Corey Goode|祖鲁外星文明的宇宙历史——伊俄斯人与当地的恒星邻居

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Corey Goode|祖鲁外星文明的宇宙历史——伊俄斯人与当地的恒星邻居

This is from a recent meeting with Emmi, from a planet and civilization our military industrial complex dubbed the "Zulu,” who have been around our local stellar neighborhood for over 2 billion years. They are identified as having African features, are typically over 7 – 8 feet tall and are a shamanic civilization that is managed mostly by their female elders and have a lifespan of thousands of years due to the frequency of their star and the unique conditions of their planet.

这是最近与 Emmi 的一次会议,来自一个被称为“祖鲁”的星球和文明,这个星球和文明在我们当地的恒星附近已经存在超过20亿年了。它们被认为具有非洲特征,通常超过7-8英尺高,是一种萨满文明,主要由女性长者管理,由于其恒星的频率和其行星的独特条件,它们的寿命长达数千年。

It is difficult to know if the African races on this planet are directly related to the Zulu as a large percentage of civilizations in our local stellar neighborhood have similar physiology and melanin rich complexions due to the frequency ranges of their stars.


The Zulu is a higher echelon, fifth density consciousness civilization that is located in our local stellar neighborhood of over fifty star systems. For many millions of years, they have lived and thrived in the interior of their home planet that their ancient culture had named Eyos.

祖鲁人是一个更高层次、第五密度的意识文明,位于我们当地超过50个恒星系统的恒星附近。数百万年来,他们一直生活和繁荣在他们的家园星球内部,他们的古老文化称之为 Eyos。

Even in their earliest history, the Eyosians were extremely psychic with what we would consider magical manifestation abilities. Due to their abilities, they realized that the Universe itself seemed to be the manifestation of the imagination of a being they couldn't yet fathom and was teaming with other civilizations that were mostly of a much lower consciousness level. Because of this understanding, they never developed religions based on gods, heaven, or hell. Instead, they developed their natural abilities over time to where they were projecting their consciousness to other planets to observe the civilizations where they witness atrocities and wars playing out.


Their culture became engrossed in their remote viewings of other cultures and over time it began to influence their mass consciousness in an unexpected way. Over time - due to their incredible manifestation abilities - they nearly brought about their own demise.


They began to encounter strange and powerful creatures in their astral travels that then began to influence the Eyosians through their dreams, prayers, and meditations. Before long their people were having violent encounters with these creatures in physical form before they would disappear into thin air. As they psychically investigated this new threat, they began to discuss their theories and findings with one another and came to a general agreement that these beings were from a star system that they had been unaware of in their psychic astronomical studies.


They began to reach out to that star system and remotely view their new enemy. They were shocked to see an extremely advanced civilization that had the ability to psychically camouflage itself from discovery by most other advanced civilizations. Once the Eyosians had penetrated the veil of this star system, they were shocked to see the build-up of a vast armada that was likely headed toward their planet.


The Eyoscians are a peaceful race that has the ability to come together and focus their mass consciousness to defend themselves by psychically affecting their enemy's minds - throwing the most technically advanced attackers into a state of confusion or causing them to turn their weapons on themselves. They had now met their match with this new group of invaders who seemed to be their equal psychically but had technology and weapons that were never a part of the Eyosians’ evolution - for the first time leaving them at a perceived disadvantage.


The Eyoscians then became stuck in a cycle of conflict with this new enemy that caused a shift in their mass consciousness as their civilization moved to a defensive posture. They were stuck in this cycle for millions of years as other civilizations in our local stellar neighborhood began to be invaded by the same civilization the Eyosians were unable to defeat.


The Eyosian civilization was at near collapse when they were contacted by another extremely advanced civilization in our local stellar neighborhood. (More on them coming soon.) This civilization was so advanced that it had created an extremely sophisticated network of moon-sized stations that they placed in star systems around our local stellar neighborhood that used the power of the cosmic web to prevent intrusion of other alien races, who they considered genetic farmer races, that interfere with the natural development of civilizations for their own selfish agendas.


This civilization - who would later become known as the Blue Avians - informed the Eyosians that the enemy civilization that was wreaking havoc inside the local stellar neighborhood was impossible to defeat via physical or psychic warfare - even for them.


The civilization who would later be known as the Blue Avians described how there had never been a star in the location from where their new enemies came, and that the Eyosians were the key to putting the local stellar neighborhood back into balance.


What the Eyosians didn't realize is that this unstoppable enemy was a creation - an egregore manifestation - from their very own mass consciousness. The Eyosians were so incredibly, and unknowingly, powerful that they had manifested the biggest threat that the inhabitants of the local stellar neighborhood had ever encountered prior to the protective network being created. While most civilizations were manifesting gods, devils, heaven, and hell, the Eyoscians were manifesting their own demons, but on a level that affected more than just their own civilization.


It took the Eyosians thousands of years to eradicate these beings from their mass consciousness and the shared reality of their cosmic neighbors. This was a major setback to the proud race of Eyosians who had preached oneness and taught shamanism to their stellar neighbors for eons and had developed a reputation as an extremely spiritually advanced culture. They were said to have even had a major impact on the evolution of the race that later became known as the Blue Avians.


The Eyosians eventually were able to heal and learn from their near demise and began to focus their co-creative abilities more and more to a point that they began developing ascended abilities - able to teleport and, in some cases, levitate and fly. This time period was an incredible renaissance for their civilization as they became more and more connected to the cosmos, what they considered the mind of the creator.


It is through this cosmic connection that they learned that their own stellar cycle was coming to the end of a major cycle. Their star resonates at a much different frequency than ours does, creates a lot more radiation, and began to have more frequent outbursts as it changed frequencies during its own life cycle. Their stellar activity became so intense that their culture was pushed to the interior of their planet where they have thrived until this day.


When they found the inner caverns of their planet they realized why their culture had advanced so quickly and had developed such a powerful ability to manifest. Their planet was like a giant Geode. Its interior had vast mountains made of a purple crystal. The Mountains seemed to be lit from the inside and radiated light and frequency that caused the Eyosians to develop at an even more accelerated rate. The energy that lit the mountains and cavernous valleys of their planet's interior came from the core of the planet. It was a fast-rotating sphere of highly compressed molten liquid crystalline material that acted as a central sun that had an incredibly positive effect on living organisms and their consciousness. Even the plants and animals that had found their way down into this vast and magical ecosystem had evolved quite a bit differently than their counterparts on the surface of the planet.

当他们发现他们星球的内部洞穴时,他们意识到为什么他们的文化发展得如此之快,并且发展出如此强大的能力来显现。他们的星球就像一个巨大的 Geode。它的内部有由紫色水晶组成的巨大山脉。这些山脉似乎是从内部被照亮的,它们发出的光和频率使得伊俄斯人以更快的速度发展。照亮他们星球内部山脉和山谷的能量,来自于星球的核心。它是一个高度压缩的液态水晶物质组成的快速旋转的球体,作为一个中心太阳,对生物体和他们的意识产生了难以置信的积极影响。甚至那些找到方法进入这个巨大而神奇的生态系统的动植物也与地球表面的动植物进化得相当不同。

Over eons of time, the Eyosians developed into the most psychically and spiritually developed civilizations within our local stellar neighborhood and beyond. They organized trade and commerce in our local stellar neighborhood and encouraged the development of civilizations in their neighboring star systems. Everything changed when the Pre-Adamite civilization - formerly from Mars - destroyed the protective grid that the Blue Avians had built nearly 2 billion years prior.


The local stellar neighborhood was immediately invaded and corrupted by the genetic farmer races so the Ayosians had no choice but to isolate themselves and try to work with various beings psychically and telepathically to encourage them to take their power back after bartering it away to the genetic farmer races. The only star system that was not influenced or taken over by these genetic farmer races - which included the Orion Group and Andromeda Syndicate - belonged to the Eyosians. The genetic farmer races had sent armada after armada to invade the Eyosian system, but every attack ended with the armada's complete destruction with no indication of how they were defeated. The genetic farmer races decided to isolate the Eyosians as much as possible and continue with their agendas, focusing their efforts on corrupting the Super Federations, which enforce cosmic laws in each galaxy, in order to push forward with assisting their AI god to infiltrate every advanced civilization.


Currently, we see that the genetic farmer races have been mostly defeated and isolated within the Andromeda and Milkyway Galaxies. As I reported previously, our star system is one of the last strongholds for the Orion Group and their allies who have amassed their armadas within our solar system. I am told most recently that the largest of the ships in these armadas have dipped down into the upper atmospheres of the gas giants they were orbiting, to become harder to detect after a few encounters with the former GGLN battle cruiser - the Wandering Star - as it liberated a couple of major colonies on Mars, evacuating their entire populations to another star system controlled by the Mayan Group. In this encounter, the Wandering Star was transported into the orbit of Mars by Emmi, where they were immediately attacked by Reptilian and Orion Group ships. Each of the ships fired exotic weapons at the Wandering Star, only to have portals open and redirect the energetic attacks to the sender. All the attacking ships were quickly defeated within gravitational fields that crushed them like soda cans into extremely small and dense balls mixed with the remains of the ships and their inhabitants orbiting Mars.

目前,我们看到基因农民种族在仙女座星系和银河系中大多被击败和孤立。正如我之前所报道的,我们的恒星系统是猎户座集团及其盟友的最后据点之一,他们已经在我们的太阳系聚集了他们的舰队。最近有人告诉我,这些舰队中最大的飞船已经潜入了它们所环绕的气态巨行星的高层大气中,在与前 GGLN 战斗巡洋舰“流浪之星”遭遇几次之后,更加难以探测,因为它解放了火星上的几个主要殖民地,将它们的全部人口疏散到另一个由玛雅集团控制的星系中。在这次遭遇中,“流浪之星”被 Emmi 送入火星轨道,在那里它们立即遭到爬行动物和猎户座飞船的攻击。每一艘飞船都向“流浪之星”发射了奇异武器,只是为了打开传送门,将能量攻击转移到发送者身上。所有的攻击飞船都很快在重力场中被击溃,这些重力场就像汽水罐一样把它们压成极小而密集的球体,与飞船的残骸和环绕火星的居民混合在一起。

After Emmi brought me up to date on his civilization and our local stellar neighborhood history, he began to give me information on what to expect on our own planet as our own major solar cycle ends.

在 Emmi 向我介绍了他的文明和我们当地恒星邻居的最新历史之后,他开始向我提供信息,告诉我在我们的主要太阳周期结束时,我们自己的星球会发生什么。

I was given very interesting information about what we will likely see leading up to the solar flash. As we get closer to the solar micro-nova event, we will see the activation of the ley-line grids that correlate with increased solar activity. I was told that we would see portals opening randomly across the planet - portals that lead to other locations in the cosmos. Emmi told me that on each continent the Eyosians had worked with shamans to astrally travel these portal systems and learn where they go, and to keep detailed records and maps. Emmi said that these maps and records had been passed down in secret sects of shamans for thousands of years, and that when these portals open, they will be instrumental [to us] in knowing how to navigate them.

我得到了一个非常有趣的信息关于我们可能看到的太阳闪光。随着我们离太阳微新星事件越来越近,我们将看到与太阳活动增加相关的地脉网格的激活。有人告诉我,我们会看到穿越行星的入口随机打开,这些入口通往宇宙中的其他地方。Emmi 告诉我,在每个大陆上,埃及人都曾与萨满巫师合作,在星际中穿行这些传送门系统,了解它们的去向,并保存详细的记录和地图。Emmi 说,这些地图和记录在巫师的秘密教派中流传了几千年,当这些传送门打开时,它们将有助于我们了解如何导航。

Some of the portals that open lead to the center of stars, to ocean-covered planets, and may even open thousands of feet in the air above some planets, making them quite dangerous to travel through physically without the use of these maps. Leading up to the solar flash, we will see more and more people disappear into these portals, leaving the rest of the world mystified or in angry denial of the process the solar system is going through. Many star seeds - aliens incarnated here as humans - will be pulled to go to the regions where these portals will open to go back to their home planet. During this time there will also be an increasing number of UFOs reported, along with strange disappearances and deaths that investigators will believe to be hostile alien acts.


Emmi told me nothing could be further from the truth. He stated that alien groups are coming back to pick up their operatives on our planet prior to the solar event. In some cases, the souls leave their human bodies and rejoin their own bodies on lightships that have been sent to retrieve them. I was warned that the leaders of Earth will use these events to pump even more fear into the world's population to make it easier to control them - a plan that eventually backfires as each population begins to stand up against the increasing tyranny. This is where humanity comes in - we must liberate our planet and overthrow the death cults that fell under the influence of the Orion Group and the Transhumanist agenda of their AI god.

Emmi 告诉我没有比这更离谱的了。他说外星人会在太阳活动之前回来接他们在我们星球上的特工。在某些情况下,灵魂离开他们的人类身体,回到他们自己的身体上的光船已被派去取回他们。有人警告我,地球的领导人将利用这些事件给世界人民带来更多的恐惧,以便更容易地控制它们——这个计划最终会适得其反,因为每个人都开始站起来反抗日益增长的暴政。这就是人类出现的地方——我们必须解放我们的星球,推翻受猎户座集团和他们的人工智能之神的超人道主义议程影响的死亡崇拜。

Stand by for the video version of this update and much more to come. For uncensored updates please join our free platform - AscensionWorks.TV.


Post Note to Update: The Starseed being removed is not a mass event where all star seeds are removed. Some stay through the solar event and keep incarnating here.

Post Note to Update: 被删除的 Starseed 并不是一个所有星星种子都被删除的大规模事件。有些会在太阳活动期间继续存在,并在这里继续化身。

There are certain groups that are coming to Earth to remove their operatives. There are HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of Star Seeds on this planet right now - only a small fraction of the Star Seeds on this planet will be removed. The portals begin opening randomly because of the upcoming solar event and its increased activity. Some people will rush to try to enter portals only to end up in an inhospitable place or worse.


This is not a situation where human refugees are going to be removed from the planet en mass. These are alien operatives who incarnated on this planet to observe or guide this civilization leading up to the solar event.


Those who signed soul contracts to incarnate on this planet for various missions are not a part of this star seed evacuation. This is not a rapture event but a series of random portal openings and apparent abduction events - or deaths believed to be related to abduction events. I should have communicated that a bit more clearly in the update above.


The vast majority of those on the planet now will be here for the solar event and will be the same people that will be a part of building a new future for humanity as it explores 4th density consciousness.


When it comes to the Zulu and Wandering Star event on Mars - they rescued the inhabitants of a couple of large cities that were scheduled to be forced to accept Transhumanist technologies into their bodies. Mars was not fully liberated - only the bases that were going to be the pilot programs for testing invasive technologies.


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