特朗普总统: “杀害儿童是一件大事”—— Sierra(NZ)

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Today President Trump spoke openly about his mission to end sex trafficking of women-and the killing of children.


Check out this pinned tweet from MrChelseaBoss.It features a video of POTUS talking to the press about it...

看看这个来自 MrChelseaBoss 的推文,其中有一段总统对媒体谈论此事的视频


'Human trafficking is a big deal.Killing of children is a big deal.Children are probably the most harmed by not have the wall or its equivalent...Women have tape put over their mouths and are smuggled across the border...'(President Trump talking to the press outside Marine One helicopter)


The President of the United States just said'killing of children is a big deal'.It was in the context of human sex trafficking into USA.AND NOT ONE REPORTER ASKED HIM A QUESTION ABOUT IT.


This one act alone speaks volumes for the complicit arrangement between the Deep State and the mainstream media.


I am a former journalist.If I attended a press conference where our Prime Minister talked about women and children being smuggled into New Zealand for sex trafficking-and children were being KILLED-and not one reporter asked for details,it would be unbelievable.


As President Trump often says,'The mainstream media is the greatest enemy of the people.'


There are many new Q posts.It seems that the Ten Days of Darkness may have referred to the last ten days without Q posting.If so,it indicates that big things are due to happen-Q has been talking about the Ten Days of Darkness for a long time.


Anons are discussing this theory...


The Deep State Demonrats deliberately released the virus-DURING ELECTION YEAR-to force the US economy into recession on President Trump's watch.More importantly,the lock down would be their excuse for introducing mail voting for the November election.Mail voting would allow them to falsify millions of votes using illegal migrants and the identities of dead people.It is their last desperate move to steal a landslide election win from President Trump.

在特朗普总统任期内,"深州恶魔"(Deep State Demonrats)故意在大选年释放病毒,迫使美国经济陷入衰退。更重要的是,封锁将成为他们在11月大选中引入邮件投票的借口。通过邮件投票,他们可以利用非法移民和死者的身份伪造数百万张选票。这是他们最后一次孤注一掷地从特朗普总统手中抢走压倒性的选举胜利

Plan thwarted,bad guys.You totally underestimated the brilliance of the Divine Plan being implemented by President Trump and the Alliance.Q often says,'THESE PEOPLE ARE STUPID'.

计划被挫败了坏人们。你完全低估了特朗普总统和联盟正在实施的神圣计划的才华。Q 经常说,'这些人很愚蠢'

Phew,a lot of capital letters today-but it IS an intense time with a great deal happening.


Meanwhile here in New Zealand during lock down,my neighbors are chatting in driveways...I have been grocery shopping for elderly neighbors..children are out walking with their parents,teddy-bear spotting(I have three lined up in my office window).There is an air of loving community connection.Everyone is looking out for each other.


I would say that the Light is WINNING BIGLY,wouldn't you??


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light





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