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神灵的铠甲The use of the term Armor of God may incite internal triggers for those that have been traumatized as the result of being groomed in religious family overlays that were later revealed to be used by spiritual authorities for committing harmful power abuses.The point is to know with certainty that the Armor of God's spirit is a true and accurate consciousness structure,and it is intrinsic to the protection of the lightbody of the individual that wears it.The Armor of God protects those that are heart based and spiritually devoted working for God's divine plan and highest expression,seeking alignment with truth.Protecting them against the most heinous levels of spiritual warfare targeting being directed from the Anti-God forces.


To love God with all of your heart cannot be unnatural or forced,but when you discover that God lives inside your heart and you love God's creation as God does,this is the highest physical emanation of the force field that makes up the Armor of God's spirit.Expressing and feeling Love for creation protects our spirit and body much more than it is generally understood.


The NAA's dark influence upon organized religions and current society have purposely been manipulated to reject the experience of spiritual revelation that is catalyzed by the direct inner spiritual relationship that each being intrinsically has with their higher self and God Source.The abuse of spiritual principles are forms of social control that isolate and disconnect that spiritual structure and its people from feeling their natural co-existence with unified spiritual consciousness.In a covert and sophisticated multi-pronged agenda to spiritually attack humanity,the Controllers intend to groom self-hatred and hatred for that which is most sacred in the spiritual principles of God.

Naa 对有组织的宗教和当今社会的黑暗影响被有目的地操纵来拒绝灵性启示的体验,这种体验被每个存在者与他们的更高自我和上帝源头的直接内在灵性关系所催化。灵性原则的滥用是社会控制的一种形式,它使精神结构及其人民感受到与统一的精神意识的自然共存的隔离和断开。在一个隐蔽的和复杂的多管齐下的议程,灵性攻击人类,控制者打算培养自我仇恨和仇恨的最神圣的精神原则。

The inversion and abuse of natural laws and sacred principles are manifested in the mainstreaming of satanism or the death culture,and is what erodes our spiritual connection and ultimately destroys the spiritual Armor of God around us.The Controller Pillars of Society are based on inverted systems that follow a Law of Structure that is based in propagating anti-human principles for mind control and consciousness enslavement as designed by the NAA.If we are unable to see the truth of what is happening around us as a violation of nature and soul,if we abuse natural laws and believe the deceptions of these imposter spirits,our spiritual source cannot protect us from the choices we make and the consent we give to power up these dark forces and their enslavement structures.

对自然法则和神圣原则的颠倒和滥用表现在撒旦崇拜或死亡文化的主流化中,这侵蚀了我们的精神联系,并最终摧毁了我们周围上帝的灵性盔甲。社会的控制器支柱是基于遵循结构法则的倒置系统,该结构法则是基于传播由 NAA 设计的精神控制和意识奴役的反人类原则。如果我们不能看到我们周围发生的事情的真相是对自然和灵魂的侵犯,如果我们滥用自然法则并相信这些冒名顶替的灵魂的欺骗,我们的精神来源不能保护我们免受我们所做的选择和我们对这些黑暗力量及其奴役结构的力量的同意。

This is an accurate and true spiritual principle in natural law that should be well understood and put into practical action,especially in the current terrain of aggressive spiritual warfare against humanity.It is important to equate the regular practice of the 12D shield or spiritual practices which build the sustained light source of the inner spirit,as direct reflections of the energetic protection of the Armor of God.To strengthen and build our spiritual armor to deflect multiple dimensions of spiritual attacks and to ward off those physically manifested things that would include such warfare tactics as targeting toxins to the masses through the spreading of fear and disease,electromagnetic harassment,vaccinations and 5G millimeter waves.


For our spiritual armor to be strong and effective,our spiritual dedication and commitment must be unwavering and our spiritual practice sincere and consistent.There are important factors to build the spiritual armor,as to be with God,we must know truth qualities and experience God within us.In order to develop that meaningful relationship,it is helpful to understand the qualities that mirror and align with the Mind of God.


Seek Alignment with Truth–We commit to seek alignment with truth in all ways,and be willing to seek that truth existing inside of us,and to live,speak and express in alignment to that truth to the best of our ability.Seeking spiritual truth is the path of Gnosis,by experiencing the Natural Laws inherent in the consciousness principles that govern our reality.Spiritual truth cannot generally be defined in exacting words,but must be directly experienced and lived by each individual.However,the basis of perceiving truth in the matter is simply understanding that it is what it is,as the accurate assessment of events that have occurred around us in the past or present time.To gain a greater understanding of truth,we must understand that truth is first accurately perceiving events that are presently occurring.Such as;is the planetary lockdown intended to support and protect humanity from a mysterious virus or is its design to incite fear and terror,psychologically preparing the masses to accept a quickly installed fascist tyranny.Seeking truth means we must be willing to know or see when we are being deceived or lied to,even if it's painful,in order to see the mind control methods used to obfuscate the factual events in reality.Greater truths are acquired from the wisdom of perfect understanding which inspires inner knowing,that which just exists as it is.


Cultivate Virtue-Ethics–Cultivating Virtue Based Ethics emphasizes the focus upon developing virtues which strengthen the mind and character,and in our interpretation are the basis of building the strength of the spiritual foundation.This is critical for the Lightbody to hold higher consciousness and Universal knowledge and to build the Armor of God,which not only protects and expands our consciousness but leads to spiritual freedom and perfect peace.A strong moral character is the physical foundation required at the base of building a strong spiritual house.In order to hold the spirit of Christos,as in acquiring ethics of spiritual virtues,the first step is in making sure that the body,the physical self,is grounded in strong moral character.Virtue ethics are actual spiritual powers that comprise our spiritual armor and will protect us from devious spiritual attacks,even when we are oblivious to those dark attacks,which are usually intended to make us sick or impair our functioning.


Guard and Protect your Mind–When one has control over the thoughts of one's mind,one has control over the direction and actions of the physical body,all of its parts and reclaiming of the soul energies.Whoever controls the mind controls the Soul.Mind control is used to form socially acceptable belief systems and shape spiritually harmful value systems,which are used to control the masses to enslave themselves on planet earth.Many of us can see the current implementation of mind control used to incite terrorizing fear in the masses,which is happening now for the purpose of easily giving up our personal freedoms and sovereignty.The Controllers used problem,reaction and deceitful solution by inventing an invisible enemy that is used through propaganda tactics to control perception that this virus poses a threat to human survival.The antidote to mind control is connecting with your inner spirit,and developing your spiritual self every day with higher emotional qualities like empathy and compassion,genuinely caring about what happens to the people and the planet.


Choose Peace,Harmlessness and Defense–Learning to communicate with the inner spirit and act upon its guidance will lead you to live a life congruent with your spiritual plan,one which behaves with harmlessness to others.Harmlessness is another way to say karmic-less,as spirit avoids increasing karmic entanglements by choosing peace.The real spiritual self will not direct you to attack or intentionally harm another person,ever.The spiritual intelligence knows that all energy in the Universe is Love and is balanced at some point in time,that nothing justifies harm.Harm has an energetic consequence of grave karmic imbalance,and if intentional harm is directed to hurt others or the self,that energy will be returned to the being at some point in time to make amends in order to rebalance the harmful energy used.This means when directing intentional harm that person will get more loads of karmic lessons and destructive patterns redirected back to them,in order to rebalance their consciousness life experience and the influence they had in their relationships with others.During the Ascension cycle,this final accounting of the roles played and rebalancing for cosmic justice is happening on the earth,where those that have intentionally abused the natural laws for personal gain which has greatly harmed others,will be revealed and then forced to make amends.


Prayer and Meditation–When struggling with difficult situations and experiencing high anxiety states,such as feeling discouraged or in deep despair,this is a standard form of spiritual attack.When we attune ourselves to the spiritual world through a still mind with a meditative attitude,making time for daily spiritual connection,we are much more equipped to handle an assortment of spiritual attacks,which usually manifest in a sensation of insurmountable fears,panic attacks,anxiety and doubts.Prayer and meditation connect us to higher intelligence and have positive impacts on calming our mind.Prayer focuses on positive emotions like love,gratitude and compassion,which allow goodness to flow into our lives and the lives of those we pray for.Meditation actively redirects our mental body from anxiety,stress,and depression,which helps us to find and connect to calm and peaceful states.Being mindful improves our mental flexibility,brain elasticity and keeps neurons active.Spiritually centering ourselves on peace,prayer and contemplation of God and our place in the Universe,helps us maintain our trust in life,faith and relaxes every part of the body.


The highest spiritual forces of loving benevolence are multiplied exponentially when the lesser and greater flames of the inner spirit intersect,when the unique soul-spirit and God source are again reunited within the sacred crystal heart.The example of stating one's intent,consent and authority in alignment with the Natural Laws of God,are to begin to build the spiritual power of the Armor of God to surround your consciousness and physical body,as well as your home and personal effects required for actualizing your divine mission.


May we gather together in Perfect Peace and allow our Loving hearts to lead the way forward.May peace be with your heart,mind and body during these chaotic times.


In Love and GSF,

在爱和 GSF ,





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