X22报告|第2667集: 结构变化即将到来,深州预测他们的计划

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X22报告|第2667集: 结构变化即将到来,深州预测他们的计划

Ep. 2667a – Structure Change Coming Soon, The [CB] Economic Inflation Is Getting Worse

Ep. 2667a-结构变化即将到来,[ CB ]经济通货膨胀正在恶化

Ep. 2667b – The [DS] Projects Their Plan, Like Clockwork, The People Are Ready

Ep. 2667b-[ DS ]计划他们的计划,像钟表一样,人们准备好了



The [CB] is moving forward with their plan, the people see it all. They are in the process of destroying their own system, they will not be able to recover from this. Turkey is the coming attraction, they are now seeing inflation around 36%. FDIC chair resigns, says its being taken over.

[ CB ]正在推进他们的计划,人们看到了一切。他们正在摧毁他们自己的系统,他们将无法从中恢复。土耳其是未来的吸引力,他们现在看到的通货膨胀率在36% 左右。联邦存款保险公司主席辞职,表示该公司正在被接管。


The [DS] is using everything they have and will push this all the way up to the midterms. They know everything they have done will boomerang on them. The people are not on their side, they have nothing left, they are fighting for their lives. The [DS] is already projecting their plan, like clockwork. The people are awake, they understand more than everyone knows. Scavino sends message, letting us know who the actual President is.

[DS]正在使用他们所拥有的一切,并将把这一切一直推进到中期选举。他们知道他们所做的一切都将成为他们的回旋镖。人民并不站在他们一边,他们一无所有,他们在为生存而战。DS 已经像钟表一样准确地计划了他们的计划。人们都醒了,他们比任何人都了解更多。斯加维诺发来消息,让我们知道谁是真正的总统。


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