2023年6月13日: 双重生活正在变老|星际飞船地球

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 June 13, 2023
星际飞船地球: 大图2023年6月13日

2023年6月13日: 双重生活正在变老|星际飞船地球

During these days of the apocalypse, optics and reality seem to diverge more widely by the day. The more we learn about ‘The Plan’ and what was engineered behind the scenes and watch the ‘movie’ unfold, the more we see that what we thought was true, is not. Duality is glaringly apparent.


Trump’s absurd indictment is the biggest story under the big top as the entire charade follows him from Mar-a-Lago to the Florida court, after which he will return to his New Jersey base because his Florida home closes in summer during hurricane season. The clown act is almost too ridiculous to watch. Fortunately, the President has rallied the support of the awake Americans and MAGA crowd and they are out in numbers to prove it.

特朗普荒谬的起诉是大帐篷下最大的新闻,因为从马阿拉歌庄园(Mar-a-Lago)到佛罗里达州法院,整个游戏都跟着他。之后,他将回到自己在新泽西州的基地,因为他在佛罗里达州的家在飓风季节的夏天关闭。小丑表演太荒谬了,看不下去了。幸运的是,总统已经集结了清醒的美国人和 MAGA 人群的支持,他们的人数可以证明这一点。

Many have guessed at the identity of the first. Is this Q drop referring to Trump? Or is there another in that long list of thousands of sealed indictments?

许多人已经猜到了第一个人的身份。这个 Q 掉指的是特朗普吗?还是在那一长串密封起诉书中还有另一份?

Dec 17, 2019 5:03:45 PM ESTDec 17,20195:03:45 PM EST 2019年12月17日东部时间下午5:03:45
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 4e4d4a No. 7538264问! ! Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 4e4d4a No. 7538264
First indictment [unseal] will trigger mass pop awakening.第一次起诉[解封]将引发大众的流行觉醒。
FIRST ARREST will verify action and confirm future direction.第一次逮捕将核实行动和确认未来的方向。
They will fight but you are ready.他们会战斗,但你已经准备好了。
Marker [9].标记[9]。
3y, 5m, 3w, 5d, 21h, 59m ago3y、5m、3w、5d、21h、59m 前
8kun qresearch 8 kun qresearch

The Alliance are going all the way to make this whole shit-show as riveting and memorable as possible. It’s bigger than life; bigger than Bill Clinton’s tawdry affair with Monica Lewinsky and bigger than OJ’s murder trial and woman’s glove stunt. Everyone is watching. Link to Telegram. Link to Telegram.

联盟想尽一切办法让这场闹剧尽可能地引人入胜和难忘。这比生活更重要,比比尔 · 克林顿和莫妮卡 · 莱温斯基的艳遇更重要比辛普森谋杀案和女人的手套特技更重要。大家都在看。链接到电报。链接到电报。

BREAKING – President Trump and aid, Walt Nauta have been formally arrested at the Miami federal courthouse.

最新消息——特朗普总统和他的助手沃尔特 · 诺塔(Walt Nauta)在迈阿密联邦法院被正式逮捕。

They fucking cuffed him.


And fingerprinted him.


I’ve never felt more sick to my stomach as an American than I do right now.


I saw footage of what was said was Melania arriving at the court but it didn’t look like Melania to me, and didn’t move like her, either. It’s a whole load of theatre, folks. It’s a spectacle on purpose. Q said the first arrest would shock/awaken the world. It will NOT shock the world when Biden is arrested, or Hitlary, if they ever are. The whole world knows what they’ve done because of what Trump has done.

我看到了一段视频,据说是梅拉尼娅到达球场,但在我看来不像是梅拉尼娅,动作也不像她。伙计们,这是一大堆戏剧。这是有意为之的壮观场面。Q 说,第一次逮捕将震惊/唤醒世界。如果拜登或者希特勒被捕,世界不会感到震惊。因为特朗普的所作所为,全世界都知道了他们的所作所为。

The result today… from Telegram.

今天的结果... 来自电报。

BREAKING 🚨 President Donald J. Trump pleaded not guilty in federal court in Miami to criminal charges that he “risked disclosure of defense secrets and obstructed the government’s efforts to reclaim classified documents he took with him upon leaving office.” (NYT)

突破总统唐纳德 · J · 特朗普(Donald J. Trump)在迈阿密的联邦法院对刑事指控不认罪,称他“冒着泄露国防机密的风险,阻挠政府收回他离任时随身携带的机密文件的努力”(纽约时报)



UPDATE — Federal judge releases President Trump without conditions.


Of course. And then Trump stopped at a Miami café for a prayer session, bought folks food, and afterward some moron in a jailbird outfit jumped in front of one of the motorcade vehicles.


Another news item that falls in with what we anticipated is more outages. We keep hearing about cyber attacks.


Amazon servers are DOWN: Outage takes out hundreds of websites like OkCupid, Delta Airlines and McDonald’s for tens of thousands across the globe

亚马逊服务器宕机: 全球数以万计的 OkCupid、达美航空(Delta Airlines)和麦当劳(McDonald’s)等数百家网站瘫痪

And there’s this…


Australia's Sky News discusses @MarcoPolo501c3 releasing a 630-page report with 2,020 citations that thoroughly documents 459 crimes committed by the Biden family & their business associates. *140 business crimes *191 sex crimes *128 drug crimes pic.twitter.com/mky0sqpKvo


2023年6月13日: 双重生活正在变老|星际飞船地球

The Q deltas for today are interesting, as always. I like this one:

今天的 Q 增量和往常一样有趣,我喜欢这个:

Jun 13, 2020 4:15:27 PM EDTJun 13,20204:15:27 PM EDT 2020年6月13日美国东部时间下午4:15:27
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 4b50f0 No. 9600507问! ! Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: 4b50f0 No. 9600507
The ‘how’ will be hard to understand for most.对于大多数人来说,“如何”是很难理解的。
Focus on the ‘why’.把注意力集中在“为什么”上。
The ‘when’ is now.时间就是现在。
2y, 11m, 4w, 1d, 19h, 50m ago2年、1100万年、4周、1天、19小时、5千万年前
8kun qresearch 8 kun qresearch

Yes, we keep harping on it; what we see, hear, etc. is only a tiny fragment of what is really happening all around us and within us.

是的,我们总是喋喋不休地谈论它; 我们所看到的、听到的等等只是我们周围和我们内心正在发生的事情的一小部分。

The ones engineering the liberation and the Shift can’t explain it because most people are so deep within the matrix they wouldn’t get it. They would think it sheer insanity. When they speak of the ‘movie’, it is more apt than we probably know. We see one application, but perhaps there is a deeper one; another layer.

那些设计解放和转变的人无法解释它,因为大多数人是如此深入矩阵,他们不会得到它。他们会觉得这简直是疯了。当他们谈到“电影”时,它比我们可能知道的还要恰当。我们看到了一个应用程序,但也许还有一个更深层的应用程序: 另一个层。

The madness and busy-ness unfolding in a constant barrage of information keep us focused outwardly and dissuade us from going within and spending time there. I can’t do both at this point, but I’d like to. The crew shares this synopsis from a “Q” who has been teaching for a few years and resonates with me and a few others here. I could hang out with Q all day, if only…

疯狂和忙碌在持续不断的信息攻击中展开,使我们把注意力集中在外部,阻止我们进入内部并在那里花费时间。现在我不能两者兼顾,但我愿意。工作人员分享了一个已经教了几年书的“ Q”的概要,并与我和这里的其他一些人产生了共鸣。我可以和 Q 玩一整天,只要..。

While the movie we experience daily outwardly continues to thrive only if you’re watching, Q says we’re ignoring the personal movie of our inner daily lives.

虽然我们每天看的电影只有在你看的时候才会继续蓬勃发展,Q 说我们忽略了我们内心日常生活的个人电影。

The movie begins in the theater when the lights go out and the actor appears on the screen. It’s YOU. More specifically, it’s the cognizance of your conscious being. YOU are the star of the movie. Although there is only one customer in the viewing audience, it is YOU. It is the spirit of your heart observing everything you do and everything about you all the time. Up in the projector room, the technician is inserting real time updates into the film for the actor to experience. The projector technician is YOU. It is the light body creator of your experience.


More so, when cognizance receives the creation about it, it reacts to it with the instruments of the mental mind and the mammalian mind. Everything it does to interact with it is then experienced by the heart. For good or for bad, the heart sends the experience to the light body. The light body will edit the film to create more of that. It is defined in the energetic torus that the light body will support its cognizance (by definition of the energetic torus) BUT cognitive dissonance is allowed only up to a certain point before TSHTF.

更有甚者,当认知接收到关于它的创造时,它就会用精神头脑和哺乳动物头脑的工具对它作出反应。它所做的一切与之相互作用的事情都是由心灵来体验的。无论好坏,心把经验传送给光体。光体将编辑电影,以创造更多的。在能量环面中定义光体将支持它的认知(根据能量环面的定义) ,但是认知失调只允许在 TSHTF 之前达到一定的点。

The first thing I saw on Telegram this morning was the witch—but the article stating she was admitted to hospital with a blood clot was from December 2012. I remembered because of her mysterious fall and concussion which we believed might have been related to the shooting on the flight in the Middle East she was on. That debacle was covered up and we believe it was related to trying to take out some good guys. The memory is fading.


However, the reference to her injury could be the harbinger of potentially positive news. Between Biden’s root canal and this reintroduction of Hitlary’s health issues and mega crimes I see exciting opportunities for eliminating the offending vermin permanently from view.


The double life is getting old with actors, masks, clones, robotoids, doubles… we know they’ve already been dealt with and are no longer part of the equation, simply kept on life support in the news for the sake of the normies.

演员、面具、克隆人、机器人、替身... ... 我们知道他们已经被处理过了,不再是等式的一部分,只是为了正常人而在新闻中维持生命。

At some point the decrepit corpses have to be removed from our midst so we can bury the ghosts and move forward. It seems the Clinton Crime family will soon be under the spotlight.


Here’s a decode for us from Telegram.


That’s a 5:5 or Drop 55


Look to Twitter: Exactly this: “My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us…….” God bless.

# 55看看推特: 正是这样: “我的美国同胞们,风暴正向我们袭来... ...”上帝保佑。


‼️‼️‼️‼️HUGE‼️‼️‼️‼️💥💥💥KABQQQQQM💥💥💥TRUMP DROPPING A CLIP ON THE CLINTON EMAILSAt 4:50 PM##450Link to Trump Tweet:33.000 ILLEGALLY DELETED EMAILS!NO DEALS!"90 DAYS TO GO?!!!"With a 55sec ClipThat's a 5:5 or Drop 55 ##55Look to Twitter: Exactly this: "My... https://t.co/cHuyVyLP2K pic.twitter.com/FKYDhRelVU

Twitter (https://twitter.com/gh17tafkag/status/1668371163188174850?s=46&t=R0ivzMnZs2uEIgO9fs-S4Q)

Another example of reality vs fiction is the revelation that Joan Rivers did not die after telling us that Michael Obama is a tranny. I didn’t think she was really dead. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Alone, this isn’t important but together with a plethora of others—it will be a real wakeup call.

现实与虚构的另一个例子是琼 · 里弗斯在告诉我们迈克尔 · 奥巴马是一个变性人后并没有死。我没想到她真的死了。都是骗人的。单独来说,这并不重要,但与其他许多问题一起,这将是一个真正的警钟。

Many think Joan River was killed for exposing the Obamas but in actuality she was punished by having to kill off the Joan River persona for violating club rules. They were easy on her. pic.twitter.com/0bsrKCAUzO

The players in the game have been hiding for a long time. The families have been battling covertly and going underground for safety with the plan to surface at the most opportune time. I recently saw a photo of Jackie Onassis and Elvis, suggesting she is his mother, I think. Anything is possible. If it’s true that 900 will be coming out of hiding in the near future, it’s going to be overwhelming for the normies. Dawn of the Dead.

游戏中的玩家已经隐藏了很长时间。这些家庭一直在秘密作战,为了安全转入地下,计划在最适当的时候浮出水面。我最近看到一张杰姬 · 奥纳西斯和猫王的照片,我想,这表明她是他的母亲。一切皆有可能。如果900人真的会在不久的将来出现,那对于普通人来说将是巨大的压力。僵尸黎明。

2023年6月13日: 双重生活正在变老|星际飞船地球

Something normies might be taken in by is the “15 Minute Cities”. Have you seen “The Line” rendering?


Is it just a theory or a scare tactic, or is it really a plan?


It’s real, apparently, and construction has already been in progress for awhile in Saudi Arabia. Is it good, or is it a globalist plan? Here’s a hint: they use the “s” word. “Sustainable”. Dead giveaway. It appears to be “the line in the sand”. Cross it, and we’re doomed.

显然,这是真的,而且沙特阿拉伯的建筑工程已经进行了一段时间了。这是一个好计划,还是一个全球主义计划?给你个提示,他们用“ s”开头的词。“可持续发展”。完全暴露了。这似乎是“沙中线”。越过它,我们就完了。


They mirror the outside to make it disappear and it reminds me of the souls captured in the Star Trek episode, I believe it was. Trapped in a flat plane with no way out.


2023年6月13日: 双重生活正在变老|星际飞船地球

How easy would it be to pile us on top of each other and then when we’re all rounded up and corralled, exterminate us? How easy would it be to execute lockdowns in a place like this? How simple to starve us out by cutting off supplies from outside. What recourse would we have? Who you gonna call?


They want us to believe it would be a relaxed, clean, convenient life. It would be very convenient for them. It would restrict our movement and our freedoms and ultimately eliminate them because everything and everyone would be controlled. This “smart city” looks like a fancy prison to me. You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.


2023年6月13日: 双重生活正在变老|星际飞船地球

Ultimately, they don’t want us to have the freedom to travel, to leave our neighbourhood. It might not be a stretch for some folks living in New York City because many don’t have private vehicles. They use taxi cabs. If they want to go on a long trip outside the city they rent a car.


This city called Neom they are building in Saudi Arabia is in the middle of the desert. If you don’t have a vehicle, where will you go? Are they connecting it by rail lines? Or are residents stranded? If there were mass transit, they could shut it down.

他们在沙特阿拉伯建造的这座名为 Neom 的城市位于沙漠中央。如果你没有车,你会去哪里?他们是用铁路连接的吗?还是居民被困住了?如果有公共交通,他们可以关闭它。

What happens to this lovely clean environment when a haboob rolls through? Do they just close the sun roof?

当一个人流车经过时,这个可爱的干净环境会发生什么变化? 他们只是关闭了天窗吗?

2023年6月13日: 双重生活正在变老|星际飞船地球
Phoenix, AZ 2018
AZ 凤凰城2018年

Oh—silly me. There won’t be any more dust storms once we all give up our cars and our property and our carbon footprint shrinks to zero because there will be no more need for the fake climate change nonsense. No hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, wildfires, floods. It will be like Camelot; sunny, temperate, safe, and will only rain at night. Not!


I believe those of us with multiple family vehicles and the freedom to pile in and go anywhere on a moment’s notice and take or tow anything we want with us are going to be a tough sell on giving up any more freedoms. They have already ruined air travel with their TSA gropers and the theft that takes place with people going through our suitcases and private belongings, making us buy $5 bottles of water in the terminal and generally treating us like terrorists.


They have gradually been inching us toward relinquishing our freedoms and far too many people don’t have a problem with it. The brainwashing has been complete. It’s easy to herd people into desired behaviour by promoting something new with slick videos and a long list of features and benefits is all it takes to get the job done. If it’s new and different, many will mindlessly jump on the bandwagon. They’ve already bought into the climate change hoax and Covid scamdemic. What’s next?


'The Goal Is to Take Away Private Vehicles': Trump Alumni, Policy Expert Warn of EPA Electric Car Rule https://t.co/50lvC0cxn3

SG Anon uploaded File 52 which many of you will want to hear. He gets into the current events, what’s visible, what’s hidden, what it means, relates it to Q drops, the strategy, the financial situation, what we can expect to happen, etc. 1 hr. 2 min.

SG Anon 上传了52号文件,你们很多人都想听听。他进入当前事/件,什么是可见的,什么是隐藏的,它意味着什么,关联到 Q 下降,策略,财务状况,我们可以预期发生的事情,等等1小时。2分钟。

Trump TS Decode | FISA/Assange Coming | Wagner Flag in Israel | UFO DEClas StartTrump TS Decode | FISA/Assange Coming | Wagner Flag in Israel | UFO DEClas Start

特朗普 TS 解码 | FISA/Assange 未来 | 以色列瓦格纳旗帜 | UFO DEClas 开始

Last week we had a financial update on the Quantum Financial System.


Updated: QFS + RTGS: List of Banks that are Connected to the QFS System or are Being Connected

更新: 优质资助计划 + 即时支付结算系统: 已连接或正在连接优质资助计划的银行名单

2023年6月13日: 双重生活正在变老|星际飞船地球

We can’t have the world living in complacency. Canadians are under siege and need to engage and get active. Link to Telegram.


Health Canada is moving forward with multiple initiatives that will assault the natural health industry and consumer access to natural health products and practices. If Canadians allow these changes to occur, it will be the end of the natural health product industry as we know it.




Educate yourself about what Health Canada has set into motion in 2023 by downloading and reading the Discussion Paper. Then join Shawn Buckley’s live discussion to explain it all. Find out exactly how these changes will affect you and your life, and every part of the natural health product industry that you currently enjoy.

通过下载和阅读讨论文件,了解加拿大卫生部将在2023年采取什么行动。然后加入 Shawn Buckley 的现场讨论来解释这一切。弄清楚这些变化将如何影响你和你的生活,以及你目前喜欢的天然保健产品行业的每一部分。

Download the Discussion paper: https://nhppa.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/Discussion-Paper-On-2023-Health-Canada-Initiatives-C-47-Cost-Recovery-and-Burdens-New-Powers.pdf

下载讨论文件: https://nhppa.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/Discussion-paper-on-2023-health-canada-initiatives-c-47-cost-recovery-and-burdens-new-powers.pdf

If natural health and the rediscovery of the old ways is of interest to you, consider this Telegram channel. I find it fascinating. We all need to re-educate ourselves and take responsibility for our health. The Nature Apothecary channel makes it easier.


And to close, we have tales from the asylum.


The District of Saanich has announced that it will offer free menstrual products at all public washrooms, including men's rooms, by the end of the month.https://t.co/8vnVUMfVo3

Each day brings fascinating revelations so there is no time for boredom or disconnection. The boulder is tumbling down the mountain, gathering momentum and there is nothing that can stop it.


Signing off for today.  ~ BP



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