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Their Bag Of Tricks Is Empty.Does The[DS]Know It?


X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)X22报告(C-VINE 审核)



The Deep State has been throwing everything they possibly could at President Trump since he was elected.It is obvious their bag of new tricks is completely empty because now we are just seeing more of the same.


Trump understand this.He tweeted out that this is the biggest DIS-information campaign but MAGA people understand what it is about.We are on to them.

特朗普明白这一点。他在推特上说,这是最大的一次虚假信息宣传活动,但 MAGA 的人明白这是关于什么的。我们已经盯上他们了。

The Atlantic published an article saying Trump called a soldier wounded in battle,a loser.It was debunked in a matter of a few hours,even having that very soldier ask the media to quit using his photo,that everything was fake news.Disinformation!


With the upcoming election,President Trump and AG Bill Barr have put in place many counter measures.The DS is pushing out the idea that all Americans must send in their ballot through the mail to keep them safe from COVID.

随着大选的临近,特朗普总统和比尔·巴尔已经采取了许多应对措施。DS 正在推广这样一个想法,即所有美国人必须通过邮件寄出他们的选票,以保证他们不受COVID.的伤害。

If this is true,why are we seeing people dining in public?People are shopping,rioting.We are seeing kids back in school and are seeing people at Trump rallies.If we can do all this,there is no reason for mail-in voting.



Trump's counter measures are throwing the DS into a tizzy!Trump tweeted out,"Volunteer to be a Trump Election poll watcher.Sign up today!"Have you ever seen an army of poll watchers?No matter which way the DS tries to move,Trump counters and throws them off of their game!

特朗普的反制措施让 DS 陷入了恐慌!特朗普在推特上写道:"自愿成为特朗普选举民调观察员。"。今天就报名吧!"你见过一大群投票观察员吗?不管 DS 试图往哪个方向移动,特朗普都会反击并把他们赶出游戏!

Trump will continue to have rallies.Joe Biden will most likely,not.He does not have the support of the voters to have a rally like Trump does.This is why he needs to remain in the basement.

特朗普将继续举行集会。乔拜登(Joe Biden)很可能不会。他没有像特朗普那样拥有一个集会的选民支持。这就是为什么他需要呆在地下室。

Why would a billionaire leave his business only to lose 77 spots in the FORBES 400?Why would he leave his position of wealth,be voted into the highest position of the land,only to work for free?Why would he expose those he knew in Hollywood associated with crimes against humanity?Because he is an American citizen committed to law and order!


How did they get this kind of money?


Maxine Waters,$4 million house

麦克辛·沃特斯(Maxine Waters)400万美元,

Nancy Pelosi,net worth<$150 million

housency Pelosi,净资产<1.5亿美元

Joe Biden,son/brother net worth tens of millions

·拜登(Joe Biden),儿子/兄弟净资产数千万美元

Clinton family$200 million(pre-election of Bill Clinton,less than$1million)

克林顿家族净资产2亿美元(比尔·克林顿(Bill Clinton)大选前,不到100万美元)

Obama family$<40 million(pre-election less than$1 million)


Disguised as book deals.



When these people entered government,they had a little bit of money but when they left government,they had a lot of money.Trump entered government with a lot of money,and now he's losing money everyday.The narrative is not working on the part of the DS.

当这些人进入政府,他们有一点钱,但当他们离开政府,他们有很多钱。特朗普带着很多钱进入政府,现在他每天都在赔钱。对于 DS 来说,这种说法并不奏效。

Everything they have tried to do to convince the people isn't working.As Trump loses money,he is still not taking a salary but is donating it,quarterly.All the other presidents took a salary.When the media spread the lies that Trump was enriching his business by using the office of the Presidency,it has completely been debunked!


There are 21 statements debunking Atlantic's false reporting and Jeffrey Goldman is walking back his statement.He has been discovered as a fraud,writing a fake story.Now,the American people are seeing these journalists for what they are…fakes!

共有21份声明驳斥了《大西洋月刊》的虚假报道,杰弗里戈德曼(Jeffrey Goldman)收回了自己的声明。他被发现是个骗子,编造了一个假故事。现在,美国人民看清了这些记者的真面目......他们是假的!

Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for creating a peace deal in the Middle East.The Norwegian Parliamentarian who nominated Trump said he isn't a big Trump supporter but said facts are facts.He added,"The people who have received the Peace Prize in recent years,have done much less than Donald Trump.For example,Barack Obama did nothing."

特朗普因为在中东达成和平协议而被提名为诺贝尔和平奖候选人。提名特朗普的挪威国会议员表示,他不是特朗普的铁杆支持者,但他说,事实就是事实。他补充说:"近年来获得和平奖的人,做的远远不如唐纳德·特朗普。例如,巴拉克奥巴马(Barack Obama)什么也没做。"

Obama received a Peace Prize,but he didn't create peace.He created war.Think of Syria,Ukraine.


Now we find Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have agreed to open air space,east which means,Israel companies and others would be able to fly from Israel to Asia and shorten the flight time significantly.Trump is behind this with more and more peace deals forthcoming in the Middle East.This makes history!


Trump is creating more peace deals,he is ending the endless wars,and who is panicking?Ben Rhodes!



Ben Rhodes 本·罗德斯


Ben tweeted out the following,"Trump has sent another 20,000 U.S.troops to the Middle East,escalated US support for the war in Yemen,cut a crummy deal with the Taliban,and left us on the brink of war with Iran.Don't fall for pre-election theatrics."


It's not a theatric.Trump has been working these peace deals since the very beginning.He is actually bringing home the troops and has made the announcement.3,000 troops from Iraq are coming home.Afghanistan..our troops are coming home.The DS is panicked because their entire mission is coming to an end and they realize it.


Cuomo is panicked right now because the DOJ is investigating him.He moved elderly COVID patients into nursing homes and thousands were killed because of it.It has been requested he hand over documents around this but he says he will after the election.Is he hoping to stave off the request long enough for the DS to manipulate the votes in Biden's favor?

库莫现在惊慌失措,因为司法部正在调查他。他把老年的 COVID 患者送到疗养院,数千人因此丧生。有人要求他交出这方面的文件,但是他说他会在选举之后交出。他是否希望拖延这个请求足够长的时间,以便让 DS 操纵选票,使拜登获胜?

Cuomo is now blaming Trump for the coronavirus outbreak in New York.But Trump did everything Cuomo asked for as he governed the state.Trump brought in field hospitals,hospital ships,ventilators,hospital staff,etc.Nobody believes Trump is responsible for the killings of these people.The proof is in the history and Patriots love to dig up historical facts.It was Cuomo who has blood on his hands,not Trump.



Bob Woodward 鲍勃·伍德沃德

Bob Woodward is trying to convince people that Trump tried to down-play the coronavirus pandemic to prevent the public from panicking.But Dr.Fauci is defending Trump saying,"I don't think he ever distorted anything.He didn't do anything like that."So why is Bob Woodward doing this?Because he too,is panicking.


John Brennan said,"In his comments to Bob Woodward,Donald Trump reveals what an absolute abomination he is.If he had a conscience or a soul,he would resign.Tragically for us,he has neither."


Why did Brennan say this?Because he is also panicking!If Bob Woodward was really so concerned,he could have simply gone to the WaPo and written a piece about this.He didn't.


Trump knew what the DS was planning.He shut down the people coming in from China.He prepared the public.He mentioned HCQ,but he press reported how deadly it was.Remember,the Yale professor said if we had HCQ,this pandemic would have been over with in 30 days.

特朗普知道 DS 的计划。他关闭了从中国进来的人。他让公众做好了准备。他提到了 HCQ,但是他报道了 HCQ 的致命性。请记住,耶鲁大学教授说,如果我们有 HCQ,这场大流行将在30天内结束。

In South Africa,to combat COVID-19,they used a form of HCQ,the same drug they use for malaria.They had 631,000 infections but fewer than 15,000 died in Africa.The figures are causing scientists to question.It's not confusing…the media just doesn't want to mention it.They are hiding it.

在南非,为了对抗2019冠状病毒疾病,他们使用了一种 HCQ,就是他们用来治疗疟疾的药物。他们有631,000人感染,但在非洲死亡人数不到15,000人。这些数字引起了科学家们的质疑。这并不令人困惑......媒体只是不想提及它。他们把它藏起来了。

Who decided 6 feet apart was the accurate measure abasing spreading COVID?Why in some countries do they want 4 feet while in others there is a 5 foot rule?If masks were mandated in almost every state,why do we still have COVID in those states?

谁决定6英尺间隔是减少COVID的准确措施?为什么在一些国家他们想要4英尺,而在其他国家有一个5英尺的规则?如果几乎每个州都强制要求佩戴口罩,那么为什么这些州还有 COVID

Governor Noem of South Dakota basically left her state open and the level of coronavirus cases was very low.Americans should be outraged at the lack of evidence against this whole pandemic!


How do we know when something very big is about to drop?We know because news cycles remain clogged.We catch people in their lies.We catch the media in their lies and see what they have done.We recognize disinformation.


We are awake and see clearly.Once we see clearly,we cannot see it any other way!Patriots have more than we know.Keep up the good fight.Keep standing together.Stand strong!


One thing is for sure,when people lie,others lose their belief in them.Once that happens,it's game over.


Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the opinion of the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告的观点)



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