X22报道|第3026集: 货币战争已经开始,深层政府被逼入绝境

2023年3月23日15:31:50最新动态X22报道|第3026集: 货币战争已经开始,深层政府被逼入绝境已关闭评论287阅读模式


X22报道|第3026集: 货币战争已经开始,深层政府被逼入绝境

Ep. 3026a – The Currency War Has Begun, The [CBDC] Is Being Rejected, This Will Spread WW


Ep. 3026b – [DS] Backed Into A Corner, Optics Are Important, They All Lose, Retribution




The Green New Deal is not going as planned, the EU needs to back off combustion engines ban because they cannot meet their goal. Ca signs onto ESG investing, investors are taking their money else where. The State are pushing back against [CBDC] and now Congress is pushing back on it.



The [DS] is panicking, their plan failed, they wanted a shocking arrest and they did not get it, Trump countered their plan. The DA is now struggling with the case against Trump and the world is figuring out that their is no case. The [DS] is now shifting gears and pushing the crimes to Jack Smith’s case but this will fail. Optics are important, the [DS] is backed into a corner and they are losing in the court of public opinion, retribution is coming.

[DS]正在恐慌,他们的计划失败了,他们想要一个令人震惊的逮捕,但他们没有得到,特朗普反击了他们的计划。地方检察官现在正在为起诉特朗普的案子而苦苦挣扎,全世界都在认识到他们的案子根本就不是案子。[ DS ]现在正在改变策略,把犯罪推到杰克 · 史密斯的案子上,但这将失败。光学是重要的,[ DS ]被逼到了角落,他们在公众舆论的法庭上输了,报复来了。


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