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Cobra has posted a long awaited update,his first update this year.


It doesn't reveal all that much and what it mentions is partly contradicting things that I wrote in my January posts.


That is a rather sobering observation,because I can only assume that Cobra's info is correct as he has a direct communication line with the Resistance Movement.


In early December I intuitively got that the Chimera fleet was disintegrating and being cleared fully before Cobra confirmed it 4 days later.


Also the info I received from my source about the completion of the clearing of the Draco fleet and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex was correct and was confirmed 5 days later by Cobra.


So why me and my source were partly off with the status of the Chimera underground and their bases I don't know;my guess is that it is harder to perceive what is the full picture underground because there is much more in the way physically and energetically.


It shows again that as long as we have implants,our 12 DNA strands are not fully activated and we are in the quarantine it is unrealistic for anyone to have 100%reliable psychic perceptions.


The blitzkrieg breakthrough on February 10th that Cobra mentions may relate to another large scale operation than the one I received info about on January 25th.


Blitzkrieg is a German word meaning overwhelming military action aimed at gaining a lot of ground in a short time.


Either way,it sounds like a lot of progress has been made since December without giving away details.


Small investors and citizens have been organizing a silver squeeze as a way to attack the big banks for their market rigging and debt slavery system which we all suffer from.


When the banks are short on silver(selling paper silver to buy it back later at an artificially lowered price),they can incur some serious losses if the price goes up instead.


As the big banks are our enemies rather than our friends,I wish the organizers of the silver squeeze good luck.


Xekleidoma|2021/2/18 白银挤兑

Cobra renews his call to do the Flower of Life meditation as often as possible.


Jim has scheduled a new 144k meditation on February 21st:


144k February 21 Mass Meditation

144K 221集体冥想



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