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Starship Earth:The Big Picture

星际飞船地球 :大局

June 12,2021 2021612


Finally!This should break the spell.Must watch video with Senator Marsha Blackburn and her team.The truth about the scamdemic.15 min.Watch on Telegram or below on Twitter.

终于!这应该能打破咒语。必须和参议员玛莎·布莱克本及其团队一起观看视频。关于骗子的真相。15分钟。在 Twitter 上观看 Telegram 或以下内容。

BQQQMMM–It is official.The United States Senate today announced:'Corona is a lie'!The media is covering up the truth 💥Big Pharma,Big Tech,Big Media,the WHO and other traitors will be all held accountable.That's real Booming news guys!Share if you care#WWG1WGA

BQQQMMM-这是正式的。美国参议院今天宣布: Corona是一个谎言!媒体正在掩盖真相,大制药公司,大科技公司,大媒体,世界卫生组织和其他叛徒都将被追究责任。这才是真正的爆炸性新闻!如果你关心,分享#wwg1wga

They're going after Chyna,they're going after the media,they're going after Big Tech AND telling the world they planned the Covid Scamdemic and held back treatments…wow.

他们要对付 Chyna,他们要对付媒体,他们要对付大科技公司,告诉全世界他们策划了 Covid 骗局,并且阻止了治疗...哇。

Will we get a delta today?If news like the above keeps dropping we just may see some blackouts.

我们今天会看到 delta ?如果像上面这样的消息持续下降,我们可能会看到一些停电。

Mel Q is asking.



I can't keep up with the incredible information coming out.I hope you're on it.


Will Fauci be the first big arrest?It is sounding that way.


I wonder if Fox News will deliver.Sky News is doing quite well,I must say.


#Canada1st Party of Canada~Cleaning up the Swamp in Canada~|Corruption|Criminality|Incompetence|CCP|NWO|#WWG1WGA,[12.06.21 12:07]

[Forwarded from GhostEzra]


Hold on tight we are going in for a landing.Trays in upright position.

#加拿大第一党~清理Canada~|Corruption|Criminality|Incompetence|CCP|NWO|#WWG1WGA,的沼泽[12.06.21 1207]





Things are not what they seem.We're watching a movie.Some clown inserted Romana Didulo's photo here to discredit her,but this is the original,I believe.I guess Maxime's role is changing?



Those who didn't commit the most heinous of crimes(Crimes against Humanity)and cooperated with the White Hats will get off easier than the real psychopaths.



What really happened here?The swamp's press was separated from[fake]POTUS.Is it related to the image from Simon Parkes,below???


Isn't it odd that we have discussed cicadas so many times over the past few years?No coincidence,I'm sure.Underground insects emerging into the light after 17(seventeen!)years in the dark,hibernating.And wasn't it interesting that the group calling themselves Cicada 3301 was the first to emerge online presenting puzzles and clues to tip off the diggers about our plight?The fires in California,the fox guarding the hen house,and Humanity as the lambs led to slaughter?


The Q drops were linked by some to Cicada 3301 who seems to disappear,but the hoopla over who was legit and the many questions surrounding the cryptic messages on 4chan certainly garnered a lot of interest and attention to the Q drops.The rest is history.

一些人把这个Q点和看似消失的3301号知了联系起来,但是关于谁是合法的以及围绕着4chan 的神秘信息的许多问题引起了人们对Q 点的兴趣和关注。剩下的就是历史了。

How comical that there would be ridicule over a cloud of cicadas being a threat.Pestilence.Frogs.Biblical.



Simon Parkes posted an interesting photo from the G7 meeting in Cornwall,UK.Familiar hair.Trudeau is clean shaven so I wondered if this might be an old photo,but there was no G7 meeting last year due to the Kung Flu,of course.The G7 website is using this as a current photo for members and guests.Take it for what you will.I assume Simon posted it for a reason.



Romana Didulo posted the following:


Castro Jr.=Trudy.=REMOVED!



Peace and Prosperity or perish


I agree,this is a must-watch video.I won't lie to you;it's going to hurt.Even if you"know",it will hurt.4 min.


Click here to watch on Telegram.点击这里观看电报

How can anyone doubt Trump?


Monday,June 14th is President Trump's birthday.It's Flag Day in the US.It's also the US Army's 246th birthday.Who has been clearing the DUMBs and rescuing the children?


Who did this?Someone who wants to pull off a"fake alien invasion"?Will we get one?We CAN handle the truth.Maybe the White Hats will put on their own kind of show.Link to telegram.



Humanity is getting an education on pharmaceuticals and our food supply.


There has been a great deal of confusion over the inoculation situation and we've discussed it several times and provided the perspective of a few who explained why President Trump brought in the jab.


We've also discussed that there are several groups Trump speaks to and we have to isolate which ones he is addressing when we attempt to make sense of his remarks.This is a war,and comms are tricky.


Sometimes Trump(and the White Hats)address the cabal and their puppets,sometimes they addresses the general public who are not awake,and sometimes the messages are meant for us—the awakened.The Q Army and digital soldiers.

有时候,特朗普(以及白帽子)会向阴谋集团及其傀儡发表演讲,有时候他们会向还没有醒来的公众发表演讲,有时候这些信息是为我们——觉醒者——发出的。Q 陆军和数字化士兵。

Dave Hayes,aka Praying Medic,explains in the video below once more for those who are confused,why President Trump went the vaxxx route and encouraged us all to get it if we choose to do so.

戴夫·海耶斯,又名祈祷医生,在下面的视频中再次向那些困惑的人解释,为什么特朗普总统走 vaxxx 路线,并鼓励我们所有人如果我们选择这样做,就去做。

I would also recommend we take into consideration Romana Didulo's post on Telegram suggesting that the White Hats are in control of the pharmaceutical vaxxx manufacturing—which Trump also told us was the case.He stated that the military was going to deliver the vaccines.He also stated we are going to eradicate the invisible enemy.The real virus is the deep state Satanic globalist cabal.

我还建议我们考虑罗曼娜·迪杜洛(Romana Didulo)在《电讯报》(Telegram)上的帖子,其中暗示白帽子控制着 vaxxx 制药公司的生产,特朗普也告诉我们情况就是这样。他表示,军方将提供疫苗。他还表示,我们将根除看不到的敌人组织。真正的病毒是深层的撒旦全球主义阴谋集团。

Nothing is what it seems and there are psychological operations ongoing so at best,the situation may be clear as mud—but don't worry.


It's a given that had Trump NOT handled it the way he did,America would probably be in the same position as Canada right now.It's obvious from the number of mask wearers in the US despite the lifted restrictions,that the public need a LOT of reassurance that they're not going to die from the Chyna Virus.(influenza)

假如特朗普没有像他那样处理这件事,美国现在很可能和加拿大处于同样的地位。很明显,尽管取消了限制,美国戴口罩的人数仍然很多,公众需要很多保证,他们不会死于 Chyna 病毒。(流感)

Why Is President Trump Pushing The Vaccine?为什么特朗普总统要推动疫苗?

One thing is certain,great faith is required at this time and I have a bottomless supply.I do not question Trump's moves because whatever he does or says,it's because it's best for all concerned.It's 5D chess,we don't know what's going on in the background,and it doesn't need to make sense to us.

有一件事是肯定的,在这个时候需要很大的信心,我有无限的供应。我不会质疑特朗普的举动,因为无论他做什么或说什么,都是因为这对各方都是最好的。这是5 d 国际象棋,我们不知道背景里发生了什么,也不需要对我们有任何意义。

We have been assured that the Earth Alliance has access to the future,can shift timelines,and knows how the deep state psychopaths will respond so they can always be trumped.


Trump has already told us we've won.He visited the future and delivered an update.He said he caught the swamp,he caught them all,and no one could have done it but him.It's that simple.It's a done deal.As I said,now we're just mopping up and tying up loose ends.The heavy lifting has been done.It's mostly about"the Great Awakening"now and our journey.Our escape.


Putin is usually more plain-spoken and doesn't use much code.He's on the White Hat team;willing to be vilified to further the Earth Alliance agenda.He has stated that Satanists run the world.He knows the score and if he likes you,you're golden.These two sly dogs know exactly what they're doing;most of it pure optics.



Putin:Trump Is an Extraordinary,Talented,Colorful Individual 普京:特朗普是一个非凡、有才华、多姿多彩的人

This is stated clearly enough,I think.



Who else is in the Patriot's sights?Could it be Le Starbuck,as we say in Canada?

还有谁在爱国者的视线之内?会不会是我们在加拿大说的 Le Starbuck

If they didn't force employees to wear masks they might have more people applying to work there.The Starbucks at the grocery store here still has masked baristas.


Tim Horton's would do even better if Starbucks went away.Plenty of smaller enterprises could also thrive if Starbucks went away.The prices are insane.If Tim Horton's was established in the US I wouldn't go to Starbucks—not that I go often,but Tim would have to do the free pupaccino for Mica.



Starbucks is the world's largest coffeehouse chain,with roughly 15,000 locations just in the U.S.


Starbucks reports nationwide ingredient shortages,amid pandemic supply chain,hiring issues 




The Canadian Government is grappling with the fallout from the murders at the Indian Residential Schools recently resurrected in the press.Let's not get comfortable with the idea that passing on funds might in some way atone for the atrocities these souls suffered for decades.One hundred years,according to one report.How can there be any doubt about who's been running the world all this time?


This doctor tried to raise alarms about residential schools 100 years ago but was ignored


Ottawa proposes settlement with residential school day scholars 


Are you aware there is a series of 4 books about rescues in the DUMBs available on Amazon?



We're not saying it's time to panic,but this is interesting to note.Perhaps a hint.



June 10,2021:Something big may be about to happen on the sun."We call it the Termination Event,"says Scott McIntosh,a solar physicist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research(NCAR),"and it's very,very close to happening."

2021610:太阳上可能会发生大事。"我们称之为终结事件,"美国国家大气研究中心(NCAR)的太阳物理学家斯科特·麦金托什(Scott McIntosh)说,"这非常非常接近发生。"

The Termination Event 


Let's not be distracted by the trivial trash the cabal uses to obfuscate the REAL news.We will keep our eyes on the ball.The flood is coming.


Time to push the button.Stay calm,and stay safe.~BP





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