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A new interview with Cobra has been released, and it covers many subjects and gives information that was not shared before to that extent. Some of Cobra's answers caught my attention in particular. He states that the etheric implants are now disintegrating fast because the micro black holes are all gone, but the belief systems that people have adopted are not going away by themselves and they need to be consciously transmuted. About the biochips, those block neuron connections in the brain. This is what I have been witnessing a lot in people: they have loose wires in their brain as I call it and they make the dumbest mistakes, overlook things, keep altering their reading of what happened and it's harder to get through to them.

柯博拉的一个新的采访已经发布,它涵盖了许多主题,并提供了以前没有分享到这个程度的信息。柯博拉的一些回答特别引起了我的注意。他指出,以太植入物现在正在迅速瓦解,因为微型黑洞已经全部消失,但人们所采用的信仰系统并不会自行消失,它们需要有意识地进行转变。关于生物芯片,它们阻断了大脑中的神经连接。这就是我在人们身上看到的很多东西: 他们的大脑里有我所说的松散的电线,他们会犯最愚蠢的错误,忽视事情,不断改变他们对发生的事情的解读,这让他们更难理解。

Then on lightworkers Cobra says on one hand that they were all ascended beings in the distant past, on the other hand that the current state of consciousness of lightworkers on Earth is not at good as the light forces expected. I might add that the light forces have continually underestimated the gravity of the situation on Earth, especially what has been going on underground and how the light workers on this planet have incessantly been targeted by the dark forces incarnation after incarnation. Normies simply don't understand this part of us, how could they? But it seems even the light forces don't really understand, as most of them haven't walked in our shoes.


Then this: "Fortunately, or unfortunately, planet Earth is the focal point for this cosmic process (of collective ascension), so cosmic darkness is being processed through this planet. And Earth's Ascension means actually cosmic Ascension, which regards the end of darkness and the beginning of a new cycle of life." On healing the heart chakra: "First we need to create a safe space where that opening and healing can happen. So this is number one. And when the safe space is manifested, then the transformation can occur and the heart chakra can open again."

然后是这样的: “幸运的,或者不幸的是,地球是这个宇宙过程(集体扬升)的焦点,所以宇宙的黑暗正在通过这个星球被处理。而地球的扬升实际上意味着宇宙的扬升,这意味着黑暗的结束和新生命周期的开始。”关于治愈心轮: “首先,我们需要创造一个安全的空间,在那里打开和治愈可以发生。这是第一个。当安全空间显现出来,转变就会发生,心轮就会再次打开。

A topic that is getting a lot of media coverage lately is the heritage of several centuries of colonial enslavement, especially how members of African tribes were captured and brought to the Americas to be sold and exploited as slaves. In France there have been many riots in the major cities by descendants of immigrants who still feel they are being treated as second rank citizens after a young man of Algerian descent was shot dead by a policeman, in the Netherlands the king offered official apologies for the period of slavery in the Dutch colonies on the day of commemoration of 150 years of the end of slavery. I do feel these apologies carry some weight of sincerity, but I also feel the representatives of the state and kingdom are not yet willing to look deeper, because slavery didn't end, it just morphed into a new disguise of debt slavery, fake democracy and a forceful system of legalized theft known as taxes. And as many have noted: the dark forces try to steer the upset and frustrations of black people and other ethnic "minorities" toward blaming all whites for their supposed cultural arrogance and continued oppression. It's the same old divide and rule strategy at play and so many still fall for it. But there are still many remnants of twisted inequality thinking in people's consciousness, that cannot be denied. For me what matters most is the quality of people's hearts, that is where the real joy and beauty are.

最近媒体大量报道的一个话题是几个世纪的殖民奴役的遗产,特别是非洲部落成员如何被捕获并带到美洲作为奴隶出售和剥削。在法国的主要城市里,移民的后裔发生了许多骚乱,他们仍然觉得自己被当作二等公民对待,因为一名阿尔及利亚后裔的年轻人被警察开枪打死。在荷兰,国王在纪念奴隶制结束150周年的日子里,为荷兰殖民地的奴隶制时期正式道歉。我确实觉得这些道歉有一定的诚意,但我也觉得国家和王国的代表们还不愿意深入调查,因为奴隶制并没有结束,它只是变成了债务奴隶制的新伪装,伪造的民主政体和一个强有力的合法盗窃系统,称为税收。正如许多人指出的那样: 黑暗势力试图引导黑人和其他少数民族的不安和沮丧,指责所有白人为他们所谓的文化傲慢和持续的压迫。这是老一套的分而治之的策略,许多人仍然相信它。但是,在人们的意识中仍然存在许多不平等思想的残余,这是不可否认的。对我来说,最重要的是人心的品质,那才是真正的快乐和美丽所在。

Regarding the economy, the topic that should never have been an issue if it was up to the light forces, here is a good summary of how the Cabal has been seeking to wreck the European economy in particular. One video compilation I saw has a whole swath of American politicians talking in recent years how Russian gas deliveries to Western Europe should be stopped by all means necessary, it's amazing at how they all were spewing the same agenda and making intentions very clear in the years leading up to the blowing up of the Nordstream pipelines in the Baltic Sea. Meanwhile the tragedy in Ukraine drags on, where Russia's government feels the need to continue the fight but is taking collateral damage more or less for granted and Ukraine's government doesn't seem to care how many of their countrymen die in a war they have committed to win but cannot win.


2023年07月02日: 关于奴役与经济的进展报告|xekleidoma


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