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It is clear we are not out of the woods yet,the Cabal is throwing a lot of crap at us and many governments show their undemocratic and fascist nature more and more as the NWO agenda has gone into overdrive,that's why I have a dedicated message for several groups of people.


First of all,to the awake people who know basically about the global conspiracy of the dark forces but who have been losing faith because the Event and planetary liberation remain an illusive fata morgana to them.We are in rough waters and some are suffering particularly hard,but you need to get a grip on yourself and start believing in yourself if not in anything else.Did it ever occur to you that a small tiny part of the reasons that the Event did not manifest yet may be due to you?You are the creator of this reality that we share,just like the rest of us.So work on your mindset,stop whining for God's sake and start bridging the gap between what you want and what you actually create.There is this great scene in the movie The Edge,where two men have become stranded in the wilderness after a plane crash with hardly any means of survival and a large mankiller bear on their tail.Watch it and use it for inspiration!


Secondly,to the activist people who want to do something concrete that has a measurable or distinctly observable result.I call into memory the public book burnings that were done in past eras,often for negative reasons of suppression and eradication of information,cultures and values.Such a weapon that the dark forces have used so many times can also be used for the Light.The intention behind it should not be censorship or resistance against the expressions of Cabal inspired moral degradation and dystopia,but purification,purging and rejection of all that represents lower energies.Think in terms of burning cardboard pyramids of occult power,squashing DVDs of movies that promote violence,decadence and antisocial behaviour,shredding and burning mass media newspapers and such.Use your imagination,it's about the symbolic ritual of removing undesired aspects out of our reality,never targeted at people but always at dark creations.It can be a mix of pagan bonfires with manifestations in protest of Big Brother's agenda of dehumanization and transhumanism.

其次,对于那些想要做一些具体的事情并且有一个可以衡量或者清楚观察到的结果的活动家来说。我回忆起过去时代的公共焚书行为,往往是出于压制和消灭信息、文化和价值观的负面原因。这样的武器,黑暗势力已经使用了这么多次,也可以用于光。它背后的意图不应该是审查或抵制阴谋集团引发的道德堕落和反乌托邦的表达,而是净化、清除和拒绝所有代表较低能量的东西。想想看,燃烧神秘力量的硬纸板金字塔,压制宣扬暴力、堕落和反社会行为的电影 dvd,粉碎和焚烧大众媒体报纸等等。运用你的想象力,这是一个象征性的仪式,把我们现实世界中不想要的东西去掉,不是针对人,而是总是针对黑暗的创造。它可以是异教徒篝火与抗议老大哥非人化和超人类主义议程的表现形式的混合。

Thirdly,to the light forces up above.I hear that you want to keep the key players and top leaders of the Cabal around so that they can be held accountable for their actions after the Event;basically I understand,there is no complete catharsis and truth finding possible with only henchmen and delivery boys,but please consider taking them off planet until then so that they can not cause any more trouble,unleash any more black magic on us or be suicided.Also I hear you want to prevent unnecessary suffering as much as possible and need to remove the last assets of the dark forces and their retaliation mechanisms,but how about the immense unnecessary suffering that is going on right now?It gets on people's nerves,we cannot endure this hellish madness for very much longer,at some point even the sane and spiritually evolved people are going to snap.You need to stretch your efforts in planetary liberation to the max just like we are stretching our endurance to the max.


For the rest of us I would like to say:keep up the good work.There is light at the end of the tunnel,seek to create your own bubble of heaven for starters.I specifically want to wish the people of Belarus good luck in getting rid of their dictatorial leader Aljaksandr Lukasjenka.



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