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Good Day to you Dear Hearts,Dear Souls on Planet Earth today.We are very pleased to connect with you.You are blessed beings indeed.


Being a Human Being in this age,in this 21st century,is a great challenge.Yet so many of you wanted to come here at this time.This is why the population of the Earth is so large.Now there are many billions of people,more than there have ever been alive on this planet together.


You all wanted to be incarnated at this time of ascension.This is the now moment when you can leave all of your indoctrinations and entrainments behind.It is time for the false thoughts and ideas that you came to experience,to be disassembled and for light to be shone on the darkness.


You are becoming Gurus,enlightened ones,who have experienced great fear and separation in order to move more deeply into the light of God's loving vibration.


Earth has not been a happy place.It is the place of duality.It is the place where the yin and the yang,the dark and the light,play with each other.Earth is the ego's playground.


It is the place where the ego and the Soul experience the events and challenges that the Soul has designated for its growth and maturation into Heavenly bliss.With this Earthly experience,God is creating Gods like unto Himself.


God,Spirit,Divine Essence,the Holy Energy that animates the Human body through its Soul and is the great I am.God Spirit,is always moving to expand itself,to grow into a more deeply loving beingness.


In order to do this in a holistic imagined playground,the Planet Earth computer simulation training program was created.Earth is a hologram,a computer matrix with algorithms,rules and universal laws that guide and control the Soul's journey through the worldly hologram.


And in this process,there is justice,absolute justice for,karma is at work.Karma is the loving or unloving energy that an individual puts out,that then comes back as the same loving or unloving energy to each in kind.


Loving thoughts and deeds lead to a love filled life.Cruel,demeaning words and deeds lead to negative,fear filled experiences.


Planet Earth is a great stage,and as Shakespeare so wisely said,all the Human inhabitants are actors on this stage.And all of you have played all the parts.


You have been murderers and you have been murdered,you have been torturers and you you have been tortured.You have been narcissists who dealt,unkindly,selfishly cruelly with your brethren.


You have been totally service to self with an overwhelming desire for power over others.You have literally been cannibals,eating the flesh,the body of your brethren both physically and psychologically.


You have lived in the low,aching third dimensional vibration,where free will allows you to be what you are not.That is to be,cruel and deeply unkind,separated from each other and desperately lonely,flailing about in your false entrainment.


And now that you have thoroughly experienced the darkness of what is not love,now is the time for you to leave the battleground,to move above the imbroglio of hatred and division in which you have been immersed.


Now is the time for your ascension back into the love vibration.Your egos days of discombobulation and chaos are drawing to an end.And this ascension is what you all wanted to experience in Human form.


The Planet Earth journey is not an easy one.Indeed,It is very complicated and challenging.


For Humans are indoctrinated with false,negative and dysfunctional beliefs when they come to Earth and they carry with them subconscious memories,hurting resentments of painful events from previous lifetimes.


All this pain,hurt and the overwhelming fear that accompanies the human journey,must be brought to the light,must be brought to each individuals conscious awareness,to be healed.


For nothing can be healed until it is revealed and seen.This coming to awareness of what has dysfunctionally controlled the individuals actions and life experiences,is a painful process.


It is hard to realize how many lies have been taught.It is painful to understand that the hypotheses that have been taken as the principles under which life has been lived,are incorrect and psychologically damaging to all.


It is difficult to realize how one has used cruel and denigrating words,unconsciously,to hurt oneself and ones brethren.


The great revelation of life in this Earthly experience is that all that has seemed important,all the grasping for power over others,for control and self gratification,for worldly goods and money,has been done under a false paradigm,under an illusion.


Yet it is wonderful,that as dysfunctional behaviors are revealed and processed,as the cruel actions of others are seen for what they are,teaching tools for our advancement in love and light,forgiveness sets in.


For,in fact,there is nothing to forgive.You,Dear Hearts,Dear Souls,as we have often said,set the incarnations you have experienced up for yourself.You,in cooperation with your Angelic Soul family and guides,arranged this Human journey.


So now you are working through your false entrainments.You are sorting and sifting through your life experiences.You are working out what is preferred and not preferred.


And always it comes down to the fact that you prefer love.You prefer light,you prefer kindness and compassion,camaraderie,Oneness and Unity.


Not all will ascend at this time.The Earth computer program experiences cycles as it progresses through the universe.Other ascension times have occurred in times gone by,in Lemuria and Atlantis.


Not all ascended then.Many,whose Souls had not lived to the full the low vibrating Earthly entrainment,went on in the third dimensional fear frequency.Yet there were those who did ascend as you will ascend now.


The timelines of fear and love are rapidly separating.Those who are deeply embedded in the egos playground,those whose ego revels in the dark false narrative of death and destruction,are falling more deeply into the imbroglio of darkness.


And you,who are ready to leave the simulation of Earthly passion and dark desire,who are ready to leave the ego's playground,are ascending above the fray of Human destruction.


You are leaving the Planet Earth schoolroom behind.You are moving into the light,moving back to love,to union with your brethren.


Great energies of love are coming into Earth to assist you in your journey.The planet is being lifted to a higher vibration,to a loving frequency.And this is helping you in your ascension journey.


For the new and loving frequency that is imbuing the world is forcing your dysfunctional beliefs and behaviors to be revealed.


So Dear Ones take heart.You are not always as bright as you would wish to be for you are living through the great ascencion process.Your karma still haunts you as you behave unlovingly.But less and less each day.


Love is taking over as you release your false entrainments as you see your false paradigms.And the best is yet to come as you move into the light.


In your Divine Essence,you are the love,the light and the truth,and you know in your heart the best is yet to come.Unbelievable bliss and heavenly union is your inheritance for you are Divine,a part of Divinity itself and you are very Holy.




翻译:Nick Chan

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