X22报道|第2757集: 国家开始脱离中央银行的转型,爱国者正在根据信息行动

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[ DS ]现在陷入了他们的谎言之中。爱国者们正在搜寻,他们掌握了所有人的信息。时间已经不多了,正义即将到来。

X22报道|第2757集: 国家开始脱离中央银行的转型,爱国者正在根据信息行动

Ep. 2757a – Nations Are Beginning The Transition Away From The [CB]

Ep. 2757a-各国正开始脱离[ CB ]的过渡

Ep. 2757b – The Right People Have The Info, Patriots Are Acting On The Info, Time Has Run Out

Ep.2757b ——正确的人得到了情报,爱国者正在根据情报采取行动,时间已经耗尽



The [CB] are having a problem, they have lost the narrative and they are not in control. Everything they are trying to do is backfiring. Countries have begun taking on other currencies and decentralization has begun.

[CB] 出现了问题,他们失去了叙事,他们无法控制局面。他们所做的一切都事与愿违。一些国家已经开始采用其他货币,权力下放已经开始。


The [DS] is now trapped in their lies. The patriots are now on the hunt, they have the information on all of them. Time has run out and justice is coming. The [DS] is panicking and they are desperately trying to do what every they can to stop what is coming, but they cannot. The patriots are preparing to take down the entire the system.

[ DS ]现在陷入了他们的谎言之中。爱国者们正在搜寻,他们掌握了所有人的信息。时间已经不多了,正义即将到来。 [DS]陷入恐慌,他们竭尽全力想阻止即将到来的一切,但他们做不到。爱国者们正准备摧毁整个体系。


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