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Starship Earth:The Big Picture 星际飞船地球:大局

May 17,2021 2021517


Will it be a notable day,this 17th day of May?Sometimes it has been.I believe there is a lot of very positive stuff going on behind the scenes that simply isn't being made public.


If you listened to Scott Mowry's Miracles Intel Call last night you know that.A listener emailed that his car loan had been suddenly paid off in full when he checked on it.We get occasional reports like this every week when a bill will mysteriously be zeroed out.No matter what the Deep State tries to do,nothing can stop what is coming.


Even now it's too late to put the genie back in the bottle.I hope someone told her"you can never go home again".


Millions of people the world over know what the cabal has done over the centuries and won't allow them to continue their reign of terror.



This is President Trump's message for May 16th:


Donald J.Trump


7:11pm May 16,2021


Breaking News!New polling by CBS News on the state of the Republican Party(which is very strong!)."President Trump has a strong hold on the GOP."80%of Republicans agree with the removal of Liz Cheney from GOP Leadership and only 20%disagree.The poll also showed that 67%of Republicans said that they do not consider Sleepy Joe Biden to be the legitimate winner of the 2020 Presidential Election.I agree with them 100%,just look at the facts and the data—there is no way he won the 2020 Presidential Election!


There is a lot of truth coming out and the White Hats are not nearly as subtle as they were.They're calling it what it is.


If we reference Q post#711 from the time stamp on the message above,we see this:(Dopey is how Trump referred to Saudi Prince Al-Waleed,if memory serves.)This speaks of a fall,for sure,but also references the chess board,and Disney characters;the Seven Dwarves.Possibly a child trafficking reference.

如果我们参考上面信息中的时间戳 q post#711,我们就会看到这样的结果2021年5月17日:星期一的另一个Q日|星际飞船地球如果我没记错的话,特朗普是这样称呼沙特王子阿尔瓦利德的。)毫无疑问,这代表着一次坠落,但也与国际象棋棋盘和迪斯尼卡通人物有关,比如七个小矮人。可能是关于贩卖儿童的。


Feb 10,2018 5:16:54 AM EST 2018210日东部时间上午5:16:54

Q!UW.yye1fxo!UW.yye1fxo ID:567809 567809 No.325300 325300

Thank you Dopey.谢谢你,大迷糊

King to pawn.王到卒

Eyes on.眼睛看着



I haven't been giving out the numbers for the Miracles Intel Call this past week because Scott has had far too many people trying to get on the live calls.(over 2,000)I couldn't even get on last night but you are welcome to listen to the archived call from last night to get all the latest intelligence briefings from his high-level contacts and his skillful dot-connecting.Here's the number for the recording,which is what I'm listening to as we speak.


712-770-5402 Access code:767664#/followed by#again


Scott's sources are telling him the Ten Days of Darkness event is very close and we know that once that happens,the world changes instantly.The pitcher of ice-water gets dumped on the sleeping masses.


Disclosure of the siege on Humanity by satanic entities,the hijacking of the world governments,religion,and the banking system;the eugenics programs,the extraterrestrial presence and influence,Human trafficking,the murder of all the children,adrenochrome,Hollywood,the tunnels and deep underground military bases(DUMBs)—the technology they've hidden from us,it's coming.


Simon Parkes posted this on his blog,which speaks to timing,does it not?Simon had to sign an NDA to work with the Earth Alliance so he is not at liberty to share much,but we can take it as a heads up.By asking a question(as Q did)we can formulate an answer intuitively.

西蒙·帕克斯在他的博客上发表了这篇文章,这说明了时机的问题,不是吗?西蒙不得不签署保密协议与地球联盟合作,所以他不能自由地分享太多,但我们可以把它作为一个提醒。通过问一个问题(就像 q 所做的那样),我们可以直观地给出答案。


Characters Playing Biden Given Termination Date…


The characters playing Biden given termination date.


The point they will step down.


It's unknown if this means Harris takes over or due to association with election disputes she is barred.


Normally House Speaker would then take over but that's unlikely.


What are we left with I wonder?


If you're on Telegram,take a look at this"phenomenon"said to be Fort Walton in Florida.It doesn't look natural.Happened this afternoon.

如果你在 Telegram 网站上,看看佛罗里达州的沃尔顿堡这种"现象"。这看起来不自然。今天下午发生的。


The other day I shared a Telegram post from what is said to be JFK Jr.'s account.For a long time an account on Twitter has said that JFK JR.would be at Mount Rushmore on July 4th.Just as Q told us what would happen years in advance,I believe JFK Jr.did the same.Bobby Kennedy Jr.already confirmed John is alive so…

前几天,我在电报上分享了一个帖子,据说是小肯尼迪的账号。很长一段时间以来,推特上的一个账号都说小肯尼迪将于74日在 Mount Rushmore。就像 q 提前几年告诉我们会发生什么一样,我相信小肯尼迪也是这么做的。小鲍比·肯尼迪已经确认约翰还活着所以..

Oh—and Gen.Michael Flynn also REPOSTED a JFK Jr.post so what does that tell us?


We were expecting it earlier,but many of us believe after comms from Trump and others that THIS year,we will see an incredible 4th of July event at Mount Rushmore for America's celebration of freedom and a return to the Republic—which is already a done deal on paper,we innerstand.

我们早就预料到了,但是在特朗普和其他人的通讯之后,我们中的许多人相信,今年,我们将在 Mount Rushmore 看到一个令人难以置信的74日活动,庆祝美国的自由和重返共和国ーー我们坚信,这在纸面上已经是板上钉钉的事情了。

Yesterday he posted this:


John F.Kennedy Jr.,[14.05.21 16:48]

I was a shadow,but now I am under the light



He has been lurking in the shadows for some time,but we're at that point when he will be making himself known,from what he's saying.It's time for justice.


This is a more recent post:


MAY 16,2021



Statement by Office of John F.Kennedy Jr.


There is only one form of truth

I am not paying the ransom exactly like my father

Few people are upset by my recent actions

because I'm no fan of the terrorist organization


I'm not a fan of Traitors,murders,and criminals

to Enlighten once again There is only one form of truth


When you say no john,it's more than one at this moment you lost the truth

that's how I make the Q

当你说不,约翰,这是不止一个在这一刻你失去了真理,这就是我如何使 q

Q is nothing without me,without you and where we go one we go all

没有我,q 什么都不是,没有你,我们去哪里,我们全力以赴

Kennedy is back from death!


Jesus helped Kennedy


Jesus blessed Kennedy


My website will be up and running soon


You able to be in touch and send your message

Do not underestimate us

Do not try us!



We also had predictions from JFK Jr.'s magazine George many years ago.At the time John suggested readers hold onto the magazine and get it out again in 20 years.That alone was prophetic of these times.This was planned long,long ago.



Up in the Great White Gulag,the dark ones pulled a fast one on the patriots of Alberta.Unbelievable.



Rebel's lawyers are in court RIGHT NOW to overturn Alberta's SECRET anti-protest order 


The crew wants to share this video from a courageous Canadian doctor.She doesn't have a favourable view of the sheepish public,so be prepared.Lots of F-bombs.

摄制组想要分享这段来自一位勇敢的加拿大医生的视频。她对羞怯的公众没有好感,所以要做好准备。很多 f 型炸弹。

She speaks of contract law,how to deal with tickets and fines issued by the police for doing things that are your charter rights and freedoms and give us all a pep talk.These"cockroaches"are breaking the natural laws and are part of the crimes against Humanity,and the penalty for THAT is far greater.Their days are coming.


Everyone needs to adopt her attitude.If they did,this BS wouldn't have been able to proliferate as it has.Kudos to this doctor.I wish I could say these things to a few people.

每个人都需要采取她的态度。如果他们这样做了,这个 BS 就不能像现在这样扩散了。向这位医生致敬。我希望我能对一些人说这些话。

The hoopla continues over Trump's potential 2024 run at the American presidency but we all know that ain't gonna happen.Nothing after 2021 matters if Trump is not revealed to be the man chosen by over 75 million Americans to be their President.We all know he won by a landslide.It was another red tsunami even more overwhelming than 2016.


No one in America with two brain cells to rub together wants another election until this blatant fraud conducted by the left using Dominion machines to steal the November election is exposed.Then—the work continues to prevent it from ever happening again.


In fact,the cabal satellites that have been taken out by the Space Force along with Elon Musk's newly launched Starlink network of Earth Alliance satellites probably ensures there will not be a repeat performance.We hear they will be enabling the streaming information to be relayed to all our television sets during the 10 Days of Darkness when the world gets their wake-up call.


For now,the only thing we want to hear come out of Trump's mouth is to announce that he is returning to his desk as President OFFICIALLY in 2021.I don't know who will announce it,but someone will,at some point.


IF,and I say IF the July 4th event is to be what we hope,then Trump will at the very least be announced to be having a second term at that time—along with JFK Jr.,of course,as his wing man.

如果,我说如果74日的活动如我们所愿,那么特朗普至少会被宣布在那个时候获得连任——当然还有小肯尼迪(JFK jr.)作为他的左膀右臂。

When the administration of the Republic will change to a different format we don't know,but we're quite certain that one man with all the power will probably be ending before long.Prophecy called Trump"the last President".


Trump said he'd be back"in some form".Perhaps that means within a council of patriots who share the responsibilities.Something to think about.



Trump to Deliver Speech at North Carolina GOP Covention 


The election audits are a big topic and important to note.We're not going to let the corrupticats steal our elections.


Why doesn't this surprise me?


? ? URGENT AZ Audit Channel update!? ?

紧急 AZ 审计渠道更新!

The AZ Audit Camera Channels on Telegram have been tremendously successful.Many high quality incident reports have been gathered and submitted.


What you may not be aware of…is that behind the scenes the channel got infiltrated and TAKEN OVER,and the creator booted.


CodeMonkey,on top of things as usual,posted the new links to replacement channels last night.You can see this new channel in his feed.

昨晚,CodeMonkey 像往常一样发布了替换频道的新链接。你可以在他的 feed 中看到这个新频道。

On behalf of WeTheMedia channel,I(TruthHammer)am currently an Admin/Moderator in BOTH the original channels that got taken over,AND the new ones.Regardless of what rumors go around,I was present to witness the falling out that took place between the guy who came in to"help with IT",took control,changed the passwords,and then kicked the channel creator out.Notice I am not mentioning names.This should be about the great work being done,NOT who is seeking to take credit for it.

代表 WeTheMedia 频道,我(真理之锤)目前是一个管理员/仲裁人在两个原来的渠道,被接管,并在新的。不管流言是怎么传开的,我亲眼目睹了那个来帮助 IT 的家伙,他控制了局面,更改了密码,然后把频道创建者踢了出去。注意,我没有提到名字。这应该是伟大的工作正在完成,而不是谁正在寻求采取功劳。

Up until now this effort has been EFFECTIVE in organizing and focussing the collective intelligence of 1,000s of anons.We want to bring transparency to this and make you aware of the new channel(under same creator as the old).Follow old or new as you please.This message merely informs you.


2021年5月17日:星期一的另一个Q日|星际飞船地球 The ARIZONA AUDIT WATCH CHANNEL is ground zero for the Maricopa County,Arizona Election Audit!2021年5月17日:星期一的另一个Q日|星际飞船地球@AZAuditNews


All eyes on the Maricopa County 2020 Election Audit!


SEE SOMETHING,SAY SOMETHING!Regardless of where you live in the world,you can help!As soon as the audit resumes May 24th:1)WATCH the live feeds at azaudit.org;2)DOCUMENT irregularities;then 3)DROP the incident into one of our reporting rooms.In the meantime,join us for election&audit discussions with fellow patriots.Let's keep them honest!

看到什么,说什么!不管你住在世界的哪个角落,你都可以帮忙!一旦524日审计重新开始:1) azaudit.org 上观看实况转播;2)文件异常;3)将事件发生在我们的一个报告室。与此同时,加入我们与爱国同胞的选举和审计讨论。让他们保持诚实!

Patriots,please follow us and share!


⭐️ Arizona Audit Watch Channel–@AZAuditNews

亚利桑那州审计观察频道-@azauditnews@Arizona Audit Watch Chat-@azauditchaz


LIVE-STREAM VIDEO:Michigan Attorney Matt DePerno Holds Press Conference in Antrim County—Patty McMurray Reporting 

现场直播视频:密歇根州律师 Matt DePerno Antrim County 举行新闻发布会ーPatty McMurray 报道

Q the Storm Rider posted this cryptic message.You can probably see you might need a mirror to read it.



If we go to the first Q post,which is supposedly what they saved for last,we get this:

如果我们转到第一个 q 文章,也就是他们留到最后的文章,我们会看到这个:

Hillary Clinton will be arrested between 7:45 AM–8:30 AM EST on Monday–the morning on Oct 30,2017.


Disregarding the date,which was designed to throw us off,it just might be the first arrest we've all been waiting for to go public.What do you think?Is there anyone the patriots would rather see arrested?Maybe you have a better handle on it and will add to the comments.


If it referred to today,it would have already happened.No news of it yet.There's always next Monday,or tomorrow,but the 17th would have been a good day,n'est-ca pas?


For those who are just catching up on the status on our planet,a video.25 min.




What if we could file class action lawsuits against Google and the others?


Could Dr.Shiva's Case Against Twitter Censorship End Big Tech's Immunity from Lawsuits?

施瓦博士反对 Twitter 审查制度的案件会终结大科技公司的诉讼豁免权吗?

How many ways do they have of stealing from us and profiting off us?They're endless.


North Dakota Ends Home Equity Theft by Terminating Govt.Profits from Property Tax Delinquent Sales 


You may want to follow@Il Sharko on Twitter folks.Word has it that it's actually Trump's account.He keeps me in stitches.It reminds me of Uncle Rob Trump—whom I believe is still alive.Between this guy and Catturd,who can take any of this too seriously?It encourages us to relax and enjoy the show.

你可以在推特上关注@il Sharko。有消息称,这实际上是特朗普的账户。他让我忍不住笑出声来。这让我想起了特朗普叔叔——我相信他还活着。在这个家伙和 Catturd 之间,谁能把这些看得太严肃?它鼓励我们放松和享受表演。

If your guts are all tied up in knots,you're not going to be very healthy.It's all going to work out in a magnificent way.If you're reading this you already know most of the worst news.The rest will be a piece of cake.


So much for the fake news of all the deaths in the Middle East.Here's a typical staged photo op from the deep state.View on Telegram.


For now,this is our taste of"Mars".Most of us know this photo is not"Mars".NASA lies,but one day we'll see Mars.For now,we'll just make fun of their so-called Mars Rover and"helicopter".So lame.


We've been talking about what Earth is,where it is,what space is,if deep space exists,etc.What some believe is that this construct we currently occupy because we're trapped here,is part of an"orrery",which looks something like this,but is holographic in nature.



Sounds crazy,I know,but the predatory creatures who captured us have technology far beyond anything we understand so I think anything's possible.It would certainly explain the gigantic thumb and fingers I've seen in NASA cam images that seem to be"adjusting"the sun.


We also saw images of what appeared to be gears popping out of the sun years ago as it burned after an attack.Rose said the Alliance call the sun"Ed"for Editor,because the sun kept the time(ing)of the moving parts of the hologram.


We understand the Allied Forces destroyed"Ed"and we have many images now of the fake sun,the"sun simulator"in our sky.It's exciting to think that one day soon we'll finally unravel the mysteries of our fake world;the construct where we reside,where few of us even know it's not real.How will people wrap their heads around that one?Talk about Alice in Wonderland.We've been shrunk down and placed in an upside-down world where lunacy is normal?It's too much for my little mind.Fascinating,though.


With those heady thoughts we'll leave you for now and will check in with you later.Thanks to the crew for all the great shares.


Oh,and there was an overwhelming response to the news of NANO SOMA and I hope you will all be able to get your product before it's sold out.I can't wait to see what this amazing supplement will do for me and all the aging and suffering people out there.

对了,NANO SOMA 的消息引起了热烈的反响,我希望你们都能在产品售完之前拿到它。我迫不及待地想看看这种神奇的营养补充剂对我和那些衰老和受苦的人们有什么好处。

Best of all,those who had to get vaccinations or were duped into it probably won't need to worry.What a relief.I ordered some for my other half and he's going to take it if I have to ram it down his throat.


Signing off for now.~BP




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