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May 10,2021 2021510

By Judy Byington as reported in Before It's News Biden,Harris,Milley Charged with Treason,Tribunals at White House,Mass Arrests,Martial Law|Politics|Before It's News(beforeitsnews.com)


"A violent event will soon take place in D.C.that will result in Martial Law.Retaliatory military strikes will remove Biden,Harris and top ranking members of Congress on charges of Treason,"high up sources claimed on Sun.9 May.


A US Military operation has already been hiding nightly Tribunals taking place on Capitol Hill and the White House since 20 Jan.2021.Secret Service operatives,military personnel,ambulances and an eight foot high barbed wire fence had surrounded Capitol Hill since Biden's inauguration in Jan.


For the past fifteen months military Special Operation forces under a US Interim Military Government have been executing arrests of prominent active and retired politicians,according to another inside source.


Since 2016 US Attorney General for Utah John Huber and his 740 investigators have filed over 500,000 indictments in federal courts and held State Grand Juries across the nation.Charges included Treason,human and child trafficking,murder,assassinations,drug smuggling and RICO money laundering.


On Wed 14 April,US Army Gen Mark Milley,the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,was arrested and charged with Treason by Pentagon police officers,along with General Hokanson,chief of the National Guard Bureau.The generals were removed to a C-17 transport plane that took both to GITMO to face military tribunals.

Pentagon Coup! Joint Chiefs Overthrown - Real Raw News

Last month Real Raw News reported on a shocking incident at the Pentagon, the seat of America's military might: The man who calls himself president, Joseph R. Biden, had visited the Pentagon under the pretense of conducting a surprise presidential inspection. His real impetus was to learn whether a rumor he had heard was true, [...]

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414日星期三,美国陆军参谋长联席会议委员会主席 Mark Milley 将军与国民警卫队局长 Hokanson 将军一起被五角大楼警察逮捕,并被控叛国罪。将军们被转移到一架 C-17运输机上,两人都被带到关塔那摩接受军事法庭的审判。

Mass Arrests of global and political elites were in full swing.GITMO was reported to be full of those recently arrested,an Antarctic military base detention center was almost full and others had been taken to detention centers set up for the purpose across the globe.


US citizens working for Rockefeller Deep State entities have been arrested and taken to US Military prisons in Puerto Rico(San Juan Guaynabo military prison)and Fort Worth Naval Base military prison.


Indictments against Deep State politicians have been filed across the globe.Arrestees working for foreign Deep State governments and agencies have been taken to GITMO,Honduras XPL(Sato Kona Honduran military base detention center)and Spain's Santa Cruz Islands.

全球各地都对"深州"的政治家提出了起诉。为外国深州政府和机构工作的被捕者已经被带到关塔那摩、洪都拉斯 XPL(洪都拉斯军事基地拘留中心)和西班牙圣克鲁斯群岛。

Word was that President Trump was the only true US commander-in-chief,rather than Biden,who has been refused entrance to the Pentagon and Air Force One.Military commanders were flying from Norfolk to Trump's Mar-a-Lago residence.There were 866 active military personnel working for the US Interim Military Government in a compound next Mar-a-Lago.


Way last Wed.2 Dec.2020 Trump had invoked the National Defense Activation Act(NDAA)due to foreign intervention and Election Fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election.The Military had proven the fraud through an election count of official watermarked ballots that ran in tandem with vote tabulations on Nov.3 2020.The NDAA covered the dramatic increase of DoD Special Forces military arrests from Nov.to May 2021.


去年星期三2020122日,由于外国干预和2020年总统选举舞弊,特朗普援引了《国防激活法案》(NDAA)2020113日,军方通过官方打上水印的选票清点证明了选举舞弊。NDAA 报道了从202111月到5月国防部特种部队逮捕人数的急剧增加。

On Wed 14 April,US Army Gen Mark Milley,the chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,was cursing out the other Joint Chiefs for not supporting fake Biden and Harris,claiming that Biden-Harris were fairly elected.Milley was then confronted by Marine Commandant Gen.David Berger,Chief of Naval Operations,who told Milley that he,General Berger and US Air Force General Hyten were not committed to the Constitution and We The People.He stated that Trump was the only duly elected president of the US,having been elected by 80%of the vote in the 3 Nov 2020 election.

414日星期三,美国参谋长联席会议参谋长联席会议主席、美国陆军上将 Mark Milley 咒骂其他参谋长联席会议不支持冒牌的 Biden Harris,声称 Biden Harris 是公平选举的。海军作战司令 David Berger 将军告诉 Milley,他、Berger 将军和美国空军 Hyten 将军都不遵守宪法和我们人民。他表示,特朗普是美国唯一合法当选的总统,在2020113日的选举中以80%的选票当选。

Gen Berger handed Milley an arrest warrant issued by the Navy Judge Advocates General Corps.Milley ripped the warrant up,an act which was promptly followed by twelve armed Pentagon Force Protection police officers arresting Gen Milley and Gen Hokanson(chief of the National Guard Bureau and another unfortunate Biden supporter).The generals were removed to a C-17 transport plane that took both to GITMO to face military tribunals on charges of cooperating with enemies of the Constitution and the people of the USA,foreign and domestic,including working with the Chinese Communist Party campaign to subvert the Nov 2020 election.They faced charges of aiding and abetting the vote switching fraud in six swing states of NV,AZ,WI,MI,PA and GA.

伯杰将军向米利递交了海军军法署签发的逮捕令。米利撕毁了逮捕令,紧接着十二名五角大楼武装保护警察逮捕了米利将军和霍肯森将军(国民警卫队局长和另一名不幸的拜登支持者)。将军们被转移到一架 C-17运输机上,这架运输机将他们送往关塔那摩,接受军事法庭的审判,罪名是与《宪法》的敌人以及美国国内外的人民合作,包括与中国共产党破坏202011月选举的活动合作。他们被指控在6个摇摆州,包括 NVAZWIMIPA GA.,协助和教唆投票转移舞弊。

On Fri.16 April Joe Biden paid a visit to the Pentagon under the pretense of conducting a surprise inspection.Biden was turned away by Pentagon Force Protection police officers and forbidden to enter.That same day President Trump was in a meeting at the Pentagon with Marine Corp Gen.Berger.Simeon Parkes:



A couple of months ago 80%of the Department of Defense flag officers voted in a binding vote to support bringing back Trump as the only duly elected president and removing the fake Biden-Harris administration,while only 20%of DoD flag officers voted against the measure.




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