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Thanks again to Stephen for a great QTSR Telegram compilation.再次感谢史蒂芬为一个大的 QTSR 电报编辑。

BIG disclaimer: I am only the messenger. These particular QTSR posts contain very disturbing intel - but it is your choice whether to read them or any of my posts for that matter. Thank you.
免责声明: 我只是信使。这些特别的 QTSR 帖子包含非常令人不安的情报——但是你可以选择是否阅读它们或者我的任何帖子。谢谢你。

Post 1 

MULTIPLE ATTACKS///多重攻击///>Lahaina, Hawaii> 拉海纳MEDIA BLACKOUT is taking place as police close off 12 mile range around the city.媒体休克正在发生,警方封锁了城市周围12英里的范围。The first reported 60 deaths and now 100 deaths are false numbers and over 1000 to 2000 is more accurate according to local reports and citizens who have seen the bodies and missing people.根据当地报道和看到尸体和失踪人员的市民的说法,最初报道的60人死亡和现在的100人死亡是假数字,1000至2000人更为准确。There are several major reasons the police CLOSED OFF THE MEDIA //// >the police are controlled by the government who are controlled by the ELITES INSIDE the democrat run state who are running with CIA operations and UN ( DAVOS ) DS OPS有几个主要的原因警察关闭了媒体///> 警察是由政府控制的,这些政府是由民主运行国家内部的精英控制的,他们运行着中央情报局的行动和联合国(达沃斯) DS 行动Part of the MEDIA BLACKOUT had to do with hundreds of people who died inside smart cars that exploded like bombs .媒体大停电的部分原因与数百人死在像炸弹一样爆炸的智能汽车里有关。>THE MULTIPLE ATTACKS OF LAHAINA came fromLAHAINA 的多次袭击来自* ENERGY DIRECTED WEAPONS.(能量导向武器)。* HUMAN ARSON人类的恐惧
*电力线*TRANSFORMERS THAT EXPLODED LIKE BOMBS.变压器像炸弹一样爆炸。_The day the attacks happened, Lahaina was sprayed with a low layering of chemtrail ( Aluminum & Barium nano particles that can exploded with strong 5G directed radiation microwaves or direct energy weapons or transformer explosions that act as electrical bombs)袭击发生的那天,拉海纳被喷洒了低层的化学痕迹(铝和钡纳米粒子可以用强烈的5g 定向辐射微波或直接能量武器或充当电子炸弹的变压器爆炸进行爆炸)The [ ds] operations ordered ;命令的操作;_Police to close down roads and barricade and block in the people trying to escape警察封锁道路,设置路障,封锁试图逃跑的人群_The water was intensionally shut off by Kaleo Manuel the water official who was placed by Obama( CIA), kaleo was ordered not release water.由奥巴马安排的水务官员卡利奥 · 曼努埃尔(Kaleo Manuel)强行切断了供水,卡利奥被勒令不得放水。_Warning sirens to be turned off through the city and island整个城市和岛屿的警报都要关闭_The Elites off the island were Warned in advanced and left the city岛上的精英们事先得到警告,离开了这座城市Just two weeks before the fire,  the Deep State democratic government was in talks with WEF. People from the gates foundation to create an agreement to build 15 minute smart cities./ ..... For over 12 years the natives of the island would not sell their land and estate to the UN. World Elites who wanted to buy land in Lahaina. It's known in the world Lahaina Hawaii is the second most expensive real estate in the world next to London areas. Bill gates, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, The UN. Bilderbergers and hundreds of world billionaires including BLACKROCK , VANGUARD all tried to buy huge portions of Lahaina but were denied by the Lahaina citizens..... NOW COINCIDENTALLY < Bill Gates is already in talks to build high rises and Oprah Winfrey will donate billions with her investors and Zuckerberg has already deployed his team to start buying the burnt houses and land from unsuspecting Lahaina victims.就在大火发生的两周前,深州民主政府正在与世界经济论坛进行谈判。人们从盖茨基金会创建一个协议,建设15分钟智能城市。/ .....在12年多的时间里,岛上的土著居民不愿将他们的土地和财产出售给联合国。想在拉海纳买地的世界精英。众所周知,Lahaina Hawaii 是世界上仅次于伦敦地区的第二大最昂贵的房地产市场。比尔盖茨,奥普拉温弗瑞,马克扎克伯格,联合国。比尔德伯格家族和包括布莱克洛克、先锋在内的数百名全球亿万富翁都曾试图购买拉海纳的大片土地,但遭到了拉海纳公民的拒绝... ..。现在巧合的是,比尔盖茨已经在商谈建造高楼,奥普拉温弗瑞将与她的投资者捐赠数十亿美元,扎克伯格已经部署他的团队开始从毫无戒心的拉海纳受害者手中购买被烧毁的房屋和土地。All donations to help Lahaina community have been blocked by social media Giants and networks.... Tulsi Gabbard announced she personally visited Lahaina and there is no help and no red cross or government aid happening. ( The Deep state want all donations stopped immediately even before it begins , because cia blackrock ect. Etc.ect etc. Elites area worried a world out reach of donations would rebuild Lahaina with out deep state control and their efforts to LAND GRAB Lahaina.. And donations would hinder their plans)所有帮助拉海纳社区的捐款都被社交媒体巨头和网络屏蔽了... ..。图尔西•加巴德宣布,她亲自访问了拉海纳,但没有得到任何帮助,也没有红十字会或政府的援助。(深层政府希望所有的捐款在开始之前立即停止,因为中情局黑石等。等等等等。精英地区担心,如果没有深层次的国家控制,没有他们夺取拉海纳的努力,全世界的捐款将无法到达拉海纳。.捐款会阻碍他们的计划)_The police were ordered to close off a 12 milie perimeter around the city and complete MEDIA BLACKOUT警察被命令封锁城市周围12英里范围,并完成媒体休克What's REALLY HAPPENING?到底发生了什么?(the evil is much darker than people can imagine).... The NANO tech inside the COVID 19 vaccines/ boosters that carry aluminum and barium EXPLODED in peoples bodies and brains {>>> much like putting aluminum foil or fork inside a microwave and seeing the sparks and explosion) ..... This awful deep state beta test on a massive scale was to see the FULL effects of 5g. / Electric bombs - transformers exploding like lighting bolts / energy directed weapons/ > that all activited(邪恶比人们想象的要黑暗得多)。冠状病毒疾病里的纳米技术19种携带铝和钡的疫苗/助推器在人的身体和大脑中爆炸(> > > > 就像把铝箔或叉子放进微波炉,看到火花和爆炸) ... ..。这个大规模的可怕的深层国家测试就是为了看到5g 的全部效果。/电子炸弹-变压器像闪电一样爆炸/能量导向武器/> 都被激活The aluminum and barium nanotechnology in peoples bodies.人体内的铝钡纳米技术。_The explosions of smart cars on a massive level was a beta test too and see if smart cars would be used as bombs in other cities.智能汽车的大规模爆炸也是一个测试,看看智能汽车是否会在其他城市被用作炸弹。(** it should be noted!!!!! Putin shut off all his 5G TOWERS and destroyed them just a week before the Lahaina attack< .... and there are Whistleblower in Congress coming forward in 2024 against 5g military weapon , ... There is already whistle blowers from major universities exposing 5g and being used as a small direct energy weapon or can be used as a massive weapon through cities)(* * 这应该被注意到! ! ! ! !)!普京关闭了所有的5G塔,并在拉海纳袭击前一周摧毁了它们。 < 。2024年,国会中有人站出来反对5G军事武器,... ... 已经有一些来自主要大学的举报人揭露5G 被用作小型直接能量武器,或者可以在城市中被用作大规模武器)

Post 2_The Lahaina fires only happened in the industrial area, the place where the working class and poorer people lived and where the local natives refused to sell their land.拉海纳大火只发生在工业区,那里是工人阶级和穷人居住的地方,也是当地人拒绝出售土地的地方。The magical fire did not burn down the ELITE AREA AND HOMES.魔法之火并没有烧毁精英区域和家园。_cars melted to the ground and several building made of steel melted..... This is not possible because the fire is not hot enough to melt metal .... ( Energy directed weapons hit several buildings and turned steel to dust)汽车融化在地面上,几座钢铁建筑融化... ..。这是不可能的,因为火焰的热度不足以熔化金属... ... (能量导向武器击中了几座建筑物,并将钢铁变成灰尘)_in some places cars were melted and sat next to palm trees that weren't even burnt or scorched by fire在一些地方,汽车被融化,靠近棕榈树,甚至没有被火烧焦_ The deviation of deaths is far more than msm is reporting.死亡率的偏差远远超过了 MSM 的报道。_UN is already in the works of building a UN base nearby with full highrise and hotels.联合国已经着手在附近建造一个联合国基地,包括高层建筑和酒店。__With over hundreds of human trafficking cases investigated by the local and state department. >Not one case was prosecuted.当地和国务院调查了数百起人口贩卖案件没有一起被起诉。The Obama regimen/ cia installed a network of democrats leaders office holders that intensionally over looked pedophilia rings and human trafficking network through the islands.奥巴马政权/中央情报局建立了一个由民主党领导人组成的办公室网络,密切关注着这些岛屿上的恋童癖团伙和人口贩卖网络。Behind The SCENES>Military operations were closing in on Lahaina and human trafficking network. Hawaii is the base between Australia. Taiwan. China. And California.幕后军事行动正在逼近拉海纳和人口贩卖网络。夏威夷是澳大利亚之间的基地。台湾。中国。还有加州。The MASSIVE human/child trafficking line through the second most expensive real estate in the world is connected Lahaina,通过世界上第二昂贵的房地产的大规模贩卖人口和儿童的线路连接着拉海纳,Oprah. EPSTEIN> Zuckerberg. Cia UN. ELITES.奥普拉,爱泼斯坦,扎克伯格,中央情报局,精英。THE MULTIPLE ATTACK ON LAHAINA was to test weapons on humans, Test smart car explosions on mass scale .Destroy the city to aquire in a land grab. To destroy the underground tunnels and base trafficking humans ( hide their own tunnels and destroy). To kill several people who were going to expose Pedophilia ring in Lahaina CONNECTED to world system and Oprah.cia operations.对 LAHAINA 的多重攻击是为了在人类身上试验武器大规模测试智能汽车爆炸。摧毁城市,掠夺土地。摧毁地下隧道和贩卖人口的基地(隐藏自己的隧道和破坏)。杀掉几个要揭发拉海纳恋童癖团伙的人他们与世界体系和奥普拉中情局有联系。_____The news is fake The war is real.新闻是假的,战争是真的。We must keep fighting even in these hard times to bring the truth of what's happening我们必须继续战斗,即使在这个艰难的时刻,带来的真相发生了什么Right now the DEEP STATE is in Major Panic现在“深层国家”处于严重恐慌之中As Ukraine war has failed . Africa is letting go of the U.S.[ ds]  fiat dollar... The military industrial complex system is running out of money. ... There is major Confusion and fear inside the  world cabal [ ds] as cia. Mi6 Mossad KAZARIAN MAFIA had been exposed and BLACKROCK is in collapse ( but [they] ALL LIE  and try to portray  a winning narration)//////// the truth is they are fighting for their lives and the military operations are getting closer to arrest wars and military intervention of FULL exposure of world corruption connected to cia. ROCKEFELLERS. Rothschilds.msm big tech. Big pharma. Big banks.......... Recently因为乌克兰战争失败了。非洲正在放弃美国的法定货币... ... 军事工业复合体系正在耗尽资金。... 在中情局这个世界阴谋集团内部,存在着巨大的混乱和恐惧。军情六处摩萨德可萨黑手党已经暴露,布莱克洛克正在崩溃(但他们都在撒谎,并试图描绘一个胜利的故事)///////事实是,他们正在为他们的生命而战,军事行动正在接近逮捕战争和军事干预全面暴露世界腐败与中央情报局有关。洛克菲勒家族。Rothschilds 大科技公司。大型制药公司。大银行。最近RFKJR just CONFIRMED cia . Blackrock. Vanguard etc ect. Elites are running the world and wars and he exposed the cia projects connected to fauci creating the virus... This is major because RFKJR is running for the President of the United States And his word is backed fully by evidence and high ranking officials in the government. Military and White hats Elite forces.RFKJR 刚刚确认了 CIA。黑石。先锋队等等。精英们掌控着世界和战争,而他揭露了中情局与制造病毒的 Fauci 有关的项目... ... 这很重要,因为 RFKJR 正在竞选美国总统,他的话有充分的证据和政府高级官员的支持。军队和白帽子精英部队。___Stay strong Hawaii... And world Patriots as we are inside a massive STORM where the deep state is using their final cards.... They are fighting for their lives that leads to Future military tribunals ..... You should know by now why Trump reinstated certain death penalties and going after human/child trafficking... Because this crime will EXPLOSE the world wide cabal[ ds] network connected to the virus. World wars runned by cia . military industrial complex....保持强大的夏威夷... 和世界爱国者,因为我们是在一个巨大的风暴深州正在使用他们的最后底牌..。他们正在为自己的生命而战,这将导致未来的军事法庭... ..。你现在应该知道为什么特朗普恢复了某些死刑,并打击人口/儿童贩卖... ... 因为这一犯罪将暴露全球范围内与病毒有关的阴谋集团网络。中情局主导的世界大战。军事工业综合体。Stay strong Patriots.保持坚强,爱国者。TRUMP is giving you COMMS inside the STORM and operations that are currently happening. And WILL happen.特朗普正在给你们风暴内部的通讯和目前正在发生的行动。而且将会发生。WWG1WGAThe plan to save the world拯救世界的计划Post 3

RFKJR CONFIRMS Q THE STORM RIDER DROPS.RFKJR 确认风暴骑士。_RFKJR is one of the most powerful people in the United States and has sued the United States government several times and sued corporations and executives and big Pharma and has won the major and majority of the cases. He has help bring in new laws and help build legislation and all his work is documented with evidence and high power lawyers connected to DOD. DOJ. Military command and commanders who work before and behind the scenes of bringing forth TRUTH and documentation work with him.RFKJR 是美国最有权势的人物之一,曾多次起诉美国政府,起诉公司、高管和大型制药公司,并赢得了大多数案件的胜利。他帮助制定新的法律,帮助建立立法,他所有的工作都被证据和与国防部有关的高级律师记录在案。司法部。军事指挥官和幕前幕后工作的指挥官与他一起带来真理和文献工作。_NOW RFKjr has confirmed the years of DROPS i have been posting and few other channels. The DROPS I posted years before his DISCLOSURE CAMPAIGN happening now is coming to LIGHT.NOW RFKjr 已经确认了多年来我一直在发布的 DROPS 和其他一些渠道。在他的大揭露运动发生之前几年,我发布的那些漏洞现在正在浮出水面。Here are several of the FACTS & DROPS i posted years ago and several times. Now  a current running President of the United States has now confirmed the DROPS以下是我几年前和几次发布的一些事实和失误。现在,美国现任总统已经确认了失败;>The Project for the New American Century was created by the deep state (neocons ) and gave the military deep state powers to create bioweapons, aimed at ethnic groups across the world>The Patriot Act gave powers to cancel parts of the constitution爱国者法案授权取消部分宪法>Patriot act have powers to surveillance of the American people爱国者法案有权监视美国人民>Patriot act gave military protection for creating deep state operations爱国者法案给予军事保护,以创造深层次的国家行动>The Cia. Pentagon funded Fauci in creating Gain of Function in [ DURHAM] Chapel hill .&中央情报局,五角大楼资助福奇在教堂山建立功能增益Fort Detrick>The COVID virus was moved in 2014 to Wuhan under Obama with Fauci2014年,在奥巴马和福奇的领导下,冠状病毒疾病病毒被转移到武汉> Their are several illegal U.S. controlled bioweapons labs in Ukraine他们在乌克兰有几个非法的美国控制的生化武器实验室> The CIA overthrew 80 countries, governments and Presidents中情局推翻了80个国家,政府和总统>The CIA. assassinated RFK中情局暗杀了肯尼迪>The military industrial complex is helped run by cia. And funded by BLACKROCK. VANGUARD, STATE STREET and they create all the wars军工企业由中情局管理。由 BLACKROCK 资助。先锋队,州街,他们制造了所有的战争>The Ukraine war was intentionally created to over thrown Russia乌克兰战争是为了推翻俄罗斯而蓄意制造的>NATO broke all agreements with Russia and moved towards Russia with NATO EXPANSION北约打破了与俄罗斯的所有协议,并以北约扩张的方式向俄罗斯靠拢>The attack on Iraq was a lie ( confirmed by Generals and colonials already)对伊拉克的袭击是一个谎言(已经得到将军和殖民者的证实)>U S. Anthrax attack on Congress was [ ds] attack from ft. Detrick to pass the Patriot act.美国对国会的炭疽攻击是来自德特里克堡的攻击,目的是通过爱国者法案。>A peace agreement was signed last year between Russia and Ukraine but mi6 cia Biden UK covered up the agreement and intensionally Attacked Russia去年俄罗斯和乌克兰签署了和平协议,但军情六处 Biden UK 掩盖了这一协议,并对俄罗斯进行了密集攻击>Event 201 was planned and cia . Gates Elites all involved to take control of the world.> 201事件是计划好的,中情局。盖茨精英们都参与其中来控制世界。>.."_I told you long ago RFKJR was coming ..我很久以前就告诉过你 RFKJR 要来了。MUSK was COMING > and would acquire Twitter that would bring in a world platform for drops.. now Tucker Carlson is #1 on x( Twitter) and his RFKJR interview reached millions across the world.马斯克即将收购 Twitter,这将为空投带来一个全球平台。.如今,塔克•卡尔森(Tucker Carlson)在 Twitter 上名列第一,他接受 RFKJR 采访的消息传遍了全球数百万人。I had stated Joe Rogan, whom had stated he would never interview Trump and giive him a platform to talk>>> was all a lie and BEHIND THE SCENES Rogan was already planning to interview Trump for 2024 and PUSH him before his world wide audience...我曾经说过,乔 · 罗根曾经说过,他永远不会采访特朗普,不会给他一个谈话的平台,这一切都是谎言。幕后的罗根已经计划在2024年采访特朗普,并把他推到全世界的观众面前... ..。_These different divisions of Powers influencers that are named, including several others from Candace Owens, to Alex Jones, to Jordan Peterson, to Juan o savin, to Kash Patel, to Rosanna Bar, Russell brand, to hundreds of others whos political views do not match and seemingly oppose each other and often criticize each other are almost ALL UNKNOWINGLY BEING GUILDED by white hats military psychological operations < to lead them into Battalions against the CABAL [ DS]这些被点名的不同的权力影响者,包括坎迪斯 · 欧文斯,亚历克斯 · 琼斯,乔丹 · 彼得森,胡安 · 奥萨文,卡什 · 帕特尔,罗莎娜 · 巴尔,拉塞尔品牌,以及其他数百个政治观点不一致,似乎相互对立,经常互相批评的人,几乎都在不知不觉中受到白帽子军事心理行动的指导,带领他们进入反对阴谋集团的军营>_This Operation had to be this way in the FOG OF WAR so the enemy deep state could not simply attack one united front or forefront organization that spoke for all.这次行动必须是这样的方式在光纤战争,所以敌人的深层国家不能简单地攻击一个统一战线或前线组织,代表所有。_This important white hats military psychological operation was based on modern 4rth 5th generation warfare that was connected to Game Theory outcomes and advanced Super Quantum computers assessments that took over 28 years to compile and create the military mechanics to achieve a FOG OF WAR , GAME THEORY, FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT>>> OPERATIONS AND ATTACKS against DARPA THE CIA. CABAL [ DS] INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES....这个重要的白帽子军事心理战是基于现代第四代战争,与博弈论结果和先进的超级量子计算机评估相联系,花了超过28年的时间来编译和创建军事机制,以实现战争迷雾,博弈论,跟随白兔 > > > 对美国国防部高级研究计划局的行动和攻击中央情报局。秘密情报机构。Post 4

_NOW all these separate divisions of Truthers . Movements, podcasters, right wimg corporations, doctors. Lawyers. Whistleblower. Senator. Congress, actors. Musicians. ECT etc. ECT. ETC....different faculties are attacking the mainstream operations and narration and the deep state can not pinpoint a man source or forefront operation to stop the FOG OF WAR.. GAME THEORY MILITARY OPERATIONS ETC.现在,所有这些独立的真理分部。运动,播客,右翼联盟,医生。律师。告密者。参议员。国会,演员。音乐家。电击疗法等。等等。等等... ... 不同的教职员工正在攻击主流操作和叙述,而深层状态无法精确定位人力资源或前沿操作来阻止战争迷雾。.博弈论军事行动等。___YOU ARE THE PLAN!!!!你就是计划!YOU ARE THE TRUTH.你就是真相。YOU ARE IN A WAR TO BRING DOWN THE CIA MI6 AND ALL DEEP STATE OPERATIONS为了扳倒中情局军情六处和所有深层国家行动,你身处战争之中___BEHIND THE SCENES> ; USSF ,_CHEYENNE MOUNTAINS_45 HAVE>KEYS<. THAT HOLD THE KNOWLEDGE OF HUMANITY.... THIS KNOWLEDGE IS CONNECTED TO WHITE HATS OPERATIONS WITH RUSSIA. CHINA. INDIA, MIDDLE EAST.... THIS KNOWLEDGE IS CONNECTED TO THE GOLDEN AGE<幕后: USSF,_ CHEYENNE MOUNTAINS _ 45 HAVE > KEYS < 。拥有人类知识的人。这个情报和白帽子公司在俄罗斯的行动有关。中国。印度,中东..。这个知识与黄金时代有关How did the U.S. Naval create several time machines.? How did Tesla unlock the secret? How did Donald Trump become part of Zero Point ENERGY, Tesla Energy, INFINITE ENERGY.........美国海军是如何创造出。?特斯拉是如何解开这个秘密的?唐纳德 · 特朗普是如何成为零点能源公司、特斯拉能源公司、无限能源公司的一员的... ..。What's The Great Awakening?什么是大觉醒?What's in coded in your DNA?你的 DNA 编码是什么?INFINITE ENERGY INFINITE ENERGY INFINITE ENERGY INFINITE ENERGY无穷能量无穷能量无穷能量无穷能量How did Jesus understand the mind and the spirit was connected to the INFINITE LIGHT.耶稣是如何理解思想和精神与无限之光的联系的呢。CREATION. GOD....... How did Jesus and many many masters unlock The Great Awakening...? Learn to Master death, Master infinite energy?创造。上帝... ... 耶稣和许多大师是如何解开大觉醒的... ... ? 学会掌握死亡,掌握无限的能量?_____A dream within a dream.梦中梦。The matrix Q矩阵 QWhat's behind the REAL REAL ALIEN DISCLOSURE COMING IN 2024 / REAL TECHNOLOGY HIDDEN DISCLOSURE 20252024年真实外星人信息披露背后的原因/真实技术隐藏信息披露2025年Remember i told you long ago the FAKE ALIEN disclosure would take place before the Real DISCLOSURE记得我很久以前就告诉过你,假的外星人披露会在真实披露之前发生___We have only begun _ Trump我们才刚刚开始____Buckle up butter cups......系好奶油杯... ..。You have more than you know.你拥有的比你知道的要多。 



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