2021年5月18日16:11:20最新动态X22报道|第2480集:没有什么可以阻止风暴,人民有一个前排座位的真相已关闭评论7923字数 1502阅读5分0秒阅读模式



Ep 2480a–Great Reset Is Failing,The People Are Taking Back Control 

Ep 2480a大复位失败,人民正在夺回控制

Ep 2480b–Nothing Can Stop The Storm,The People Have A Front Row Seat To The Truth 

Ep 2480b没有什么可以阻止暴风雨,人们有一个真相的前排座位

The[CB]is pushing the great reset as hard as they possibly can,but it failing,it was completely countered by the patriots and now they will try again.But once the people are awake this will be very difficult.[CB]push their agenda to push people away from alternative currency



The[DS]/MSM is now losing,the public is now seeing the truth,the people have a front row seat to it all.The patriots countered the pandemic,the great reset,war,and now the patriots will be going after the[DS]system.Nothing will be able to stop this storm.The election audits are heating up and as each day passes more and more evidence is produced that raises more and more questions.This election was rigged,the[DS]cheated to like they always have been and now the people can see their system very clearly.The clock is ticking down and the[DS]is panicking.The truth will break through the propaganda.





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