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失败的联合国(UN)本周将再次召开一次无关紧要的联合国大会(General Assembly)会议,世界正走向某种摊牌。

本杰明报道|2023/09/18 世界即将在联合国畜栏摊牌

The world is headed for some sort of showdown as the failed UN gathers this week for another irrelevant General Assembly meeting. The only so-called leader of the 5 permanent members of the Security Council to attend will be the fake US “President” Joe Biden. The UN failed to achieve its year 2000 goals of ending poverty and stopping environmental destruction and it is failing to meet the same goals after moving the goal post to 2030. To understand what the UN really represents, take a look at their 666 building in West Africa.

失败的联合国(UN)本周将再次召开一次无关紧要的联合国大会(General Assembly)会议,世界正走向某种摊牌。安理会5个常任理事国中唯一所谓的领导人将是假冒的美国“总统”乔 · 拜登。联合国未能实现其2000年消除贫困和停止环境破坏的目标,并且在将目标提前到2030年之后也未能实现同样的目标。要了解联合国真正代表的是什么,看看他们在西非的666号建筑。

本杰明报道|2023/09/18 世界即将在联合国畜栏摊牌

No wonder the world is now waiting for the entire Khazarian Mafia-dominated post-war world order to collapse and its leadership to face war crimes tribunals.


Even the fake US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken was forced to admit “What we are experiencing now is more than a test of the post-Cold War order. It’s the end of it.”

甚至假冒的美国国务卿安东尼 · 布林肯也被迫承认“我们现在所经历的不仅仅是对后冷战秩序的考验。一切都结束了。”


That’s why all sorts of intrigue is going on under the surface as the battle to replace the collapsing KM intensifies.


One very interesting such incident was the temporary arrest of Canadian Crime Minister Justin Castrudeau in India at last week’s G20 meeting. Indian drug-sniffing dogs “detected large amounts of illegal drugs aboard” Castrudeau’s official airplane, according to Canadian Security Intelligence Service officials.

一个非常有趣的事件是,在上周的 G20会议上,加拿大犯罪部长贾斯汀 · 卡斯特鲁多(Justin Castrudeau)在印度被临时逮捕。据加拿大安全情报局官员称,印度缉毒犬“在卡斯特鲁多的官方飞机上发现了大量非法毒品”。

本杰明报道|2023/09/18 世界即将在联合国畜栏摊牌

本杰明报道|2023/09/18 世界即将在联合国畜栏摊牌

本杰明报道|2023/09/18 世界即将在联合国畜栏摊牌

本杰明报道|2023/09/18 世界即将在联合国畜栏摊牌

本杰明报道|2023/09/18 世界即将在联合国畜栏摊牌

本杰明报道|2023/09/18 世界即将在联合国畜栏摊牌

本杰明报道|2023/09/18 世界即将在联合国畜栏摊牌

本杰明报道|2023/09/18 世界即将在联合国畜栏摊牌

The official story is that Castrudeau’s plane was delayed due to unspecified mechanical issues. Then, in a supposedly unrelated development, “Canada has announced it would postpone an October trade mission to India, in the midst of strained relations between the two countries.”


The truth is Canada under the Satanist Castrudeau regime has now become an international pariah. As Indian columnist Ajit Datta notes “Justin Trudeau is a mascot of everything that is wrong with the world today.”

事实是,在撒旦教卡斯特鲁多统治下的加拿大现在已经成为国际社会的弃儿。正如印度专栏作家阿吉特•达塔(Ajit Datta)指出的那样: “贾斯汀•特鲁多(Justin Trudeau)是当今世界所有问题的吉祥物。”

Among other things Castrudeau is now one of the top drug money laundering agents in the world, CSIS sources say.


Since the Taleban shut down heroin production in Afghanistan, production was shifted to Iraq and the drug money is being laundered through Canada via the Ukraine, the officials say.


The videos and visuals below illustrate other criminal aspects of the Castrudeau regime.


The reason he is still allowed to strut in public at all is because he is going to face public justice and probable execution at war crimes tribunals along with his boss Klaus Schwab Rothschild and his fellow Satanists, White Dragon Society officials say.’

白龙协会的官员说,他之所以仍然被允许在公共场合趾高气扬,是因为他将面临公正的审判,并可能与他的老板克劳斯 · 施瓦布 · 罗斯柴尔德(Klaus Schwab Rothschild)和他的撒旦崇拜者同伴一起在战争罪法庭受到处决。

Although their demise is inevitable, the month of October will be key to making this happen sooner rather than later.


The reason, of course, is the US Corporation is again facing bankruptcy as the September 30th fiscal year-end approaches.


With one month left to go, the deficit for fiscal 2023 now stands at $1.52 trillion and no source of funding has been found for this so far.



This is especially true following the failure of a major push by the P2 Freemasons to convince China to fork out the money.

尤其是在 P2共济会(P2 Freemasons)说服中国掏钱的重大努力失败之后,情况更是如此。

US “Ambassador” to Japan Rahm Emanuel and his fellow Satanists thought the KM could pull another Obama con job on the Chinese by offering Kamala Harris as a brown-skinned female slave president for the US Corporation.

美国驻日本“大使”拉姆 · 伊曼纽尔(Rahm Emanuel)和他的撒旦崇拜者同伴们认为,知识分子可以通过让卡玛拉 · 哈里斯(Kamala Harris)担任美国公司的棕色皮肤女性奴隶总统,再次骗过奥巴马。

On Friday, he posted on X/Twitter claiming Chinese Defense Minister Gen Li Shangfu Li had not appeared at a scheduled meeting with the Singaporean chief of navy because he was “placed under house arrest”.

上周五,他在 X/Twitter 上发帖称,中国国防部长李上将没有按计划出席与新加坡海军司令的会晤,因为他被“软禁”。

Emanuel was freaking out because Li was supposed to sign over gold-backed bonds that would have provided enough money to keep the US Corporation going until 2025, by which time they hoped to start all-out nuclear war in order to get out of debt, according to Chinese intelligence agency sources.


The deal had been in the works since March and the plan was to bribe the Chinese with $1.5 trillion or so with the intention of giving each and every Chinese person about $1,000. This was to “help overcome economic troubles caused by the collapsing real estate sector.”


Instead, Chinese President Xi Jinping arrested Li alongside over 200 PLA Rocket Force associates and thus prevented nuclear war, the sources say. 


By the way, Li’s disappearance is not related to the firing of Foreign Minister Qin Gang in July. Chinese intelligence sources say Gang was removed because he sexually assaulted a news reporter.



The sources added there is no money in China these days because of the real estate crisis and that this is causing political instability. Nonetheless, the Chinese know they need to undertake painful structural reforms and not try to paper over the problem with funny money.


The failure of this bond deal was followed by multiple rounds of meetings in Malta on Saturday and Sunday between senior Chinese and U.S. officials. Wang Yi, director of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee told U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. “China’s development has strong endogenous driving force and follows inevitable historical logic and it cannot be stopped.”


As evidence of this, a group of 134 countries representing 80% of the world’s population and over two-thirds of UN votes met in Havana on September 15-16 week to call for “comprehensive reform of the international financial architecture and a more inclusive and coordinated approach to global financial governance.”

作为证据,代表世界80% 人口和联合国三分之二以上投票的134个国家于9月15日至16日在哈瓦那举行会议,呼吁“全面改革国际金融架构,以更加包容和协调的方式进行全球金融治理。”


At the meeting, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez noted CocaCola spends more money on advertising than the International Monetary funds does to support least developed countries and other low-income countries. He adds that “an international financial architecture” that forces 80% of the world into debt slavery “must be demolished.”

古巴总统米格尔·迪亚斯·卡内尔贝穆德斯在会上指出,可口可乐在支持最不发达国家和其他低收入国家方面的广告投入比国际货币基金组织还要多。他补充说,迫使世界上80% 的国家陷入债务奴役的“国际金融架构”必须被摧毁


Africa is leading this fight against slavery. The overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya was a wake-up call. It turns out even the US general in charge of AfriCom refused to fight against Gaddafi when he found out he would be allied to the very same Al Qaeda jihadists his comrades were fighting against in Iraq. The British and French secret services were behind these Jihadists, according to French Journalist Thierry Meyssan.

非洲正在领导这场反对奴隶制的斗争。利比亚推翻穆阿迈尔•卡扎菲(Muammar Gaddafi)政权敲响了警钟。事实证明,即使是负责 AfriCom 事务的美国将军,当他发现卡扎菲将与他的战友们在伊拉克打击的基地组织圣战分子结盟时,也拒绝与他作战。根据法国记者 ThierryMeyssan 的说法,英国和法国的情报机构是这些圣战分子的幕后黑手。

Gaddafi’s fall awakened his enemies. Blacks were once again massacred by Arabs, even if they were Libyan nationals, and reduced to slavery, under the insensitive eyes of the Western victors…The poor African states economically supported by Libya collapsed, starting with Mali. Meyssan blames obedience to the Americans for France’s loss of its African allies (colonies). 

卡扎菲的倒台唤醒了他的敌人。黑人再次被阿拉伯人屠杀,即使他们是利比亚公民,在西方胜利者麻木不仁的眼光下沦为奴隶... ... 利比亚经济支持下的贫穷非洲国家从马里开始崩溃。梅桑将法国失去非洲盟友(殖民地)归咎于对美国的服从。 


Despite their isolation, the Satanists, of course, are fighting tooth and nail to stay in power and avoid justice through the usual combination of terror, murder, identity theft, bribery, blackmail etc.


They are nonetheless freaking out because their attempt to genocide their way out of trouble with bio-weapons and toxic vaccines is failing. Even the corporate propaganda media is admitting only 17% of Americans are now brainwashed enough to take their vaccines. It is amazing even such a percentage remains.

尽管如此,他们还是吓坏了,因为他们试图用生物武器和有毒疫苗来解决种族灭绝问题的努力正在失败。甚至连企业宣传媒体也承认,现在只有17% 的美国人被洗脑到可以接种疫苗的程度。令人惊讶的是,即使这样的百分比仍然存在。

The US Centers for Disease Control itself is saying one million mRNA Covid shots for teens will prevent 0-1 Covid deaths and CAUSE 100,000-200,000 severe side effects.

美国疾病控制中心表示,为青少年注射100万个 mRNA 冠状病毒疾病可以预防0-1冠状病毒疾病的死亡和10-20万个严重的副作用。


Their studies also show the risk for myocarditis, myocarditis, an autoimmune disease causing inflammation of the heart, is 13,300% higher among the vaccinated than among the unvaccinated. https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2788346

他们的研究还显示,接种疫苗的人患心肌炎的风险比未接种疫苗的人高13,300% 。心肌炎是一种引起心脏炎症的自体免疫性疾病。

When top CDC official Carol Baker was asked how to deal with the unvaccinated she said “We will just get rid of all the whites in the United States”

当美国疾病控制与预防中心高级官员卡罗尔 · 贝克被问及如何处理未接种疫苗的人时,她说: “我们只要把美国所有的白人都赶走就行了。”

Even the head of the World Harm Organization, the international terrorist Tedros, has admitted he personally is not vaccinated.


So, with the bio-weapons and vaccine campaign blowing up in their faces, the KM are using micro-wave and other weather warfare tools to try to use “climate change” to terrorize the world into submission.


The weather warfare is also for money laundering. That is why the U.S. experienced 23 separate billion-dollar weather and climate disasters in the first eight months of 2023 — the largest number since records began. The money mostly “gets lost” in administrative fees. 


Open theft also occurs. In the video below, a Maui resident says he doesn’t follow the rules.


“FEMA took away all the stuff that the locals were handing out on the side of the road. They took it away from everyone. Why?”


If you don’t believe this was caused by weapons, listen to retired fire captain Mathew Dakin describe the evidence of the use of such weapons in California.

如果你不相信这是由武器造成的,听听退休消防队长 Mathew Dakin 描述在加利福尼亚使用这种武器的证据。

Australian Sky News presenter Alan Jones provides further evidence that “climate change” is a fake:

澳大利亚天空新闻主持人艾伦 · 琼斯(Alan Jones)提供了进一步的证据,证明“气候变化”是假的:

“CO2 makes up 0.04% of the atmosphere and humans are responsible for 3% of that 0.04%. That’s like saying, ‘There’s a grain of sugar on the Harbor Bridge. Clean the bridge, it’s dirty.

“二氧化碳占大气的0.04% ,其中3% 是人类排放的。这就像是在说,‘海港大桥上有一颗糖。’。把桥清理干净,很脏。

Fake Biden even tells the world that his administration will “increase the number and intensity of extreme weather events.”


Then suddenly in Libya: “Oh, look, more climate change.” The huge flood there “was NOT a natural disaster, as we know,” Mossad sources say. The 2 dams were deliberately collapsed by the KM as a warning not to cut off free Libyan oil to Europe, they explain.

然后突然在利比亚: “哦,看,更多的气候变化。”摩萨德消息人士称,那里的大洪水“并非我们所知的自然灾害”。他们解释说,这两座大坝是 KM 故意倒塌的,目的是警告利比亚不要切断对欧洲的免费石油供应。

(See attached short video)


The KM is also still trying desperately – and unsuccessfully – to censor the truth.


Ian Sams, a spokesman for the White House Counsel’s Office, wrote in a “memo to editorial leadership” at major news outlets that the Senate investigation into Biden’s crimes “finds no evidence that Joe Biden did anything wrong.” “Should set alarm bells ringing among news organizations.”

白宫法律顾问办公室发言人伊恩 · 萨姆斯(Ian Sams)在主要新闻机构的“编辑部领导备忘录”中写道,参议院对拜登罪行的调查“没有发现任何证据表明乔 · 拜登做错了什么”“应该在新闻机构中敲响警钟”


Even CNN’s “fact check” on the allegations made in the Biden impeachment investigation confirms this: The Bidens received $20 million through shell companies

甚至 CNN 对拜登弹劾调查中的指控进行的“事实核查”也证实了这一点: 拜登夫妇通过空壳公司获得了2000万美元

An FBI informant claims he received a $10 million bribe


Joe Biden took part in discussions with Hunter’s business partners

乔 · 拜登参加了与亨特的商业伙伴的讨论

Six banks have filed over 150 reports of suspicious activity.


The clip below shows that CNN’s newfound interest in the truth is too little, too late.

下面的视频显示,CNN 对真相的新兴趣太少,也太迟了。

Another example of failed censorship is the attempt to ban a documentary about our drug mafia controlled “leaders”.


The truth is on the rise. A recent example is Tucker Carlson’s interview with Argentine presidential candidate Javier Milei, a libertarian who wants to abolish central banks, which has been viewed over 367 MILLION times.

真相正在浮出水面。最近的一个例子是塔克 · 卡尔森对阿根廷总统候选人哈维尔 · 米莱的采访。米莱是一位自由意志主义者,他希望废除中央银行,该采访被观看了超过3.67亿次。

In another example, a social media post revealing the extraordinary sum Bill Gates profited from the Covid pandemic was viewed millions of times in just two days.

另一个例子是,社交媒体上一篇揭露比尔•盖茨(Bill Gates)从冠状病毒疫情中获利巨大的帖子,在短短两天内就被浏览了数百万次。

Popular … just a few months before the pandemic was announced… Gates dumped his shares in November 2021 at an average selling price of $300 per share… the same day he said: ‘We need a new kind of vaccination because the vaccines *have not stopped transmission*’, despite all his previous claims to the contrary.

受欢迎... ... 就在疫情宣布前几个月... ... 盖茨在2021年11月以每股300美元的平均售价抛售了自己的股票... ... 同一天他说: “我们需要一种新型疫苗,因为疫苗 * 没有停止传播 *”,尽管他之前的所有说法都与此相反。


Also, Dr. Peter McCullough exposes the entire KM-WEF SYNDICATE to the European Parliament in a viral video that can be seen below.

此外,Peter McCullough 博士将整个KM世界经济论坛辛迪加暴露在欧洲议会的病毒视频中,可以在下面看到。

本杰明报道|2023/09/18 世界即将在联合国畜栏摊牌

Under these circumstances, the rats turn on each other, as they always do. If you have time, check out this detailed article with facts.


Former Zelensky administration officials speak to NATIONAL FILE: Zelensky is accused of money laundering, stealing American money, stalking opponents, using cocaine, selling his weapons, accepting Russian money and more

前泽伦斯基政府官员对国家档案说: 泽伦斯基被指控洗钱,偷窃美国货币,跟踪对手,使用可卡因,出售武器,接受俄罗斯货币等等

https://nationalfile.com/former-zelensky-administration-officials-speak-to-national-file-zelensky-accused-of-money-laundering-stealing-american-money-persecuting-opponents-cocaine-use-selling- his-weapons-taking-russian/

KM’s child trafficking is also exposed. The Ukrainian government and NATO use fronts such as “Phoenix” and “White Angel” to illegally kidnap and sell children.

KM 的贩卖儿童行为也被曝光。乌克兰政府和北约利用“凤凰”和“白天使”等幌子非法绑架和贩卖儿童。

Ivan Bakanov, former head of the Ukrainian Security Service, authorized the “Phoenix” organization to carry out forced evacuations of children from areas close to war zones and gave direct orders to take “the harshest measures” against citizens who were unwilling to give their consent Voluntary surrender of children in so-called evacuation operations, according to Polish intelligence sources.

据波兰情报人士透露,乌克兰前国家安全局局长伊万? 巴卡诺夫授权“凤凰”组织从战区附近地区强制撤离儿童,并直接下令对不愿同意撤离的公民采取“最严厉的措施”。

Admiral Anthony Radakin, one of President Zelensky’s top NATO advisers, and AFU Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluzhny are also said to be involved. The Ukrainian population is forced to hide children in basements and abandoned apartments to prevent them from being kidnapped and trafficked. Read the full investigation here:

据说,泽伦斯基总统的北约高级顾问之一、海军上将安东尼 · 拉达金和武装部队总司令瓦列里 · 扎卢日尼也参与了此事。乌克兰人被迫把儿童藏在地下室和废弃的公寓里,以防止他们被绑架和贩卖。点击这里阅读完整的调查:


How absurdly evil the Ukrainian regime has become is demonstrated by its development of special uniforms for pregnant women fighting on the front lines.


本杰明报道|2023/09/18 世界即将在联合国畜栏摊牌

The Khazarian mafia is even starting to show its face. Despite their Jewish costumes, don’t be fooled into thinking they are Satanists

可萨 黑手党甚至开始露面了。尽管他们穿着犹太服装,不要被愚弄,以为他们是撒旦崇拜者

“Why do we allow children to be trafficked across borders, not just our own children, but also the children of other peoples? Nobody mentions the 60,000 Ukrainian children who have simply disappeared,” says Colonel Douglas MacGregor. “It’s time to restore the rule of law, we must crush crime, we must restore the integrity of the electoral process. Most people in Washington remind us of those we used to beat up in bars for entertainment. Don’t be afraid of these people,” he says.

“我们为什么允许儿童跨越边界被贩卖,不仅是我们自己的儿童,而且还有其他民族的儿童?没有人提到6万名乌克兰儿童就这样失踪了,”道格拉斯 · 麦格雷戈上校说。“现在是恢复法治的时候了,我们必须打击犯罪,我们必须恢复选举过程的完整性。华盛顿的大多数人让我们想起了那些我们在酒吧里为了娱乐而殴打的人。不要害怕这些人。”。

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden showed who he works for by kissing John McCain’s memorial in Vietnam. McCain was executed for treason.

与此同时,美国总统乔 · 拜登在越南亲吻约翰 · 麦凯恩的纪念碑,以此表明他为谁工作。麦凯恩因叛国罪被处决。

In another public admission of evil, avatar Nancy Pelosi told Anderson Cooper Vanderbilt on CNN, “I’m rather reptilian and cold-blooded.”

在另一个公开承认邪恶,化身南希佩洛西告诉安德森库珀范德比尔特在 CNN,“我相当爬行动物和冷血。”

By the way, it looks like Senator John Fetterman has also been replaced by an avatar. His forearm tattoos are gone. “The original died from the injections, which caused a stroke,” says the CIA.

顺便说一句,看起来参议员约翰 · 费特曼也被一个阿凡达取代了。他的前臂纹身不见了。中央情报局说: “最初的注射死亡,导致中风。”。

本杰明报道|2023/09/18 世界即将在联合国畜栏摊牌
本杰明报道|2023/09/18 世界即将在联合国畜栏摊牌

Next, look at Italian Prime Minister Georgia Meloni. She looks like Zelensky. Another cocaine user?


The blatant criminality and compromises of their “leaders” are forcing people to wake up and fight back, even in the formerly brainwashed West.


For example, police arrested a gunman posing as a federal agent as he infiltrated a John F. Kennedy Jr. event in Los Angeles.


In New Mexico, local police rejected WEF PUPPET Gov. Luhan Grisham’s attempt to disarm citizens.

在新墨西哥州,当地警方拒绝了世界经济论坛木偶组织州长卢汉 · 格里沙姆(Luhan Grisham)解除公民武装的企图。

In Chicago, black residents warned that illegal immigrants are being brought in and given the right to vote to disenfranchise Americans.


In the UK, the government has been forced to abandon the 15 minute city agenda because almost all ULEZ cameras have been destroyed and over 50,000 people are refusing to pay the fines.

在英国,政府已经被迫放弃了15分钟的城市议程,因为几乎所有的 ULEZ 摄像头已经被摧毁,超过50,000人拒绝支付罚款。

本杰明报道|2023/09/18 世界即将在联合国畜栏摊牌

In Holland, dozens of politicians, government officials, police chiefs and other traitors are also being forced to resign. Even the “mainstream media” is beginning to realize that the number of conscious people is not thousands, but millions, and that they are supported by lawyers.


Massive lawsuits against Crime Minister Mark Rutte and his criminal gang reveal that the country is actually run by an undemocratic private World Economic Forum.

针对犯罪部长马克 · 吕特及其犯罪团伙的大量诉讼表明,这个国家实际上是由一个不民主的私人世界经济论坛管理的。

An undeclared civil war is also underway in Israel, as tens of thousands demonstrate against Israel’s far-right cabinet for the 35th consecutive week.


本杰明报道|2023/09/18 世界即将在联合国畜栏摊牌

Israeli patriots have also brought this coin to our attention, which shows their government’s involvement in crimes like 9/11.


本杰明报道|2023/09/18 世界即将在联合国畜栏摊牌

If the US military fails to take action against the criminals who have hijacked their government, the rest of the world is preparing to take action; even on the US mainland.


In a sign that some sort of military move against the United States is possible, military delegations from China, Russia, most Latin American countries and many other countries gathered in Mexico last week.


If the US military is going to operate on the borders of China and Russia, these countries will probably have decided to respond in kind.


So please pick up your phones and force the military to take action.



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