6月25日: 当人类和军队进入战斗状态时,Q回来了| 星际飞船地球

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 June 25, 2022 2022年6月25日

6月25日: 当人类和军队进入战斗状态时,Q回来了| 星际飞船地球

We said the situation in America was about to get very active, and Friday June 24th was a red letter day.


First we had the news that the Supreme Court of the United States decided that abortions are contrary to the Constitution and not a federal matter, shunting the legislation and moral obligation to the individual states, where it belongs. Folks need a lot of civics lessons. The following short article on the Rule of Law is a start.


In Focus – The Rule of Law


The power comes from the People, which means they and their representatives at the state level need regular discourse. The Senior Executive Service and the corrupted agencies have run roughshod over the Constitution and the wishes of the People for far too long. The process will work if the People engage, choose and support their representatives of choice through fair elections, and the federal government does their job.


Immediately following the news of the SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe v Wade, States like Missouri and Texas declared abortions illegal and more followed. Today I hear that Alabama shut down every single abortion clinic. I won’t get into the arguments for and against here. Suffice it to say that as with everything else, nothing is what it seems. There are very important reasons why we must stop abortions as subsequent dialogue will reveal, if you’re not already aware.


6月25日: 当人类和军队进入战斗状态时,Q回来了| 星际飞船地球

The next most notable event was the news that “Q is back” and dropping breadcrumbs again. Shall we do the math? Friday was 1700 days since the last Q drop on December 8, 2020. See years of Q posts here on the aggregator that pulls them from the 8kun discussion board, as well as yesterday’s. Newest on top.

下一个最引人注目的事件是“ Q 回来了”和“面包屑又掉了”的新闻。我们来算算吧?周五是自2020年12月8日最后一次 Q 值下降以来的1700天。你可以在聚合器上看到多年来的 Q 帖子,这个聚合器将他们从8kun 论坛上拉出来,还有昨天的帖子。最新的在上面。


Jun 24, 2022 11:04:01 PM EDT
Jun 24,202211:04:01 PM EDT 2022年6月24日美国东部时间下午11:04:01
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 44974c No. 16506930 
问! ! Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 44974c No. 16506930
Are you ready to serve your country again? 你准备好再次为国效力了吗?
Remember your oath. 记住你的誓言

Of course there were those who questioned as to whether it was really Q or an imposter. We had a relatively sound response to that concerning salt and trip codes but you decide. I’m confident it’s Q. Now I see confirmation from Jim Watson the board owner and patriot, that it is Q. The enemy is really shaking in their boots today, my friends.

当然也有人质疑这到底是 Q 还是冒牌货。我们有一个相对健全的反应,关于盐和行程代码,但你决定。我确定是 Q。现在我看到了董事会主席兼爱国者吉姆 · 沃森的确认,那就是 Q。我的朋友们,敌人今天真是胆战心惊。

ArchiveAnon ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️***, [6/25/2022 5:19 AM]
From what I’m hearing, the board did a salt rotation while Q was gone.

档案匿名[6/25/20225:19 AM ]据我所知,在 Q 不在的时候,董事会进行了一次盐循环。

Every password gets checked against a randomized file called a salt, then the hash code generated is used as the trip code.

每个密码都会针对一个称为 salt 的随机文件进行检查,然后生成的哈希代码被用作旅行代码。

It’s incredibly hard to reverse engineer what password will generate what hash, even if you have direct access to the salt file.

即使您可以直接访问 salt 文件,逆向工程什么密码将生成什么散列也是非常困难的。

Two real options here: either the site admin set aside a special salt file specifically for Q’s password while changing all the others (this sounds like something they would try to do) and whoever posted knows Q’s original password (the one he was using back in 2020)

这里有两个真正的选择: 要么网站管理员为 Q 的密码专门设置一个特殊的 salt 文件,同时更改其他所有密码(这听起来像是他们会尝试做的事情) ,要么发帖的人知道 Q 的原始密码(他在2020年使用的那个)



Someone with access to the new salt file has reverse-engineered the salt to figure out what password will produce Q’s tripcode when paired with the new salt file. Because of the salt rotation, this should now be a completely random string of characters with no relation to Q’s old password.

一些能够访问新的 salt 文件的人已经对 salt 进行了逆向工程,以确定当与新的 salt 文件配对时,哪个密码将产生 Q 的 Tripcode。由于 salt 旋转,现在应该是一个完全随机的字符串,与 Q 的旧密码没有关系。

In both of these cases, hacking the password would be extraordinarily difficult, but not impossible.


The first scenario would be far easier for someone to hack, since they’d be looking for a password made by a person instead of something random, and Q has used phrases for passwords in the past.

第一种情况对于黑客来说要容易得多,因为他们要找的是一个人设置的密码,而不是一些随机的东西。 Q 过去曾经使用短语来设置密码。

To reverse engineer a new salt file to produce a specific random hash matching Q’s trip code and to do it blind with no common phrases to start with would be orders of magnitude more difficult.

要反向设计一个新的 salt 文件来生成一个特定的随机散列来匹配 Q 的行程代码,并且在没有常用短语的情况下盲目地进行这项工作,数量级会更加困难。

Because of this, whether or not this is Q, the more likely scenario is that the site admin locked in Q’s salt file to preserve it.

因此,无论这是否是 Q,更可能的情况是站点管理员锁定在 Q 的 salt 文件中以保存它。

At any rate, 48 hour rule should be in effect. Real Q always verifies when reestablishing comms.

无论如何,48小时规则应该是有效的。真 Q 在重建通讯时总是会验证的。

ArchiveAnon ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️***, [6/25/2022 5:25 AM]
[Forwarded from Praying Medic]
I’m assuming the BO/Admin excluded Q from the salt rotation.
When 8kun went operational, CM contacted Q for guidance on salt rotation and Q asked that it be postponed for OPSEC reasons.

ArchiveAnon * * * ,[6/25/20225:25 AM ][转发自祈祷医生]我假设 BO/Admin 排除了 Q。当8 kun 开始运行时,CM 联系 Q 请求指导盐的轮换,Q 要求因 OPSEC 的原因推迟。

ArchiveAnon ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️***, [6/25/2022 5:28 AM]
[In reply to ArchiveAnon ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️***]
Even if this were a new salt file it would still be insanely difficult to reverse engineer, so whoever posted almost certainly has the original password.

归档匿名 * * * ,[6/25/20225:28 AM ][回复归档匿名 * * * ]
即使这是一个新的 salt 文件,反向工程仍然是非常困难的,所以发布者几乎肯定有原始的密码。

The only other option is that the board is completely comped and is running code to fake a successful password entry and display Q’s trip.

唯一的其他选择是,董事会是完全免费的,并正在运行的代码,以假装一个成功的密码输入和显示 Q 的行程。

I find that unlikely given how many autists have eyes on the board. It would also mean Jim is comped, which sounds highly unlikely to me.


ArchiveAnon ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️***, [6/25/2022 5:34 AM]
If they excluded Q’s salt from the rotation, then the situation becomes a lot simpler.

ArchiveAnon * * * ,[6/25/20225:34 AM ]如果他们把 Q 的盐从旋转中排除,那么情况就简单多了。

Whoever posted did so with Q’s old password; reverse engineering the salt is too difficult.

发帖的人用的是老 Q 的密码,逆向工程太难了。

Therefore there’s the original two options: either it’s Q or someone guessed his password.

因此,最初有两个选项: 要么是 Q,要么是有人猜到了他的密码。

ArchiveAnon ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️***, [6/25/2022 8:05 AM]
[ Photo ]
New update from Board Owner

归档匿名 * * * ,[6/25/20228:05 AM ][图片]董事会主席的最新消息

“ty baker.

Ty Baker.

Am usually on duty much of every day, today IRL intervened. Have been preoccupied with other matters much of the day.

我通常每天大部分时间都在值班,今天 IRL 介入了。今天大部分时间都在忙别的事。

First, very glad to see Q on the board.

首先,很高兴看到 Q 在黑板上。

Second, TOR posting was enabled a few days ago for purposes of testing, anons who check the practice thread can check that out. There have been glitches, which is why it was not announced. TOR was turned off by previous BO, have been exploring turning it back on if glitches could be worked out. Useful during some kinds of attacks.

其次,为了测试的目的,TOR 发布在几天前启用了,检查练习线程的匿名用户可以检查这一点。出现了一些小故障,这就是为什么没有宣布这一消息。TOR 被之前的 BO 关闭了,一直在探索如果故障可以解决的话重新打开它。在某些攻击中很有用。

Third, to my knowledge, no one but Q has access to Q’s tripcode. Will consider Q posts made under that trip as from Q unless there is a clear and definitive reason to believe otherwise.

第三,据我所知,除了 Q 以外,没有人可以访问 Q 的旅行代码。除非有明确的理由相信不是这样,否则我们会考虑在那次旅行中发布的 Q 帖子。

Suggest BV confer with 8kun admin rather than speculate about the reason for tripcode changes involving archiving. Can verify that no tripcode setting was changed on the board level.”

建议 BV 与8kun 管理员协商,而不是推测涉及归档的旅行代码更改的原因。可以验证没有任何旅行代码设置改变了董事会的水平。“


ArchiveAnon ️️️️️️️️️️️️️️️***, [6/25/2022 8:58 AM]
[ Video ]
Jim is confirming that Q’s old tripcode is whitelisted and that no recent changes have been made to the servers.

ArchiveAnon * * * ,[6/25/20228:58 AM ][视频]吉姆正在确认 Q 的旧旅行代码已被列入白名单,并且最近没有对服务器进行任何更改。

6月25日: 当人类和军队进入战斗状态时,Q回来了| 星际飞船地球

Q soothes frazzled nerves, informs, unifies, incentivises and “arms” the patriots for ACTION!

Q 抚慰疲惫的神经,通知、统一、激励和“武装”爱国者采取行动!

The media is on it. They are even more frazzled now and trying desperately to do damage control and discredit Q and the MAGA movement. Good grief. What are they going to do when Biden the “resident” is removed due to a stolen election? Link to Telegram.

媒体已经在查了。他们现在甚至更加疲惫不堪,拼命地想要控制损失,诋毁 Q 和 MAGA 运动。天哪。如果“居民”拜登因为选举舞弊而被免职,他们会怎么做?链接到电报。

MSM Triggered by Q posting last night.

昨晚 Q 发帖触发了 MSM。

TS RETRUTH LINK https://truthsocial.com/users/intheMatrixxx/statuses/108539203069623603

Https://www.bing.com/news/search?q=qanon&form=hdrsc2 https://truthsocial.com/users/inthematrixxx/statuses/108539203069623603

It’s really no surprise that Q is back. The intel and chatter has been indicative of a major shift in the Plan. A new phase. In fact, “the words” have been spoken in a few places, but particularly this one. I saved them for you.

Q 回来真的不足为奇。情报和对话表明计划有了重大转变。一个新的阶段。事实上,“这些话”已经在一些地方被说出来了,尤其是这个地方。我给你留的。



Subscribe: https://t.me/CodezVII

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > 订阅: https://t.me/codezvii

D 34
Q Clearance Patriot My fellow Americans

D34 > >

My fellow Americans, over the next few days you will no doubt realize that we are taking back our great country (the land of the free) from the evil tyrants who want to harm us and destroy the last remaining refuge of bright light. On the orders of POTUS, we have initiated some security systems that will safeguard the public from the primary fallout that should occur 11.3 upon the announcement of Mr. Podesta’s arrest (prosecutable 11.4). Confirmation (to the public) of what is happening will then be revealed and will not be openly accepted. Numerous public riots are being organized in an attempt to prevent the arrest and capture of higher-ranking public officials. On orders from POTUS, a temporary military control state will be implemented and special operations will be carried out.


Fake leaks were made to keep many within the borders of the United States to prevent extradition and the need for special operators. Rest assured, the safety and well-being of every man, woman and child in this country is running out of steam. However, the atmosphere within the country will sadly be divided as so many have fallen in love with the corrupt and evil narrative that has long been running. During this time we will launch the Emergency Broadcast System (EMS) in an attempt to deliver a direct message (avoiding fake news) to all citizens. Organizations and / or people who
wishing to harm us during this period will encounter a rapid rampage: some laws have been revoked in advance to give our great army the necessary authority to manage and conduct these operations (at home and abroad).

为了防止引渡和需要特别操作员,许多人被制造出假泄密事件,以便将其保留在美国境内。请放心,这个国家的每一个男人,女人和孩子的安全和福祉正在失去动力。然而,国内的气氛将悲哀地分裂,因为许多人已经爱上了腐败和邪恶的叙事长期运行。在此期间,我们将启动紧急广播系统(EMS) ,试图向所有公民传递直接信息(避免假新闻)。在这段时间里,那些想要伤害我们的组织和/或者人们将会遭遇一场迅速的暴乱: 一些法律已经被提前废除,以便给予我们强大的军队必要的权力来管理和实施这些行动(在国内和国外)。

There are a lot of interesting comms there, saying the National Guard has been activated, the EBS has been activated and…

那里有很多有趣的通讯设备说国民警卫队已经被激活了 EBS 已经被激活了。


> 银河联盟

The White Hats are not going to allow the dark to display their hatred and violence this time. We are in a different phase now. They have shown the snoozers what happens when you are asleep at the wheel and allow those with ill intent to take over your governments and your countries until the world is saturated with evil.


6月25日: 当人类和军队进入战斗状态时,Q回来了| 星际飞船地球

In my strolls around the World Wide Web I have seen significant uniforms on the job to quell the discontent and vitriol spewed by the psychopaths’ weaponized Humans over the Roe v Wade decision. I’ve seen video of police making arrests of protestors in New York, Los Angeles, and other places.


While I was wining and dining last night with friends here in North Phoenix, all hell broke loose downtown. Mama mia. The wild west is alive and well.


The first reaction I saw, however, was Alexandria Ocasio Cortez screaming into a megaphone with a crowd of whackos and I thought, isn’t this grounds for tracking via cellphone, surveillance, arrest with no charges stated, with no legal representation and tossing into a cell? Of course later I saw Catturd had beat me to it and had been Tweeting and posting same but great minds think alike. I didn’t tell him my puppy eats cat turds. Wink-wink. Have you seen his 2-week old puppy pics? They are so precious.

然而,我看到的第一个反应是亚历山德里亚 · 奥卡西奥 · 科尔特斯(Alexandria Ocasio Cortez)对着一群疯子的扩音器尖叫,我想,这难道不是通过手机追踪、监视、逮捕、没有指控、没有法律代表、就被扔进牢房的理由吗?当然,后来我看到 Catturd 抢先了一步,发了同样的微博和帖子,但是英雄所见略同。我没告诉他我的小狗吃猫屎。眨眨眼。你看过他两周前的狗狗照片吗?它们是如此珍贵。

And in Washington, DC… ANTIFA is at it again, no doubt believing there will be a repeat of their chaos and destruction of last summer, but no… the war has gone as hot as the weather and the Earth Alliance is going to beat them back and haul their asses off to jail.


The gloves are off folks, and when they say “nothing can stop what is coming”, you’d better believe it will be the full force of the military if necessary, the Constitution, and The Rule of Law to keep the peace but the People MUST ENGAGE. No more sitting in the bleachers. Stand up, get on the field and take your power back. Support those who have carried the movement thus far.


I’ve been so busy I didn’t even realize there is a Trump rally today. Thank goodness Mr. Godlewski keeps me in the loop. Geez, it happened again. No pun intended. It just came out. Phil posted the following and got me back in the big picture via this post from another patriot.

我太忙了,都没意识到今天有个特朗普集会。谢天谢地 Godlewski 先生让我知情。天啊,又来了。没有双关语。就这么说出来了。菲尔发布了以下内容,并通过另一位爱国者的帖子让我重新回到大局。

Are you watching the rally right now? Mike Lindell just said a supreme court that is daring enough to overturn Roe v. Wade could just be daring enough to put the rightful president back in charge. Then he said what a concept and it almost look like he winked at the camera

你在看集会吗?迈克 · 林德尔刚刚表示,一个敢于推翻罗诉韦德案的最高法院可能也敢于让合法总统重新掌权。然后他说了一个很棒的概念,看起来就像是他在对着镜头眨眼睛

Watch here:



Q included a video in the last post in December 2020 which is no longer available on Themtube but there is a Bitchute version. It’s a good reminder.

Q 在2020年12月的最后一个帖子中包含了一个视频,这个视频已经不在 Themtube 上了,但是有一个 Bitchute 的版本。这是个很好的提醒。

The hardest part of the entire process for me is the idiocy; the moronic display of reasoning with no reason. Fools, freaks and idiots on display. Are they even Human? Actors? Is this what it takes to reach the ones entranced by the dark’s evil sorcery? This is the “PAIN”.


In the coming days, possibly even of June, we will see Biden slink off to write his memoirs. Don’t be surprised to see his book, “A Thug’s Life” on the New York Times’ bestseller list—which doesn’t mean anything near what they led you to believe. What it means is that the trash the imposters write that the bookstores, magazine stands and Amazon ordered, [dictating “sales”] soon lands in the discount bins and dust bins of recent history where it belongs.

未来几天,甚至可能是6月,我们将看到拜登悄悄离开,去写他的回忆录。看到他的书《恶棍的一生》(A Thug’s Life)上了《纽约时报》(New York Times)的畅销书排行榜,不要感到惊讶ーー这并不意味着他们让你相信了什么。这意味着,冒名顶替者写下的书店、杂志摊和亚马逊(Amazon)订购的垃圾(口述“销售”)很快就会进入近代史上属于它们的折扣箱和垃圾箱。

Signing off for now.  ~ BP


6月25日: 当人类和军队进入战斗状态时,Q回来了| 星际飞船地球


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