X22报道|第2814集: 央行不再躲藏在经济阴影中,深层政府准备引发骚乱

2022年7月2日14:19:23最新动态X22报道|第2814集: 央行不再躲藏在经济阴影中,深层政府准备引发骚乱已关闭评论2781字数 1548阅读5分9秒阅读模式


X22报道|第2814集: 央行不再躲藏在经济阴影中,深层政府准备引发骚乱

Ep. 2814a – The [CB]/Corrupt Politicians Are No Longer Hiding In The Economic Shadows, Backfire

Ep. 2814a –腐败的政客们不再躲藏在经济阴影中,事与愿违

Ep. 2814b – [DS] Prepares Riots, Hunters Have Now Become The Hunted, Those Protected Have Become Prey

Ep. 2814b –[ DS ]准备暴乱,猎人现在变成了猎物,受保护的人变成了猎物

X22 报告发表于2022年7月1日


Inflation across the globe is increasing very quickly, the people are feeling the pain and the corrupt politicians don’t care. The [CB]/criminal syndicate are no longer hiding in the shadows pretending it isn’t happening, they are telling every we are doing it and we don’t care what you think. This has already failed.

全球范围内的通货膨胀正在迅速上升,人们感受到了痛苦,而腐败的政客们却不在乎。[ CB ]/犯罪集团不再躲在暗处,假装什么都没发生,他们告诉每一个我们正在做的事情,我们不在乎你怎么想。这已经失败了。


The [DS] plan is now in the process of being reversed, they are watching the dismantling of their infiltrated country. The SC continue to push the country back to its roots. The [DS] is panicking over the next case that he SC is going to review and that is who has the power to control the elections in the states, the timing of this has to be just right so it doesn’t give the [DS] time to plan. The hunters have truly become the hunted, those who were once protected are now the prey and the patriots are on the hunt. There is a storm coming. 



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