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Not all men are created equal.Why?Not all that we see are not men but posing as such."For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities,against powers,against the rulers of the darkness of this world,against spiritual wickedness in high places."


It's time we humans Wake up!We are beings of flesh and blood and we were endowed with a very special ability that we've been told that exists nowhere else in the Universe.Whether that is a true statement or not we can't possibly know that for sure here on Earth.But,the situation we find ourselves in here on this planet that perhaps there just might be something special about us.


Yet,this seems to be so but we cannot yet prove it.What I'm referring to is that the Homo sapiens that we are have the ability to create realities with our own minds.What I mean is the ones that understand this will be those who will create their reality,the ones that deny that we have this ability will stop reading right here and go on with their lives and create the same reality day in and day out.


What the deniers create good or bad will appear to them to be just luck or divine intervention.My motive here is to make people understand that the ability to create reality is a fact and not a fantasy.

否认者所创造的好坏在他们看来只是运气或 Divine Intervention(电影)。我的动机是让人们明白,创造现实的能力是一个事实,而不是一个幻想

Eons ago these rulers of the Dark realized that humans had the innate ability to create realities with our minds.When we were created and seeded here on Earth we had this ability to create everything and anything simply by thinking.


But through indoctrination,DNA manipulation and programming whether it be societal or religious passed down from generation to generation brought forward by a more advanced race you can see how such a race could trick us into thinking that we are lesser beings.

但是通过灌输、DNA 操纵和编程,无论是社会的还是宗教的,由一个更先进的种族代代相传,你可以看到这样一个种族是如何欺骗我们,让我们认为自己是渺小的生命

What I'm saying is that these beings of darkness tricked us into creating a reality FOR THEM that they could never achieve with technology or brute force.In this day and age we call this black magic.It's not magic it's a program that these dark rulers have been running on us.


These Dark rulers pulled this off by causing the flow of misinformation first through speech,then through written word,then printed word,then radio,television,movies and music etc.are you getting where I'm going here?The human race created the reality we exist in by the Dark rulers influence on us thru these vehicles.


They constantly keep us in fear so we look to them as our saviors and send our children to fight their wars only to capture that nations treasure for themselves.We've been manipulated into fearing the next war,the next economic crash,the next plague all while we created this reality with our belief in them brought on by the media owned solely by our captors.


For those of us that have awakened must visualize the world we want to live in as often as we can by our thoughts.We need to visualize the world where our species creates all that is good.Remember,we reap what we create whether induced thru fear,greed,religion or our own desires.We must make ourselves create our world by OUR intentions whether it be world peace,prosperity,RV/GESARA etc.we are what we think!

对于我们这些已经觉醒的人来说,必须尽可能多地通过我们的思想来观想我们想要生活的世界。我们需要观想这个世界,在这里我们的物种创造了一切美好的东西。记住,我们收获我们创造的,无论是由恐惧、贪婪、宗教或我们自己的欲望引起的。我们必须用我们的意愿创造我们自己的世界,无论是世界和平、繁荣、RV/GESARA 等,我们就是我们想的那样

The time for bullshit talking is over and our Galactic brothers and sisters are waiting for us to get it right.Change the way we think and we change our entire reality.This is a message for those that have yet to realize that there is a group on this planet that has taken advantage of our ability to create our own reality thru many forms of manipulation.


What we see today is directly related to what we have thought in the past and yes even manipulated to think.If you want to see the New Republic manifest for all you need to think about how you'll feel when it's announced.Remember,intent creates reality.


We need to think about our long term future and if you're still one of those people that still don't see the connection of our manipulation by races that are not human then you are the ones that need this message the most.My best to everyone even the lost.


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