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Source:Dinar Chronicles

It doesn't matter what you think of EyeTheSpy-whether he/she is a so-called'larp'or not-EyeTheSpy gave clues weeks ago that Melania Trump would ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange on the first day of Fall,wearing a black dress.


Scroll down the Twitter feed...


I was puzzled by the numerous EyeTheSpy tweets about'FALL BLACK'in recent weeks.This important tweet explains all...


'Today,on the first day of Fall,in a quiet Black dress,the First Lady of the United States,Melania Trump,rang a bell that echoed across the entire world in an instant,signalling the start of a new Era.'(EyeTheSpy tweet).


Melania was accompanied by children from a United Nations private school,outraging their parents...


Here is a video of Melania and the children at the NY Stock Exchange...


Why did Melania take children from a United Nations school to the New York Stock Exchange to ring the bell on the first day of Fall?Nothing FLOTUS and POTUS do is by accident.Every single move they make supports the intricate Alliance plan to liberate humanity.I believe the children's presence was to send a powerful message to the Deep State:'WE are looking after the children now;they are safe with us.'


The United Nations is a cesspool of child sex trafficking,corrupt to its core.Melania's ringing the bell at the New York Stock Exchange(financial HQ of the Deep State)on the first day of Fall signifies the fall of the Deep State-forever.It is the'shot'that rings around the world,the striking of the liberty bell.Q's battle cry'Where We Go One We Go All'is inscribed on the bell on JFK's yacht.


Who came so close to bringing back the gold standard,to be followed by the Global Currency Reset-and paid for his bravery with his life?President John F Kennedy.


This one amazing move by Melania Trump ties together everything in the Alliance Plan.And it all spells one word:VICTORY.


The Alliance is telling the world:'WE are in charge now.WE are in charge of the money.WE are in charge of looking after the children.The Deep State is DEAD.'


This event clears the passage for the RV/GCR and everything humanity needs for true prosperity and freedom.


God bless Melania Trump,President Trump and the entire Alliance Team.Your incredible bravery has brought the inhabitants of this planet back from the brink of destruction.There are not enough words to describe the enormity of your sacrifice.


We love you!


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light




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