August 18, 2023 2023年8月18日

Opening this post with news that the province of British Columbia in Canada is now on fire. The Premier is set to declare a province-wide state of emergency due to massive fast-spreading 'wild fires'. Is this another developing Maui story...? Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of beautiful BC, a province I have visited.



Please watch this heart-felt video about the Maui fires from a young man who lives there. He knows the TRUTH about why the fires happened. You can sense the deep emotion in his voice. Please pass this video on - his testimony is so important (1' 33" video).



I know I am not alone in being deeply disturbed by the incinerating murders in Maui of so many people, including many children. I freely admit that I am struggling to reconcile this situation. I follow Real Raw News where stories are emerging about White Hat marines fighting vicious deadly battles against [D]eep [S]tate FEMA agents who are preventing vital supply deliveries from reaching desperate survivors. The stories make for harrowing reading. It is up to your discretion whether you choose to read them. You can easily find Real Raw News online.


Change of subject...


Check out this brilliant little video. This giant Red Pill is packed tight with the inescapable TRUTH about the [D]eep [S]tate all in less than two minutes. It is awesome, please pass it on. Can any blog readers verify who authorized this video...? There is no authorization at the end.

看看这段精彩的视频。这颗巨大的红色药丸在不到两分钟的时间里就被不可避免的事实紧紧地包裹着。太棒了,请传下去。有没有博客读者可以证实是谁授权了这个视频... ?最后没有授权。


Another excellent Red Pill video. In just six seconds, it tells you ALL you need to know about who is in control right now. Hint: it's NOT the [D]eep [S]tate.

又一个很棒的红色药丸视频。仅仅六秒钟,它就会告诉你所有你需要知道的关于现在谁在控制的信息。提示: 这不是[ D ] eep [ S ] tate。


Wow, I take that back - here is an MSM outlet that DID tell the truth. It appears to be the same [B]iden press conference as featured in the previous six second video. Hmmm...??

哇,我收回刚才的话——这里有一个 MSM 的发布渠道,它确实说出了真相。这似乎与之前六秒钟的视频中的记者招待会相同。嗯..?


I am so impressed by this young woman who has managed to sum up the [D]eep [S]tate war against humanity in less than one minute. Please pass on this great little video.



I want to share an email I received from blog-reader Jaci. I completely relate to her experiences. I was so tired yesterday afternoon. I slept almost nine hours last night. If you swap Jaci's sugar cravings for carbs, that's me (Sugar makes me feel ill now so sugar-free is not a problem anymore).

我想分享一封我从博客读者 Jaci 那里收到的电子邮件。我完全理解她的经历。昨天下午我太累了。我昨晚睡了将近九个小时。如果你把 Jaci 对糖的渴望换成了碳水化合物,那就是我(糖让我觉得不舒服,所以无糖不再是个问题)。

I am really struggling with sugar. I had gotten sugar free and now seem to be craving and indulging. Maybe it is "just to heck with it all" which is not like me. There are times when I am so tired, but don't rest. I am also feeling very unsocial. We are in a new location and I just don't even want to meet new people. I feel a great need to be quiet and not get into areas of discussion that divide or share. This, too, is odd as I used to be very gregarious. I still am that way at restaurants, etc. as I try to compliment many, talk to the children, and love to see the pets. But I avoid calling old friends.

我真的在与糖作斗争。我已经不吃糖了,但现在似乎又开始渴望和放纵自己。也许这就是 "见鬼去吧",这不像我。有的时候我很累,但却不休息。我还觉得自己很不合群。我们在一个新的地方,我甚至不想认识新朋友。我觉得自己非常需要保持沉默,不参与分裂或分享的讨论领域。这也很奇怪,因为我以前非常好客。在餐馆等地方,我仍然是这样,因为我会尽量恭维许多人,和孩子们说话,喜欢看宠物。但我避免给老朋友打电话。

I so just want to fly away from it all! 💕


It is a cold stormy day here today with heavy rain. Thank goodness this is an anomaly this winter and not the norm like last winter. I am using the inside day as a rest day to regroup. A pile of mags and a comfy sofa awaits me this afternoon.


Finally, Light Warriors, we are living in very grim times. We were warned that it would happen. It is here. 


Remember, this phase of the war - the FINAL phase - is temporary. The Light has already won. It does no good for Light Warriors to get depressed and despondent. Right now is when humanity needs our strength and Light the most. Do NOT give into despair. I'm not. 


And I ask that you please do not leave negative, depressing comments on this blog. If you do, I will delete them. I am working very hard every day on your behalf to provide information, inspiration and reassurance. I do not have the time or energy to deflect negativity on this blog. Thank you.




Thank you for reading this post. You are welcome to share it as long as you re-post it in its entirety, including the link to my blog site.


Where We Go One We Go All.


Love and Light





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