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织女星伊沃|控制,而不是关心I was going to let this one thing go but as it turns out there could be a huge lesson on honoring others' free will here from Ivo, so, yet again, I'll tell you what happened today.


I keep forgetting… I put up a post today that was talking about people who try to get you to join their religion. They send flyers, they try to talk you into it, and then there are the family members who have all but ignored you for years who suddenly take an interest in you again, and they have a track record of trying to convert you to their religion because they're a minister.

我老是忘记... ... 今天我贴了一个帖子,说的是那些试图让你加入他们宗教的人。他们发传单,试图说服你这么做,然后有些家庭成员几年来几乎忽视了你,突然又对你产生了兴趣,他们有试图让你皈依他们宗教的记录,因为他们是牧师。

I was talking to Ivo, who prompted me to write this last comment:

"This is the Matrix and these are its minions. Any act done to pull someone back into the system of control is NOT A LOVING ACT."

I was thinking this was a bit harsh. But he insisted it wasn't. I was thinking, well, maybe they think they're actually doing you a favor or they're concerned about you. To which he replied, "Did they ask you if you were interested? If not, they're being controlling, not caring, because they are violating your free will." All you have to do is say "no" and they should move on, however people on this planet, bug, badger, or stalk people who they want to control.

我正在和伊沃谈话,他促使我写下最后一条评论: "这是母体,这些是它的奴才。任何把人拉回控制系统的行为都不是充满爱的行为。"我觉得这有点太苛刻了。但他坚持说不是。我在想,嗯,也许他们认为他们实际上是在帮你的忙,或者他们关心你。他回答说: "他们问你有没有兴趣?如果不是,他们就是在控制你,而不是关心你,因为他们侵犯了你的自由意志。"你所要做的就是说"" ,他们应该继续前进,无论这个星球上的人,虫子,獾,或者跟踪他们想要控制的人。

This is serious stuff because this is just one of the ways in which being controlling is misconstrued for being caring. And that is rampant in our world because we don't follow universal law nor do we honor others' free will. These people are coming from a place of thinking they know what's best for you and you don't. For those who follow me who are in the 12 steps, this is akin to their believing they are your higher power. No, they're not! Let someone be your higher power and you're setting yourself up to feel powerless because your will will always re-assert itself. You will end up in self conflict when it does. You could even have flashbacks to your original abuse. Who needs it? I say.


Yes, since the summer, the religious people have been becoming concerned about me. Imagine that, a woman living on her own with nobody to speak to all day. She's tired, overweight, walks with a cane, and sleeps many hours a day. So she must have a horrible life, right? Wrong! I've never felt more alive than I have now, doing the work I do, and I have something to look forward to when I get up in the morning rather than going to a job. I look forward to having peace and quiet! That is the gift of my every day life! I LOVE IT! I love doing this, I love learning about metaphysics, esoterics and everything else Ivo, Ashtar and El Morya tell us, and it's only going to get better next year and beyond. Of course these people don't know what I do, and if I told them, they'd really be concerned because mind control would tell them I'm a raving nutcase. Aliens don't exist, and they're certainly not running the planet! If I try to argue evidence is even in the bible, they'd still tell me otherwise. It's all mind control. All of it is.

是的,从夏天开始,信教的人就开始关心我了。想象一下,一个女人独自生活,整天没有人说话。她又累又胖,拄着拐杖走路,一天睡好几个小时。所以她的生活一定很糟糕,对吧?错了!我从来没有像现在这样感到充满活力,做着我现在所做的工作,当我早上起床而不是去工作的时候,我有一些期待。我期待着平静和安宁!这就是我每天生活的礼物!我爱它!我喜欢这样做,我喜欢学习玄学,深奥理论以及伊沃,阿斯塔和 El Morya 告诉我们的其他东西,而且这只会在明年和以后变得更好。当然,这些人不知道我是做什么的,如果我告诉他们,他们会非常担心,因为精神控制会告诉他们我是个胡言乱语的疯子。外星人根本不存在,他们当然也不是这个星球的主宰!如果我试图证明圣经中有证据,他们还是会告诉我不是这样的。这都是精神控制。

It's not worth it to even discuss it.


So I let them think what they want about me, but because they think however they want about me, then they have the need to fix me so they won't think the same ideas about me anymore.


Ivo: Correct, my love. They try to fix you because their thoughts about your life are off the mark. So they try to change your life so that they can feel better. It is completely selfish. This is projection. They see in you the faults they should be correcting within themselves.


Me: Wow. Yeah, my mother was like that. She'd try to fix me because then she wouldn't have to worry so much. She didn't have to worry at all. It's just that she was so engulfed in fear that she was afraid for me. Every time an IRA bomb went off in London, I had to call her because she was sure that each bomb had my name on it. This is either a manipulation or my mother was a bit paranoid.

: 哇。是的,我母亲就是这样。她会试着治好我,因为这样她就不用那么担心了。她根本不用担心。只是她被恐惧包围了,她为我感到害怕。每次爱尔兰共和军的炸弹在伦敦爆炸,我都得给她打电话,因为她确信每个炸弹上都有我的名字。这要么是操纵,要么是我母亲有点偏执。

Ivo: Perhaps both, my dear. Paranoid people are manipulative.


Me: Yeah, it has to do with their glasses. Either they're rose colored or they're dark glasses and people who think I need to be saved from myself, I guess, have dark colored glasses on. I don't think my mother was entirely manipulative, perhaps she did it just because she wanted to know I was okay. I did call her.

: 是的,和他们的眼镜有关。要么是玫瑰色的,要么是墨镜,我猜,那些认为我需要被拯救的人,戴着墨镜。我不认为我的母亲是完全的控制欲,也许她这样做只是因为她想知道我是好的。我给她打过电话。

Ivo: So you allowed yourself to be manipulated by a woman who was unreasonably fearful that you would die. Very well. That is your choice.


Me: Yes. I tried to tell her that I wasn't going to die over there, but then one time my train did come in just after a bomb went off at Waterloo station, I think. I was five minutes later than the bomb. So that time I was pretty close.


Ivo: Still, you are here now. And my point is, if you continue to allow yourself to be manipulated, you are not doing them any favors as well.

伊沃: 但是,你现在还在这里。我的观点是,如果你继续允许自己被操纵,你也不会给他们带来任何好处。

Me: True. (I was just reminded that my Vegan mother, Vary, let me come here, but she did because she knew I could handle it.)


Ivo: It is not your job to change people's feelings about yourself. This is codependent. To behave a particular way so others will not be upset with you is their control over you and your compliance. This is not your job to do this. It is their job to change their feelings. Spending your life in someone else's head is not your jurisdiction. You are all self governing and you need to step into that power. Acquiring mastery over your fears is step one.


You must also ask yourself why they are so concerned about you when you are not concerned. There is caring for others but to involve yourself in other people's lives is a bad idea. Why is it a bad idea? Why go around fixing everyone you believe to be broken? Why not have a look at your own life and keep working on yourself instead? This is not selfish; this is what you incarnated to do. If, in fact, somebody asks you for help, then you decide whether you want to help them or not. But first of all, you are all here to improve your own lot in life.


When you raise your own frequency, you automatically help others at a collective level.


So many people are so concerned about helping others yet they involve themselves in gossip, backstabbing, arguing, bad moods, complaining and the like, but they feel they have something to offer another. Perhaps, but then should you not first work at eliminating this negativity within yourself before you decide you are your brother's helper?


Your people do not understand the reality of life. You are given a life in order to work on yourself. So many skip doing this in favour of meddling in the lives of others, because their ego's tell them that they are superior. Anyone who lives within the Matrix and its limited mindset is prone to being this way.


Were these people to think for a second, they would find that their negative idea about your life comes from their own negative ideas of life because if they did not believe these ideas to be true, they could not assign them to you. Their impression of you is created from their own negative mindset. If they had a positive mindset, they would perceive you completely differently.


Me: I know.


Ivo: You exercise your right to self governance with an iron hand, my love, and you need to because those with incorrect mindsets see you as flawed. You are all perfect, you were made perfect because you are part of God. How can you be flawed? The fact that you perceive yourselves as flawed is because of your low frequency, and it is raising your frequency that should be the focus of your life. Now, there are those who wish to help others. In a world where food bank donations are solicited, the poor are living on the streets, there are drug and alcohol problems which are rampant, why worry about an older woman who refuses your help? Go somewhere where it is needed. Care for the animals.

伊沃: 亲爱的,你用铁腕手段行使自我管理的权利,你需要这样做,因为那些持有不正确思维的人认为你有缺陷。你们都是完美的,你们都是完美的,因为你们是神的一部分。你怎么会有缺陷呢?事实上,你们认为自己有缺陷是因为你们的低频率,它正在提高你们的频率,这应该是你们生活的焦点。现在,有些人希望帮助别人。在一个需要食物银行捐款的世界里,穷人们流落街头,毒品和酒精问题猖獗,为什么要担心一个拒绝你帮助的老女人呢?去需要它的地方。照顾动物。

Me: If I need my super's help, I call him. And he goes to fix the taps or helps me to install the air conditioner but that's all I need him for.

: 如果我需要管理员的帮助,我会打电话给他。他去修水龙头或帮我安装空调,但这就是我需要他的全部。

Maybe he had one of those super mothers who refused his help and this is just a loop that he's playing out with me. Who knows?


Ivo: Exactly. And that should clue him in to the fact that you are capable of asking for his help. Yet he still is overbearing and tries to solicit his religion upon you because he determines your way of life to be flawed. The only way he can do this is by seeing it as flawed so his mindset must be corrected.


Yes. I get very tired of dealing with people like this. I know what I'm doing. If I need help, I ask for it. What I find a lot of these people are trying to do is to reintegrate me into society in some way. Well, that's the last thing I want! I'm a societal drop out and in doing that I've found my peace!


Ivo: You live in duality, and because of the intense negativity that has prevailed on earth for so long, your people are in danger of being taken off the soul matrix. So many who dance with the Illuminati already have lost their soul connection and have become parasitical in nature, dependent on others to survive. That is not the way of God. They have become evil which when spelled backwards is "live". That is not by coincidence.


Does this surprise you when so many of you are spending days vampiring energy from more energetic others with better soul connection? There are so many with parasitic attachments who siphon their energy so in turn, these humans become vampiric in nature and siphon energy off of higher energetic humans.


That you are doing this at all should be a warning sign for all of you, but of course, so many do not realize this. Do not allow yourself to cavort with vampires because they will reduce your life energy and possibly provide you with demonic attachments. They still exist upon the planet, try as we may to remove them, they are agile and have good food sources in you. They have threatened to change the entire structure of human life on earth however now this is reduced and will change again after December 21. This will rid your planet of many of these attachments. They will die as they will not be able to stand the new energy level.


Those who attempt to help others who are not requesting help are interfering, attempting to dominate, not cognizant of the true nature of life upon earth, unaware that their attachments are attempting to create greater connection with other earthlings, particularly those of higher light. They see you as decrepit because of their own belief in decrepitude, they see you as lost because of their own belief that a person can be lost. They do not understand the truth of reality, they do not understand who is making them pursue the higher energetic others, they do not understand the meaning of benevolence because they are too arrogant to understand. And they do not understand that all are learning and growing and have internal guidance.


Me: So you're saying there's all kinds of wrong with what's going on here.


Ivo: Yes. If you ask for help, it is because you believe you require help. When you understand you create your entire life and you can manifest whatever you want, do you then continue to believe you require help?


Me: No.


Ivo: So you know this and are working to manifest the life you want. Anyone attempting to "help" you without understanding you or understanding their own belief in the weakness of humanity which is absurd, is only seeking to dominate and to take you off of your spiritual path.


Me: I get it.


Ivo: They believe in the frailty of life, they believe in the negativity of humanity, they do not understand their desire to help is a question of demonic connection, they believe themselves to be so perfect that they cannot see their own life's path and where they, too, need to grow. Do you see what I mean?

伊沃: 他们相信生命的脆弱,相信人性的负面性,他们不明白他们帮助别人的愿望是魔鬼联系的问题,他们相信自己是如此完美,以至于他们看不到自己的人生道路,也看不到自己需要成长的地方。你明白我的意思吗?

Me: I figured you had a bomb to drop. Thanks, Ivo.


Ivo: There is nothing wrong with humanity on earth. It has been given false ideas about life and made to believe in its own weakness. You are not weak. You are part of God. You must all collectively stop believing in your own disempowerment, and start to believe that you are super beings, because you are. With super manifestation abilities. The reason you are incapable of stopping a habit, or an addiction, is because your frequency has not been raised high enough. What keeps your frequency low is a negative belief system.


Me: Yes, that's true. If I overeat, it depends on my frequency and it has to be low for me to do it. Thank you Ivo.

是的,没错。如果我吃得过多,这取决于我的频率,而且必须要低才能做到。谢谢 Ivo

Ivo: Do not connect with anyone who believes you to be flawed. You are on a path of raising your frequency to higher consciousness. They are not. The fact that they believe in a flawed human bears that out. Humanity on your world has a completely flawed image of itself. Completely flawed, and this has been part of the control agenda as well.


Me: I love you. I'm sure everyone else here loves you too.


Ivo: I love you as well. I even love the haters.



: 哈哈

We covered a lot of points here in this discussion. Let's sum them up:


1.    Anyone who tries to fix you, rescue you without your asking for help is doing so because of the way they perceive you. Instead, they should change their image of you rather than trying to change you. Or change their belief system that makes them see you this flawed way. Often they are saying they care for you to allay their fears. They need to work on them, not on you.


2.    People believe they are weak, frail and powerless. This is the Matrix talking. Humans are on the Godhead, able to manifest as part of God's power. You're not weak; you just believe you are. So change your beliefs. 


3.    Anyone who tries to pull you back into the Matrix because of their negative idea about you is not loving; they are controlling. 


4.    This is often done because of their own demonic attachments trying to keep their food source alive. 


5.    Humanity has been threatened with dropping off the soul matrix due to being too evil. Hopefully this is over with now and we haven't lost too many. 


6.    Don't let people help you unless you ask for it. Give them the right to say no as well. They may not be up to it or your higher self may be putting you in for a lesson in self empowerment. Case in point: When I thought I needed help, nobody was there for me. Why? Because I had to do it myself. So forgive people who are never there for you. 

不要让别人帮助你,除非你自己要求。也给他们说不的权利。他们可能做不到这一点,或者你的更高自我可能正在给你上一堂关于自我授权的课。举个例子: 当我认为我需要帮助的时候,没有人在我身边。为什么?因为我不得不自己动手。所以,原谅那些从来不在你身边的人吧

7.    Nobody is your higher power – you are! 


8.    You do not have to behave a certain way to help others feel less fearful. Their problem is their fear and that should be dealt with. 


9.    Negative thinkers and positive thinkers view the world and you completely differently. 


10.    Your perception of yourselves as imperfect comes from matrix manipulation. 


11.    What everyone is suffering from is too much Matrix. A Matrix mind sees problems and tries to fix them so it stops suffering. Fixing a problem from the ego is not a fix, only soul can heal. 


12.    There's a big difference between being of higher consciousness and being arrogant. If you don't know what it is, assume you're being arrogant. Our other videos can help. Without knowing one, it's hard to know the other. 




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