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Some people think we live in a matrix though the truth is,it is not really a matrix for most but just a control matrix in a living environment-like Buddha said,everything is alive to a degree.Nevertheless life on Earth has been built to become a system that exerts control over its inhabitants.


So what exactly is a grid or gridwork?


What the chimera hierarchy did throughout all ages is this:They offered people who join them some kind of heaven in exchange for their soul.The higher alien members of the NAA/chimera hierarchy can construct'rooms'.That means they map the consciousness of their victims into a new consciousness-container and for the victim it seems like they have ascended to some kind of heaven.Some spiritual people speak of a multiverse,though actually what they think are different dimensions are just those Zeta-Reticulan rooms.Some of their victims can even switch their rooms,that means they can switch the mapping of their consciousness to another parallel'experience'.This was known in the seventies drug culture as changing your'reality-tunnel'.But as everything good regarding the cabal,it is of course all just most sinister fake.They just want to get you out of the real world into one of their completely controlled dreamworlds.That is how Zetas and other member-species of the cabal actually take over planets(also research about Zeta Reticulan invasion-strategies on the internet).They put key-lifeforms on target planets into their rooms and map their decisions onto the cabal-goals.So if those victims do something pleasurable in their new grid-reality,it has horrible consequences in the real universe for the target planet or species.Basically they consume the soul of the victim by that-the victim does something pleasurable in the grid,but it is mapped to something'wrong'in the real world-then that means in their sick logic that Zetas may'officially'consume their victims soul-energy for doing something wrong in the real world.The hellish aspect is that the victims cannot even do anything against it.They do not know that they're in a grid and everything they do costs them their own soul because it echoes as something horrible for those lifeforms in the real world.


The cabal did that throughout all ages-that means they have many functional rooms readymade and indistinguishable from the real world for most humans.They did copies of lost civilisations like Atlantis and Lemuria as well as having several ages of Earth and even regularly updated copies of our actual Earth.Then they take out key-persons and replace them to make their invasion on targeted planets complete.Flat Earth is such an example,some people claim they live on flat-Earth and they factually even proved that with scientific measures.But how could they put the proofs into this version of Earth?Because the internet actually is still available in several grids in different forms.So for some grids,the people can still communicate through the internet while they are not really part of the real Earth anymore.

阴谋集团在各个时代都是这样做的——这意味着他们有许多现成的功能性房间,对于大多数人类来说,这些房间和现实世界没有什么区别。他们复制了像亚特兰蒂斯和 Lemuria 这样失落的文明,还有几个时代的地球,甚至定期更新我们实际的地球。然后他们干掉关键人物,替换掉他们,使他们对目标星球的入侵完成。扁平地球就是这样一个例子,一些人声称他们生活在扁平地球上,他们甚至用科学手段证明了这一点。但是他们怎么能把证据放到这个版本的地球上呢?因为互联网实际上仍然以不同的形式存在于几个网格中。所以对于一些网格来说,人们仍然可以通过互联网进行交流,尽管他们不再是真正的地球的一部分。

The really bad part about it is,those victims who were taken out from the real Earth into the illusionary grids constantly get smaller,because they can only take wrong decisions in there usually.So it is like their soul is shrinking and some of them might not even know they live in worlds as big as a shoebox before it gets really ugly for them.Similar as in the movie'the Truman show',these grids are limited.They are not the universe itself which is pretty much limitless but just a small part of it to get the opponents of the chimera out of the way.So if you try to get to the borders,they will not let you and like in the movie strange things might happen.That's how they invaded paradise,think of the story of Eve and the apple-even in the bible it is indicated that reality for her changed after eating that apple.


Gridwork-the work many Starseeds and lightworkers do-is preparing the re-entry of those people who were neglected and put into grids by archons/Zetas-a re-entry back into the real universe.As you might imagine,it is enormously destructive to the psyche,if people find out that their whole or even just part of their life was just an illusion.It is a kind of psychological death these people experience if they realise that they were taken out of the real world by demonic aliens like archons/Zetas.


Therefore it is even more important that Starseeds and lightworkers realign the grids in a stable,non-disturbing and comforting way for all lost souls.The second hellish thing about that is that all or at least most grids are connected through certain energy knots on the target planet.But they are not connected in a comforting way but rather in a way that a positive movement in one grid creates negativity in all others and the other way round.Archons created an unsolvable problem and hell is an absolute understatement to describe that construction.You might imagine how complex the gridwork is thereby.We actually recalibrate all the archon grids at once in the most suitable way for all lifeforms which have fallen into the respective grids.On Earth this is the most complex grid-hell archons ever constructed and therefore the Lightforces take so long until even the slightest positive changes get through to the Earth surface.It is like you touch one positive thing on Earth and hurt all their victims in those grids at once.That is pretty much what delays liberation to this very point,a change on Earth has to be acceptable in all those grids without losing any of those victims to a psychological death.It obviously is a re-calibration which takes decades even for those biggest and bravest Starseeds that came to incarnate on Earth.

因此,对于所有迷失的灵魂来说,星际种子和光之工作者以一种稳定、非干扰和舒适的方式重新排列网格就更加重要了。第二个地狱般的事情是,所有或至少大多数网格都是通过目标行星上的某些能量结连接起来的。但是它们并不是以一种令人欣慰的方式联系在一起的,而是在一个网格中的积极运动在所有其他网格中产生消极影响,反之亦然。Archons 创造了一个无法解决的问题,用地狱来描述这个结构绝对是轻描淡写的。你可以想象这个网格是多么的复杂。我们实际上一次重新校准了所有的执政官网格以最合适的方式适用于所有已经落入各自网格中的生命形式。在地球上,这是有史以来建造的最复杂的网格地狱执政官,因此光明势力需要很长的时间,直到最轻微的正面变化到达地球表面。这就像你触碰了地球上的一个正面的东西,同时伤害了那些格中的所有受害者。这几乎就是将解放推迟到这一点的原因,地球上的变化必须在所有这些网格中都是可以接受的,而不能因为心理上的死亡而失去任何一个受害者。这显然是一次重新校准,即使对于那些最大最勇敢的星际种子来说,这也需要几十年的时间才能实现。

Energy knots and Leylines are important in that as well as they work as energy sources in most of those grids and therefore allow a lot of the grid layout they used to be uncovered.That's why many times big houses or churches are build on those energy knots of the Earth where Leylines cross.Those humans who went in pact with the archons want to deny the chance for anyone to solve the grids and get those victims back out.So some of these locations were chosen unconsciously but influenced by the archons while others were chosen by those already in pact and in positions of power-mainly by those the archons replaced and put into the grids.The whole details just get more hellish all the time-archons/Zetas are known as demonic throughout the universe and what they do is certainly disturbing.


The problem Zetas have while taking over planets is that while putting souls into grids is easily done for people with smaller soul-size,it is nearly impossible for people with big souls.


Though as you might see,what happens is that nearly all people around those big souls are replacements or the possessed at some stage in their sinister invasion.And they work on that invasion of our Earth since biblical times and earlier even.That explains why big souls experience their life on Earth as hostile or even perceive possessions or demonic influences around themselves heavily.This is pretty much what most Starseeds and bigger lightworkers(in regards to their soul size)go through right now.They will experience all sorts of psychological problems that might appear as mental illnesses during ascension.

尽管如你所见,在这些巨大灵魂周围的几乎所有人都是在他们邪恶入侵的某个阶段被取代或被附身的。他们从圣经时代甚至更早的时候就开始入侵我们的地球。这就解释了为什么大灵魂在地球上的生活充满敌意,甚至认为他们周围的财产或恶魔的影响很大。这几乎就是大多数 Starseeds 和更大的光之工作者(就他们的灵魂大小而言)现在所经历的。他们将经历各种各样的心理问题,这些问题可能在提升过程中表现为精神疾病。

The bad part about ascension is also coming with the grids:While many spiritual people are ascending,there will be some level in which the archons come and try to lure them into a grid which feels like heaven and like they'have finally made it'.Though it is of course all an illusion,some spiritual people will fall for the trick that they can finally go'up'into higher realms which is of course just an archon grid to get them out of the way-and these monsters certainly do not like grid-work making way for the return of lost souls.


The sad part with spiritual people and all the new age fake stories is also the multidimensional universe or multiverse theory which some fall for easily.The grids are just rooms which basically all higher species can construct pretty easily.While a multiverse might be possible,what people on Earth talk about usually is just those rooms and they actually seem to even desire those rooms as they think these were higher realms.It is sad to see so many people falling for the new age propaganda again and again-these archons and higher ETs of the cabal hierarchy are the most sinister demons one could imagine and people still enjoy the rose-colored sunglasses they lure with.


The good part is though that once were through with our grid-work on Earth all those grids will actually be available for the planetary paradise that the Earth will become again sooner or later after the liberation was successful.




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