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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局



We've said for some time that"anything is possible",but I never thought the"anythings"would be anything like what I'm hearing now.We believe there will be some mind-blowing surprises and they might be difficult for some to accept.


I'm keeping an open mind because to outsmart the dark ones,the Light had to play a loooong game and be very creative.


What am I talking about?The fact that many people we believed had died or were murdered are still very much alive and will re-enter the public life in due course is something many will struggle with.Timing is everything.And maybe those clever Lightworkers kept their family lines going by procreating with other powerful Beings of Light.



The White Hats tell us that life is about to get really good—beyond our wildest expectations—and from what I've heard that is true.It's coming.I saw this one below dropped yesterday,and I repeat,this must be considered hearsay at this point,but it could potentially come to pass.From a source of some good info in the past on Twitter…you can see this post on Telegram here.

"白帽子"告诉我们,生活将会变得非常美好ーー超出我们最大胆的期望ーー据我所知,这是真的。它来了。我昨天看到下面的这一条被删除了,我重复一遍,这一点必须被视为传闻,但它可能会成为现实。从过去 Twitter 上的一些好消息的来源...你可以在 Telegram 上看到这个帖子。

? Important and Confidential? 重要及机密

19th President Trump ordered to 19届特朗普总统下令

prepare$7500 checks for the celebration day for the American people.





If that really is John Kennedy's account,and he actually is the VP of the restored Republic—and we believe he is—he would know this.So just keep it under your hat and we'll see.(His father has passed so he is no longer"junior"—he's JFK 2.0.)

如果这真的是约翰·肯尼迪的说法,而他实际上是重建后的共和国的副总统ーー我们相信他是ーー他应该知道这一点。所以你只要保密就好了,我们走着瞧。(他的父亲已经去世,所以他不再是"小儿科"——他是 JFK 2.0)


We might wonder why JFK Jr.and Donald Trump would be close friends.Families,my friends.Think"families".Families of the Light.They infiltrated the dark ones for decades and kept tabs on what they were doing.They set up sting operations to trap them and now they are showing us all what they have been up to.


Some of the family members went"underground"like a cicada until the time came for them to leap into action.Think Princess Diana.


What's coming in April?Easter.It's spring,a time of rebirth or resurrection.Keep that in mind.


The Light forces have their ways of communicating who they are;whose side they fight for.



The Illuminati have their own.


We are now seeing the evidence of the lying,cheating,stealing,rigging elections,assassinations,bribery,blackmail,child sex rings,pornography,Human trafficking,stacking the courts with corrupt judges,banksters in the Central Bank system using their"casino"to make them wealthy using OUR money,re-writing laws in Congress to protect themselves,poisoning of our food,water,air,and killing us slowly with Big Pharma and their health careless system designed to sicken us and kill us while perpetuating our suffering.



We know the cabal has stolen far beyond trillions from the American people(and others)over time and as you may be aware,when President Trump signed the Executive Order to end pedophilia and Human trafficking,the patriots were legally able to seize the assets of anyone involved in that practice.


That includes their secret off-shore accounts,their bank accounts,gold,jewels,antiquities,art,planes,yachts,castles and estates,any property,businesses,trusts,all of it.


How much money are we talking about?No idea,but you can imagine that if they stole tax dollars,land,and sold Humans like a commodity and ensured their enterprises stood to profit when billions of consumers purchased their products over decades…it equates to a great deal of money and that money will be either used for Humanitarian projects to make our lives and our health better,or returned to us in the form of cheques;possibly monthly for an indefinite period of time.


All countries are participating in these initiatives to restore Humanity and our planet so this doesn't apply only to America.Any nation that meets the criteria can join the alliance.


If you have not seen it,there is an outline at this link of the main points in the NESARA/GESARA plan to restore our planet and our civilization.

如果你还没有看到它,在 NESARA/GESARA 恢复我们的星球和我们的文明的计划的主要要点的这个连接处有一个轮廓。

Another wild and crazy aspect to what we see unfolding involves who is who in the zoo.Some people have"trust issues"and the lunatic left have done a great job of poisoning the minds of unsuspecting people but the majority reading this have formulated in their minds for the most part,who we can trust but we're on a fence about a few,understandably.


The White Hats have played a brilliant game and what has been unfolding is like the most sizzling,edge-of-your-seat,un-put-downable spy-mystery novel on steroids.


Toss into the mix the actors,masks,voice modulators,and Hollywood special effects,sound stages,green screens and space-age technology and you have a very convincing show designed to gradually educate the millions who are unaware that the dark cabal has been deceiving us for such a long time that Humans are completely unaware of what reality even is.


This is review for new folks who may land here as we are seeing subscribers increasing and we aim to paint a picture for everyone,not only those who have been flying with us for many years.


We sympathize if you are just now trying to make sense of the non-sense you see in your world today.It's been quite a ride to date and our heads are spinning with the most recent developments.


We've spoken about the"families"many times.It's the evil,satanic bloodline families of the cabal who have caused so much pain and suffering for Humanity over centuries.They have tried to eliminate members of the families of the Light who have been fighting them but Light trumps dark and the Light forces reached a point where they were confident enough to tell us about their plan and they assure us,"We're winning."


Dan Scavino posted this a few hours ago.I think that means it's all good.5:5

Dan Scavino 几个小时前发布了这个,我想这意味着一切都很好。5:5

Most of us are still assembling the puzzle pieces to achieve the'big picture',but it's not easy,because to win a war you have to use deception.Obviously secrecy is necessary and if they told us their Plan,the enemy would also be alerted so all we get are clues and covert messages—either visually or using the Q Map,numerology and gematria.

我们中的大多数人仍然在组装拼图以实现大局,但这并不容易,因为要赢得一场战争,你必须使用欺骗手段。显然保密是必要的,如果他们告诉我们他们的计划,敌人也会收到警报,所以我们得到的只是线索和秘密信息——要么是视觉上的,要么是使用 q 地图、命理学和 gematria

For example,we get communications from various"good guys"on social media that are coded.Frequently the time stamp or other numbers on their Tweets or posts on Gab or Telegram refer to a"map"from the Q team provided over the course of four years during Trump's presidency.You can see all those"Q drops"left like breadcrumbs for us at this link.

例如,我们从社交媒体上的各种"好人"那里获得通信,这些通信是编码的。在特朗普担任总统期间的四年时间里,他们在推特或电报上发布的时间戳或其他数字通常指的是 q 团队提供的"地图"。你可以看到所有这些"q 下降"留下像面包屑为我们在这个链接。


It became apparent that they were telling us years in advance—to the day—what would be happening.And how is that possible?Time travel,for one.Or technology that enables them to see other timelines.Or reincarnation of souls who have full memory of past lives and who they are—and their mission.


This video below has been recommended and addresses the Q drops with respect to North Korea and the Plan or M.A.P.(Military Action Plan).Since it was forwarded to me I assume a few found it valuable so I commend it to you although I have not yet had time to watch.No one needs to sell me on the Q Team.While I was skeptical at first,I'm convinced it is a powerful group of"people"who can accurately predict future events.

下面的这段视频是建议的,它涉及到了有关朝鲜和计划或军事行动计划的问题。自从它被转发给我以来,我想有一些人认为它是有价值的,所以我向你推荐它,虽然我还没有时间去看。没有人需要向我推销 q 团队。虽然一开始我还持怀疑态度,但我确信这是一群能够准确预测未来事件的强大的""

Did Biden Trigger Marker 1:07?100 Day Countdown


To reincarnate on this planet we were all mind-wiped and that has been a major hindrance to our development and evolution and enabled the dark ones to manipulate and trick us but there are those who came with their memories intact,or at some point their memories returned and they were"triggered"to step into the roles they came to perform.


There are some gifted individuals in the awakened community whose minds connect the dots brilliantly and we share their insights with our"crew"or subscribers.We understand that much of what is unfolding,particularly in the American political scene,is theatre.It's clear from the utterly outrageous nature of what the"Biden administration"is doing now that Trump was cheated out of his landslide election win that the Light is in charge.


They are making it so uncomfortable…so painful…so frightening to contemplate the direction the nation will go under the cabal's administration that those under the hypnotic spell will pop out of it.



The appalling situation we're seemingly tolerating in America isn't real,and the US military have worked for years to subdue and remove the most dangerous cabal members and we're nearly at a point when the entire world will be told the truth about most of what has been hidden.


It's bad in North America but it could be worse.In Israel we hear the tyranny is over the top.Gareth Icke speaks with an Israeli patriot and journalist who tells us exactly what is unfolding there with respect to Covid measures.You might be surprised who is causing the problems.As we anticipated,the sheep are policing the sheep—from the enemy's perspective.Their goal was always to divide us and have us fighting each other.People in fear behave most illogically.Video at the link.



'Right Now'Special–Gareth Icke Talks To Israeli Journalist And Podcaster Gal Shalev About The Medical Apartheid In Israel


We know all about the Covid Hoax,and more information comes out daily about how they did it.When you know the death statistics for 2020 were the same as for 2016,17 18 and 19,it's plain there is no"pandemic".Those who died would have died anyway.They simply switched the cause of death from whatever it really was to read"Covid-19"and they were paid handsomely to do so,the traitors.



Coroner Calls for Audit As People Who Recovered 9 Months Ago Counted as COVID Deaths 


Changing the subject…



When we see"news"and interviews,etc.on television or the internet it's important to know that advances in technology enable them to do what you see in this video below lasting just a few seconds.That's all it takes,folks.Technology.They can make ANYONE appear to say or do whatever they choose and it's remarkably convincing unless you see it in a montage like this one below.


Click this link to see familiar faces singing a catchy little ditty.If you don't have a Telegram account,just click"cancel"at the top and then play the video.

点击这个链接可以看到熟悉的面孔唱着朗朗上口的小曲。如果你没有 Telegram 帐户,只需点击顶部的"取消",然后播放视频。


Phil Schneider is a man who initially introduced me to many truths when I began my research twelve years ago or so.He knew the dark ones were preying on Humanity because he was a government contractor;a geologist who helped build the cabal's unground military bases(DUMBs).


He could no longer be silent about what he knew and began doing conferences to alert the public so they could prevent them from taking it further.The deep state warned him to stop,but as he said,his love for his country was greater than his love of his own life and he ultimately sacrificed it to speak out and sound the alarm.


This video gets into many aspects of the New World Order's agenda that many people are still unaware of,including the extraterrestrials.


There are over 6,000 patents the cabal stole for technology and inventions that brilliant Humans created and those technologies will be gradually released to the public to enrich our lives.There is also off-world technology from extraterrestrials.Some of these inventions and technologies might seem like miracles when we learn of them and see them function,but that's only because the cabal has controlled our reality and kept us living in the dark ages,basically.


Our expectations and limits are currently very narrow.We need to expand our minds to the possibilities and I would venture to say that almost anything is possible.


The Plan so far is leaving us breathless in its scope and sheer brilliance.Trump's Art of the Deal melds with Sun Tzu's Art of War and it is so complex we can't hope to know what's coming next.We just know it will be so good it brings tears to our eyes.


The celestial chamber and med-beds now coming into our awareness are examples.Regenerating limbs,enhancing brain function and intelligence,correcting genetic and cellular damage and virtually regressing our bodies to that of a 25 year-old are not a pipe dream.It's been done for decades now,but reserved for the"elite"families running the world and the"secret space program".Technologies are only shared with the slaves if it suits the agenda of the controllers.Our hand-held gadgets help them spy on us and know where we are and what we're doing and thinking.Likewise with our"smart appliances",vehicles,and electronic controls and video machines.



The brand new world that emerges once the shroud of darkness has been completely drawn away will seem like a dream.We might liken it to an experience on the holodeck on Star Trek.Trump has already mentioned the"space force"—not because he's planning to create one but because it already exists!It has for decades.Our new world will be unrecognizable when all is said and done.


The amount of information put out on Telegram now is astounding.So many people are publishing astounding stuff that it's connecting dots minute by minute and sets our imaginations on fire.

现在在 Telegram 上发布的信息量是惊人的。许多人正在出版令人震惊的东西,它每分钟都在连接点,点燃我们的想象力。

It takes me over half a day to research,collect,and put one blog post together so I don't have a lot of time to read Tweets,Gab posts or Telegrams but it can be addictive if you follow the right people.


I can only bring you a fraction of what I see out there.Fortunately,friends send me things and the crew leave comments and links to great information in the comments,as well,so we have a pool of information you won't get from the mainstream sources.Their job is to suppress information and keep us ignorant,helpless,and depressed.



The Q team has alluded to our current dramatic experience as a"movie".They told us to"enjoy the show".We've been gorging ourselves on popcorn for four years or more,connecting the dots,decoding the comms,hanging on President Trump's every word for covert messages,watching certain social media accounts very closely and sharing information as best we can.

Q 团队已经暗示我们目前的戏剧经验作为一个"电影"。他们告诉我们"好好欣赏表演"。我们已经吃了四年多的爆米花,把事情联系起来,解码通讯,监听特朗普总统的每一个字以获取秘密信息,密切关注某些社交媒体账户,并尽可能地分享信息。

One of my sources sent me this yesterday which I saw on Telegram.It speaks to the Patriots'"Plan".They asked us to"trust the Plan"—and I do.Timing is fluid,as they have to adjust for various issues that may come up but it's a general guideline for watching the"show".People love their movies and television so…here is your guide.I hear that destroying the cabal's mainstream media is on the roster soon.I believe"reverse-engineering"was the term used.



Long story short,there is serious business going on to liberate us and our planet from the tenacious grip of the dark cabal,but we keep our sense of humour and do our best to enjoy the show.This Patriot helps a lot.Watch her momentary Nancy Pelosi impression at this link.She's priceless and spot on.Here's another from her Tik Tok channel.

长话短说,有一件严肃的事情正在发生,那就是把我们和我们的星球从黑暗势力的顽强控制下解放出来,但是我们保持着我们的幽默感,尽我们最大的努力去享受这场表演。这位爱国者帮了很大的忙。在这个链接中观察她瞬间的南希·佩洛西印象。她是无价之宝,而且绝对正确。这是另一个来自她的 Tik Tok 频道。

We believe that the White Hats have inserted some very entertaining characters into this movie to clue us in to the"plot"and the fact that they are in control.The more outrageous they are,the more it suggests they are mere actors on the stage to wake the masses.


And that election in November…it's not over.The Patriots are fighting back.Georgia is a battleground and recent revelations may suggest similar fraudulent activities may have taken place in other counties.The truth will be revealed in due time and the real Commander-in-Chief will resume his post in the public eye.


Big News Update


You may augment your knowledge base by watching some of the many videos presented on Wake Up Kiwi.This is the latest newsletter from March 21.I'd like to explore some of these myself.


As well,LT has a new video from And We Know to summarize key elements unfolding.

同时,LT 有一个新的视频从和我们知道总结关键要素展开。

If you like to read,there is fascinating information in this eBook,Voyagers about us—"the sleeping abductees"that may connect some dots or whet your appetite to learn more about our plight here on Earth/Terra.I haven't been able to get all the way through but don't want to sit on it.It needs to be shared with those who resonate and we appreciate the crew sharing it.


We'll close there for today.Stay positive and know that the pace will only increase with the excitement.Mad March is nearly over already and April will bring new surprises.~BP





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