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For FWC-Channel,by Peter B.Meyer–18th of September,2021

2021918日,Peter b

The Khazarians have set their sights on total control of the world's population,property and resources on Earth,in addition to absolute control over oil supplies,water and fertile land.For which trillions have been stolen.Gold,silver and oil are the main targets of the DS-Illuminati.

除了对石油供应、水资源和肥沃土地的绝对控制之外,可萨人还把目光放在全面控制地球上的世界人口、财产和资源上。为此,数万亿美元的资金被窃取。黄金、白银和石油是 DS 光照派的主要目标。

These are the preferred resources needed to complete their 2030 agenda.Anyone who opposes them is eliminated,such as Hugo Chavez,the president of Venezuela,who was deliberately killed by being infected with cancer cells.-Wars are created and fought to seize raw materials and resources;Iraq and Libya are two recent clear examples.The position is;no country should dispose of its own resources.Countries that oppose the New World Order and stand up for their own sovereignty are crushed.

这些是完成他们2030年议程所需的首选资源。任何反对它们的人都会被淘汰,例如委内瑞拉总统乌戈·查韦斯(Hugo Chavez),他因感染癌细胞而被蓄意杀害。战争是为了夺取原材料和资源而制造和战斗的;伊拉克和利比亚是最近的两个明显的例子。立场是:任何国家都不应该处置自己的资源。那些反对新世界秩序,捍卫自己主权的国家都会被粉碎。

For centuries,inventors such as Nicolai Tesla have created free-energy devices that can harness the Earth's free magnetic energy.Patenting these inventions was a big mistake,because patent rights legally belong to the government.This means that the government legally owns any invention,and can therefore prevent it from being made available to the public.


The international banksters and oil cartels control most of the world's governments.They oppose free energy technology because it threatens their"fossil fuel"energy empire.Ukraine was deliberately occupied by the"West"for the same reason,to gain access to the oil reserves in Central Asia,but not only for oil,but also to control the pipeline routes.Because whoever controls the oil pipelines also controls new future sources.That is the reason for the war in Syria,where Assad is standing in the way of realising their pipeline plans from Afghanistan;of seizing Syrian oil reserves,and of establishing their Khazarian-controlled central bank.


More important,people can fight back;and defeat the Bankers by Debt Ending;The video below shows how to free yourself from debt and in the process bring down the fraudulent lending practices of the entire banking industry.Tired of making payments on a loan or mortgage?Not for long.Here's the final word on fraudulent lending practices,how you fell victim and what you can do about it.


In short,this video explains an imaginary court case in which the prosecutor questions a banker about a$200,000 loan that was borrowed to buy a house.It turns out that the borrower had repaid the loan the moment he borrowed the money.This clearly shows how the banker,through the use of debt money,cheated the borrower.Anyone with a mortgage or any other kind of loan could,with the help of a competent lawyer,get rid of their debt immediately.Watch the video(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DFNAVIvrn0&t=47s),and download it while you still can!


NOTE;FWC Channel bears a maximally positive approach.Multilingual articles are written to explain readers around the world about the criminal background of life;committed by Deep State Criminals.Knowledge is power.Negative comments are not welcome.Please respect all participants everyone is equal.To deliberately impede our communication,hundreds of different languages have appeared.FWC takes the extra effort to publish in six languages added with a translator to reach more readers.

注意:FWC 信道采用最大正向方法。多语言的文章是为了向世界各地的读者解释深层国家罪犯的犯罪背景而写的。知识就是力量。负面评论是不受欢迎的。请尊重所有参与者,人人平等。为了故意阻碍我们的交流,出现了数百种不同的语言。FWC 付出了额外的努力,用六种语言出版,并增加了一个翻译,以接触更多的读者。

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