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Does life exist before birth?This is a question that's been contemplated for thousands of years.In the Socratic dialogue,Meno by Plato,the character Socrates attempts to prove that life exists before birth.Instead of innate knowledge that we are simply born with,knowledge that simply comes naturally to us,Plato relies on prenatal knowledge to explain our ability to solve problems in mathematics and philosophy,and suggests that we must have known the answers to these problems all along.


Plato,among many others,was convinced that there were such things as absolute beauty and truths.He believed that what we call the'soul'was eternal,and that all knowledge was simply a form of remembering things that our soul knew before birth.To explain his view,he wrote the parable of the cave,where people are sitting around a fire watching shadows of the outside manifest themselves on the wall of the cave.For their entire life,they watched these reflections,and to them,it was a representation of the real world.One day they ventured out of the cave,and the real world was finally revealed to them.


Today,this is happening on multiple levels,so much so that the truth is so'painful'and unbelievable that many prefer to venture back into the cave of ignorance.


Plato believed that,before birth,the soul possesses knowledge,but that knowledge is lost when we enter into the world at birth.Our senses cloud the remembrance of real truths as we enter into the world of illusion and eventually become slaves to our senses.Perhaps this is why many spiritual practices like Buddhism and several yogic philosophies preach the abstinence of sensorial pleasure to an extent,because the more we engage in our senses,the further we drift away from the knowledge of our soul.


This is very interesting because the idea of the soul being an eternal entity is nothing new.Take reincarnation,for example,which is the idea that we experience many different lives not only on our own planet and dimensions,but other ones as well.The topic and research that's gone into reincarnation is extremely fascinating to say the least,so much so that Carl Sagan stated that reincarnation deserves"serious study"because"young children sometimes report details of a previous life,which upon checking turn out to be accurate and which they could not have known about in any other way other than reincarnation."(source)

这是非常有趣的,因为灵魂作为一个永恒的实体的想法并不新鲜。以轮回为例,这个观点认为我们不仅在自己的星球和维度上经历了许多不同的生命,而且还经历了其他的生命。至少可以说,有关转世的话题和研究非常吸引人,以至于卡尔·萨根(Carl Sagan)表示,转世值得"认真研究",因为"小孩子有时会报告前世的细节,经过验证,这些细节是准确的,除了转世之外,他们不可能以其他任何方式知道这些细节。"(来源)

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Now,this does not mean that reincarnation is the be all and end all of the soul's journey and experience,it might be one option out of several possibilities depending on its purposes,lessons it needs to learn,etc.The University of Virginia's psychiatrist Jim Tucker is arguably the world's leading researcher on this topic,and in 2008,he published a review of cases that suggested the existence of reincarnation in the journal Explore.


It makes sense,at least to me,that children are more likely to experience this type of memory recollection because they're younger in age.So,perhaps they're able to remember what happened to them prior to being born,before the soul loses its memory after being entering into a human body.


Here's an article I wrote on multiple children providing details and proof of their past lives here on Earth.Here's another one of a boy who remembered his past life on Mars.The Mars case is of particular interest,given that Mars was once very much Earth-like and there is evidence that an advanced civilization existed there in the past.You can see my post here and read the study that's cited.You can also learn more about Mars and its supposed past here.


So,if we have experienced past lives before we were born,did we come here for a reason?Did our souls choose to come here?Are we all here for some sort of specific purpose?Are we here to remember why we came?Is it possible that the soul may forget why it came and goes to sleep,but can also'wake up'and remember why it's here?



Susan A.Manewich is the President of the New Energy Movement and is also a contactee,which is a person who's been contacted by what we perceive as extraterrestrial life.She has been involved in some of the most extensive research on contactees ever conducted.


We recently interviewed Susan about her research into The Contactee Experience.At the beginning of the interview,she touches upon how she literally remembers incarnating onto this planet and being in her mother's womb,which signifies her knowledge that she came from somewhere else.This is fascinating as it begs some interesting questions:If her memories are in fact correct,what does this say about who we truly are,and about what we think we know about our reality and our consciousness?


"Literally remember coming from a different space and place…I didn't lose that consciousness,I remember that…I remember,literally,hearing the call,that I needed to leave where I was,which was in energy form,and I do remember being connected to source,and literally being really excited to come too.I didn't know it was this planet,let's just put it this way:it was a call,it was a pull…I do remember the journey of coming through,I remember being energy in the corner of my parents'bedroom and literally the next thing I know,my next conscious memory is being in my mothers womb probably about 7 mothers or so in Utero."


We interviewed her for a 3-part series that goes deeper into the topic of contactees,both in regards to beings and ET's,as well as her work on bringing forth new energy technologies.


The Contactee Experience,which is the first part in the series,is currently available for free for you to watch on demand.You can start watching it here.


In our Hidden Energy Technologies interview with Susan,we explore how she has been vetting free energy technologies for many years now,and has some of the most extensive knowledge out there on these subjects.In our interview with her,we explore these technologies,what's real and what's not,and what it will take to actually have these technologies hit the light of day…and it's not simply by ending the Deep State's suppression of them.


In the final part,Contactees and The Shift,Susan shares some of the most important and understandable messages regarding contactees.We also get into the most commonly shared messages contactees report,as they relate to the massive global shift in consciousness we are experiencing on the planet today.

在最后的部分,Contactees 和转变,苏珊分享了一些最重要和可理解的信息,关于联系人。我们也看到了联系人报告的最常见的共享信息,因为它们与我们今天在这个星球上正在经历的全球意识的巨大转变有关。

As we discuss in the interview series,it's important to keep in mind that there are multiple forms of contact:there are abductions,which you can read more about here,energetic contact experiences,contact with extraterrestrials,and contact with other types of beings.


If you would like to watch this interview series and learn a lot more about the latest contactee and free energy technology research,start by watching part 1 here.


As backed up by research,most contactees who have been hypnotically regressed,as well as those who haven't,share shockingly similar stories in their experiences.Dr.David M Jacobs,a recently retired Professor and historian,has stated that the"consistency is mind-boggling."


It's not uncommon for'ET contactees'or those who have been regressed to share information that suggests life exists prior to birth.The reason for a lot of the UFO/ET activity we see here today could be directly correlated with the idea that these people have come here for a specific purpose.This is a common feeling among activists and those who have experienced ET/UFO contact,at least a good portion of them.

对于外星人接触者或者那些已经退化的人来说,分享生命存在于出生之前的信息是很常见的。我们今天在这里看到许多 ufo/et 活动的原因,可能与这些人来这里是为了一个特定目的的想法直接相关。这是活动家和那些经历过外星人/不明飞行物接触的人的共同感受,至少他们中的很大一部分人是这样的。


Contemplating reincarnation and the existence of life prior to birth is nothing new,as proven by generations of children who remembered their past lives as well as ancient lore and philosophy from around the globe.The information shared within this article isn't'proof'according to the way our minds have been trained to recognize what'proof'is;instead,it's something that seems to resonate deeply with many people.Couple that with the extreme consistency between the stories shared by not only children,but by people like Susan as well,the reincarnation theory seems incredibly plausible.Plus,if you look at the work of multiple hypnotic regressionists who've worked with people that have experienced'extraterrestrial'contact,it's definitely interesting to say the least.


Furthermore,if we examine scientific literature associated with parapsychology,quantum physics and consciousness(all related),the idea that consciousness or the soul exists as a separate entity from the body is really not that far off,although consciousness is,in my opinion,something different from the soul.



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