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在过去的一周里,美国发生了一件神奇的事情。激进的马克思主义活动人士试图让全国人民相信,现在正在进行一场关于”系统性种族主义”和”白人特权”的真正全国性对话,并且这场对话引发了一场戏剧性的”文化转变”。这一切都不是真的。没有全国性的对话或者文化的转变。同样的老共产主义颠覆分子只是孤注一掷,试图避免被唐纳德·j·特朗普(Donald j.Trump)总统彻底击败


An amazing thing has happened in America over the past week.Radical Marxist activists have attempted to gaslight the entire country into believing that a real national conversation is now underway about"systemic racism"and"white privilege",and that it has triggered a dramatic"cultural shift".None of this is real.There is no national dialogue or cultural shift going on.The same old Communist subversives are simply going for broke as they try to stave off total defeat at the hands of President Donald J.Trump.

在过去的一周里,美国发生了一件神奇的事情。激进的马克思主义活动人士试图让全国人民相信,现在正在进行一场关于"系统性种族主义""白人特权"的真正全国性对话,并且这场对话引发了一场戏剧性的"文化转变"。这一切都不是真的。没有全国性的对话或者文化的转变。同样的老共产主义颠覆分子只是孤注一掷,试图避免被唐纳德·j·特朗普(Donald j.Trump)总统彻底击败

Having failed to take Trump down by a fake impeachment,then politicizing a CCP virus pandemic,politicizing the economic shutdown,and then a coordinated nationwide series of violent rioting,the American Left is now reduced to siccing their Marxist mobs on ordinary Americans in an attempt to browbeat them into submission.


The Truth About Marxist Mobs and Their Racial Propaganda


It's not enough for the Marxist mob that the rest of us kneel and chant the proper words.Being a liberal in good standing won't save anyone.The kneeling and the chanting must be performed with the proper degree of enthusiasm.Failure to impress the Marxists with an enthusiastic display will have all too real consequences.


You are going to have to prove to the Marxist mob that you have truly won the victory over yourself.You must show them just how much you have come to love Big Brother.Failure to drop to your knees and chant the words proves you are racist scum.Failure to drop to your knees quickly enough and chant the words with the required amount of enthusiasm also proves you are racist scum.See how this is going to work?


But it'll be worse for you in the second instance because you were actually arrogant enough in your inescapable white privilege to think that you could hide your inherent racism from them by insincerely getting on your knees and saying some words you didn't really believe.This is what people like NFL quarterback Drew Brees and many others are about to learn the hard way.


I've been watching the Marxist mob carefully positioning itself to go all"1984"on the rest of America since the mid-1980s when I first started paying attention to the subversion of US institutions by the Frankfurt school intellectuals and other subversive Communist types.

自上世纪80年代中期以来,我一直在观察马克思主义暴徒们小心翼翼地将自己定位为对美国其它地区进行"1984"式的攻击。当时,我开始关注法兰克福学派(Frankfurt school)知识分子和其它具有颠覆性的共产主义分子对美国机构的颠覆

Communist subversion of US institutions was happening since before the Second World War. They started with the education system and expanded from there. I recently wrote about their "long march through the institutions" at UncoverDC in a column entitled “1984 Comes To Life: The Cult That Rewrites History Part II”.


What's happened is that Trump winning that 2016 election and the deliberate policies he's been implementing,have been destroying literally 70 years of carefully planned subversive slow marching through US institutions.Those policies have now flushed the Marxist subversives in those institutions out of the tall grass and into the open.


Frantic to stop Trump as they watch decades of careful,incremental"progress"being reversed before their eyes,the Progressive Leftist Marxists have been forced to move far too quickly and openly.This has exposed much of the rest of the country to the danger.


The 2020 Election Is Being Framed as A Referendum on American Racism


As usual,with anything else these American Leftist institutions have been doing for more than three years now,this sudden new"systemic racism"narrative is all about the election.This is all about getting rid of Donald Trump.


Across the cultural spectrum,ever since"Defund the police!"instantly became their rallying cry,you've seen most of the nation's news and entertainment media outlets stand in solidarity with the Marxist activists of Black Lives Matter[BLM].Corporations publicly align with BLM,vowing to"do their part"to"educate"all of us about America's"systemic racism".

跨越文化的界限,自从"解除警察的资金!"立即成为他们的战斗口号,你已经看到大多数国家的新闻和娱乐媒体机构站在与马克思主义活动家的黑人生命的问题[BLM]。公司公开支持 BLM,发誓要"尽自己的一份力量""教育"我们所有人了解美国的"系统性种族主义"

One smothering monolithic voice will come from across the cultural spectrum from all the media sources the Marxists have embedded themselves within."You are systemically racist,America,and you need to change!Show us that you know you need to change!Kneel and confess your white privilege!Kneel before the activists of BLM and give them what they want!"


You'll hear this propaganda endlessly from political shows.On the sports channels.Movie theater chains.Netflix.Music channels.Home shopping networks.Video game channels.Comic books.When I say across the entire cultural spectrum,I am not exaggerating.And when the time is ripe,the Marxists shall bring forth The Glorious Leader,The One who shall,upon being elected President,lead this systemically racist evil country to a far better future than it deserves!The One who can deliver Hope and Change that we can all believe in!


We're all going to be endlessly told from now till election day that the only way we can prove we are not infected with that insidious"systemic racism"is by voting for Joe Biden.They decided on this strategy immediately after Trump won in 2016.This is why for three years now the Democrats have labored to paint him as the evil champion of America's"systemic racism",while painting all his supporters as racists,in order to frame the 2020 election's major theme as being"America,hear our cry!STOP YOUR SYSTEMIC RACISM!"


This is why you're suddenly seeing Joe Biden emerge from his basement to lecture the country about just how awful America's systemic racism is,and by golly,he's just the guy to lead the country into a Utopia of future racial harmony![Just like he did when he and Barack Obama were in the White House for eight years!]

这就是为什么你会突然看到乔·拜登从他的地下室里出来,向全国宣讲美国系统性的种族主义是多么可怕,天哪,他就是那个将这个国家带入未来种族和谐乌托邦的人!(就像他和巴拉克奥巴马(Barack Obama)入主白宫八年时一样!)

The Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci advocated'the long march through the institutions'because it's a strategy which is very successful…if you go slow.But this is the genius of Donald Trump.Trump is now forcing these Marxist subversives to go far too fast,so fast the rest of the country can see what they are attempting to do.


So for the next 4 1/2 months we can expect to be endlessly browbeaten and screamed at that we are terrible rotten no-good awful racists if we don't vote for the babbling dementia patient who's spent more than 50 years in the Washington political establishment cashing in on his offices.


Are You an American Or Are You A Serf?


Understand:Once you get on your knees,you are no longer a citizen.You are a serf.They will own you.And as you shall come to discover,these Marxist goon squads are exceptionally harsh taskmasters.


You will now gaze at the spectacle of what this Marxist mob does to the people who kneeled to it,who apologized,who gave control of themselves over to people who shall now relentlessly abuse them.And you will be horrified.



The time is coming in which every person will face a time of choosing:


Do I win the"victory over myself"and kneel as commanded and say the words that will show that I have come to love Big Brother?


Or do I stand on my own two feet like a citizen and declare that I am an American and I'm going to remain one?


I implore you to choose wisely.




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