Your consciousness is the key to the 5D world


意识的重要性|最后的警钟Your consciousness is the key to entering the world of the 5th Dimension. This key is yours the moment your consciousness tells you to do it or fail. At that moment you will be alone! Nobody will judge you or reward you. But you will feel when you have really succeeded. It is the end of a period! And the beginning of a new era.


Beware! All over the internet Fake Truth Tellers are well-known within the channels of the so-called popular media and mouthpieces who themselves believe that they receive information from the Light and are privileged to pass it on. While in reality they are being manipulated by a cabal. Often they tell that they have an exclusive Informant at their disposal, and that they are chosen to be their voice in our society. They pass on information that is partly true, but in fact is intended to sow doubt, lies and deceit.


The Third Dimension is the world of lies, deceit, competition, destructive criticism, egoism, theft, swindling, fame and greed. Control and power is the goal. Backstabbing, malice and maintaining low frequency for conviction and control. These are actions that put big locks on the Portal to the Fifth Dimension.


Whereas in the 5th always, cooperation, assistance and dedication are directed towards good, pure intentions, with empathy and care for others. That is the path that leads you to the 5D world.


Nothing and nobody has the power to influence the individual choice. For every individual still exists the freedom of free will. There will not be a single soul that can say it didn’t have a chance.


Ascension is travelling up and by definition the path of those who consciously choose to go to a higher level of Light. It can only be found when the consciousness is truly expanded enough to understand every lesson that was presented during successive incarnations. Remember that nothing and no one will decide for you.


The moment the majority of the vaccinated discover that they have been misled by their government, world liberation will become a reality. Our Liberty must be conquered from the bottom up.


Our Exterrestrial guest author Vital Frosi describes the transition process from the 3D to the 5D world in more detail in the essay below.

我们的 Exterrestrial 客座作者 Vital Frosi 在下面的文章中更详细地描述了从3D到5D世界的转变过程。

The Effectiveness of Light




意识的重要性|最后的警钟Today’s message is one of the most important ever given to incarnated humanity. Because of the change the Planet is going through during the Transition, but also because of the importance of the final incarnation of the souls who experience duality in this Earth School; the Angelic Helpers are warning us to “wake up and pray“. And, now more than ever, this medium is necessary.

今天的信息是有史以来给予化身的人类最重要的信息之一。因为这个星球正在经历转变,也因为在这个地球学校体验二元性的灵魂的最终化身的重要性; 天使帮助者警告我们“醒来并祈祷”。现在,这种媒介比以往任何时候都更加必要。

Before going deeper into this subject, it should be clarified that the Science of the Deep Staters has as much knowledge as the Light-Workers. At least as far as evolving Worlds are concerned, the Non-Light Scientists know enough about the future of the Earth and its humanity. They even know what awaits them in the days to come. And they know, above all, that their reign here on Earth is over and done with.


Earth is the last stronghold of the fallen angels. After wanderings through many galaxies, and the entire arm of Orion in the Milky Way, the attack in this Solar System is now concluded. Earlier, their havens from Planet Earth, namely the Moon and Mars were permanently closed. In this year 2021, the Moon was reclaimed by the Light Forces. And shortly afterwards, all their bases on Mars were closed.


All Stargates in this Solar System are blocked and nobody except the Positive Forces of the Galactic Federation can enter or leave. Today, three protective layers have been formed around the Earth, for which a countless fleet of Spaceships and an army of billions of benevolent Galactic Beings have been engaged.


意识的重要性|最后的警钟The Creator’s command, quoted here in the text from just over a year ago, has now been fulfilled. The BASTA is in place; there is no other alternative left for the Dark powers. They have had billions of years to redeem themselves from their deviations, but those who have resisted are now finding the end of the road of their wanderings through the Universes.


They must surrender and accept their recycling into Worlds of Atonement and Testimony. If they do not obey this command, their fate will be the Central Sunfire, or the Second Death as some call it.


The resistance group, knowing what lies ahead, has decided to change the plans of the Dark Force.  As mentioned at the beginning of the text, the head of the DS Pyramid has chosen to destroy Planet Earth and humanity.

抵抗组织知道前方的路,决定改变黑暗力量的计划。正如在文本开头所提到的,DS 金字塔的头已经选择了摧毁地球和人类。

The Creator is the one who really decides, and obviously cannot allow this to happen. The Divine Plan for Earth will now be fulfilled, whether the Deep State wants it or not.


Neither the desired Nuclear Wars nor the attempts at Biological Warfare will be able to change the designs of the Higher Command. The black power is left with only less attractive alternatives, which in a way cause problems for them.


And so, the final plan of the shadow power has become an individual attack on strategic people among the incarnate humanity.


Pay close attention to the following information, for it will be decisive for the success of your ascension – travelling up – or not. This is the moment where “testify and pray” really come in handy.


As we said, the black power has its own science. Even though they are infiltrated by the science of man, it goes far beyond what you can imagine. It is so deeply rooted that some channels are only now allowed to receive and transmit certain information.


They also have their rules, so that they can reincarnate and perpetuate themselves among humanity on Earth. Souls who take pleasure in evil during their incarnation are segregated beyond the grave so that they can serve on the other side of physicality.


It is not very different from the astral on Earth, where there are Spiritual Colonies and refuges to collect souls within the Plans and choices that each one makes during successive incarnations.


The dark powers prepare many errant souls to incarnate and assume prominent hierarchical positions in all segments of society existing on Earth. In this way they have achieved, at least so far, a seemingly total control.


The revelations that have already begun and that will continue to expand in the coming months will show who these key figures are among the incarnated people.


As if this were not enough, they also control the production of clones, which can replace an incarnate who actually holds a very important command position within the dark hierarchies. This will also be revealed and seen soon.


But there is something even more incredible that can affect many people at this very important time of the ‘Resurrection of Souls’. I will try to describe here in a few lines how cunning the forces of Darkness are. All incarnated people who hold a distinguished position within the practices that can positively influence human consciousness are under their control.


Important media, spokespersons, writers, YouTube artists, journalists, scientists, leaders of Spiritual Centres, religious, artists, governors, in general all authorities, who are not a Dark Clone or an incarnated representative of the Shadow Power, are seduced in a surreptitious way, so that without the necessary vigilance, they succumb fatally.

重要的媒体、发言人、作家、 YouTube 艺术家、记者、科学家、精神中心的领袖、宗教、艺术家、政府官员,总的来说,所有的权威人士---- 他们既不是黑暗克隆人,也不是影子势力的化身代表---- 都以一种偷偷摸摸的方式受到诱惑,因此,如果没有必要的警惕,他们就会以致命的方式屈服。

Each of them may be surrounded by several non-physical entities, who will do anything to divert them from their most sincere intentions. They have the ability to influence the consciousness of each and every one, and usually the individual does not notice the difference. Of course, there are those who know this and deliberately take pleasure in it.


There are cases of mediums and mouthpieces who believe they are receiving information from the Light, while in reality it is someone who is manipulating them. Often they say that they have an exclusive source of information, and that they have been chosen to be their voice within our society. They pass on information, some of which is true, but which is actually intended to create doubt, lies and deceit.


They make the incarnated people believe their information, and bring them into confrontation with other mediums or information channels. Therefore, it happens often that a being who claims to be a Lightworker, attacks another Lightworker. It is also very noticeable in Spiritual Centres when some leaders do not allow anyone to replace them.


All others not mentioned here follow the Dark Force controllers consciously or unconsciously to serve them, and to keep their Course. Once they give in, there is no turning back. They have entered the fatal Timeline that will lead them to exile from planet Earth.  This is then their last chance of all previous successive incarnations.


Bear witness and pray!” said Jesus Christ when He came specifically to give us some recommendations, and this was perhaps one of His most important. The seriousness of accountability depends on the function and position of each person. Not only of those who can contribute to humanity in this time of ascension, but especially of those who are oriented, guided or informed by these beings.


Every incarnated human being must make a minimum effort to expand their consciousness in order not to be misled. The key is to feel. Feel if it resonates with your heart! If it does not resonate, do not give it any attention. Even if it is a truth, it will resurface later. But if it is a mistake, it is harder to dismantle the belief once it has taken root.


Feel! Feel and feel! You always have the choice. No one can ever force you to do anything. Real messages are those that bring you inner peace. They give you confidence and renew your energy. Anything that doesn’t fit in here, let it go, without fear and without guilt.


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment.

我是至关重要的 Frosi,我的使命是启蒙。



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