2013年11月21日讯息 『Aion 门户开启冥想之前的情报更新』

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『柯博拉Cobra』2013年11月21日讯息『Aion 门户开启冥想之前的情报更新』Intel Update Before the Aion Portal ActivationAion 门户开启冥


『Aion 门户开启冥想之前的情报更新』

Intel Update Before the Aion Portal Activation

Aion 门户开启冥想之前的情报更新

Energies are building up for the Aion portal activation.

宇宙的能量为了开啓Aion 门户而变得越来越强。

We are less than a few weeks ago from the solar magnetic field reversal:



Also, comet ISON is approaching its perihelion. This comet is heralding the shift of the ages. Its energy is triggering an awareness of the completion of important cosmic cycles.


The Cabal is trying to diffuse that awareness with spreading disinfo about the comet. So let me clarify a few things: this comet is NOT Nibiru, will NOT crash into Earth, will NOT trigger any kind of Earth changes or cataclysms, is NOT the cause of severe weather some parts of our planet are experiencing lately, is NOT a spaceship, is NOT the playground for cosmic battles between Reptilians and the good guys, is NOT accompanied with visible decloaked spaceships, is NOT (…you can insert whatever more disinfo you can find on the internet…).


There are many fake videos of the comet circulating on Youtube, some of them supposedly coming from the Chinese National Space Administration. Let me clarify that Tian Lian 1 is a very old Chinese data relay satellite which does not have radar imaging capabilities which many of these Youtube videos claim to quote as a source of their ISON images. Also, I did some image processing on early Hubble ISON photos and did not see any spaceship images in the end result, only a dimmed comet nucleus. Also, I did not find any scientific reports about any ISON behavior that would be untypical for a comet.


On the physical plane, there is nothing unusual about comet ISON. It is a typical sungrazing comet. It is indeed very beautiful and a few days ago it looked like this:


On the energetic planes, there is a striking similarity between the Great comet of 1965 (Ikeya-Seki) and ISON. Ikeya Seki was visible at the Uranus-Pluto conjunction which triggered the sexual revolution and hippie movement in mid and late sixties. Comet ISON is visible now at the Uranus Pluto square / Aion portal activation, which will trigger the revolution of consciousness that will result in the planetary liberation. On the physical plane, both comets have a very similar orbit and may be originating from the same parent body.

从能量角度来看,1965年的池谷-关彗星和今年的艾桑彗星有着不可思议的相似点。当年池谷-关彗星通过天冥四分相并且引发了1960年代中期和晚期的性解放革命和嬉皮运动。这次在天冥四分相/ Aion门户开启期间造访的艾桑彗星将会引发意识的革命,进而促成地球的解放。这两颗彗星的运行轨道也十分类似,而且可能源自於同一颗星体。

At the moment of the Aion portal activation, a flash of energy will be emanating from M87 supergalaxy in Virgo. You can connect with its energy on Saturday during the activation:


This Galaxy is the most important energy source in our cosmic sector and oversees the evolution of our local cluster of galaxies. The flash of energy from M87 at the Aion portal activation will gently trigger the awakening of the Central Sun in our Milky way Galaxy.


Therefore the Aion portal activation is one of the most important energetic events of our lifetimes and it is of the utmost importance that as many people as possible participate in this.


You can find basic information about the Aion portal activation here:



And videos about the activation in 13 languages here:



Let's do this! Victory NOW! Liberation NOW!

让我们一起努力! 胜利就是现在! 解放就是现在!



翻译:Patrick Shih

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