invade the ICC Space Port in Antarctica and then fight their way down through the Space Port and then miles down into the Earth’s crust as they follow the tunnel networks that lead from the Space Port to dozens of ICC and Orion Group DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases). This battle then leads down to the vast Inner Earth realms and lasts until 2032.

2028年,在解放月球和国际会议中心的战斗结束后,GGLN 获得了他们需要的情报,入侵南极洲的国际刑事法院太空港,然后通过太空港杀出一条血路,然后沿着从太空港通往数十个国际刑事法院和猎户座集团(深层地下军事基地)的隧道网络深入地壳数英里。这场战斗随后延伸到广阔的地球内部领域,并持续到2032年。


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