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A thought-provoking new Security Council(SC)report circulating in the Kremlin today contemplating the"worst possible scenario” should NATO Member Turkey launch a military operation against Syria’slegitimate authorities and armed forces, says such a move coming at the same time the US is flooding Europe with massive numbers of troops and equipment as part of its largest war exercise in 25-years leaves open the question of whom would be the beneficiary of the global war that would follow such an attack—as any attack on Syria by Turkey would necessitate a Russian military response against this NATO member, that in turn would place Russia in direct military confrontation with the United States and the European Union—thus leading to a potential catastrophic conflagration whose only winner would be the demonic Anti-Christ globalist-socialist forces already intent on destroying our world in order to remake it into their own sadistic image—demonic socialist forces that during this past year alone, has seen their politicians and policies crushed by President Donald Trump led national-populist forces in elections occurring in ItalyIndiaEuropean UnionAustraliaBritain and Ireland—a global populist superstorm that’s now circled the globe back to an America where Trump has now designated its largest socialist-controlled State of California as being “Occupied Territory”—a designation supported by millions of national-populist citizens in Californiaand its border State of Oregon who are now calling for their being able to join the State of Idaho so they can regain their freedoms—with one such urgent plea to Trump saying: “Rural counties have become increasingly outraged by laws coming out of the Oregon Legislature that threaten our livelihoods, our industries, our wallet, our gun rights, and our values…We tried voting those legislators out, but rural Oregon is outnumbered and our voices are now ignored…This is our last resort”—and was an urgent plea heard all the way to Europe yesterday where the new national-populist government of Britain listened to its citizens and barred from its nation non-English speaking migrants and low-skilled workersall of which shows these leftist globalist forces that their reign of tyranny is nearing its end.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

克里姆林宫(Kremlin)今日发布了一份发人深省的安理会(Security Council)新报告,考虑到如果北约(NATO)成员国土耳其对叙利亚合法当局和武装部队发动军事行动,可能出现的"最糟糕局面"。报告称,此举发生的同时,美国正向欧洲输送大量军队和装备,作为其25年来规模最大的战争演习的一部分。这份报告提出了一个问题:在此类袭击发生后,谁将成为全球战争的受益者,这反过来又会使俄罗斯与美国和欧盟进行直接的军事对抗,从而导致一场潜在的灾难性的战争,而这场战争的唯一赢家将是邪恶的反基督全球主义社会主义势力,这些势力已经企图摧毁我们的世界,以便将其重塑成他们自己的残暴形象——邪恶的社会主义势力,仅在过去一年,在意大利、印度、欧盟、澳大利亚、英国和爱尔兰举行的选举中,他们的政治家和政策遭到了唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)总统领导的全国民粹主义力量的镇压。这场全球民粹主义超级风暴现在已经席卷全球,回到了美国。特朗普现在已经把美国最大的社会主义控制的加利福尼亚州定为"被占领土"加利福尼亚州及其边境州俄勒冈州的公民现在呼吁他们能够加入爱达荷州,以便他们能够重获自由——他们向特朗普发出了这样一个紧急呼吁:"俄勒冈州立法机构颁布的法律威胁到我们的生计、我们的工业、我们的钱包、我们的持枪权和我们的价值观,农村各县对此越来越感到愤怒......我们试图把这些议员投票出去,但俄勒冈州的农村人口已经接近寡不敌众,我们的声音现在被忽视了......这是我们最后的手段......这是一个紧急的呼吁,昨天一路传到了欧洲——新的民粹主义英国政府,所有这些都表明这些左翼全球主义势力,他们的暴政统治即将结束。



According to this report,in the aftermath of World War II that saw vast swaths of our world laying in ruins and tens-of-millions dead,an astute observation was made by retired US Navy officer Robert Heinlein(most famously known as"the dean of science fiction writers")about our world that saw him saying"The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire"—a saying that most accurately describes our world today where globalist-socialist leaders seek to control the lives of people through government oppression—as opposed to national-populists ones who believe people have a right to be free from government control—with the former believing that people are not able to govern their lives and need elite rulers to oversee them like parents look after their children—as opposed to the latter that believes people are best left to decide their own lives,as this right is given to them by God and cannot be interfered with by government.

根据这份报告,美国海军退役军官罗伯特·海因莱因(Robert Heinlein)对我们的世界做出了敏锐的观察,他说:"人类在政治上分为希望被控制的人和没有这种欲望的人"——这句话最准确地描述了当今世界,全球主义者和社会主义者的领导人试图控制人们的生活。他说:通过政府压迫的人们——与认为人们有权摆脱政府控制的民族平民主义者相反——前者认为人们无法管理自己的生活,需要精英统治者来监督他们,就像父母照顾自己的孩子一样——与后者相反,后者认为人们最好由自己决定自己的生活,因为这种权利是上帝赋予他们的,不能受到政府的干涉。

In the United States,in fact,this report notes,its Declaration of Independence draws the starkest distinction between these two forces with the words:"We hold these truths to be self-evident,that all men are created equal,that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,that among these are Life,Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"—thirty-six words whose full understanding of provides the only explanation one needs to understand what is occurring in America today—specifically because President Trump was elected to protect them—while his socialist Democrat Party enemies need them destroyed so they can take these rights away from the American people and rule over them without fear or consequence—with everything else occurring being nothing more than smoke and mirrors as this battle rages on.



In defending the proposition that the United States is best served by protecting the God-given rights of its citizens,this report continues,President Trump has made a compelling argument for his national-populist side after his unleashing these peoples'freedoms and abilities by government regulation cuts and tax breaks to create an"economic miracle"of prosperity for everyone,regardless of race,creed or religion—while at the same time,the socialist Democrat Party argument for their rights-stripping side is a future of"free stuff"whose full cost of the entire world wouldn't be able to pay for.


With one supposing that even these socialist Democrats know that a real"economic miracle” can’t compete, much less win out against a “future of unaffordable free stuff, this report details, they’ve added to the argument for their side the outright destruction of President Trump—a destruction, however, these socialist Democrats haven’t come even close to accomplishing—best evidenced most recently by their failed impeachment of Trump that skyrocketed him to his highest approval rating of all time—a failed destruction of Trump that has now unleashed his Attorney General William Barr to begin a criminal investigation into matters relating to the Bidens and Ukraine—as well as its now causing feared US Attorney John Durham to expand his criminal probe right into the Muller investigation of Trump—all striking such terror into socialist Democrats they now have their leftist mainstream media lapdogs claiming that Barr is about to resign because of Trump’s tweets—a lying claim immediately responded to by the Department of Justice simply and firmly stating: “Addressing Beltway rumors: The Attorney General has no plans to resign”—but in whose most significant essence about, sees the fact being that Trump isn’t controlling Barr—rather it’s the other way around, Barr is controlling Trump—as Barr isn’t just serving Trumphe’s fighting for a theory of presidential power called the Unitary Executive—a theory socialist Democrats and leftists fearfully say will create an “Imperial Presidency”—whom Barr mocked with his words:

他的司法部长威廉·巴尔(William Barr)将启动一项刑事调查,调查有关拜登夫妇和乌克兰的事务,以及现在令人担心的美国司法部长约翰·达勒姆(John Durham)扩大对特朗普的穆勒调查的刑事调查范围,所有这些都让社会主义民主党人感到恐惧,他们现在有左派的主流媒体走狗,声称巴尔将因为特朗普的推文而辞职。司法部立即对这一谎言做出了回应,简单而坚定地表示:"处理华盛顿谣言:司法部长

One of the more amusing aspects of modern progressive polemic is their breathless attacks on the"unitary executive theory."


They portray this as some new-fangled"theory"to justify Executive power of sweeping scope.


In reality,the idea of the unitary executive does not go so much to the breadth of Presidential power.


Rather,the idea is that,whatever the Executive powers may be,they must be exercised under the President's supervision.


This is not"new,"and it is not a"theory."It is a description of what the Framers unquestionably did in Article II of the Constitution.


Even Jefferson–usually seen as less of a hawk than Hamilton on Executive power–was insistent that Executive power be placed in"single hands,"and he cited the America's unitary Executive as a signal feature that distinguished America's success from France's failed republican experiment.


The implications of the Framers'decision are obvious.


If Congress attempts to vest the power to execute the law in someone beyond the control of the President,it contravenes the Framers'clear intent to vest that power in a single person,the President.


So much for this supposedly nefarious theory of the unitary executive.



Yesterday when President Trump was asked about his involvement with Attorney General Barr and the Department of Justice,this report concludes,he gave an illuminating answer stating: “I'm allowed to be totally involved, I'm actually, I guess, the chief law enforcement officer of the country…But I've chosen not to be involved”—an actually trepidatious response proving Trump is being guided by Barr into how to fully use Unitary Executive power—though Trump seems still unsure on how to master it yet—and whose baby-steps in learning about saw Trump, also yesterday, granting pardons and clemency for 11 people—that predictably saw the socialist Democrats and their leftist media lapdogs, unlike when President Obama granted pardons to Iranian terrorists, igniting a firestorm over—a leftist firestorm centering on Trump’spardon of former Democrat Party Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich—who, in 2009, was unjustly sentenced to 14-years in prison by the same leftist judge who had just sentenced mob informant Nick Calabrese to 12 years in prison for committing 14 murders—making it understandable why even a leftist Chicago Sun newspaper reporter wrote: “I know Blagojevich was guilty as hell, but 14 years is insane”—but whose greatest significance of Trump’s sentence commutations using his Unitary Executive power can be understood by knowing that Blagojevich remains a hero among Democrat Party black peoples in Illinois who cheered his release—and when walking out of the prison Trump had freed him from a few hours ago, saw Blagojevich declaring to the horror of all socialist Democrats: “If you're asking what my party affiliation is: I'm a Trumpocrat”—which one knows will be another Trump-led national-populist party these leftist lunatic Democrats will have to deal with.

昨天,当特朗普总统被问及他与司法部长巴尔(Barr)和司法部(Department of Justice)的关系时,这份报告得出结论,他给出了一个富有启发性的答案:"我被允许完全参与,我猜我实际上是这个国家的首席执法官......但我选择不参与......"——这实际上是一个令人不安的回答,证明特朗普正在巴尔的指导下充分利用统一行政权力——尽管特朗普似乎仍然不确定如何掌握这种权力——以及在了解特朗普方面是谁迈出了
同样在昨天,对11人的赦免和宽恕——可以预见到社会主义民主党及其左派媒体走狗——不像奥巴马总统赦免伊朗恐怖分子,引发了一场围绕特朗普赦免前民主党伊利诺伊州州长 Rod blagojevich 的左派风暴,被同一位左翼法官不公正地判处14年有期徒刑,这位法官刚刚以14起谋杀案判处暴徒线人尼克·卡拉布雷斯(Nick Calabrese)12年有期徒刑。这就可以理解为什么一位左翼的《芝加哥太阳报》(Chicago Sun)记者写道:"我知道布拉戈耶维奇有罪,但14年是疯狂的"。但是,如果知道布拉戈耶维奇仍然是伊利诺伊州民主党黑人中的英雄,为他的获释欢呼,就可以理解特朗普几个小时前从监狱里走出来时,他的减刑最重要的意义,布拉戈耶维奇向所有的社会主义民主党人发出了惊恐的声明:"如果你问我的党派归属是什么:我是特朗普政党"——人们知道,这些左翼疯狂的民主党人将不得不应对另一个由特朗普领导的国家民粹主义政党。



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