X22报告|第2666集: 法定货币注定失败,定义叛国罪,敌方战斗人员,大局,关塔那摩战争法庭

2022年1月3日16:53:28最新动态X22报告|第2666集: 法定货币注定失败,定义叛国罪,敌方战斗人员,大局,关塔那摩战争法庭已关闭评论6481阅读模式

[ DS ]玩家知道特朗普并没有走开,他们知道有一个计划,这就是为什么他们要竭尽全力,但在这个过程中,他们暴露了自己的真实议程,人们可以非常清楚地看到这一点。流行病的故事到处都是,因为人们现在相信并开始质疑这一切。

X22报告|第2666集: 法定货币注定失败,定义叛国罪,敌方战斗人员,大局,关塔那摩战争法庭

Ep. 2666a – [CB] Fiat Currencies Doomed, People’s Currency Coming Into Play

Ep. 2666a –[CB]法定货币注定失败,人民货币开始发挥作用

Ep. 2666b – Define Treason, Enemy Combatants, Big Picture, Gitmo War Court

Ep. 2666b – 定义叛国,敌方战斗人员,大局,关塔那摩战争法庭

X22 报告发表于2022年1月2日


The [CB] fiat currency time has come to an end. The people are starting to realize with inflation that there is something wrong and now financial pundits are speaking out for Crypto. Bitcoin did better than gold and the market.



The [DS] players know that Trump just didn’t walk away, they know there is a plan and this is why they are pushing everything they have, but in the process they have exposed their true agenda and the people can see this very clearly. The pandemic narrative is all over the place because the people are now believing and beginning to question it all. If the PCR test doesn’t work why are they pushing it to create fear. Right on schedule the flu is making a come back and now they are prepared to give both jabs. Gitmo is now building a war court, this was approved before the resident took office. This is war and since we are at war and the military knows we are at war who is really in control. 

[ DS ]玩家知道特朗普并没有走开,他们知道有一个计划,这就是为什么他们要竭尽全力,但在这个过程中,他们暴露了自己的真实议程,人们可以非常清楚地看到这一点。流行病的故事到处都是,因为人们现在相信并开始质疑这一切。如果 PCR 检测不起作用,他们为什么要制造恐惧。正如预期的那样,流感正在卷土重来,现在他们准备同时注射两种疫苗。Gitmo 现在正在建设一个战争法庭,这是居民就职前批准的。这是一场战争,因为我们正处于战争之中,军方知道我们正处于战争之中,谁才是真正的掌控者。



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