X22报告|第3070集: 债务上限的逼近,深层政府上演了一场政变

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X22报告|第3070集: 债务上限的逼近,深层政府上演了一场政变

Ep. 3070a – Debt Ceiling Approaches, [JB] Spends More On Climate Change, [CB] Panics

债务上限方案,[ JB ]在气候变化上的更多支出,[ CB ]恐慌

Ep. 3070b – [DS] Staged A Coup, Treason, FBI/DOJ Cleaning, The 40,000ft View Reveals The Path

[ DS ]策划政变,叛国,美国联邦调查局/司法部清洗,40,000英尺的视野揭示的路径

X22 Report
Streamed on: May 16, 7:01 pm EDT

X22报告流: 美国东部时间5月16日下午7:01


The [CB]/[WEF] agenda has failed, they opened a store and tried to have people pay when they can and it closed in 12 months. The debt ceiling is going to be a disaster for the D’s. Countries are now preparing for people to transition their currencies. [CB] Panic.

[ CB ]/[WEF]的议程已经失败,他们开了一家商店,并试图让人们在他们能够支付的时候付款,但它在12个月后关闭。债务上限对 D’s来说将是一场灾难。各国目前正准备让人民转换本国货币。恐慌。

X22 Report
Streamed on: May 16, 7:24 pm EDT

X22报告流: 美国东部时间5月16日下午7:24


The Durham report came out and it is devastating for the [DS], the Russia is a conspiracy made up by the [DS], Trump is exonerated. The people now see how the FBI, CIA, Corrupt Politicians and the fake news staged a coup. The people now understand that the system is to corrupt and justice cannot come from the DOJ or the FBI. These departments will need to be cleaned out. The CIA will be dismantled for the closing act. Nothing can stop what is coming nothing.



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