X22报告|第2857集: 经济抗议即将来临,特朗普刚刚提到特朗普牌了吗?

2022年8月24日15:36:01最新动态X22报告|第2857集: 经济抗议即将来临,特朗普刚刚提到特朗普牌了吗?已关闭评论2402阅读模式

[ DS ]是出于恐惧而做出的反应。他们知道特朗普拥有一切,他们所有的叛国罪。特朗普一直在引诱他们上钩,表现得软弱而实力强大。

X22报告|第2857集: 经济抗议即将来临,特朗普刚刚提到特朗普牌了吗?

Ep. 2857a – Trump Was Right Again, Winter Is Coming, Economic Protests Coming


Ep. 2857b – Did Trump Just Mention The Trump Card? How Do You Catch A Fish? Use Bait

特朗普刚才是不是提到了特朗普牌? 你如何捕鱼? 使用诱饵



The [CB]/Biden Administration are now trying to buy votes with canceling student loan debt. Most of the people believe this will cause inflation. The [CB]/[WEF] are now trapped in their own agenda and Trump is right again, Europe is trouble, their only option is Russia, winter is coming and the people will hit the precipice.



The [DS] is reacting out of fear. They know that Trump has everything, all of their treasonous crimes. Trump has been baiting them in, appearing weak while is strong. The [DS] is now trapped in their own agenda and the people are now seeing how the FBI and DOJ are weaponized by the Biden administration. Trump is now taking action because they violated the fourth amendment. Trump sends a message about the Trump card. Is he suggesting that it is time to use the Trump card?

[ DS ]是出于恐惧而做出的反应。他们知道特朗普拥有一切,他们所有的叛国罪。特朗普一直在引诱他们上钩,表现得软弱而实力强大。[DS]现在被困在自己的议事日程中,人们现在看到联邦调查局和司法部是如何被拜登政府武器化的。特朗普现在采取行动是因为他们违反了第四修正案。特朗普传达了一个关于特朗普牌的信息。他是在暗示是时候使用特朗普这张牌了吗?


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