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Second lockdown is an outright declaration of war on all Europeans,their prosperity,their health and their future.


The German Health Minister dismisses the viral reports about the second lockdown in September as'fake news',but the English-language Spanish newspaper Euro Weekly News writes that the country and most other Western European countries will indeed be in a strict lockdown.

德国卫生部长驳斥了关于9月份第二次封锁的病毒式报道,称其为"假新闻",但西班牙英文报纸《欧洲周报》(Euro Weekly News)写道,德国和大多数其他西欧国家将确实实施严格的封锁。

This confirms the discoveries of German-Syrian civilian journalist Hamudi Ebalz,who warned on his YouTube channel that all of Western Europe will be plunged into a 6-month lockdown by September 30,which will be enforced by the military.

这证实了德国-叙利亚平民记者 Hamudi Ebalz 的发现,他在 YouTube 频道上警告说,到930日,整个西欧将陷入为期6个月的封锁,这将由军方强制执行。

The goal is to accelerate the planned destruction of the economy and force all people to be tested for the coronavirus and then vaccinated.


Socialist Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez,who in his own words is'militantly pro-EU',will push the country back into a strict lockdown on September 18,according to Euro Weekly News,ostensibly due to the'worrying rising'number of Covid-19 infections.


So September 18,2020.


18 stands for 3×6 and September 2020=9×4=36.


Three times 6 is the number of the Satanist Church,or the elite who invented this corona covid scam for you.


In Phase 1 there will first be a regional lockdown.Spaniards are then no longer allowed to leave their municipality or place of residence.The borders with France and Portugal are also closed to all'non-essential'traffic.


Phase 2 starts after 2 weeks with the closing of all'non-essential'companies,such as the catering industry,cinemas,theaters and other places and events where many people come.


Another 2 weeks later,Phase 3 will commence.Then everyone has to stay at home again,and only shopping can be done under strict conditions.


This is exactly what Ebalz heard about what is planned for Germany.This time,however,the second lockdown will also be enforced by military force,which is intended to nip a mass popular uprising in the bud in advance.

这正是 Ebalz 听说的关于德国的计划。然而,这一次,第二次封锁也将由军事力量强制执行,目的是提前将大规模民众起义扼杀在萌芽状态。

Conversations with other government leaders


Two Spanish politicians revealed to Euro Weekly on Saturday that talks have already taken place with prime ministers of other countries about the planned second lockdown,including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


This is one of the reasons travel agents are canceling flights and travel before September.They have been warned about it in advance,"one minister explained.


Everyone should be tested and vaccinated


Shutting down the economy and society for months on end should be done to"protect the population,"but more and more people are realizing that a totally different agenda is being implemented,which is doing just the opposite.


The economy is being deliberately destroyed,the population deliberately pushed to the limit and terrified with the'second wave'corona pandemic hoax,prompting everyone to get tested and vaccinated.


Outright declaration of war


If this decision by European heads of government is actually implemented,it will be nothing less than an outright declaration of war on all Europeans,on their prosperity,their health and their future.The second lockdown will therefore be an occupation state like we have never had it before,with the intention of putting us under a permanent communist dictatorship,in which all our freedoms and rights,and even control over our own bodies,will be permanently ours.be taken away.


Even if it were not September,but October or November,or January 2021,we as European nations will still have very short time to complete this final coup d'état against freedom and life as we have known it so far.stop.




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